Celulact H

Excerpt : Email from L. C.
"Ioan Istrate is a well-known Romanian scientist and chemical engineer who made several inventions in the field of pharmacology. He is an old man of 85 and he also is one of my neighbors.

Since 2000 he used the "Celulact H" (the drug from the patent) against cirrhosis and cancer, with excellent effects on patients. He saved a lot of people from a certain death, people who were in critical condition, with cancer in terminal phase.

His drug is a processing of the natural soap made from sheep tallow, through which the C14 - C18 monocarboxylic acids are separated from the other components of tallow, thus obtained pure monocarboxylic acids which are administered to the patient.

Celulact H

Book, ed . II , ed . Laurate , p . 443

"... CELULACT H can be used as a nutritional supplement, natural adjuvant compatible body, energizing bio-stimulator cell : in preventing and fighting various tumors of the digestive, respiratory, renal, cardiovascular, the central and peripheral nervous system, skeletal system, thyroid, anemia of any kind, so potent and invigorates the entire body, blood formation and revival in strengthening the immune system, improves appetite [ is used mainly in cancer, leukemia, epilepsy, hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc. ] "
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A new cure cancer. Biostimulator cell. Mr. John H. Celulact Istrate is a man so modest that it seems guest in his own house. Age has given an aura of wisdom that it's hard to not put in it. Many of you have already seen presentations on some TV channels...

A New Cure for Cancer : Cell Biostimulator Celulact H

Mr. Ioan Istrate is a man so modest, that seems a guest in his own house. Age has given an aura of wisdom that it's hard to not put in it. Many of you have already seen on some TV channels, presenting their invention: H Celulact natural product that is able to stop the cancer and heal other very serious diseases. Despite the fame created overnight public attention bothers Mr. Istrate. When I phoned to propose this interview he hardly agreed to meet. "No words matter, but actions" - said. "And then, when I have time I see my own business, if I still hold interviews and filming?" Seeing me interested primarily works exactly the concrete results of treatment that you apply under promise not to keep too much of the work, Mr. Istrate gave me half an hour of his time...

Mr. Ioan Istrate is a chemical engineer, specializing in the production of medicines and profession who practiced law stepped entire life, following his passion for chemistry, passion gained in years of high school.

"I wanted to know the secrets behind the chemical formulas, so I can explain the great miracle that happens every moment in nature and within the human being.'s Fascinating to discover the universe of water drops ... Who knows chemistry better understand life, and maintenance phenomena. "

Graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry in Bucharest, Department Summaries fine, medicines and dyes, it proved to be one of the best students of his generation, became the teacher's favorite CD Nenitescu and E. Cioranescu, brand names in Romanian higher education.

Later, as a specialist in medicine, he was, in turn, leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry: the technical chief of the Central Industrial Medicines, chief of the technical-economic indices and technical documentation Scientific Research Institute of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Bucharest chief of CTC the enterprise of Medicine Bucharest etc.O idea came from heaven

- Sir John Istrate, which is the story Celulact preparation H? How did you discover?

- I possess some psychic powers. I wrote a book on the vision that I have: "Romania and world time - past, present and future." In April 24, 1971 I received some messages about the future of humanity. Among them, some about cancer and what to do about a cancer patient to survive. Two events, occurring in the family, led me to my direct attention to a possible cure for cancer. My father was ill with cancer and died due to this disease in 1981 Much later I learned the formula structure of the active substance in the product that I made. As a specialist, I looked to see where I can take this substance. It took me several years of research, but I finally found it. In 1995, my sister was diagnosed with cancer, underwent surgery Coltea Hospital and doctors gave opportunities for more than two or three months of life. We did have a treat. Unfortunately, the year he died of a heart attack. Applying family therapy and acquaintances, I began to record all the results and excited curative effect, I made ??the documentation for registration with OSIM.

Celulact H is made from animal and plant extracts in the form of gelatin capsules, which is very easy to manage. It is non-toxic. In fighting cancer, give better results than classical oncological treatment. Think about how bad produce body irradiation: in addition to the diseased cells are destroyed and healthy cells irradiated area. For chemotherapy, not to mention? You know, of course, many side effects so this treatment ...

- Keep your preparation secret jealously However, we have to explain in a simple way how he acts on cancer cells?

- Product name - Celulact H - says practically and how the body works at the cellular level: cells activated by hydrogen radicals. In the cell, specifically in the nucleus, there are - let's call it - a kind of "mayonnaise" which at one time cut. Well, then all biochemical reactions go crazy: the cells grow chaotically detach and spread throughout the body and is transported bloodstream. As housewives recover mayonnaise "cut" the same acts and Celulact H, which restores cellular structure affected, bringing it to normal, functional. Component substances released by biochemical processes of hydrogen radicals, which regenerate diseased cells, and on the death of the body to eliminate them in the form of phlegm in lung cancer and the bleeding in uterine cancer, rectal, stomach and Ent.

- Your product, Celulact H, has proven effective only in cancer?

- The best results are undoubtedly in the prevention and treatment of diseases and cancer cell (lung cancer, renal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, multiple myeloma), but the experience time and recommend other illnesses: leukemia, cirrhosis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal cystic mastoze psoriasis all types of anemia, bronchitis, asthma, seizures (epilepsy). It also promotes growth in children and rejuvenates aging cells.

- Speaking strictly of cancer, what types and stages of evolution have noticed the best results?

- Healing and improvements following treatment with Celulact H were observed, in order to cancer the following locations: liver, stomach, lung, pancreas, breast, etc., the most difficult to treat (the longest duration of treatment ) is bone cancer. Pity the sick resort to remedies and natural treatments only when doctors and conventional medicine no longer given a chance. Usually, my wine in bulk, cancer patients in stage III or IV, the already very weak body, discharged to die at home. But they can be helped.

- How long is the treatment?

- Treatment is long lasting. It is essential that patients to feed very well. It is the strength of the success of this treatment. We observed cell Biostimulator effect on the body and I can tell and ill treatment stages: in the first month the disease progresses, but increasingly slower. In the second month explodes disease, the patient giving different symptoms: pain, nausea, etc. From the third month, any type of cancer is stopped evolving, following that of the time to be absorbed tumor and metastases and to stop the evolution and then disappear. Tangible results are seen at the earliest after three, five or nine months of treatment, depending on the location of the cancer, the organs affected and the patient's age. It is important to mention that tumors larger than five centimeters does not resorb. Leukemia treated in two or three years, and ulcers in three to six months.

- Treatment can be done in parallel to allopathic medicine?

- Celulact H can be associated with any allopathic medicine recommended by your doctor. In cancer, however, not recommend treatment with chemotherapy and irradiation or because in some cases cancel has occurred.

- During treatment, you should follow a certain diet?

- Patients should be well fed, but avoid pork and mutton, animal fats in general and consume 2-3 liters of fluid daily to remove toxins. Patients with breast cysts or breast cancer will be eliminated from the diet milk. During treatment will consume as much tea marigold, rosehip and sea buckthorn yellow.
- Is there any contraindication for administration of your preparation?

- Absolutely no one. The treatment can be followed by anyone, even by children, the incidence of leukemia that has become alarming.

- What documents must provide patient care?

- Patients must have on their sheet out of the hospital, said the doctor diagnosis, disease-specific laboratory tests, x-rays, tomography, scintigraphy, mammography or other documents that attest to the degree of evolution of bolii.Cazuri

- D.N. (34 years) - Bucharest: "Following a biopsy, I was diagnosed with epidermoid carcinoma spino-cellular stage IIB and have been proposed for a surgery that I had the courage to do it. Istrate I learned from Mr. a friend and I started taking Celulact H in February this year result will honestly say, is amazing. recently I made ??a NMR analysis, which did not detect even a hint of carcinoma. continue to undergo treatment and I i feel good. want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Istrate for treatment. give God his health can help other desperately ill. "

- O.F. (64 years) - Delhi Muscel: "Following a local hospital, he was found a malignant lung tumor. I started Mr. Ioan Istrate treatment after doctors told me they do not have what I do and I still have three months to live., three months, you hear? But I started treatment in September 1999! Now I feel much better. analysis I did and the results have shown a considerable improvement of the disease. Continuous treatment with high hope. steps God has turned to this man. "

- F.B. (54 years) - Bucharest: "I suffer from adenocarcerom colon. Doctors gave me a few months to live last year when I refused surgery. Teas I followed the treatment of Mr. Vasile Cozac, but did not work. Then I started treatment Mr. Istrate, without have high hopes ... however, ultrasound result we did on July 25 reveals that all bodies are perfect, there was no lymphadenopathy, the tumor is well localized and delimited . the doctor I consulted advised me to do further treatment because my illness - that is evolutionary - remained in the same stage ".Florentin Popa

For appointments, Mr. Ioan Istrate can be contacted by phone only between the hours of 17.00-20.00, tel. 01 / 630.45.72 or 092 / 67.29.41

Romanian Patent 116597
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Preparation :
In a 6-liter stainless steel vessel, equipped with a stirrer and reflux condenser, place 2 liter of water; while stirring add 0.2 kg caustic soda. The solution is heated to boiling. Gradually add 1.1 kg animal fat. After completion of the saponification reaction, add sodium chloride 0.080 kg, the heating is stopped.

The reaction takes about 3 hr, rising to the surface of the liquid soap and glycerin in alkaline waters.

Over soap left in the beaker, add 2 liters of water in which is dissolved 110 gram citric acid solution; reduce the pH down to 5.5. The operation takes about 1.5 hour, and C14-C18 acids were separated from the solution.

The acid obtained is washed with hot water to remove all the sodium chloride; if the resulting acids were dark, dry in vacuum at 15 to 17 mm Hg, or boiling acids dehydrate, the operation takes about 3-4 hr.

Characterization of the product: mixture of C4-C18 monocarboxylic acids, is a solid, yellow-colored, light brown, with a melting point of 70 -73 C and a boiling point ranging between 124 and 134 C, but the boiling point may increase depending on the ratio of the component acids. The acids are soluble in alkaline solutions and ether, benzene, halogen, absolute ethanol; are resistant to oxidation; density is around 0.840.

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