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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Gravitational Energy

A. Introduction:

Gravitational energy is present in terrestrial space as a potential energy which may be released as kinetic energy under certain conditions. The energy content of gravitation in terrestrial space may be determined from the two so-called constants of gravity; g, the free-fall constant of the earth’s gravity field, and G, the universal gravity constant. Both of these constants are derived from experimental data obtained with the use of Newton’s gravity relations. The earth’s gravity field energy content was calculated by the Russian physicist, Lev Landau, back in 1962, and is given by the simple relation:
UG = -g2 / 8 pi G (ergs / cm3)
Using currently accepted features of g = 980 cm/sec2, and G = 6.67 x 10-8 dyne cm2/gm2, then the gravitational energy which is potentially available in terrestrial space is:
UG ~ -5.4 x 1011 ergs/cm3
~ -15 watt-hours/cm3
~ -246 watt-hours/inch3
~ -425 kW-hours/cu. ft.
The potential energy of gravitation may be converted to kinetic energy in various ways, primarily by having a mass freely interact with the gravitational field. A commonly observed interaction is seen in waterfalls, where gravitational energy is "imparted" to the falling molecules of water and this energy is then converted usually to rotary mechanical motion by the use of water wheels or turbines. The energy may then be directly used, or further converted to electrical energy as is seen in hydroelectric plants.
The waterfall systems are essentially "closed energy" systems in that the energy which is "extracted" in the falling process was originally supplied by the sun in various evaporation processes. In some cases tidal action may be used to achieve a water level difference, but overall, the system would remain a "closed" system.
However, there are also non-mechanical methods for "extracting" the latent energy o the earth’s gravity field. These depend upon the interaction of scalar type fields. Scalar fields are simply potential fields which are conservative in nature and contain gradients which are all in one (parallel) direction. Thus such fields may be described in terms of a magnitude only. The earth’s gravity field is such a scalar field in that the gravity flux is parallel and directed downward only, in general. Therefore, such scalar fields may interact (algebraically) with other locally created scalar fields of the electric type (E-fields) or magnetic type (H-fields). The scalar E- and H-fields must be of the curl-free type, i.e., essentially parallel type fields. Therefore, it is possible, in principle, to have a local scalar field interact with the gravity scalar field, and thus, in effect, "extract" energy from that gravity field. Such an energy system would be very low in cost, pollution free, and an essentially inexhaustible energy source since the system does not depend upon any terrestrial (solar) energy source such as coal, oil, water, etc., but is "tapping" instead a universal gravitational energy source. As such, it is thus not limited by the conservation of energy principle as in the case of a closed energy system, but would be an unlimited open-system energy system where the energy is supplied by the universe itself. That such interactions exist and thus could provide the basis for new energy sources is illustrated in two very simple experiments.
Simple Electro-Gravitic Energy Source ~
Figure 1 ---

The dielectric in a capacitor is "polarized" by the G-fields, resulting in a potential difference across the capacitor which drives a current, i, across the output load, RL. Since the g-fields are also modulated by various universe and terrestrial processes, the energy components are both ac and dc in nature. Equal capacitors (identical) will develop approximately equal open-circuit voltages in equal time periods due to the presence of the g-fields. A capacitor element may be connected to an operational amplifier configured in the current-to-voltage mode of operation to develop and output voltage which will be proportional to the g-field energy being intercepted by the capacitor at a particular moment in time. With proper capacitor (dielectric) configurations and areas, appreciable power might be extractable from the gravity flux in this type of process.

Simple Magneto-Gravitic Energy Source
Figure 2 ---

Note: large coil must be oriented vertically for most effectiveness

A very long wire coil of wire will develop a substantial magnetic field with low drive currents needed [cf. Joe Newman] Thus on the charge cycle, a small current supplied by the battery, B, will establish a stored magnetic field in space (as shown by the dotted flux lines) which will be in opposition to the earth g-fields. On the discharge cycle, the energy stored in the magnetic field will be returned to the coil along with the g-field flux (as shown by the solid flux lines). Since both fluxes are of a scalar nature within the central regions of the coil, they will interact and sum, since the massive coil is essentially stationary with respect to the rhysmoid, i.e., the aether. Thus the returned flux is now at least two times the initial flux and thus the current re-induced in the coil is also doubled. Therefore, the powering the return cycle is at least squared or four times the initial power input, for an apparent efficiency of 400%. Experiments have shown that with proper coil configurations and switching times, the power "extracted" from the gravity field in this type of process can be many times the energy required to initiate this interaction. This additional power comes from the inexhaustible reservoir of energy provided by the universal gravitational field. Such effects have been demonstrated by many in the past.

B. Conclusions
This very brief introduction to gravitational energy and possible energy "extraction" processes should provide some inouts to you to induce you to become active in these investigations. More on these aspects will be provided in the future. Good luck with your experiments!

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