Etheric Radiations

The Ether Radiating Apparatuses of Oskar Korschelt (1853-1940)

In April 1890 Korschelt constructed healing ray device from a special kind of pipe. He believed that the Sun emits small ether particles and by appropriate antennas it should be possible to use these particles for healing purposes.

His first device was comprised of two circular copper plates (13 cm in diameter) with regular grid of square holes (10 mm in diameter). The copper plates were positioned inside cylindrical wooden ring (12 cm in length) to the opposite ends. The wooden ring was positioned in a tin can, which was open on the one end and soldered to a truncated cone followed by 1.5 meters long tube.

The copper plate on the tin cans back end was connected through the lid to positive terminal of the battery and the copper plate on the beaming end was connected to negative terminal. The copper plate connected to the positive plate was moveable inside the wooden cylinder. (15)

Fig. 5. Etheric healing ray apparatus

Korschelt discovered that the effects were considerably reinforced when both of the copper plates were connected to battery terminals. If only one copper plate was connected, the effect was sensed only weakly. The treatments lasted from few minutes up to 30 minutes. The distance of the plates was adjusted to less than 6 cm for non sensitive people. Calm persons felt better with longer distances. There was an individually harmonious distance for each person. The ether radiation influenced not only people; after 15 minutes it fulfilled the entire room. (15)

The power supply played a role on the effects, although the apparatus worked also without electricity, albeit not so strongly. The ether radiation worked harmoniously with coal, silver and gold electrodes, but rejected current out of dynamo. If the current was lead trough glass of fresh water, the results improved. Suitable metals for the apparatus proved to be gold, silver, copper, nickel, iron, zinc, tin, and its alloys. Lead was recognized as unsuitable.

The radiation was influenced by the weather; only in the fair weather success were obtained. (15)

Fig. 6. Ether ray disc

The ray apparatus described above was large and impractical in the handling.

Consequently Korschelt developed a smaller ray disc (German patent 69340, July 14, 1891). The ray disc was handy, but not particularly strong. It was a wooden disc with a hole in its centre. On both sides spirals of copper chain were fastened, on the front clockwise spiral facing the Sun and on the back counterclockwise spiral facing the patient. The clockwise spiral collects the ether particles and the counterclockwise spiral radiates them like a beam. The spirals were connected to each other through the hole. To increase the power of the device, a heavy gauge antenna wire was lengthened by twisting two copper wires helically (like caduceus), separating and cutting every fourth twist, shaping them like rings and soldering them together like a chain. (15, 16)

The effects from these ray apparatus were perceived by healthy people as cold and others as warmth, some sweat a lot, although the body temperature remains normal. As a rule, the effects were calming. The heart activity becomes stronger and slower. The sleep becomes deeper and therefore less sleep is required. The memory becomes better. The apparatuses were especially suitable for healing stomach problems, nerve diseases, insomnia and pains. (15)...

Magnetic fields and energies

The coil winding direction may have an effect in the finer ethers. From previous studies, it is suggested that right-handed helix may be a better collector and left-handed helix may be a better emitter of life-enhancing etheric energies (See Spurling and Korschelt). Here are the helices and their magnetic poles when electric current is passed through.

According to Howard Johnson [1970] (2006) the magnetic fields are more complex than usually thought. The usual way of making the magnetic field lines visible with iron fillings do not show the fields as they are; they only show what little pieces of iron do in magnetic fields. The below picture, based on Hall effect gaussmeter readings, shows the direction of the lines of force, which are tracks of a particles. Since there are two lines of force, there must be two different particles. In a permanent magnet, there are two vortices present at each pole. There is an element both the "north" (ccw) and the "south" (cw) in each pole. The north element has proven to be the stronger vortex with higher gauss ratings. The factor that distinguishes the north pole from the south pole is that the north pole is the one with the weakest south vortex. (26)

The lines of force going in the same direction repel and therefore as the lines leave the poles, they repel each other. And also, there is a fine line between the vortices in the center of the magnet with no lines of force.

Another interesting thing is that vortex spins in opposite corners attract each other and can form continuous spins from corner to corner. Below is a computer picture which recorded the discovery of the double vortex at each pole. Different arrangements of magnets can be used to manipulate the form of the double vortex. (26)

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The orgone pioneer Oskar Korschelt

In April 1890 in Leipzig something strange happened: A man of almost 40 years taught a special kind tube of 1.7 m length on the mind of a 18 year old girl. That was health damaged by long work in weaving. After almost a minute the girl noticed a pressure on the back of the head, which then went into a flow from the head to the fingertips and toes. The warmth she felt first at the back, then the whole body. After 3 minutes, she burst into warm sweat. She was sleepy and was attracted to the pipe. The experiment had to be canceled after 5 minutes, as they threatened to fall into "magnetic sleep" (Hypnosis). This was the first treatment with a healing beam device, also odic device Orgonstrahler, KE spotlight etc. called.

The Lord was Oskar Korschelt, by profession a chemist, born in 1853 in Berthelsdorf / Saxony, d. 1940, 1876-1884 Professor in Tokyo, later in Leipzig. He had since 1888 intensively with the "healing magnetism", today spiritual healing, is concerned. After studying literature, he immediately began to conduct their own experiments, that is, he began to treat the sick mind heal Risch. That was not a problem as there was in Germany at that time the courier freedom. Hypnosis gimmicks with healthy he refused decidedly. The activity of a spirit healer has in all personal satisfaction with achieved improvements two serious disadvantages: Each treatment takes strength. The spiritual healer is tired. This usually only takes half an hour, but can be increased in some cases to the point of exhaustion that lasts several days. We all know this phenomenon by visiting the sick. After that we often have the impression of being very exhausted. The second disadvantage is the risk of disease transmission. And not by the transmission of bacteria or viruses, but through the biophotonics information transmission. Many spiritual healers who despite overzealous washing thereby contracted with cold water some disease *.

Korschelt, a clever and willing to experiment head, now mused because of these disadvantages on Remedy. He had studied the works of Karl von Reichenbach and combined this knowledge with the physical knowledge of his time. Hertz just made a splash with the discovery of radio waves (FM meter waves). So Korschelt had the idea to construct an ether jet apparatus. He was of the opinion that the sun emits tiny particles that enter the "ether", according to former view, the carrier medium of the light rays to the earth. By appropriate antennas it would be possible to capture these particles and to utilize.

Helical copper wires seemed to him particularly suitable. The electricity would play a special role. In April 1890, was now ready. Korschelt began to build on an aether ray apparatus. If we follow his description: "I took two circular copper discs of 1.5 mm thickness and 13 cm in diameter and punched in regular rows square holes of 10 mm in the same strip between the holes were 2.5 mm wide Then I left.. beechwood a cylindrical ring unscrew of 13.5 cm inner and 16 cm in outer diameter and 12 cm length. At one end of an inwardly projecting edge was palmed. On the inside of the rim, I nailed to a disc and soldered to the same a braided wire. At the center of the other disk I soldered a round copper bar of 0.5 cm in diameter perpendicular to the same. The wooden ring I brought in a box of tinned tinplate, which on one side had an approach in the form of a truncated cone to which another tube of 1.5 m length was soldered. On the other hand the bank with a comprehensive cover was closed, the in the middle had a piece of tin plate. The perforated plate with the rod I brought in the wood ring a, as shown in the figure, a cork stopper isolated the rod in the neck. The lead wire of the other disc led by a cork stopper in a nozzle in the funnel-shaped parts. The inner pane was with the zinc poles - connected, the outer pane with the carbon pole (+) of a chromic acid element (). The outer, ie positive plate was displaced in the wood rings "Unless Korschelt in his book:". The harnessing of kinetic energy of the ether in the healing arts, agriculture and technology ", 2nd edition to 1921st

The healing beam device

Korschelt now examined the influence of the electric power to the transmission of the tube. Was just a chromic acid element applied, the broadcast was only faintly noticeable. 2 elements reinforced the effect considerably. In the following months Korschelt treated all people, sick and healthy only attainable. In all cases, the apparatus was like a light spirit heal innovative treatment. Edwards would describe this as a spirit heal innovative treatment of the first type.

Initial successes could continue Korschelt. Sick felt invigorated, healthy fresh. The treatments lasted only a few minutes: The fastest we went in children. This needed to sleepiness only 3 to 5 minutes. Women required 10 to 15 minutes. Only strong men took up to 30 minutes to feel an effect. The treatments over an hour beyond were never made. The distance between the discs was set to feeling disc distances less than 6 cm proved less suitable for sensitive users. Quiet people felt more comfortable at longer intervals. In general it must be said that there is an individual distance for each person by these best harmonises. The radiation had not only to the people but filled after about 15 minutes the entire room. Could even walls and walls, although weakened, penetrate.

Systematically examined Korschelt different influence factors such as voltage and material. Here he experienced a tremendous surprise. The jet apparatus also worked without applying a voltage. The effect was somewhat reduced, but still present. In general, the power supply played a role. The radiation hung obviously also depends on the type of power source. At that time, electrochemical elements of various types were used. Especially like he took elements Kohlepol, but also those with gold and silver electrodes. Electricity from Dynamos he refused. Tentatively, he led the power to "cleaning" by a glass of fresh water, which improved the results. He later renounced with a few exceptions entirely on electricity.

A special object of his research was aging of wine and alcoholic beverages. Grossly simplified, you can summarize the results as follows: young wine taste was improved by irradiation of between 3 hours and 7 days, just bad liquor. Contrast Old wine was worse. The influence of the weather should not be underestimated. Only in clear weather respective successes have been achieved. From Orgonforschung we now know that the Orgongehalt the air is highly dependent on the weather. When the sky is clear, we have significantly higher values than in cloudy weather or fog. Korschelt discovered even then these relationships.

The different materials were tested. Particularly suitable proved to the metals gold, silver, copper, nickel, iron, zinc and tin and their alloys. Lead has been identified as unsuitable. Aluminium was not yet in use, so that Korschelt could not do as Reich negative experiences with it.

The jet apparatus described above was quite a monster that was not practical to use. Korschelt looking for more manageable devices and developed over time a jet disk, a tripod apparatus, a jet traffic light for spaces, a plant coaster and finally a jet rod for fields and plantations. The jet disc was spirally wound on both sides a wooden disk of around 16 cm in diameter with a chain of three times the copper wire spirals. The spirals on both sides were consistent, then, was on one side of a left hand helix, on the other a right-handed helix. In making this spray discs showed that both sides have a different effect. The right-handed helix sucks that links spiral radiate.

The radiation plate washer

The jet disc was very handy, but was not particularly strong. A serrated disc made of zinc metal and sheet iron have been added, spirally connected to the beam side of a jet washer, the whole mounted in a suitable housing, bolted to a height adjustable stand, completed was the stand apparatus.

The tripod apparatus and the beam slices Korschelt had patented (Patent 69340, 07.14.1891) and produced by a company in Dresden. These devices found in the German-speaking countries a certain paragraph in individuals and naturopathic institutions, however, could not generally prevail despite the proven track record. Until the '30s strove a number of people to make improvements. Were known by such senior engineer Meyer and Prof. Dr. Eckhoff, Paul Loose, Pastor Jacob and HU Ottinger. After the war, tried the Viennese binder and Halik, otherwise, interest in Korschelt appliances completely off. Again and again surprised that observed in total darkness weak intrinsic lights, indicating currently expected to Orgon.

Korschelt presented all sorts investigations with his apparatus. He discovered that the effect of the jet apparatus is completely independent of the operator. The operator also did not tire as in spiritual healing. For successful treatment it did not matter, from the person to be treated with trust came to the jet apparatus, or this was suspicious.

The influence on chemical reactions interested him as a chemist particularly. The jet apparatus of 1890 he found no acceleration of chemical reactions and crystallization.

To know the effect of his jet projecting machines closer, Korschelt treated a variety of healthy and sick people.

In both healthy and sick, he made the following observations: In general, one must say that the effects are not always clear, but sometimes contrary. Also overloads be observed as with orgone accumulators. It is also evident that there are people who can not tolerate this kind of treatment.

The effect of the ejectors on the Healthy

Sense: Many feel cold, others get violent sweat. Malodorous secretions are secreted through the skin is not uncommon. The excretion of faeces and urine is increased.

Heart / pulse: In most cases, the heart activity and strong pulse slower (up to 10-11 beats / min). At low pulsation only occurs a little humiliation. Seldom it comes to pulse increases. The radiation treatments are soothing generally. Very rare (<1%) observed increased nervousness. The body temperature remains constant.

Sleep: The need for sleep is reduced, up to 2 hours less sleep is required. Falling asleep is easier. Some Healthy need initially for some time (weeks) longer sleep. Later, these get along with less. The sleep depth is greater and shortened sleep duration.

Miscellaneous: Particularly surprising is the greatly reduced food intake of sensitive people. These come from the half to one third of the usual amount. And that with a greater ability to work. However, other people need more food than usual. One means of losing weight is not the radiation. The memory is better. And it occurs to many through ongoing radiation a gradual change of character towards gentleness and tranquility on. Relapses, however, are not excluded. How to help the radiation also against "shrewish wives".

The effect of the ejectors on the sick

Korschelt treated with very few exceptions (colds, flu) chronically ill. Thus statements are impossible to acute illnesses. The use of a weak radiator (flower wheel) can prove successful if the stronger radiator (ray disc, tripod device) is not tolerated.

Congestion in the head: irradiating the back of the head not applicable. Therefore irradiate solar plexus.

Gout: There are very few positive experiences. Irradiation is slowly increasing, because otherwise too many "deposits" can not be excreted.

Stomach problems: diseases of the stomach, including degraded digestion, heal particularly easy.

Migraine: attacks are docked.

Nervous disorders: Very good results. Only it remains unclear in which nerve disorders these successes can be achieved.

Kidney: to be irradiated directly.

Back pain: Significant improvements to the stand apparatus. This neck start, every 5 min to reduce the apparatus by 15 cm.

Insomnia: Good success with the jet disc. Women need about 1/2 hour irradiation, men 1 hour per day. The insomnia is usually reduced, even eliminated in some cases. The jet disc is hang with the beam side at the head end of the bed. If you, however, situated at the foot of the bed, so it comes to the disturbance of sleep.

Pain: For acute pain usually the pain is alleviated, even completely eliminated in some cases. Headache, toothache is gone mostly after treatment. Also typical healing crises are observed: old pains come first again, and then in the course of treatment finally disappearing.

Dropsy (edema): The flux depending 1 ray disc at head and foot, edema brings fast decongestants.


1) Imperial Patent Office, Patent No. 69340, issued on 06.22.1893 Class 30: Healthcare. Oscar Korschelt in Leipzig. An apparatus for therapeutic purposes without specific conscious or suggestion. Patented in the German Reich of 14 June 1891st

2) Oskar Korschelt: Harnessing the kinetic energy of the ether in medicine, agriculture and engineering 2nd edition c.1921 publishing FE Baumann, Bad Schmiedeberg and Leipzig

3) Willy Schrödter: Planzengeheimnisse, chapter 'plants as ejectors', 3rd edition 1981 GE Schroeder-Verlag Kleinjörl in Flensburg.


* Korschelt healed obviously under its own power and was not able to channel divine Heilernergie.

Further information on Oskar Korschelt:

Born in 1853 in Berthelsdorf / Saxony, died in 1940, studying chemistry at the Polytechnic University of Dresden and Berlin, teaching in Tokyo from 1876 to 1884 and also had to do with the Japanese salt industry. In Japan he met the game of Go, on which he reported on several occasions. He wrote the book 'The Japanese-chinesiche game GO'. The English translation of 'Theory and Practice of GO' is still available in bookstores. Occasionally appeared on the name Otto Korschelt in the publications on GO. Perhaps Oskar Korschelt had the first name Otto and used it occasionally. Or is someone else, presumably a brother. The Otto Korschelt to have been an engineer and has also been in Japan and engaged in GO.

Oskar Korschelt was later a professor in Leipzig. The ether ejectors turned Oskar Korschelt before on various trade fairs and exhibitions with success.

Forsch Komplementmed. 2013;20(5):322-6.
doi: 10.1159/000355877.
Epub 2013 Oct 17.

The cavity structure effect in medicine: the physical aspect.

L.B. Boldyreva
State University of Management, Moscow, Russia.



In 1893 the German scientist Oskar Korschelt was granted a patent for using cavity structures (CS) for therapeutic purposes. In the end of the 20th century in Russia Victor Grebennikov also studied possibilities of using CS in curing various diseases. Korschelt used artificial CSs made of copper chains or plates. Grebennikov used mainly natural CS, e.g., empty bee combs. The main features of the CS effect are: the therapeutic efficacy of a CS depends on its orientation with respect to the biological object and on the material the CS is made of. It does not depend on the presence of acoustic or electromagnetic screens. The CS influence on the target biological object may not cease after removal of the CS, i.e. there is an after-effect.


It is shown in the paper that it is possible to explain the effects of CSs on biological objects under the assumption that the physical vacuum has the properties of superfluid (3)He-B.


The effects may be due to spin supercurrents being present in CSs.


CSs differ from bodies of other form in that the cavity is 'filled' with spin supercurrents. The properties of the supercurrents are like those of the spin supercurrents between spin structures in superfluid (3)He-B.

The cavity structure effect in medicine: the physical aspect.

L.B. Boldyreva

[ PDF ]

An Apparatus For Therapeutic Use Without Direct Or Indirect Suggestion
German Patent #69340
Oscar Korschelt of Leipzig.
July 14, 1891

Translated from the German by Bodo Capeller, 1986

This apparatus utilizes the living forces of the ethers for healing purposes. The electro dynamic theory of Wilhelm Weber concerning the structure of smallest parts results in the insight that all ether is identical with Weber's electric particles, that all solids rotate around it at a certain distance because of attraction of positive to negative ether particles in relation to solids. Through a corresponding arrangement of solids it ought to be possible to condense the diffuse ether and redirect it. A similar arrangement has been utilized in the following described apparatus which has been named by the inventor "Ether Radiating Apparatus".

This invention, like the introduction of mobile phones in recent times, was received with caution as well as fascination. This apparatus can be used for the purpose of increasing the intensity of the power of living ether. The difference between several versions of this apparatus is that of shape of materials used. In order to get increased power electric current may be used. Since the same appears to consist of positive and negative particles that try to find equilibrium, the amount of liberated ether particles within the wiring of the apparatus and the diameter of the wire formed ether vortex will increase with the spun off ether particles.

In drawings 1 through 5 an ether radiating device is shown. Within the apparatus the arrangement of the metal wiring is formed in a spiral that will cause ether particles to spin in a predetermined direction so that the living force can be utilized in many ways.

The version in drawing #3 shows the wire is formed in spiral configuration on both sides of plate E and is connected in the center. Through this arrangement the ether particles will accumulate in the center of the disk and be thrown forward. In order to achieve a longer path for the ether vortex one may utilize a chain instead of a simple wire which consists of horizontal displaced links (drawing #5).

The disk is intended to cause physiological changes in humans (see drawing #1).

Patent request: An apparatus for therapeutic purposes with direct or indirect suggestion consisting of a non conductive disk (E), free standing or installed in a tube, where both sides of the disk contain spiral wound wire with the side toward the light exposed as the collector and the opposite the radiating portion.

By Albert Zock

The German inventor Oscar Korschelt based his cosmic ether accumulator, German Patent #69340, dated July 14, 1891, on the teaching of Wilhelm Weber not realizing that it incorporated the implosion principle as well. Weber professed that all particles of the ether, having an electrical charge, are circling around solid objects without touching them, the molecular particles being negative and the ether particles being positive, according to the law of attraction and repulsion. Since a solid body attracts ether particles, Korschelt searched for a way to collect, condense and to rectify them.

On a wooden disc with a hole in its center, Korschelt fastened spirals of copper wire, on both sides, one wound clockwise and the other, as a mirror image, counter clockwise, and connected the ends together through the hole in the center. His assumption was that the collected energy would be condensed in the center and then be beamed off at a right angle to the disc. He termed the side facing the light positive and the other negative. To increase the condensation and lengthen the antenna, Korschelt wound small coils like key rings and assembled them like links in a chain. He was convinced this device would give additional life energy if the beam was directed at the neck of a person in the height where the 18 cranial nerves are leaving the skull, (medulla oblongata). Such a spiral resembles a Nornen coil, which is stretched out and is used to eliminate undesirable emanations.

An application of a Korschelt coil seems to have its merits. In one case a relative of an elderly man suffering an acute pneumonia, being already unconscious and according to his physician, beyond hope, hung a Sun-Ether Disc over his bed. From this moment, his condition improved rapidly. Fourteen days later, he was almost normal again. In another case, a Sun-Ether Disc hangs over the door in the waiting room of a Naturopath. Every one walking in is amazed over its warmth, and the flowers are flourishing like in a green house, even though it is not heated and faces north. When asked for the reason, the owner points smilingly to the disc and gladly explains how it works and how to build one.

On a plywood disc with a diameter of 50 cm (20-3/4 in.) are two coils, one on each side, wound in a mirror image, the front one counter-clockwise and the other clockwise, almost on top of each other. Both are connected through the hole in the center which has a diameter of 10 mm (6/8 in.). The space between each winding is 15 mm (5/8 in.). Aluminum wire is best. To make the key rings, take a 4 mm (3/16 in.) thick wire, fasten it into an electric drill and wind the armature wire around it tightly, by allowing the rotating wire in the drill to do the spinning. Make sure to wind the links for the front counter-clockwise and for the back clockwise. Then separate every fourth winding and cut it to get the links shaped like key rings. Now attach the rings onto one another like a chain. Each link will lengthen the antenna and work like an oscillator. Fasten the chain onto the board, using nails or screws, but to be accurate, give the chain a light tension so it will not slip off. Twist the ends in the hole together, or better, solder them. The counter-clockwise winding for the front applies to people living in the northern hemisphere; in the southern hemisphere it might need to be reversed.

In Korschelt's time, some made "beam-handbags" carried on a shoulder strap. The material had to be framed to it could not move, then the spiral was embroidered and fasted to the inside of the bag, the whole bag measuring about 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 in.) and the windings being 1 cm (3/8 in.) apart. Such bags were more powerful than the disc.

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