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Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine

The American's Bulletin ( July 2008 )

Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine -- The Crystal Ion

Ron Rockwell
Rockwell Scientific Research LLC
Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine -- Vortex Implosion Technology
"There are no compressed air tank(s) that run the engine."
  The American's Bulletin, July 2008

The future has arrived with the solution to our world's energy needs. The Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine (AATE), aptly named "The Crystal Ion", will be the energy revolution we have been waiting for. Clean energy utilizing the force of nature to create powerful and sustainable motion with no detrimental environmental impact is here. The air we breathe is the same air that drives the AATE; no wind required. This is not a perpetual motion machine. When I first learned of Rockwell Scientific Research L.L.C. (RSR) and the AATE, I was very skeptical. The more I thought about it the more my feelings mixed. Can this be real? My thoughts torn between my disbelief and belief. I became more exhilarated as the myriad of potential uses flooded my neuron pathways; an engine that runs on ambient air, without any air tanks, combustion or fuel cells, producing no exhaust. The thoughts thrilled me to no end. I just had to see the engine for myself.

I will forever remember the day I actually saw the engine running with my own eyes. As un-believable as it first appeared my skepticism quickly turned to enthusiasm that was so totally overwhelming I nearly wet myself. Here was the future, right before me. The engine hummed along at 30k plus RPM without any fuel or exhaust. The clear design of the casing afforded a detailed view of the interior. There were no electronics inside except for the LEDs. As the throttle revved the engine up and down it was clear to me that this was genuine and not a hoax.

What really boggled my mind was the fact that there were no investors beating down the door to become a part of this new energy revolution. Here was the absolute answer to the energy crisis we are currently facing. What is wrong with Americans today? Why would everyone be so willing to continue down the pathway paved by oil, coal and nuclear technologies when that path results in torturing common citizens, reaching deep into their pockets? Why are so many of our fine young men and women dying needlessly for the right to oil? Why are billions of dollars being spent trading Carbon Credits and where is all that cash going? Are people really concerned about their living environment? Politicians are quick to blame industries for what is really political failure.

So how was the AATE re-born? In late April 2005 Ron Rockwell, of RSR, was invited to meet with inventor Haskell Karl who claimed to have built an engine powered only by air. Ron met with Haskell in person and after reviewing all his material (consisting only of photographs, drawings and sketches) and detailed phone discussions. Ron decided to rebuild the engine using current technology. I am sure that skepticism reigned high. However, Ron believed this technology had substantial merit and invited his trusted colleague, friend and fellow machinist Cliff Cruz, to join his team in re-creating the engine. Through twelve years of research and development of various devices in the high tech industry, RSR has developed the AATE.

In the early 1960's, Haskell took the original engine he built for testing to Wyle Testing Laboratory. They could not figure out how it worked and requested that he leave it with them so they could further analyze the engine. Haskell refused and headed home with the invention. The AATE was scheduled to be presented to President Kennedy at a special meeting. Before this presentation could take place, the people who worked with Mr. Karl on the engine mysteriously disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the engine also disappeared. There was also talk that China was willing to pay 100 billion dollars for the engine but the deal fell through when a key individual died from a massive heart attack. Haskell Karl went into hiding, keeping with him the documents, original drawings, and numerous photos of how he built the engine. Now 40 some years later, the engine is re-born.

Although the concept and science behind the engine (Vortex Air Implosion Technology) was not fully understood at that time, the determination was made that a new prototype based on discussions, drawings and photos, could be built. The task was undertaken.

The machine shop of RSR started the initial construction in May of 2005. Work was arduous. Unique parts needed to be manufactured. In order to do so, new tools also needed to be machined in order to manufacture these parts. There was no manual, guidebook or instructions. Instead Ron and his team had to rely on their knowledge, ingenuity and creativity to build the engine. With the latest technology available today, Ron was able to redesign and improve things that could not be done back in the 60's. Through trial and error (not much of the latter) and 3 million dollars later, they finally completed the first functioning prototype in the fall of 2006.

Ecstatic with the results, arrangements were made to travel to Washington DC to present the engine to the Department of Energy in hopes that they would embrace this unprecedented technology. Unfortunately, Mr. Rockwell and Dr. Beverly were met with bureaucratic indifference. Need more be said? The people needed to know that a solution to the world's energy was available and a press release was issued in November to over 200 newspapers and magazines. Again there was huge indifference by the press who were more focused on news of the war and elections. Case in point. That day in Washington at Fox News Channel 5, they spoke with a woman named Sheila who said "unless [they] had a story about the Iraq war or the upcoming elections that Fox probably wouldn't run a story on it", "those [are] the 2 most pressing issues that people wanted to hear about". Unbelievable! It is this kind of attitude and indifference towards true solutions for peace and clean energy that have prevented this country and our world from realizing its full potential.

As with any technology that promises huge gains, security is an issue. There have been several security breaches over the course of development. Thankfully, they were discovered early enough to thwart them. One lengthy breach occurred in the summer of 2007 when 2 individuals (referred to as "vultures") attempted to "take-over the technology". They began contacting Haskell, eventually coercing him to denounce Mr. Rockwell and promising him quick profit. They also contacted Ron's chief machinist and met with him several times to engage him in assisting them to develop the engine without Ron. Despite knowing that they were being videotaped, they continued their discussion with Cliff to bring him on board and away from RSR and the engine project. These individuals are under criminal investigation. The result of this breach caused a serious delay in the completion of the engine. Security is now tighter than ever.

A number of individuals came forward claiming to be investors, venture capitalists and personally wealthy. Many of these individuals were not investors but brokers, agents or individuals that knew someone who wanted to invest and really had nothing to offer. This was also a source of lost time.

The purpose of seeking investment was to develop, market and support innovative cost-effective clean energy devices, products and services; especially those made available through its proprietary technology designs. RSR will offer the Ultimate Solution to the growing world energy problem. The end of fossil fuel use, preserving natural resources, create low cost clean energy (zero emissions), create independence from foreign oil use, non-degenerative and non-destructive energy forces from the technology use, while creating worldwide demand for this Ultimate Solution.

Ron and his team made some substantial technical discoveries and potential problems with the current design and proceeded to re-build the AATE with new specifications. Noise level was substantially reduced and overheating was no longer any concern. Haskell met the improvements in the design with great joy. What remains to be done is more testing and validation from a government source (Wyle Testing Laboratory) that the AATE performs as described and is sustainable.

In early 2008 there had been an invitation by a government department to apply for a number of grants that were available only for new energy projects. Sounded more promising than the first encounter with the government. The applications were arduous and requested very specific and detailed specifications of the engine. It was not acceptable to provide the government with those specifications. Another individual with high status in the Mexican Government offered to set up a meeting with the President of Mexico. At first it sounded very good to Ron. As the time approached, the meeting was postponed and Ron began to feel something was not right. This trip did not happen either. As it turned out, this individual was in a financial bind and planned no introduction to President of Mexico. The promised trip to Washington was actually a scheduled NAFTA meeting not a special meeting for Ron.

So what exactly is the AATE? It is a mechanical device built to spin at high revolutions without the need for any fuel, combustion or compressed air. This device is a sophisticated application of a simple scientific principle long known in the alternative energy field, Vortex Implosion Air Technology (VIAT). Viktor Schauberger first discovered the principle of the Vortex and developed technology for moving water more efficiently. The same principle can be applied to airflow. The RSR AATE runs on ambient air; the very air we breathe, using no air tanks and no other power source other than air. A tornado is created in the engine that implodes on itself which actually speeds up and sustains the airflow back into the tornado.

We see what is wrong with our energy policies every time we go to the pump, buy groceries, pay our bills and of course all the news that bombards us daily. Perhaps it is a good thing that huge caverns (many times the size of the Grand Canyon) are being created beneath the earth surface. When the current trend of melting glaciers and icebergs continues, the land will cave in and fill those caverns. We will not have to worry about flooding the land we live on.

Enough is enough America. Take the time to contact your politicians and let them know that you know the time for positive change is now. Forget those hybrid cars, wind generators and solar cells. The costs of implementing these technologies will never be recovered in your lifetime but you and your children will be paying for them without any true benefit.Anton Bernhardt

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