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Rhysmonic Cosmology

GH Labs Demo Unit: Circuit #333-B

( 11-12-1993 )


(1) Silicon diodes, 3 sections in actual demo unit.

(2) Meter: 2 mA, 0-200 scale; SW4 open: 2 volts; SW4 closed: 200 mV; use minimal Rin only if the IC device used tends to ELF oscillations.

(3) This unit is similar to the basic GW Circuit #75 but has been modified to make it more useful in both linear and 2-D type scans. It is intended to demonstrate the 'local' Supercluster and more local galaxies.

(4) The unit is operated normally from a 7.5 volt wall plug adapter supply, but has an internal 9 volt (6 C-cells) supply also.

(5) Two output jacks are provided to facilitate connections to an external audio amplifier, meter and/or recorder unit.

(6) The diode off-set control provides for 0.7 volts, 1.4 volts, and 2.1 volts off-set in the dc levels of the output in order to 'magnify' the fluctuation response.

(7) The unit was fabricated in a fairly large (vented) steel cabinet.

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