Resurrection Salt

Charles W. Littlefield is best known for his bizarre book, "Man, Minerals, and Masters", in which he presented numerous "mind photographs" of mentally-projected images in evaporated mineral salt solutions. The full texts are available online at the links below.

Charles Littlefield might be easily dismissed as delusional, were it not for this incredible yet apparently true report of a saline solution, " with salt as the basis, saturated with oleo-resin, and exposed for several hours to an atmosphere of free ammonia..." and reduced to a powder, that could resurrect the dead :
( Date Unknown, ca. 1918 )

Man, Minerals & Masters

by Charles W. Littlefield


School of the Magi
The Three Masters
The Cubes
First InitiationTibet
Stone Throne of Future Karma
Second Initiation Hindustan
Third InitiationEgypt
History Prophecy by Personal Numerology
Human Physical Perfection
Practical Instruction

Excerpt quote from page 128 --
" ...In revelation we find 144,000 people being sealed in their fore heads, for the very purpose of delivering the world from the great tribulation, after the 'kings of the earth, the rich men and all others had gotten the nations into such difficulty that many were killing themselves, and were crying out for the mountains and rocks to fall on them. Immediately after the sealing a great multitude was seen saying salvation to our God, what could have rought such a change? The mission of this book is to prepare these people who will correct the wrong mental image and to teach the laws of the creation and formation of living things from the school of the Magi,the secret of creation through the salts. They will convert destruction into the lands of paradise... "

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Beginning and Way of Life
Charles Wentworth Littlefield
 ( 1919 / Kessinger Publishing ( 2003 )

[ Accomplished by repeated recrystallization under monochrome light : Before & After Photos ]

Sodium Chloride : Normal / Revitalized


Silica ( gel ) : Normal / Revitalized


Potassium Chloride : Normal / Revitalized


Calcium Fluoride : Normal / Revitalized


Calcium Sulfate : Normal / Revitalized


Potassium Sulfate : Normal / Revitalized


Potassium Phosphate : Normal / Revitalized


Magnesium Phosphate : Normal / Revitalized

Ferric Phosphate : Normal / Revitalized


Calcium Phosphate : Normal / Revitalized


Sodium Sulfate : Normal / Revitalized

Sodium Phosphate : Normal / Revitalized


" Living Cell " Forms  from Minerals ( Shades of Wilhelm Reich / Bions ! ) :

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Living Forms ( Shells, Octupi, &c ) from Minerals :

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Scientific American ( 30 September 1905 ), p. 263.

Littlefield and the Artificial Creation of Life


Charles Edward Tingley

Succeeding the experiments of Loeb and prior to those of Burke were those announced by Dr Charles Littlefield, but since the claims of the latter were so exceedingly broad and the methods employed so very loose the scientific world paid very little attention to them. Nevertheless, a widespread interest has been created in the man and his work by the popular press, for the subject is one which appeals no less strongly to the lay than to the technically trained mind. For this reason a critical review of his experiments may not be ill-timed.

What lends a glamor to the researches of this biologist is the fact that he cherishes the illusion of having actually produced not only the simple organic cell, but also a much higher and more complex form of life. The method by which he has generated supposed life is a sterile soil he does not seek to conceal, but instead gives a clear and connected account of it as well as of the theory upon which it rests, and though one may well find fault with the first, certainly no objection can be raised to the second.

The following instructions and description of the operation have been given by Dr Littlefield by which the microorganisms are supposed to be produced. The supplies are of the simplest kind and can be obtained in any drug store. These comprise a large but shallow glass vessel, having a capacity of one quart, several smaller glass dishes, a bell jar sufficiently large to include these receptacles, and finally, a good high-power microscope. The chemicals used are sodium chloride, or common table salt, alcohol, ammonia, and distilled water. In the larger vessels 2 ounces of the salt is dissolved in 6 ounces of the water, and when this is done 6 ounces of 90 % pure alcohol is added.

A portion of the solution thus formed is poured out of the larger into the smaller dishes, when 2 ounces of official aqua ammonia is stirred in with a clean glass rod, and the bell jar is then placed over them. A chemical reaction is set up and in the course of a few minutes bubbles of hydrogen will begin to form on the surface of the  fluid, and a closer observation will show these little spheres to be gyrating with high velocity. In the course of half an hour the bubbles will cease to form; the liquid is then ready for the crucial test. With the microscope at hand and previously focused so that a globule of the unstable solution may be quickly observed, a very small portion is transferred from the dish to the glass slide, where the latter is adjusted on the stage and a magnified view is had. On examination detached particles of matter are seen moving through the medium from the center to the circumference with extreme rapidity, and continued investigation indicates other changes the liquid is undergoing. Crystals begin to appear, and those first formed are the characteristic transparent cubes of sodium chloride, and hence these are incapable of further development. After these, other crystals follow, and some assume a hexagonal form on the surface of the saturated solution, and it is from these latter minute six-sided bodies that the growth of the elementary organisms is said to take place.

The point is now reached, according to Dr Littlefield, where the intangible force we know as life joins the lifeless matter, as current electricity energizes a coil of wire, and a microscopic organism possessing what Herbert Spencer defines as the "coordination of actions" begins its existence, which consists of a series of definite and successive changes, both in structure and composition, which takes place within itself and without destroying its identity.

The growth of this supposed rudimentary vital element next follows in sequence, and as it is metamorphosed from the hexagonal crystal into a free, smooth, disk-shaped cell, we are informed that it bears a close resemblance to a red blood corpuscle. The cellular disk now gradually expands in a direction at right angles to its surfaces and an ovoid form results from which pseudopodia or temporary extensions protrude similar to the amoeba, and which in the latter are designed to take in food, for locomotion, etc.

In commenting on his achievements, the doctor says: "I have carefully watched the development of a large number of these cells or germs, and they do not vary in the least detail as to their growth from the above description, showing unmistakable design and the actuality of life's processes. Moreover, mineral substances do not change except by accretions from without, and then not always in regular form and order. From the result of my experiments I am forced to conclude that there are two factors responsible for the manifestation known as life; one is a force or influence due to certain vibrations of the ether, and the other is a certain combination of atoms so arranged as to be capable of responding to these impressed vibrations. As an illustration, they act somewhat as the rods and cones of the optic nerve in the retina of the eye, which are so constituted that they may receive and focus certain vibrations of the luminiferous ether, giving us the phenomena of light and the sensations of sight. So there are combinations in nature so constituted and arranged in their atomic structure as to arrest the vibrations which act as electromagnetic manifestations of a higher order than those of light, and these give us the phenomena of physical life, and the physical basis of this compound is salt, ammonia, and water in the presence of hydrogen, easily obtainable from alcohol, which is made up largely of this gas." Dr Littlefield goes much further, and carries his huge claims to the startling extent of affirming that he has produced a full-fledged insect which, though invisible to the naked eye, under the microscope became an entomological object the like of which has never been seen before. "It resembled an elongated house-fly" (to quote the doctor again) "having two antennae protruding from its head, while from its body grew six attenuated legs, the two nearest its head being of the comparative form and length of a grasshopper, while its transparent wings were covered with light-colored hair. This new insect is the outcome of thousands of experiments, and it has no counterpart in the textbooks dealing with that branch of zoology."

It is a far cry from a simple protoplasmic cell to that of a highly organized insect such as that described, in fact almost as far as it is from lifeless crystals to living matter. Oppositely, the higher critics will have none of it, basing their conclusions on practically the same grounds that Prof. Tindall took in relation to Dr C. Henry Bastian's experiments nearly 35 years ago. This scientist, it would seem, was eminently qualified to investigate the origin of life, for he was recognized as an authority on biology and the pathology of the nervous system, and he was a strong advocate of the doctrine of spontaneous generation of life. In one of his many papers he pointed out the results he had obtained in creating life artificially, and he declared that "observation and experiment unmistakably testified that living matter is constantly being formed de novo and in accordance with the same laws and tendencies which determine all the more simple chemical combinations." Prof. Tyndall took up the matter and carefully tested Dr Bastian's experiments, but took precautions, which the latter had neglected, to prevent the ingress of life during the process of sealing the vessels, and though he varied the experiment in many ways no germs of life manifested themselves, so Tyndall felt impelled to thus testify: "I affirm that no shred of trustworthy evidence exists to prove that life in our day has ever appeared independent of antecedent life."

The moral of Tyndall's statement is obvious; the value of Dr Littlefield's or any one else's experiments in the artificial generation of life lies absolutely and solely on excluding every trace of pre-existing contamination which must otherwise surely follow during the progress of the tests. Carelessness in this respect has led biologists, even those who believe in the hypothesis of abiogenesis, to cry down every attempt made looking toward the artificial production of life. At various times Spencer, Huxley, Darwin, adn Pasteur were firmly convinced that they had found the secret of life, but repeated experiments wherein antecedent life was more rigorously excluded than before proved their efforts futile.

Evidently error of a similar nature has crept into the tests of Dr Littlefield, and this is not said without due consideration, for the present writer has performed the experiment as above written, not one but many times, and in every instance the result was not successful beyond mere crystallization of the chlorides.

It is true that more recent reports state that the development took place under sealed glasses thoroughly sterilized before beginning and sealed from the air when placed on the shelf, but it is obvious that there was every chance for pre-existing life to slip in, and so what would otherwise have been regarded as a wonderful achievement in science has not been taken very seriously by men skilled in either chemistry or biology.


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