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Rhysmonic Cosmology

GWD Circuit #15-D



(1) Keep Rin at 0 ohms, unless IC used tends to oscillate; then use minimal Rin to stabilize.

(2) Keep Rs at 0 ohms, unless meter excursions are too high.

(3) Adjust RF (1 M variable) for best response to pendulum modulations of 0.25 cm noise, with meter out of circuit.

(4) SW1 is unit on/off switch. SW2 is meter on/off.


(1) Unit is primarily a demo unit to illustrate: (a) Modulations of the 0.25 cm MBR with 'local' mass movements, e.g., the pendulum tests; (b) Modulation of the 0.25 cm MBR with direct 'thought' messages.

(2) Unit also serves as an electronic gravimeter unit.

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