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KING, Moray B. : Water: Key to New Energy  ~ 2018 TeslaTech Presentation (41M PPT )
KING, M. B. : Ion Oscillations ~ 2018 COFE Presentation, PPT.
KING, M. B. : The Peculiar Energy Machine of Jasper James ~
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KING, M. B. : Nanobubbles & Water Electrolyzers ~ PPT, 2016

Video : Water as Fuel (via ZPE)

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While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit.


While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit. These pursuits go by various names such as "Brown's gas" and "water fuel cells"; and have various heroes, such as the late Stanley Meyer, and more recently, John Kanzius, who is "burning" salt water using radio frequencies. A number of commercial interests are involved in the research and development of the various approaches as well.

The famous 19th century scientist, Michael Faraday, defined a limit of output energy possible in any standard electrolysis scenario. It is well known in thermodynamics that it takes more energy to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen than can be returned when the hydrogen is burned.

But these rogue experimenters of today are reporting output from their set-ups that exceed Faraday's limit many times over, claiming 7x, 10x, or even more, producing as much as one liter of gas per hour using just 1/2 Watt of electricity. The factors that seem to contribute to these effects include using a large number of stainless plates close together, the plates roughed to facilitate releasing the bubbles, driving the cell using square wave, pulsed DC at Kilohertz frequencies, and constantly modifying the frequency to optimize gas production.

Moray King, who has published three seminal books on zero point energy, recently put forth a scientific model in which he suggests that the excess energy being observed in these unusual electrolysis set-ups comes from zero point energy, by producing charged water gas clusters, which somehow achieve a self-organizing criticality that coherently activates and absorbs zero point energy.

The experimental set-ups are typically rather simple, which is leading to a proliferation of the number of people reproducing and working to improve the effect and its consistency to the point where it can be used to serve as a practical, primary energy source -- an energy generator that could operate anywhere there is water. Zero point energy is everywhere in the universe; it is the foundation of the fabric of space. Other groups, such as Xogen Technologies, are using these processes to purify water. These energy sources could actually produce culinary water as a by product.

The day of water power, via zero point energy, is arriving. Welcome to the future. (shortcut url for the OS:Water Fuel Cell page here at PESWiki)

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  Vibrating Water Electrolyzers -
Moray King's power point presentation at TeslaTech, July 30, 2015 Albuquerque, NM

Moray gives solid arguments for the case that by getting very small fog particles of water/HHO gas, you increase the incidences of microscopic ball lightning events, which is where the Zero Point Energy shows up, so that excess / overunity energy is produced. Mechanical vibration and a powerful spark plug augment this effect.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

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Plasma Based Energy Research

Moray King's power point presentation @ TeslaTech ( August 2014 ), Albuquerque, NM
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Paradigm Shifts
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Moray King's power point presentation on the Smart Scarecrow Show, January 23, 2014.

Water, Plasmoids and the Zero-Point Energy
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Moray King's power point presentation for the 2013 GlobalBEM conference in Boulder, Colorado, October, 2013.

Pulsed Plasmoid Engines
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Moray King's power point presentation for the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albequerque, New Mexico ( July, 2013 )

How Can a Car Run on Water?
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Moray King's PowerPoint presentation for the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Holland ( November 9-11, 2012 )

Cavitating Electrolyzers, the Key to "Over Unity"
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Moray King's power point presentation for the 2012 ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albequerque, New Mexico ( July 27, 2012 )

How Can the Zero-Point Energy Become an Energy Source?
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Moray King's power point presentation for 2012 Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference.

Water Electrolyzers And The Zero-Point Energy

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Moray King's power point presentation for the Conference On Future Energy at the University of Maryland (March 15-17, 2011 )

Water Electrolyzers and Zero-Point Energy (4)

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Moray King's power point presentation for the 2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albequerque, New Mexico (July 30, 2010 )

Water Fuel via Zero-Point Energy (3)

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Moray King's power point presentation for the 2009 ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albequerque, New Mexico (July 30 - Aug. 2, 2009 )

Charged Water Gas Electrolyzers

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Water Fuel via Zero-Point Energy (2)

Moray King's power point presentation for the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albequerque, New Mexico ( July 31 - Aug. 3, 2008 )

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Water Dissociation with Zero-Point Energy

Moray B. King

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OS : Moray King:Closed-Loop Water Fuel Cell

Water Cohering Zero-Point Energy: A Self-Running, Open Source Project

Moray B. King proposes a design that could take advantage of the purported electrolysis overunity systems that apparently harvest energy from some yet-to-be identified power source -- possibly Zero Point Energy. His scheme creates a self-running system with a mechanism of extracting the excess energy for practical use.


There are numerous claims by inventors and investigators that the “water fuel" projects can generate excessive power well beyond the input power taken from the battery used to drive the system. Many inventors have generously shared information on the web so that others can replicate the “water fuel" electrolyzer thus launching many open source projects.

Standard scientific opinion is that water could not be a fuel because it takes more energy to dissociate the water into hydrogen and oxygen than can be returned when the hydrogen is burned. A hypothesis for explaining excess energy production is that the pulsing electrolyzer produces charged water gas clusters, which activate and coherently capture zero-point energy into the cluster, thus raising the water’s energy state [1]. Such a hypothesis is considered speculative, and only an experiment could prove that excessive energy is being produced.

The best demonstration would be a self-running system where a battery is used to kick-start the apparatus, and then it is removed. If the system continues to run itself indefinitely on just water (preferably re-circulated water from the exhaust), the proof of a new energy source would be dramatically demonstrated.

The goal of the self-running, open source project is to create massive, world-wide replication of this bench top demonstration so that the humanity recognizes and accepts a new energy source.


M.B. King, “Water Dissociation Using Zero-Point Energy", Power Point presentation that overviews the field and contains numerous web links

Closed Loop System

The closed loop demonstration system can be made with mostly off-the-shelf components. Only the electrolyzer is custom made, and its details are well discussed on the web.

The electrolyzer produces the water gas and hydrogen/oxygen mixture, which fuels a small motor. The motor drives an electrical generator whose output is rectified onto a storage capacitor. Power from the storage capacitor is directed to a switching regulator and a DC port for tapping excess power if produced. The switching regulator maintains a constant voltage on its internal capacitor, which provides a constant DC power supply for the solid state, pulse driver circuit. An auxiliary frequency shifter, control circuit is used to alter the pulse driver frequency to maximize water gas production. (The control circuit itself needs little power.)

For the kick start, a battery is connected to the DC port to charge the storage capacitor. Once the system is running, the battery is removed. If the water gas electrolyzer does indeed produce excessive energy, then such a closed loop system would run indefinitely and might even yield output energy that could be tapped from the DC port to power a small load.

Moray B King : One Million Cavitating Water Electrolyzers


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HO Device to ZPE Device.

Cavitate the Water. Activates/Coheres Zero-Point Energy. Circulate the Water. Creates Turbulence. Electrostatic Charging

Moray B. King: Breakthrough Energy, EVO Clusters ...

Nov 12, 2013 - Interview with Moray B. King. Moray has been working as a professional electrical and systems engineer for over 30 years. During that time, in parallel, he has done extensive independent research into the standard physics literature concerning both the zero point field and self-organizing systems. He has also conducted extensive research into the patents and experiments of inventors who have reported anomalous energy gains over the decades. He is considered one of the leading authorities on the subject of zero point energy, and has written two books on the topic titled: Tapping the Zero Point Energy, and Quest for Zero Point Energy. Most recently Moray gave a presentation titled Water, Plasmoids, and Zero Point Energy at this year’s Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference.

0min-11min: The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray and Synchronicity; John Wheeler’s Theory of Geometrodynamics; Vacuum Fluctuations as a Possible Energy Source; Space-Time Wormholes and Singularities; Higher Dimensional Orthogonal Flux and Intersection; Point Particle Approximation and the Vortex Structure of Matter; Pair Production as Vacuum Self-Organization; Quantum Foam and Turbulent Plasma Dynamics; Objections to Zero Point Energy Hypothesis; Prigogine and Order Out of Chaos; Energy Anomalies During Ion Acoustic Modes and Abrupt Motion of Ions

11min- 26min: Orthogonal Flow of Hyperspace ZPE Flux; Bending Flux into 3-Space; Particles as Whirlpools of Orthogonal Flux; Mini Black Holes and Mini White Holes in Virtual Chaotic Plasma; Vacuum Polarization and Creating Harvestable Order; How Surging Ions Bends Hyperspace Flow into 3-Space; Manifestation of Excess Voltage and Fields; Why Free Energy is Still Unrecognized; Paradigm Wars; Difficulty of Plasma Tube Engineering; Water Electrolyzers and Importance of Replication; HHO and Brown’s Gas Welding Torch; Ken Shoulders and Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO); Micron Ball Lightning Clusters and Brown’s Gas; Mark LeClair and Structured Water Cavitation; Requirement of Replication for Paradigm Shift; Experimentation and Safety Concerns

26min- 40min: Break Through Energy Conference; Sharing Information and Open Source; Need for Mature Consciousness; Self-Looped Systems; Driving Pistons with Zero Point Cluster Implosion; Self-Organized Plasmoids as Zero Point Transducers; Water Fueled ZPE Engine; Open Source Mass Replication of ZPE Water Cavitation; Viktor Schauberger and Vortex Coherence; LENR Through Crack Induced Fracto-Emission Ball Lightning; Ken Shoulders’ EVO Theory for Cold Fusion; EVO Transmutation Experiments in Russia; Western Academics Ignoring Experimental Evidence; Paradigm Defense and Nature of Scientific Revolutions; Novelty of the Lattice Crack Geometry and Ball Lightning; EVO Launching During Fracto-Emission

40min-47min: Philosophical Side of Paradigm Shifts; The Classical Engineering Paradigm; Engineering Vs. Physics; Functional Existence of ZPE; Facets of Fraud; Evolution of Physics and Laws; Mass Replication and Funding; Power of Open Source Information Exchange; Standardizing Protocols; Seeing Is Believing

20140123 - Presentation by Moray King

Paradigm Shifts
November 27, 2013

Moray B. King: Breakthrough Energy, EVO Clusters, and Paradigm Shifts

Interview with Engineer and New Energy Pioneer Moray B. King. The first portion of the interview features focused discussion on John Wheeler’s model of the quantum vacuum and how topological vortex structures are permitted to self-organize out of a turbulent, orthogonal electromagnetic flux.

During the middle part of the interview Moray further elucidates how this flux might be coherently abstracted into our dimension to do work. He outlines the discoveries of Yull Brown (Brown’s Gas Torch), Ken Shoulders (Plasmatic Exotic Vacuum Objects) and Mark LeClair (Crystalline Water Cluster Jets), and goes on to explain why their experiments demonstrate substantive evidence for Zero Point Energy (ZPE) extraction.

Toward the tail-end of our dialogue Moray ventures into the arena of LENR-Cold Fusion theory. He visualizes a scenario where cracking in the crystalline lattice creates an environment where micron-scale ball lightning (aka self-organized ZPE plasmoid) is being generated and released. Micron-sized ball lightning has been demonstrated to be highly energetic and capable of transmuting elements during laboratory studies in at least three countries. Also worth considering is that amplified ZPE interactions are known to occur within reflective Nano-domains during Cavity-QED experiments. While the ZPE explanation for LENR still remains undefined and speculative in certain important respects, further investigation of ZPE fluctuations in Nano-cavities may provide us with better understanding of what goes on within the Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) to produce the Pons-Fleischmann Excess Heat Effect.

In closing we spend some time focusing on the philosophical side of the Breakthrough Energy Movement and what will be required for a paradigm shift to occur.

How Can the Zero-Point Energy Become an Energy Source?

Moray B. King

Combining the theories of the zero-point energy with the theories of system self-organization offer opportunities to coherently harvest zero-point energy (ZPE). The energy typically couples into matter-ZPE or plasma-ZPE conglomerates. Examples include plasmoids, Shoulders electrum validum (EV) or exotic vacuum objects (EVO), inert gas clusters of the Papp engine, and most recently LeClairs water crystal formed from reentrant jets launched from collapsing, torus shaped cavitation bubbles. Here the energy could be trapped in micron-sized rings of linear water to become the primary energy source for Browns gas. Large scale, force-free (Beltrami) vortices of plasma might manifest a macroscopic ZPE coherence.

We’re honored to have Mr. King deliver our opening presentation this year. He is one of the most well-known experts in the “Free Energy” field and has been a champion for the cause for many years. He has authored multiple books on zero-point energy and is a keynote speaker at many energy conferences around the country.

His books include Tapping the Zero Point Energy, Quest for Zero Point Energy and The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray.

At the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference, he will be presenting: FROM NANOBUBBLES TO BALL LIGHTNING: AN OVERVIEW OF NEW ENERGY POSSIBILITIES (90 min)

Here is a description of his presentation – Both the standard scientific community and esoteric researchers recognize that the fabric of pure empty space is not a void, but rather an energetic substrate known by various names: aether, prana, chi, zero-point energy (ZPE), vacuum fluctuations, etc. There is controversy over the notion whether it can be tapped as an energy source. Within standard physics, the leading experts in zero-point energy theory admit that it is an open question which can only be resolved by experiment.

Numerous plasma experiments have been performed that manifest energy anomalies especially under the conditions of abrupt plasma discharge. High speed photography has captured evidence that the anomalies are associated with ball lightning formation. Ken Shoulders dedicated his career to studying a microscopic form of ball lightning that he name “electrum validum” (EV) and later “exotic vacuum object” (EVO) when he became convinced that their excess energy was sourced from the zero-point vacuum energy. Their structure is a circulating vortex ring of plasma ions and electrons, known as a “plasmoid.” Shoulders observed that an EVO could self-accelerate to about a tenth of the speed of light, a phenomena he called “self-propulsion.”

Creating an EVO circulating vortex ring of plasma requires that the plasma discharge form around a micron size, spherical blob of liquid metal. The discharge causes the blob to dimple into a torus form, creating the vortex ring all at once. A liquid metal blob is not the only spherical “template” that could guide EVO formation, a small water bubble or droplet could do likewise if it were stable enough to withstand the plasma discharge and dimple instead of flying apart.

The recent revolution in nanobubble technology has proved that nanometer scaled bubbles in water are surprisingly stable. Researchers in Japan appear to be leading the discoveries with most projects focused on making nanobubbles of oxygen in water for health benefits as well as environment reclamation. Laser backscatter and tracking techniques are used to measure the size and longevity of the bubbles. Most projects use cavitating pumps and vortex action to produce the bubbles, but some inventors have developed carbon ceramic nozzles to produce them much more cheaply.

Ryushin Omasa has invented a water electrolyzer that makes hydrogen nanobubbles by cavitating the electrolysis water with vibrating blades. The hydrogen is cocooned in the bubbles, and they naturally rise out of the electrolyzer. The nanobubble gas can run an internal combustion engine with surprising power manifested. Simple hydrogen combustion does not explain the excess energy. However, if the nanobubbles converted into nanoscopic ball lightning from the spark plug plasma, their self-acceleration would propel the piston with anomalously large force. Here, a simple new energy possibility arises for inventors: In the combustion chamber, just convert water mist containing abundant nanobubbles of any gas (even air) into nanometer ball lightning via a high voltage, capacitor discharge spark. The result gives the illusion that water is a “fuel” driving the engine when in actuality it is the nanoscopic ball lightning cohering the zero-point energy.

The Energy Machine of T Henry Moray

Zero Point Energy and Pulsed Plasma Physics

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Quest for Zero Point Energy: Engineering Principles for 'free Energy' Inventions


Moray B. King

Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN 10: 0932813941 / ISBN 13: 9780932813947

The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray


Moray B. King

Explains cold-current, free-energy devices with today's science. Using the 1920's inventions of T. Henry Moray as a starting point, the book explores a wide range of popular science and frontier physics. Free-energy technology could solve today's energy crisis and cold-current physics will soon make any other technology obsolete!

Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN 1-931882-42-8

Tapping The Zero Point Energy


Moray B. King

Free energy and anti-gravity are possible today. The theory of zero point energy posits that there are great fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded within the fabric of space.
Some examples: Inventor T. Henry Moray produced a fifty-kilowatt free energy machine in 1930 // the Pons/Fleischmann cold fusion experiment produced tremendous heat without fusion.
The chapters in this remarkable book include:  Artificial Gravity // Stepping Down High Frequency Energy // Noise as a Source of Energy // Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization // Cohering the Zero-Point Energy // The Holistic Paradigm // Electrolytic Fusion: A Zero-Point Energy Coherence? // Scalar Currents and Scalar Waves


Water Dissociation with Zero-Point Energy

Moray B. King

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August 5, 1977
The Moore School of Electrical Engineering D2
Department of Systems Engineering

Creation of Ball Lightning

Moray B. King

This is a proposed experiment to create ball lightning based on the helical torus model(1,2), a plasmoid form which Bostick(3) observed in a vacuum. The following scheme resembles the conditions under which a thunderstorm produces ball lightning.

A Tesla coil(4) creates a discharge through a vortex of water vapor. The coils are wound such that their magnetic field causes the discharge to spiral in the same direction as the vortex.

The cathode construction is most important. It must eject a large number of electrons simultaneously so that the plasma's quantum electrodynamical exchange forces(5) induce a coherence in the zero-point energy(6). The toroidal plasmoid sustains this coherence in what may be regarded as a macroscopic condition(3). The synchronous electron emission may be achieved by biasing a semiconductor material that forms exciation(7) or electron traps(8) (e.g. ZnS, CdS, FeS). When electrically pulsed, the electrons should be ejected from the cathode surface in a manner similar to internal field emission across a p-n junction(9). This synchronous discharge coheres the zero-point energy.

If ball lightning is produced, the plasmoid will persist for seconds after the electrical discharge, and it may even leave the apparatus(10). It is hoped that many individuals will experimentally demonstrate ball lightning so that a new energy source becomes recognized.

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