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Galaxy Center Responses

( 7-29-91 )

I recently reported to you that it appeared that our Galaxy Center (GC) had undergone another catastrophic event on June 4, 1991 --- an apparent ‘explosion’ of the black hole type structure there which had developed as the result of an ‘event’ on about 12-5-86.

Enclosed are just a few of the GW ‘shadow’ scans on which I based these conclusions. They are not the best of scans as much of it appears on poor chart paper and with poor recorder pen responses. However, the original recordings contain much more detail which do ont reproduce well on the commercial copiers available to me.

Scans made during the month of July confirm the loss of the ‘hole’ at the GC, but there are now some indications of a new closer-in shockwave ring structure and possibly the start of the re-collection of some of the debris there to form another dense object at the center. This, however, may take many years yet! At present I am only monitoring the GC about once a month. My present plans are to look at some of the local star systems and try to determine if planets are in orbit about them. As you know, I started with Sirius, and first tests have shown definitely a binary star system and the possibility of some planets there. Many tests will be required to eliminate occasional responses from other shadows here and to definitely determine the structure actually present in the Sirius area.


Figure 1

This is how the GC ‘looked’ in GW scans made prior to this date. The GC is in the zenith area in this scan and large masses in the zenith result in a reduced g-field and thus an up-scale reading on the strip chart. The responses A and BB are believed to be a rotating shock-wave wall of material blasted from the GC. The dense masses D may be separate masses, but are more likely a dense ‘accretion ring’ of material, with little mass in the central region. The mass C was noted in previous scans to be slowly moving toward the GC area. The capture of this mass may have precipitated the catastrophic event at the GC which was noted on 12-6-86 and thereafter.

Figure 2

This scan shows a new well-defined and very deep ‘black hole’ with a dense ring d now on the meridian of the GC. However, this is believed to be a more local structure and is under the Earth (possibly Betelgeuse, or near it), while the GC is 180 degrees away in the zenith region yet. The supernova type event shown as C resulted in a hole-type structure as shown in the scans of Fig. 3 and 4. The ‘gravity winds’ from the major event caught here was expected to affect the Earth’s weather and possibly geological structures. The ‘winds’ were very intense as heard on GW noise detector units.

Figure 3

This scan shows for the first time that the GC had really developed a new structure, probably a typical black hole type. Note that the supernova type event shown in Figure 2 is now a ‘hole’ type structure seen when the GC was scanned when in the zenith area also persisted until 6-4-91, but after then only the Betelgeuse (?) hole remained! These two holes could be well separated by scanning the GC when it was under the Earth. In this case the holes show up as well-defined black hole and ring structures.

Figure 4

This scan continues to show the double holestructure on the GC meridian when the GC is scanned when in the zenith region. The two holes are only about 2-3 seconds apart here, but can be separated by minutes when the GC is under the Earth. Of importance here, is the evidence that the shock-wave ring A and B has expanded, compared to the positions shown in Figure 1.

Figures 5-6

Figure 5 shows a typical 2-hole response of the new GC in the first two-three years of the GC when the GC was observed in the zenith region. See January 1989 R-E Experimenter Handbook for GC responses under Earth!

Figure 6: Here the GC is separated from Betelgeuse (?) by 1-1/2 minutes.

Figures 7-8

Figure 7 scanned at high-level on 5-16-91 appeared to show the GC had developed a series of new rings, possibly due to minor explosions.

Figure 8 scanned on 6-4-91 started to show the same ring structure, but a new explosion at A (?), occurred at this very same time!

Figures 9-12

The GC scanned on 6-5-91, 6-8-91, 6-17-91, and 6-20-91 all appear to show that the deep hole and ring structure seen at the GC since about 12-6-86 have now disappeared! There also appears to be a progressive loss of detailed structure at the GC --- the effect of turbulent debris?? A number of scans made in this period all showed the same type of response --- no more black hole at the GC!!

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