Water Flow Control System

Help stop water wastage!

In an average home, 10% of household water usage can be saved automatically, for very little outlay and with absolutely no ongoing extra power costs, for the entire lifetime of the dwelling, with the amazing Enviro Save Water System.

This system, which featured as a weekly winner and finalist on the ABC’s New Inventors program, and was named by the show’s host, James O’Loghlin as his favourite, and most worthwhile invention of the year, automatically diverts the water which has cooled in the hot water pipes and sends it back into the cold water line, rainwater tank, or other storage tank, instead of otherwise flowing down the drain.

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The Courier-Mail ( March 18, 2008 )

Lloyd's Cool Water-Saving Invention Runs Hot

by Peter Morley

A DARLING Downs resident has invented a valve that stops the average household losing 16,000 litres of water down the drain.

Lloyd Linson-Smith's Enviro Save device diverts and saves cold water that flows from domestic taps before hot water arrives.

It has won a segment on the ABC's New Inventors television program, has been described as the breakthrough of century, and is now in commercial production.

The $198 valve can be fitted to plumbing systems in new homes or retro fitted to older style houses for $475.

Mr Linson-Smith, 77, got the idea after he moved from Brisbane to Oakey, where his new home was supplied by tanks.

"We used to save the cold water in buckets for use in the garden but then my wife said, 'Okay smart arse, you have spent a lifetime as a tool and light machinery manufacturer so you should be able find an easier way to save our precious water'," he said.

"So I came up with the idea of a brass valve that is installed in the hot water pipeline just before the kitchen sink," he said.

"The cold water ahead of the arrival of the hot water is identified by a thermal element and bypasses the sink.

"The tap handle is the trigger for a process where potable cold water is returned to tanks."

Retro fitting was more expensive because it also required a tank and a pressure-reducing valve to save the cold water, which was fed back into the distribution system.

But Mr Linson-Smith said: "When a three-person house can save 40 litres a day or 16,000 litres a year it does not take long to get the investment back.

Support for the valve is increasing, with the Toowoomba City Council announcing a $200 rebate for everyone who installs Mr Linson-Smith's system.

TAPPING into a good idea . . . the water-saving valve invented by Lloyd Linson-Smith is gaining in popularity. Picture: David Martinelli

Water Flow Control System

( 2005-08-25 )

Lloyd Linson-Smith

A water flow control system has a flow control valve which directs any cool/cold water in a hot water line to a bypass line when a hot water tap connected to a water heater is turned on. The bypass line directs the cold/cool water to a water storage tank for future supply to a cold water tap and /or other cold water outlets. When the water in the hot water line reaches the preset temperature, the flow control valve directs the fot water to the hot water tap or to a hot water outlet. A diaphragm valve in the bypass line closes the bypass line when the hot water tap is closed.

Enviro Save Water System

The Enviro Save Water System automatically saves and enables the reuse of the cool water which flows from most hot water taps when they are turned on.

About the Inventor ---

Lloyd describes himself as semi-retired. He still owns and operates a business, a company specialising in the design and production of tools to save farmers time and money.

Lloyd started his working life as a stockman mustering cattle in Boulia. In 1956, he moved into the light machinery manufacturing industry. In 1980 Lloyd started his own mower repair business specialising in customised attachments for ride-on mowers.

Lloyd says he is also a passionate inventor. His other great passion is his family, his home and his garden.

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