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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Pendulum Tests (Continued)

( 7-26-1994 )

A.  Test Conditions:

See Figure; Detection Circuit #15-D was used here with it driving a Radio Shack mini-amplifier coupled tp a Radio Shack 3" cube speaker. The pendulum was an 8 oz plumb bob on a 1-1/2' string length.

B. Test Results:

When the pendulum bob x swings in the B direction (toward detector), the 0.25 cm 'picket fence' modulation is slightly higher pitched than when the pendulum bob swings in the A direction (away from the detector).

C. Speculations:

(1) This result could be explained if the movement of mass (the bob) creates a gravity impulse, or 'wind', toward the fixed detector and thus compresses some of the aether matrix strcuture along this line, i.e., 'tightens it', and thus the 0.25 cm universal wavelength is reduced, i.e., the detected frequency is increased.

(2) When the bob moves away from the fixed detector, a rarefaction may take place in the aether in this line, such that the 0.25 cm wavelength may be increased, i.e., the detected frequency is lowered!

(3) If a relatively moving system can do this with gravity impulses, it is surmised that a relatively moving system could do the same with EM waves. Thus the velocity of EM waves from a moving system might depend upon whether the source of the waves is moving toward or away rom the fixed detector.

(4) In terms of a fixed source and detector system, the net result might also be determined by the gravitational 'wind' direction between the source and the detector. For example, with a possible gravitational 'wind' generated by the rotating earth, there might by possibly a difference in one way light travel time betwen a source located east of a detector and a source located west of the detector, even if the physical spacings are equal!

D. Conclusions:

The speculations given here may or may not be the correct interpretations, but the experimental facts of this test are real -- There is a noticeable change in 'pitch' noted in this test which has been observed by many (as well as recorded on tape). The writer has used such 'disturbances' in the aether in long-range communication tests, in the order of 5-10 miles!

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