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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Evidence for a Gravitational ‘Wind’?

( 8-17-2002 )

A. Background

Rhysmonics (and Newton) assumed that the rhysmoid (aether if you wish) is relatively ‘fixed’in space and thus a reference to a movement with respect to that structure has meaning. There have been many attempts to measure this so-called aether ‘flow’ in the past. Rhysmonics appears to offer some evidence of such a ‘flow’ using a very simple circuit.

B. Circuitry

The effects on a charge in a planar capacitor oriented with respect to the rotation of the earth on its axis should show some evidence of low-level voltage changes due to such a ‘flow’. These low level voltage changes would require very low loss, i.e., a very high impedance, for the input of the measuring circuit, typically some sort of voltmeter. Most ordinary voltmeters (even digital types) would excessively load the capacitor charge. However, a simple IC unity gain voltage follower circuit would provide a very high input resistance but would also be able to drive a typical low impedance (low cost) meter directly. Such a simple circuit is shown below:

IC1: OP-90 used (others ok)
M: 0-1 mA (F.S. = 1000 mV)
C1: .04 uF ceramic (~ 3/4 x 1-1/4)
R1: 200 MOhm (load)
V: 1.5 V

C. Operation

The OP-90 IC in this circuit has a very high input resistance (order of several thousand MOhms) but it is loaded down with a 200 MOhm resistor to keep the developed charge in C1 (due to G-field flux effects) from rising to saturation levels. With a +/1 1.5 V supply, I found the capacitor used would charge to the order of 650 mV. However, with the flat face of the capacitor marked *, when oriented as indicated below, numerous tests at the initial charge stabilization point indicated the following results:

Capacitor Flux Orientation   //  V Out

N-S   = 630 mV
E-W* = 640 mV
W-E* = 620 mV


1. Orientation of the capacitor face * along the N-S (S-N) direction was immaterial and the output voltage remained constant at about 630mV.

2. With the capacitor face * in the west direction, the output voltage was constant at 10 mV higher.

3. With the capacitor face * in the east direction, the output voltage was 10 mV lower

4. This variation is in the order of +/- 1.5% which is significant.

D. Conclusions

1. Care must be taken that the N-S reference voltage is constant and no excessive cosmic G-field effects were present.

2. The test results seem to show that the capacitor was sensing an additional G-field flux in the E-W and W-E orientation which either added to or subtracted from the nominal N-S levels.

3. It is surmised that the changes in the capacitor charge levels may have been related to aether ‘flow’ effects due to the capacitor movement in the fixed ‘aether’ as a function of the earth’s rotation.

4. Again, while my tests are generally done ‘quickly’, I believed them to be valid. However, confirmation (or invalidation) by others is always appreciated.

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