Cyclonoidal Propulsion

Lucian COZMA : Vacuum-Propulsion Technology -- Concept and Applications"

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Explains the Liciar " Cyclonoid " propulsion system
April 24, 2008

--- Quote --- In the front of the web-page is a question… The answer is YES, somebody really made this kind of aircraft… First of all, the principle was (and is) not applied like Kirsten has imagined in the ‘30s but using crown-shape element which was endowed with several blade-shape elements ; that was a rotational device with a peripherical speed of 396 meters/sec ; in the center of this crown rotational device is nothing but the axle and several spokes (which connect the rotational crown with the axle) being the central vacuum space ; the air is absorbed from the center and radially evacuated through the blades. Usually, the rotational device is endowed with several peripherical air-guiding devices and a system of flow devices formed from a Coanda-effect flowing-wall and an external porous surface ; the Nazis were the first to build this kind of cyclonoidal airdraft and their inventor and design-engineer was Viktor Schauberger ; I am one of the very few people who really knows the true scheme of the Schauberger “repulsine”… Today, everybody can find a lot of schemes on the internet, but almost all of them are fake… The Repulsine had a cyclonoidal propeller covered by a porous aspiration surface, and that small flying apparatus was the so-called “foo-fighter” ; after WW2, in Romania, the German-Romanian inventor Rudolf Liciar built several unconventional flying apparatus for the soviets...

I have also the original patent of Liciar,-the RO 21370 from 1932 the original title ” Cyclonoid . Sustinator si propulsor aerian)” and from 1932 to 1937, Liciar has obtained another two patents, the original title “Helicopter” and “Aerial apparatus”, with the co-inventor Zareh Loremian Libaret. Rudolf Liciar was been taken by the soviets after 1954 and until now nobody knows the end of his activity and of his life...

"During 1944-1945, the Germans built several prototypes of discoid aircraft. These are today known as “Haunebu”. On the Internet there are many comments about Haunebu but basically they contain false information.

I submit Your attention on a very important mechanical component which was used of the so-called "Heavily Armed Flight Gyro Haunebu".

Haunebu aircraft is the result of hybridization of certain unconventional technologies.

In particular, it was used the so-called "vacuum propulsion" technique. The Austrian Viktor Schauberger was the inventor.

This information would have been perfectly classified, if not for the fact that in Romania (which that time had large German communities in the region of Transylvania) lived a German called RUDOLF LICIAR, who worked in the same period and also directly related to Schauberger's work.

During WW2, the Germans have built and tested a small number of experimental devices in the eastern region of Romania. They were small aircrafts in the form of rotating semi-paraboloid, also discoidal. They remained in popular culture as “the foo-fighters”. Later, they built much larger aircrafts ( the so-called Haunebu) which used the same principle of operation.

These aircraft were equipped with rotary crowns. Such crown were made up of several rotating concentric rings with different diameters and also different cones.

In these devices, the air was not driven in helical trajectories, as happens for traditional propellers. In fact, the air ejected behind such (classical) propeller describes a helical trajectory. This causes great losses of efficiency and insignificant performances of propulsion.

Both Schauberger and Liciar (who met in the mid’ 20s), found that the ideal propeller must drive the air in cycloid trajectories, not helical! So, the propeller configuration must be such as to ensure the air movement on cycloid trajectories.

They obtained both, ring propellers with numerous blades, and these rotational rings could be assembled together to form a rotating device that was tipped, as a crown placed face down…

That was the atmospheric (for take-off and landing, also for horizontal flight inside troposphere) propulsion device of foo-fighters and Haunebu,  which have also propulsion means for upper atmosphere and cosmic space,- but these was based on electrokinetics and MHD.

The crown propeller made by Schauberger and Liciar, was capable to create in its upper surface THE VACUUM ! That rotational crown, was positioned under the aircraft fuselage, which had a porous surface,- the boundary layer on the fuselage was actually vacuum, so the vehicle moved inside “a vacuum bell”…

In the drawing, it is a blade that fits the ring-propeller. Such device contains numerous blades which have different angles of inclination (ranging between 45 and 75 degrees) but regardless of inclination, all the blades have to their extremities a 6 degree arc and their body is held on an arc of 20 degrees. They also have two clamp arms, arranged at the blades extremities, on  their below surface.

In the attachaments, also an extract from Liciar’s patent in 1933 : “The Cyclonoid. Means of Sustentation and Propulsion”. In fact, this is the Haunebu and foo-fighter…

But Liciar has also a patent unclassified: the helicopter patented in 1922."

French Patent # 545789

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Romania Patent # 21370

Cycloidal trajectory of air, driven by the cycloidal propeller; which has several rings. Each of these rings has blades with the inclinasion angle shown below the drawing. In center the inclinasion is about 45 degrees and in the extremities the inclinasion is maximum.

Extract from original patent of Liciar, the disc aircraft endowed with a singular ring propeller which could be moved up and down for ascension and descent flight.

Extract from Liciar’s original patent about the discoidal aircraft based on vacuum propulsion; the drawings show the position of propeller for vertical, stationary and descent flight.

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