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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Space Energy Test?



Figure (1): Coil Energy Test

Scope: 500k input, gain set at 250V F.S. Coil: Using winding from a [?] 0 Henry chokecoil; 6K ohm resistance; 1-1/4" square with 3/4" square opening.

Test Procedure:

(1) When switch, SW, is closed, the current from battey, B, will "flow" through coil, L, and set up a "stored flux", i.e., H-field in space.

(2) When SW is opened again, the "stored" H-field flux plus some g-field flux will sum as a return "flow" through coil L. This much higher flux will develop a higher voltage and current in the load which is the scope input impedance.

Test Results:

(1) The dc power "consumed" in "charging" the coil magnetic field will be largely the battery voltage driving a current in the load which will be largely the coil resistance. Thus I ~ E/R ~ 9 / 6 x 103 ~ 1.5 mA. Therefore power ~ EI ~ 9 x 1.5 x 10-3 ~ 13.5 mW.

(2) The measured scope peak return pulse voltage was aproximately full scale on the scope or 250 volts. The pulse currents is now largely limited by the scope input resistance. Thus, I ~ E / R ~ 250 / 5 x 105~ 0.5 mA; therefore, Power ~ 250 x 0.5 ~ 125 mW. Therefore, the coil pulse power gain ~ 125 / 13.5 ~ 9.3 times, assuming similar time constants for the "charge" and "discharge" cycles.


While this is but a crude test, the indications are that coils should be able to "extract" energy, in this case possibly the earth's gravity field.

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