Low-Temperature Carbonization of Coal

Industrial  Engineering Chemistry ( January 1951 )

N-T-U ( Nevada-Texas-Utah ) Retorts,
US Bureau of Mines
Oil-Shale Demonstration Plant
Rifle CO

Refinery, NTU Retorts, Storage Bins and Crushing Plnat

Aerial View: Crushing Plant at right; Shale Storage Bins between Crushing Plant and Retorts

Class II Retorts (NTU)

Table III --- Atmospheric Distillation Opration on NTU Shale Oil

Table IX  --- Bureau of Mines Crude Shale Oil Analysis of Oil Produced by NTU Retort at Rifle CO
NTU Shale Oil.

Table XIII --- Effect of Boiling Range on Hydrocarbon Group Distribution of Distillates from NTU Shale Oil

Newsreal ( #2, June 1977; "Suppressed Inventions" issue )

"Surprise! We Can Make Oil From Coal Cheaper Than The Oil Wells Can Pump It Out."


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