Pier Luigi IGHINA
& Magnetic Devices

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Prototype of an implant for the communication with other planets   ... 
Scale model of a 'Magnetic Channel', a healing device.
Single 'Magnetic Flower' from the Marconi Magnetic Power Plant   ... 
Magnetic Discharge  impressed on a special sensitive film ... 
Device showing the Energy expansion (Sun to Earth) and reabsorbtion (Earth to Sun). There are lamps that rotate, creating on the walls of the box, a game of shadows in movement projected by the immovable spirals, that by stroboscopic effect, seemed to turn around them. The shadows of the spirals, like the magnetic fields of the Planets, are made to seem in movement ...
Marconi Magnetic Power Plant ... 
Detail of the Ighina's Cloudbuster ... 


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I think about being able to affirm,without shades of doubt, that all of that is alive and vital, is expressed with rhythmic functions. If there is no Rhythm, life cannot exist.
But what is the Rhythm in itself?
There are so many types of rhythms in nature: the diurnal and nighttime Rhythm that alternates the passage of the night a day and vice versa; the monthly Rhythm of the Moon; the Rhythm of the seasons,...
In the man there is the cardiac Rhythm, the respiratory Rhythm, that digestive, etc. etc.
It can be said that the presence of the Rhythm not only characterizes the existence of the living beings, but also of all that appears in the created Universe.
If we want to give the more possible synthetic definition of the Rhythm, we should say that it consists in an external alternate motion, that can have the form of a cyclical motion, both parabolic and spiral shaped, that expresses an inside Pulsation that expands and contracts continuously.
Now if the Pulsation is the inside aspect and therefore the hidden part of the Rhythm,the rhythmical spatial exterior movement of varing aspect, that manifests itself in less or more rapid succession, is all that can be known in apparent way,from the senses of a human being.
From that,our senses gain only what derives from that is external, and therefore superficial of the Rhythm, and this sets a notable limit between the man and the true knowledge than surrounds him.
Ighina has brought on the Earth the revelation of what it is the Rhythm in its inside aspect, but as always it happens in these cases, anybody or almost everyone hasn't believed in his words, that implicated an unknown reality to the sensorial perceptions.
As a intimate friend and faithful collaborator of Ighina, I try to bring forth his work of diffusion of these important truths, that if they were understood and approved, they would contribute to turn into evolutionary way the existence of the humanity,addressing it toward a spiritual future of salvation.
The simplest system to understand its revelations, would consist of Believing in its words by Faith, as I have done with few others at the time, because "we felt" internally that it was the Truth that was proposed to us and only subseguently,we noticed that the reward to our trust, was also a logic and rational understanding of all the mysterious phenomenons that happen continuously in us and around us.
But in our time dominated by a materialistic mentality that believes only in what we can see and touch with the hands, also interpreting it in the most different ways, who will believe in our words, to an energetic and therefore spiritual vision of the life, the only one that can melt in the harmonious Unity of the Reality all the contrasts and the contradictions?
The Ighina's vision of the universe of is marvelous, because he explains all the phenomenons in simple and unitary way, because melts in itself in a unitary vision, not only what we discovers in the nature with scientific ways of investigation, but it reveals the correspondences of it in the religious field.
Ighina affirmed that is not possible to separate the Science from the Religion, from the moment that both respond to fundamental demands of the human being, that has in the mind the desire to know the intimate nature of what it surrounds him and perceives through the senses, and in the heart the need to believe that all of that exists has a Creator and also a purpose to realize for its through.
Unfortunately by now from millennia, It is realized in the man,this dichotomy, that holds separated the mind from the heart of the man, preventing him to fully taste the marvelous Unity of the Creation that connect , explains and gives a meaning to everything.
Lately,I have realized that perhaps it's excessive to pretend to change a wrong human mentality, consolidated in the centuries, with simple reasonings well founded upon proofs, that in past has even pushed me to desire to put in act extraordinary signs to convince people ; but then, I have eliminated from me this simpleton desire, thinking about Jesus that of resounding miracles he has completed so many of it, without nevertheless to succeed in changing the dominant mentality of his time, that has freed of Him nailing Him to the Cross.
Insofar, I have decided to reorganize my expectations, abdicating to convince people of the Truth contained in the prophetic message of Ighina, but only satisfying me to let to be born a reasonable doubt in the mind of who read the things that I write from years.
Long time ago, has come to visit me a dear friend, that has a lot of interests about Ighina and his studies, but that he's closed as a curl when I touch the matter Religion, that is for him anything else than an infamous heritage of superstitions instilled in the simple hearts from who wanted to dominate the life of the people through the ignorance .
And with him,that has come to me spontaneously to begin a discourse, that instead of proposing hardly acceptable new things, it tries to make to see the limits of the so said "scientific certainties" that by now they have entered in the mental D.N.A of the today's humanity.
This way, I have begun to speak of cinematography, saying,: " You certainly know that when we assist to the projection of a film, we succeed in seeing it,only in virtue of the persistence of the images on the retina.
A sudden flash of light can blind us, but also the projection of a film" blinds" us, from the moment that it makes us to see a continuous and coherent movement on the screen, what in reality is continually interrupted from "shades" that are inserted among the single frames.
The cinematography exists, because it exploits the incapability of our eyes to gather the presence of extraneous elements to the light,in the projection of the movie.
In fact, in the moment in which the shutter cuts the bright bundle of the projector, it hides to the sight, the interval that separates every single frame from what follows it, offering us so a continuity of vision entirely false in itself.
That instants of shades not warned, but that representing also a substantial part of the film to which we assist, from the moment that it have a duration almost equal to that in which we perceive the bright images, they would owe us to reflect seriously and put to us some doubts on the validity of the reliability of our perceptive means, on which nevertheless have founded all of our life all of our mentality.
Ighina affirmed that we see only a part of the reality, from the moment that also the light of the Sun is rhythmic, pulsating, since it reabsorbs in itself as "shades" unnoticed from the human senses, the reflections of its light, that it not only receives from the Planets, but also from the Firmament, that is the screen on which the Sun projects the film of the Creation, that is underlined in apparent and deceptive way, in virtue of the retinic persistence as matter less or more in motion in the Space.
After having seen a film, we should ask us: " What will have happened in that tenebrous projection that is verified also under my eyes, without me being conscious of it. Now, if also the light of the Sun behaves in the same way, I am forced to deduce that halves my life has escaped me, from the moment that I don't succeed in having conscience of it and so much less I remember! "
Ighina sustained that they are those unnoticed tenebrous breaks, that hide us the Mystery of the Reflection and the Reabsorption of the Light, the unknown part of the Rhythm; but who will believe? The friend to whom I have turned for first time this discourse, has confided me not to succeed in freeing himself from the doubt that can be true as I have told him.
The thing has given me a lot of pleasure and let me to hope that can serve to be detached him from an arid and incomplete conception of the life, to open to the fertility of the Mystery that appears tenebrous, but that it contains in itself the germs of Truth of a spiritual vision of the life.
Part 2
In the first part of this exposure, speaking of cinematography, I have tried to put in evidence some truths fully recognized, as such from the Official Science, both in physical and technological field, but whose consequences to philosophical and existential level, are completely ignored from the almost totality of the human beings.
Everyone assist every day and for more hours, to telecasts and cinema shows, but anybody realizes that what is seen on the small or great screen, it is not real (obviously I don't speak of the plot of the shows, but of the mean that allows the perception of it), but an illusion exchanged for reality by our senses, above all from the sight, that is deceived continuously by the persistence of the bright impulses on the retina, that forms a rhythmic bright projection, fragmented by tenebrous interruptions provoked by the shutter, in a continuous and coherent succession of images in movement,connected among them.
The invention of the cinematography would have to provoke an existential crisis of world proportions in the humanity, used to consider the sensorial perceptions as true proofs of the objective reality, and therefore as base of the common mentality founded on the logic, that had, and still has in the suppository truthfulness of the perceptions, the presupposition of its deductions.
It is amazing to think as the Lumiere brothers( Lumière in french lingage means Light), with the invention of the cinema, they have revealed the rhythmic base of the creation to the world, but practically nobody has understood the true meaning of this extraordinary realization, that if from a side,it teach to create so likely illusions, to be able of to excite, to move, to frighten who looks it, at the peer of the most common events of the life, from the other side it stimulates to seek beyond thesensorial appearances, the true nature of the reality.
The  work of  Lumière brothers, has been a strong recall, but entirely misunderstood, to the revision of the fundamental principles of the cognitive sensorial methodology, a recall completely ignored and misunderstood, but only considered in it superficial aspect of simple show.
After the Lumières, has been the great scientist Heisenberg to warn the international scientific community, on the effects provoked by the light in the field of the atomic and subatomic investigations.
Heisenberg said: "To see, the light is essential, but the light interferes with the atoms and it alter its position and motion.
Reassuming, the Lumière brothers has underlined the facility with which the sense of the sight can be deceived, from the moment that it reacts to a bright stimulus for major time of the duration of the same impulse (persistence), throwing the bases for a revision of the reliability of the subjective perceptions.
In turn, Heisemberg has put in prominence the objective interferences that the light provokes in the atomic-particular environment, but nobody has wanted to abdicate his own researches, for motives of fool pride, and they tried to replace the light, with the accelerations operated through enormous magnetic fields, as if these didn't operate, determining influences on the atoms.  Since the whole material universe is composed of atoms, had to be easy to deduce that the relationships between the man and the surrounding environment, are spoiled by the effects provoked by the light on the matter and that it is impossible to discover with exterior ways, what happens inside.
Personally since when I was a boy, I have always observed with amazement, the effects provoked by the light on the radiometer, that is the glass cruet bulb containing panels of white and black color, alternate among them, that quickly rotated on a pivot, if they were exposed to the light.
It was more evident than the radiometer revealed THE PRESSURE OF THE LIGHT ON THE MATTER, but I have never found in any book of physics or astronomy some theory that contemplated the inevitable developments of so proven verification.
Since I have known Pier Luigi Ighina, and I have listened and followed his teachings, I have finally understood the true nature of the relationships between Light and Matter and the consequent illusions of which all the men are unaware victims.
From Ighina,I have learned the Law of the Rhythm, of which Light and Matter are the opposed polarity of manifestation and the causes of the Stroboscopic Effect, that is the "veil" that hides to the men, the true nature of the Reality.
Not knowing the fundamental Law of the Rhythm, the men believe that what serves for knowing what it is external, it is useful also to discover the secret of the inside and they build entirely wrong theories. What does the light when it enters inside a dark room?
It reverses, it changes polarity and this the men know it and in the processes of photographic development they act accordingly; but if you go to tell them that to know the internal reality they have to reverse their own mentality, they immediately are ready to stone you!
Ighina affirmed that there exists an only Creative Fundamental Energy, from which every created thing derives; such Energy, by itself homogeneous and therefore undiversified, was called Spirit by Ighina.
The Spirit detaching from itself a part of itself, it began with such part a rhythmic relationship of love, in the form of invisible Emanation and subsequent Reflection, that increase more and more the mutual Love and therefore the internal Energy.
Such rhythmic effusions, more and more rapid and intense, brought to a state of immovable Tension, that then exploded, producing the Creative Light.
Therefore can be said, that is the Light the first concrete and therefore visible aspect assumed by the Spirit, which radiating itself in the form of Halos that dilated it moving  away and then contracting itself toward the explosive point of origin, it began the Creative Rhythm.
In fact the dilated Light by now at the way of contraction, meeting itself with the Light still in phase of expansion, it gave origin to all the types of matter, according to the point of the Space in which the clash happened.
Therefore as explained here in brief synthesis, the Origin of the Light and the Matter, in reality are different forms of only one Creative Energy, and through the Rhythm they turn continuously one into the other.
Now the Light when it appears to the senses, it is always in dilation phase, and when it is in contracting phase following the Reflection on the Limit that contains itself, it assumes a tenebrous aspect and is not visible.
Light and Darkness superficially manifest itself with a spiral shape motion of contrary sense one to the other and with a different speed that is greater in the dilating bright phase.
And it is this different speed that originates on the surface of the Planets the Pressure said Force of Gravity, that manifests also as Stroboscopic Effect, that makes to see in certain cases in movement what it is firm and firm what it move in the Space.
And here also I stop, because I have decided that is better to underline the wrong points in what was believed and still believed, with the purpose to arouse reasonable doubts, rather than to propose revolutionary innovative theories, that to be approved asks the not easy abandonment of an old mentality, but maintained in life, even if crystallized, because consolidated by the tradition and by the habit.
Pier Luigi Ighina
Pier Luigi Ighina was born in Milan on 23 June 1908.A 16 years discovered the magnetic atom. Microscope with a lens that is the glue of matter. Can scomporlo monopolies in positive and negative. He discovered that solar power is the monopoly good dell'atomo Magnetic and that comes to earth to spiral. Contact with the matter heats up by friction.
From the ground, again toward the sun as a negative, the cycle closes. The reflection of this energy, combined with the rhythm or pulse that characterizes it, create life, and all things animate or inanimate is marked by its own rhythm. The discoveries and experiments made by him are given in the book "The discovery dell'atomo magnetic" edition. Atlantis.
In April 2000, he built a small device, called ERIM
After its development, it offers the possibility of donating at all to upload their own personal body rhythm of obtaining health and wellness.
How to use FYROM: its properties are due to its characteristic shape. The three yellow spirals upwards, concentrating solar power.
The three spirals and base concentrate energy land (warning talking about energy or better bioenergy or prana) channeling these energies, more precisely, a single solar energy reflected by the positive in negative ground on green spirals form a wave rhythm sun-earth magnet.
By this rate we are developing all the rhythms of all the existing on earth animated or inanimate.
Thus the function of ERIM is to normalize or better balance all the cells in your range.
The location of FYROM is the bedroom where he spends much of giornata.Va positioned in any one place, not just near the wall, a distance of 10-20 cm. is sufficient.
ERIM remediation or balance the room and when we are we will do likewise.
To speed up our balance cell initially, just get your hands with palms open and facing up to the spirals verdi.Il time than is necessary depends on our sensitivity.
We also found that eliminates the FYROM geopathia. Experiments made by experts and radionic radiesthesia.
Laying a bottle full of water even for a two part, 10-15 cm apart. Spirals from the green water energizzerà back to its original state.
This also happens to the foods of which we doubt the authenticity, fruit, vegetables, meat etc.. putting them in front of the green spirals always 10-15 cm. around, possibly to their height, supporting them with boxes or other non-metallic.
ERIM near the flowers will keep fresh for longer oil will flourish more quickly. If you use the biotensor will see the effects of what we have suggested.
The Magnetic Atom
Pier Luigi Ighina, pupil and assistant to Guglielmo Marconi, was a scientist almost unknown to the public, because his discoveries and inventions have not obtained any official recognition by science but which, if taken into account, could (according to the Reiki master Giuseppe Zanella, who has supervised the introduction of the book) radically change the life of man. In the book, divided into two sections theory (I) and technical (II), the author describes his research in physics of the atom, in particular the discovery of the magnetic atom. The magnetic atoms are made up of neutral quark triplets (+1, -1,0). According to this model of the magnetic atom and then there are protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus that contain quarks, but quarks are the same atom.
Ighina addresses the study of the atom from a somewhat different perspective than other researchers, because instead of subjecting the atom to the action of powerful magnetic fields or high energy particles, decided to hold its movement using other atoms, defined absorbent that prevent the atoms and the external light to interfere the observation.
The magnetic atom (see photo) is the smallest compared to other atoms, has a faster pulse, and also has the characteristic of imparting motion to all other atoms, thus becoming the promoter of them. "
Through this "brilliant" trick, and through the microscope lens of Atomic his invention Ighina was able to classify different types of atoms according to their different pulse.
An important concept that the author wishes to stress is that "the atom is not wobbly, but vibrates, you can not divide, but it can divide its energy but not the atom itself." The discovery of the magnetic atom occured randomly as the same Ighina writes: "I was intent on these tests, inadvertently moving a magnet near it, I saw that all the atoms in the observation and Cataleptic absorption were made dramatically moving then disappearing in a mass of light. " The magnetic atom (see photo) is the smallest compared to other atoms, has a faster pulse, and also has the characteristic of imparting motion to all other atoms, thus becoming the promoter of them. "
One of equipment built by Ighina, the regulator of nuclear magnetic vibrations, is based on magnetic atoms and more precisely on the variation in the frequency of vibration of matter with the processing thereof.
With this energy is possible, according to the author, cure any disease, melt the metals at a distance, to produce electricity, neutralize radiation, investigating the subsoil in search of oil fields or aquifers, increasing agricultural crops, and more.
There is no doubt that the magnetic field is essential for life on Earth, but the discovery of how to the transformation of matter and the production of magnetic monopolies is rather difficult to believe. If so, we would be faced with the key to understanding the nature and its mechanisms.
In the photo, taken by P.L. Ighina in 1940 with the atomic microscope lens is incorporated magnetic atom, with the five Cataleptic of absorbing atoms. The atom produces a pulse that expands from the center and is represented by a thin circle bright.
Magnetic Energy Lightwave - The Rhythm Magnetico - The Living Cell
The earth man has built so far and very sensitive instruments complexes that serve only to know the disruption of Earth's outer magnetic field. Because man does not have built devices to look inside the Earth's magnetic field? Let's see what the sun very closely with the mind free. It consists of a subject that moves, is red-hot, producing energy is transformed Magnetic Bright.
What is Bright Magnetic Energy ?
Energy is the movement of particles that make up the solar energy field in constant transformation.
EMC is the ability possessed by these particles to reject particles equal to themselves and to attract those different.
Light is the power of speed of movement of these particles.
We follow these magnetic particles of light energy in their journey towards the earth. They cross the moon which slows down parts of their speed and come to earth by exerting on it a considerable force and pressure. They fall to the ground with a spiral movement and introduce it as would a large screw that string without knowing the external pressure. E 'precisely because of this moving spiral that human beings and all other forms of terrestrial life does not suffer the pressure from powerful magnetic devices except indirectly as a weight or force of gravity.
We enter the solar energy inside the Earth, so we will see that at the center of the solar particles, not slowed down since escaped the impact with the ground substance, form like a small sun. This small sun on earth (called the Aurora) acts like a burning dish that attracts you, the particles of solar energy slowed by Earth's field and thus lack of light and reflects the launch towards the sun. The sun attracts to himself the particles slowed down and reflected from the heat inside the earth, thanks to the lowest power that make them different from those in the sun itself are still in the original. In this way, starting from the center of the earth, there is an ascending movement of magnetic energy is not bright, which partially balances the pressure on the solar surface.
Let's see what happens when the magnetic free energy of light, going from the ground with a spiral movement of the opposite direction to that of the light is absorbed in the solar furnace. Penetrating in the sun it causes the affected part, a ground magnetic energy to the light, creating a dark spot called by human beings "macchia solare. The sunspots, as we know, produce variations on the earth's magnetic field and are caused not only by land but also from non-return of light from the other planets of the solar system.
The double spiral movement of magnetic energy upward and downward, connecting the sun and the earth, was called "Rhythm Magnetic." It is the promoter of each event energy and vitality to the existing terrestrial globe.
Come on now above the earth. We observe our world: what is that? It is composed of a single subject and more specifically, particles that were identical in nature to those that make up the sun, which away from the point of origin, it is slow-build structures and different forms, so numerous and complex that no terrestrial machine would ever be able to calculate them all. Yet despite the enormous number and complexity, all the land areas have in common a single formative principle, which is manifested clearly in the Living Cell. " We repeat that whatever the diversity of form, structure and behavior, in any field or element is present in terrestrial been latent or manifest structure, mechanism and functions that appear in the most evident in the behavior of living cells. The earth itself is nothing but a huge cell! This is the great mistake of the humans on earth, although they know the living cells, have never given them the importance they deserve, always tried to ignore the teaching that they continued to offer him.
Men have built machines and instruments that have different forms and functions, but never with the shape and functions of living cell. Yet it should be clear who is in that form and power of every possibility and harmonious development, since even the whole body of man is based on these principles. Take the cell, look inside. It is composed of many tiny particles, each of which has a steady relationship with the other, so that the natural and individual ownership of attraction and repulsion is replaced by an overall behavior of the particles of light energy from the sun and those of light energy from the earth. The living cell as the earth absorbs inside the particles and reflects light outwards those slow. Each cell has in itself a rate of absorption or feeding and ejection, or excretion, that to be smooth and allow the growth and reproduction must be tuned with great rhythm magnetic sun-earth as it is inserted.
Knowing the nature of the rhythmic cell means knowing and penetrate the most profound mysteries of the universe. Because man has not tried to build machines-magnetic cells, able to feed themselves and generate energy using the magnetic natural rhythm that gives life to everyone and movement?
Instead, man has built machines death, deprived of energy self-sufficiency, has turned all his attention just outside the earth's magnetic field; sent artificial satellites in the sky which, being constructed in ways devoid of vitality, are opaque to the rhythm Magnetic natural that can not flow freely through them.
If you think that the sunspots, while millions of miles distant from the Earth, it will produce many different kinds of phenomena, it is easy to deduce that the satellite spots artificial natural rhythm that varies, and they interrupt with increasing frequency, being posed only a few hundred kilometers from the earth, produce disasters.
Men are really blind, do not even want to see what appears in front of their eyes!
Yet continuous warnings were given also by the beings from other solar systems, trying to avoid human beings the terrible consequences of their mistakes. They have sent forward and continually on the earth genuine magnetic cell large remote controlled, though they were sighted and photographed, were not taken into account by most of the men who confine themselves to define "Flying Discs."
Flying Discs cells are composed of two overlapping magnetic cells and in rhythm with each other. As "living machines" are transparent in the sense that they offer no obstacles to the rhythm magnetic sun-earth and that they indeed represent an enormous power and achieve a power greater than that of any other material composed.
In fact it always in harmony with the natural rhythm magnetic, can undermine, disrupt, any material with non-viable, they are in contact and use it as a food of their own internal rhythm. If man does not correct their mistake as they are able to make the inhabitants of other solar systems during their evolution, the land within the period which was announced (30 November 1971), it sfascerà (See Note 1 in table). The mountains will fall down, because being a natural pace, the pressure coming from within the earth will suffer sudden collapses. Will earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are becoming more frequent, until the earth opens, it will fire its magnetic center, the natural rhythm impazzirà, the fire will join with magnetic water, land surface is incendierà. The earth begins to spin madly on herself and will be the end of each form of life known. When the reaction between water and fire will be neutralized magnet, the earth will cease to rotate on itself and will resume the old movement. The pace again to penetrate the magnetic field in gradually restoring life to the cells blocked in it. These cells, being the product of a merger of life forms mineral, plant, animal and human, will produce the appearance on earth of monstrous beings of enormous size, which in itself meet the characteristics of every living form now known.
Everything again from scratch and evolve life changing and improving as the pace magnetic tend to resume its normal operation.
Note 1: Fortunately things went differently, thanks to the divine and the spiritual awakening of humanity. But the Earth has a high fever and is responding with a purification from all the distortions and failures produced by humans. The Humanity is purifying through the issuance of its karma accumulated over many millennia.
Thanks to God, the Earth and humanity are ascending, with the support of many beings of light, embodied and disembodied. On Earth will come the Kingdom of God as promised by Jesus
Summaries of some studies on Magnetism
By a natural or artificial magnet it was possible to obtain the removal of the magnetic flux of one polarity.
The magnetic flux positive or negative sample from a magnet is called magnetic energy positive or negative. E 'was found that the positive magnetic energy gives any material well-being and vitality, whereas the magnetic energy negative and positive rule that transforms the field.
The positive magnetic energy is identical to sunlight, while the negative is the same as the earth's magnetic field.
Multiplication of
Scholars have mother nature to capture the secret that allows you to succeed with little effort to achieve colossal power of magnetic energy positive or negative to be able to imitate all the events occurring inside and outside of our planet as well as onto of the cosmos. Their proliferation is obtained with special equipment, but the general rule is very simple.
With a small magnetic energy load is very small metal particles of matter. Each of these metal particles are charged with static magnetic energy determined by their oxidation.
When each of these static energies are reached and exceeded the oxidation which contains, run down with each other by issuing huge amounts of magnetic energy.
Atmospheric phenomena
Storage of energy launched into the atmosphere by special equipment, if the source are positive away the clouds, where the negative origin attract the clouds as they loaded the sun come from positive.
As the clouds are formed
The sun evaporates small particles of matter (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, etc.).. These particles rising to the sky are loaded energy solar magnetic positive light in which they become static when these particles oxidize. The energy contained in these particles of matter has a weight that is used to stop at a given height the particles depending on the content more or less large static. The union of these particles form clouds.
Reports of the matters
Typically, the magnetic energy penetrates into all the matters existing in our planet and throughout the cosmos, so can not shield. You can only decrease or increase its power, its penetration or its absorption, with chains of subjects more or less absorbent.
The magnetic energy does not have a direction of its own, but combined with a source of magnetic energy of light can be guided by it.
The Sun
The light source consists of solar energy magnetic devices. The solar magnetic energy can shield or cancel any energy produced by man (for example, the IAEA, X-rays, beta, gamma, etc..) Because they are byproducts of the solar magnetic devices.
Reports of the Sun with the Earth
The magnetic energy solar light down toward the planet in the shape of a spiral magnetic devices with rotating motion to be able to penetrate all the internal matters with which it comes into contact. In entering our planet in the solar surface gives it a pressure. Penetrating in the interior of our globe lay in the middle of it his share storage devices will be the light like a little sun (Aurora), which has the property to reflect to the surface and at the same time towards the sun, the redundant power now used for solar absorption by the Earth's composition and thus deprived of its brightness.
When this reflected energy comes from our earth to the sun produces an output pressure. Our planet is suffering both ascending and descending pressures that give rise to a rate of magnetic energy. This rate determines the immobility of our globe which is then blocked between these two conflicting pressures. We believe it is wrong to say that the earth has a rotational movement.
The Solar Magnetic Rhythm
The rhythmic movement of the magnetic sun and the earth is made from magnetic solar origin of descending from a positive and outgoing terrestrial magnetic source negative. The two energies were ascending and descending a spiral motion to the opposite one to another.
The true knowledge of the solar magnetic rhythm
The solar magnetic rhythm is the basis of our existence and composition of all the different subjects. All cells are formed, you govern, and transform back and magnetic solar energy exclusively through the solar magnetic rhythm
The Law of Rhythm
All reports of nature are determined by the law of the solar magnetic rhythm. Indeed, the sun gives to all his subjects but the rhythmic energy wants back again after they have used.
All cells are under this law. Each cell has its own magnetic momentum depending on its composition and form. The pace is picked up and powered by solar magnetic rhythm.
By varying the speed of the magnetic cell (or solar), we can multiply, destroy, grow, rejuvenate every cell, or turn it back into electrical rhythm devices.
The Magnetic Field of Matter
The magnetic field of the cell produces static energy into it. The union of many cells determines the formation of a substance composed of saturated static. The power of rhythm that causes the leakage field energy contained in it superfluous. The release of this energy is the magnetic field of the subject itself. The energy of the magnetic field can be exploited by other materials or is absorbed by the solar magnetic rhythm that transforms light energy into yet.
All forms of plant life uses the magnetic field of earth materials without having the subjects themselves.
The Terrestrial Magnetic Field
The two spiral magnetic solar energy and land with their movement against each other when you enter the shadows produced by the stains and other terrestrial planets, stroboscopic effects that give the illusion that everything around our planet is moving, while in reality everything is stopped. From this knowledge has come to the conclusion that the time and space are a result of the strobe.
The enormous importance of the studies of col. Constantine Cattoi
Col. Cattoi after the long years of study and research was able to know the purposes for which it was rhythmic magnetic energy in eras past. As the Col. Cattoi become our dear friend and collaborator, it was possible by combining the reciprocal knowledge, understanding of truth that many in the past the man knew by instinct and experience. On the surface of the globe there were (and are) places where the emission of magnetic energy the Earth is stronger than in other places.
To recognize these ancient places them with reported figures of animals carved in rocks.
Corresponded to the figuration of the strongest (lion, sphinx, etc.) places with the emission of magnetic energy more powerful, while in places with weaker magnetic emissions corresponded sculptures weaker animals (dog, goat, etc.). From these reports people in the past they could absorb these energies and become more powerful, or form of nuclear energy that were exploited for human purposes, or for defense. Also by this knowledge were able to regulate the emission of energy from the Earth's magnetic ground thus eliminating the ground movement. To do this they used the building blocks of a tip called Menhir considerable height. Menhirs discharging the magnetic energy contained in the land under the Law of the peaks. Menhir were alternated to the Dolmen, buildings being flat pickers magnetic solar energy, a reaction used to produce the thrust to the exit of the Earth through the Menhir toward the sun. In this way the Dolmen completed regulating the pace and magnetic. Can adjust the pace, the ancients used it to capture the energy is suitable for the operation of the equipment built at that time, among other things capable of eliminating the force of gravity. The rediscovery of this ancient knowledge was given to our ability to design the central rhythmic magnetic exceptional power that will be built shortly.
The Col. Cattoi discovered that the land is crossed by magnetic lines of force. Some points of intersection of these lines of force were chosen by the priests for the construction of shrines.
Cattoi could find that at these shrines, for the most part destroyed by time and ignorance of men, there were entrances to tunnels leading to underground cities or temples almost all communicating with each other even though located on different continents. These underground city dates back to entire eras of our geological past in which a lower magnetic compression favored the development of all forms gigantic living. In those days there were far fought titanic battles between the giant inhabitants of the earth and from space invaders.
Cattoi found the points of impact of extraterrestrial spaceships down to earth by means of magnetic forces emanating from cyclopean buildings (towers in general). Extraordinary is the photographic documentation of petrified bodies of humans and animals of gigantic proportions which demonstrate that the final battle was probably won by the forces coming from the sky.
As it was possible to come into contact with other solar systems
As a result of developments made by our scientific centers, it was possible to determine precisely that the sun is originally transparent without color and that the seven colors that exist in its light magnetic fields are returned from other solar systems with which our sun is in report. Based on this knowledge it was possible to separate the magnetic field of a color spectrum of the solar direction in the universe has come to get contact with the solar system corresponding to that color.
How you can take the magnetic field of a subject
We can do this using magnetic energy and making light pass through a field. At the energy field that is identical to the magnetic field of the matter through.
Magnetic field of
The rhythmic movement of human cells is continuously fed by the magnetic rhythm of nature (rhythm solar magnetic). Confirmation of this is given by a feverish alterations which man is sometimes subject. In fact, the fever increases when the solar magnetic momentum is devoid of its brightness (the night), while the fever decreases when the solar magnetic rhythm is in harmony with the brightness (day). Laboratory experiments have shown that if a man was feverish undergoes a rhythmic brightness magnetic state disappears because febrile returns harmony rhythm magnetic cells and its magnetic field.
The true nature of the stars
Scholars of our astronomy laboratories have succeeded, through the great magnetic stroboscope Imola, to know another great secret of the cosmos. The stars exist in the sky are holes that serve to balance the pressure of the solar magnetic rhythm. The pace magnetic sun-earth in its revolving speed, the center produces a vortex which condense the magnetic field (night). If there were the stars (holes), would break the rhythm (explosion) due to lack of outlet pressure between the earth and the sun and between the sun and the earth.
The phenomenon described above is similar to that of cyclones, with the difference that in the latter there are the stars (holes) to balance the pressure contained therein. The knowledge described above will give the opportunity to steer the magnetic energy that is produced by the new rhythm of magnetic Imola, to one of the holes (stars) in order to exit the dome Magnetic our rhythm and attack to another solar system.
It was also noted that at the magnetic dome there is neither a time nor a space. In addition to our magnetic fields has been observed that objects of different shape in and out of holes on our stellar directed planets. The shapes of these objects correspond to the various forms of stellar holes.
Please note that it was decided to build in a Imola cosmoporto Central Rhythmic Magnetic exceptional power could produce a conduit communicating with other solar systems.
The improvement of our equipment has given way to receive directly from the solar schematic construction of the magnetic rhythm.
Inviting all the centers of Cosmic Brotherhood and others, to work together to build this powerful center that will give way to eliminate time and space and will facilitate the landing of equipment cosmic. In this month of March (1973) will be completed projects of the plant and in the month of April will begin the work.
The rate of magnetic
The pace of rotary solar (yellow) and ground (blue) originates and nourishes all living cells on Earth. The study of this rate were obtained the following results:
1. The green vegetation is produced from the land of the two energies (yellow) sun and (blue) of the earth;
2nd Capture particles from the rotating speed of the resulting solar solidification of a cell;
3rd Taking advantage of solar rotating pattern can transform matter into energy;
4th All subjects on the planet earth are in at this rate;
5th The counter rotation of the two solar and terrestrial energy produces an optical effect (or strobe) that bear a moving subject matters in the cosmos;
6. The pace and terrestrial solar rotary eliminates time and space;
7th With the same pace we can achieve the restructuring of the degenerate cells of the subjects;
8th The neutralization of earthquakes;
9th Training, attraction or repulsion of the clouds;
10th Trasformazione di una materia in un'altra variando il ritmo della cellula in esso contenuto;
11. Si possono riprodurre tutte le cellule delle materie esistenti sul nostro globo terrestre.
Con queste conoscenze, possibili a realizzarsi in un tempo non lontano, il genere umano verrà portato ad una rinnovata esistenza, in armonia con le forze della natu

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