Photon-Proton Electric Generator

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Long Beach Independent (Monday, December 23, 1974)

OC Man says Generator Answer to Energy Needs

Story & Photo by Bob GEIVET

This photon-proton DC plasma generator is the first building block and lab device that will eventually create a small system of power development that can solve at full swope [sic] a host of world dilemmas, save the environment of planet earth and free mankind from energy needs, pollution, war, slavery and starvation. I have given to the world a heavenly gift for all people. – Norman L. Kellogg, USA.

Norman L. Kellogg of Garden Grove says he has developed a self-energizing generator capable of the perpetual production of electricity through an ingenious application of Tesla theory alignment of protons and photons.

He says the module he has made will fit into the ordinary bread box, service panel or electric meter nest in the average residence and could produce enough electrocity to provide all its needs.

Kellogg described it as a photon-proton plasma engine, or generator, which he said could produce at least 100 kilowatts of direct current electricity, which in turn could be converted to alternating current power --- the kind used worldwide --- through a rectifier.

He envisioned that it could be developed to such refinement that it would be transportable to an automobile, plane, boat, mobile home, mountain cabin or farm to pump water and perform other chores.

It would produce so much energy that man could purify his water, air and total environment, Kellogg declared, as well as supply his own needs.

In short, he said, it could guarantee mankind’s survival in a world increasingly short of energy sources and raw materials.

Kellogg warned that the world must find new ways to supply its needs, or mankind will perish. He said he thinks his self-energizing generator may be the answer, bu he conceded the need for refinements.

The Kellogg device is fueled by a one-time charge of radon gas in a closed-circuit system and by another system through which is pumped liquid hydrogen.

“Generation of electricity will be accomplished by the impingement of a specifically aligned field force on a similarly aligned conductive material such as copper”, Kellogg explained.

He said the generator would never need recharging, would last indefinitely and would never get hot like other conventional generators.

It has no moving parts, only the subatomic particles are in constant, quiet and undetectable motion, capable of generating electricity in direct proportion to the designed output size of the static generator, he said.

The first physical unit was made for Kellogg by Pre-Val Co., Inc., of Garden Grove, a high-precision machine shop that also makes space components.

Kellogg, who set up a so-called “think center” for engineers, physicists, researchers, and other scientists, said he expects to refine the first module and hopes to interest universities, colleges and high schools in tackling the same goal.

Kellogg said he developed the generator as “a humanity concept for out planet”, wants “not one cent of return”, and offered it to the United Nations to benefit the world’s inhabitants.

He explained that Dr Nikola Tesla, the world-renowned physicist, had predicted at the turn of the century that there must be a breakthrough to solve the world’s energy needs.

Tesla, who invented and developed the alternating current (AC) meter, the practical transmission of electric power and the fundamental principle of radio, said at that time:

“Ere many generations pass, out machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic (and this we know for certain), then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature”, which he described as “a source so practical that the machinery to harness it will last for 500 years and so basic that it will undo existing theories.

“The initial costs will be relatively big. After that, hardly anything and unlimited power for the asking”.

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