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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Speculations on the Gravitational Constant, G


I. Speculations on the Gravitational Constant, G

There are many interpretations for the gravitational constant, G, the value of which is presently determined largely from various experimental tests. I have shown in some past Notes that this value was also determinable from dimensional analysis using the Planck Natural units (PNU). However, it intrigued me to know just what this constant really stood for. I knew that it was related to the ‘force’ of gravity of gravity in terms of Rhysmology, but past attempts to evaluate it always resulted in some extra terms in mass, length, or time. In some analyses these extra terms showed up as an acceleration, cm/sec2, or as a surface density, gm/cm2. I finally realized that both these relations could be directly obtained from the dimensional analysis of the units of the value of G! For example:

G = L3 / MT2 = cm3 / gm sec2 = cm/sec2 x cm2/gm = cm/sec2 / gm/cm2

Where the resultant cm/sec2 is acceleration, a; gm/cm2 is surface density, S.

In terms of Rhysmonic Cosmology, this could be considered as follows (Figure 1):

a* = L* / T*2 ~ 1.616 x 10-22 / 29.06 x 10-88 ~ 5.56 x 1053 cm/sec2.

S* = m* / L*2 ~ 2.177 x 10-5 / 2.611 x 10-66 ~ 8.34 x 10 60 gm/cm2.

Therefore G ~ a* / s* ~ 6.67 x 10-8 cm3/gm sec2, this being the same value obtained in experiment and this rhysmonic determination! Therefore, G may be a measure of the acceleration of rhysmonic flux through a unit area, something like the Poynting Vector in EM work. However, this measure may also be expressed as a surface force or a pressure gradient as follows:

P* = S*a* ~ 4.64 x 10114 dynes/cm2.

II. Some Comments on This Interpretation of G

1. Rhysmonics implies that there is a very dynamic but highly localized structure in the rhysmoid (aether) which exists in the order of Planck Length dimensions in the 4 th dimension. Thus, when I speak about rhysmonic ‘flux flow’, I do not imply a movement of rhysmons over any extended lengths, which we do in the third dimension where flux flow usually means an actual movement of particles, both microcosmic and macrocosmic. Both result in a pressure per unit area, but in rhysmonics only the effect is transported over space, very much like sound waves or water waves are transported and where there is little relative movement of the air or water molecules. Another difference here is that the rhysmonic effects are ‘transported’ essentially in an instantaneous fashion as pointed out in my Cosmology.

2. The universal gravitational ‘flux’ energy vectors are omni-directional in free ‘undisturbed’ space but due to the rhysmonic structure of space these vectors cancel and thus no 3rd dimensional effects are seen. Moreover, these energetic basic 4th dimensional vectors cannot be ‘tapped’ directly with most present day technology techniques. However, it is possible to ‘tap’ the energy in certain other existing scalar gradients in this field (or those which can be created with the use of certain field modifying techniques). The main gradients are well-known: E-fields, H-fields, EM-fields, and g-fields. There may be many other field gradients which contain much energy, but most of these are as yet ‘unknown’ and must be ‘discovered’ before man can use them as an energy source. There are already hints of these in some ‘free energy’ experiments and energy ‘machines’.

3. Much of the potential energy of the universal gravitational field has been ‘captured’ in particles and various radiation fields, and these provide much of our present day useful energy using the technology of today. However, as we learn more about our rhysmoid (aether) we should eventually be able to utilize this very basic energy through direct means and highly efficiently (more than 100%). That day is now approaching.

III. Conclusions

Rhysmonic cosmology is continuing to develop into a simple but sound approach to cosmology and this increasing expectations in both the theoretical and technological fallout. Within my very limited time here, I will continue to report to you on any further thoughts or discoveries. I will not be able to do much in terms of experiments in the near future and it would be nice to have a little more help (a la Bill Ramsay) in these lines, as well as more comments on the theory. I wish all the best regards and good experimenting.

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