Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Do Intense Scalar Fields Affect Life Processes?

( Undated, ca. 1985? )

    There has always been a question as to the possible effects of a strong scalar-type field, e.g., the Tesla field, on living organisms. On a smaller scale, it has been shown that scalar-type magnetic fields did affect the lifetimes of small organisms (Ref. 1). Such scalar magnetic fields are present at the pole pieces of magnets. Small organisms which were living on top of a south magnetic pole piece were shown to have reduced lifetimes compared to organisms which were living on top of a north magnetic pole piece. Interaction between the scalar magnetic field and the earth’s gravity field could result in a reduced gravity field on top of the north magnetic pole and an increased gravity field on top of the south magnetic pole. Gravity fields are thus increased when scalar flux is directed in the same direction as the gravity field, and reduced when the flux is directed in the opposite direction. The lifeforms, therefore, appeared to prosper more under the reduced gravity field conditions. Perhaps that is why small lifeforms are rather rare at the earth’s north pole region (actually a south pole magnet), but appear to be much more abundant at the earth’s south pole region (actually a north magnetic pole).

    What would have been the effect of the very strong longitudinal scalar Tesla fields on humans if the power levels Tesla had under consideration in his power transmisson system had ever become operational? The answer to this question is that the humans ad all earthly lifeforms had always existed in a very strong scalar-type field, the gravity field of the earth, and to a lesser extent some strong scalar-type electrical fields as well. The gravitational field near the earth’s surface has an energy content of better than 400 KW-hours per cubic foot according to the Russian physicist Landau. That this may be so is seen in the ‘extraction’ of this energy by means of the falling water at hydroelectric plants! The only effect humans notice from this gravitational flux gradient is that they also experience an acceleration towards the earth, better known as their weight! He more massive the human is, of course, the greater is the effect, and the effect can be quite dangerous if an unchecked acceleration is suddenly checked by another mass at rest!

    Since the Tesla field may also be a form of scalar field similar to the gravitational field, there may be only effects such as the change in weight of a person located in such a field. However, if a person were located in a vector-type field, e.g., an electromagnetic  (EM) field, having the same energy content as seen in the gravity field, that person would probably be badly burned or even vaporized, since the human body would possibly absorb much of the energy in a heating process, very much the same as is seen in the microwave ovens of today. Fortunately, it is difficult to develop such EM energy densities, except in drastic processes such as an atomic bomb.

    Thus, scalar-type fields, while containing much energy content, react differently with material bodies, accelerating the bodies rather than heating the bodies, Therefore, the energy system proposed by Tesla could have become a viable system provided the system removed all vestiges of EM radiation in the process. Tesla’s early tests did not do so, so that there could have been problems in his proposed further tests. However, further research could have developed the necessary methodology for the safe introduction of such wireless power transmission systems. That day may yet come!

(1) Davis, A.R., & Rawls, W.C.: “Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System”, Exposition Press, Hicksville, NY, 1978.

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