Mike Marsden's No-Resistance Obeam

Separate two parallel plates by exactly double the diameter of the tube and place the tube exactly in the middle, it offers no resistance to passing air or water. The OBeam (unfortunately named) has endless applications because it offers no resistance to the flow of media (air, water, whatever) past it.

Can also ionize static energy to create electricity. Incredible strength offers the high yield production of electricity with no maintenance. As air flows between the two plates and around the cylinder, the air doubles its velocity which lowers air temperature so it can condense and harvest water from the air due to cooling.

The decreased cross sectional area of the stream accelerates the air. Mike says use of these can create all the electricity and water needed for a building.

Boat hulls, aircraft, trucks, autos can be designed with virtually NO DRAG through the medium, air or water. And much more, watch the video. Mike says they are patent pending but I found no trace of this discovery, so if you do, please SHARE with all of us.

Obama Beam Movie