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and the Experiments of Dr. Charles W. Littlefield & Wilhelm Reich

To the great consternation of the scientific world, Morley Martin succeeded in creating organic life forms in inert Precambrian azoic rock! He proved that there is no death, only latency, and that life is not special to this planet but is a spontaneous universal phenomenon. Dr. Littlefield demonstrated life-forming activity in the mineral realm, with life actually emerging from ‘dead’ rock! While crystallizing inorganic substances, he described many organic forms imprinted into ‘inert’ substances. Includes documentation on Andrew Crosse’s extraordinary experiments where spider-like insects were created from ‘inert’ volcanic pumice, after being treated with galvanic currents. Learn of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s ground-breaking bion experiments — the creation of living, pulsating energy from heat-sterilized substances! Also contains a brief description of disease diagnosis through crystallized blood spots.
Theosophical Path Magazine
Vol. 44, #4 ( April 1935 )




THEOSOPHY, Vol. 28, No. 9, July, 1940
(Pages 394-403)
(Number 7 of an 8-part series)



A New concept appears in physics, the most important invention since Newton's time: The field. It needed great scientific imagination to realize that it is not the charges nor the particles but the field in space between the charges and the particles which is essential for the description of physical phenomena....

In the beginning, the field concept was no more than a means of facilitating the understanding of phenomena from the mechanical point of view.... The recognition of the new concept grew steadily, until substance was overshadowed by the field. It was realized that something of great importance had happened in physics. A new reality was created, a new concept for which there was no place in the mechanical description. Slowly and by a struggle the field concept established for itself a leading place in physics and has remained as one of the basic physical concepts. The electromagnetic field is, for the modern physicist, as real as the chair on which he sits.(1)  --ALBERT EINSTEIN.

AGAIN, physics has pointed out the way to biology. "Field physics," Dr. H. S. Burr, anatomist of Yale University, told the National Academy of Sciences in an address in April of last year, "centers theory and experimentation upon the medium in which the system as a whole is imbedded and upon its structure." The physical doctrine of the field, together with certain facts of embryology, Dr. Burr said, caused him and his colleague, Dr. F. S. C. Northrop, Yale professor of Philosophy,(2) to formulate the "electro-dynamic theory of life." In 1935, the anatomist, Dr. Burr, working with a physicist, Dr. Cecil T. Lane, and a physiologist, Dr. Leslie F. Nims, all of Yale, developed an instrument capable of measuring electrical changes in the body as small as five-millionths of a volt. With this sensitive device they studied the subtle electrical variations which accompany all growth processes and physiological changes. In November, 1936, Waldemar Kaempffert, science editor of the New York Times, reported on the early experiments with the "vacuum-tube microvoltmeter," as the measuring instrument is called. He wrote:

Thousands of tests already made show that living creatures all generate electricity in measurable amounts and that each species has its characteristic, rather stable electrical pattern. The pattern changes minutely and thus reflects variations in the process of living....

They [Drs. Burr and Northrop] saw that living things are amazingly constant. Flesh is cut open and bleeds and heals; tissues fall a prey to disease but cure themselves. Somehow the integrity of the whole organism is never lost.

No one knows why this should be so. In the field, thinks Prof. Burr, may lie the causative factor that gives meaning to the unity of nature and that explains why wholes tend to remain wholes and atoms to form wholes, whether bits of wood or men....

Some years hence it may turn out that this instrument has revealed a crucial element or pattern in the design of living things. So it will be possible to explain how an animal grows from a single egg into a complex man with arms, legs, a brain and heart, and possible, also, to explain how the chromosomes in the cell determine why our faces are what they are and why eyes are blue, brown or black. In a word, "animal electricity," scoffed at since Galvani's time, may manifest itself as life.(3)

In April, 1939 -- something less than three "years hence" -- Drs. Burr and Northrop presented the epoch-making results of their research, and the conclusion: "The simplest assumption with which to explain all the evidence so far gathered is that of the existence in the living organism of an electro-dynamic field." This field, Dr. Burr added, is the "true" architect of the organism.(4) Following are some of the findings of the Yale experiments, as reported in the press:

In the growing embryo, the electrical pattern develops hand in hand with the development of the whole organism. All else in the body undergoes constant change; the individual cells of which the body is made, excepting the germ cells, grow old and die, to be replaced by other cells, but the electrical architect remains the only constant throughout life, building new cells and organizing them after the same pattern of the original cells, and thus, in a literal sense, recreating the body....

The experimental evidence shows, according to Dr. Burr, that each species of animal and very likely also the individuals within the species have their characteristic electrical field, analogous to the lines of force in a magnet. This electric field, having its own pattern, fashions all the protoplasmic clay of life that comes within its sphere of influence after its image, thus personifying itself in the living flesh as the sculptor personifies his idea in stone....

The Yale scientists have succeeded in revealing the master architect at work, and even to catch the first outlines of his configuration in space, showing him to be in absolute control of the organism as a whole and of its parts, and at all times correlating the workings of the parts with the whole.(5)

According to another account of the Yale investigations:

Electrical potentials in the living body build up at an extremely rapid rate when it is in the embryonic state and during the first third of the life span. Measurements made on mice indicated, Dr. Burr said, that the electrical potentials increased during the first third of life, remained stationary during the middle third and then declined during the latter third.

The electrical potentials are found in the human body as well as in the lower animals and their alterations from normal indicates fundamental changes taking place in the body.(6)

In the light of these researches, it is safe for the theosophist to conclude that the "field" concept will one day replace altogether the mechanical theories of modern biologists in their attempts to solve the mystery of form. Particle physics is now subordinated to field physics. We may look forward to a future time when the "particle" biology of chemo-physical theory will yield to concentrated study of the "fields" of life.

The vital forces which become manifest within these fields are but the tools and final means for the accomplishment of the purposes of Nature, acting periodically, and apparently mechanically in some respects, through an inward impulse mixed up with, but beyond their material nature. The key to understanding biological field phenomena is given by H. P. Blavatsky. She wrote in The Secret Doctrine in 1888:

There is a purpose in every important act of Nature, whose acts are all cyclic and periodical. But spiritual Forces having been usually confused with the purely physical, the former are denied by, and therefore, have to remain unknown to Science, because left unexamined. Men of science will say: We deny, because nothing of the kind has ever come within the scope of our experience. But, as argued by Charles Richet, the physiologist: "So be it, but have you at least demonstrated the contrary? ... Do not, at any rate, deny a priori. Actual Science is not sufficiently advanced to give you such right."(7)

While "spiritual Forces," scientists may say, are beyond our ken, it is impossible for modern biology to deny, in the face of its own data, that abundant evidence of the forces called astral in Theosophy is now within the scope of scientific experience. A statement from William Q. Judge will be found to integrate the new biological knowledge of form far better than any of the current scientific hypotheses. According to The Ocean of Theosophy, published in 1893:

 ...the astral body precedes the material one.

The astral body is made of matter of very fine texture as compared with the visible body, and has a great tensile strength, so that it changes but little during a lifetime, while the physical alters every moment.... The matter of which it is composed is electrical and magnetic in its essence,...

The astral body is the guiding model for the physical one, and all the other kingdoms have the same astral model. Vegetables, minerals, and animals have the ethereal double, and this theory is the only one which will answer the question how it is that the seed produces its own kind and all sentient beings bring forth their like. Biologists can only say that the facts are as we know them, but can give no reason why the acorn will never grow anything but an oak except that no man ever knew it to be otherwise....

...the model for the growing child in the womb is the astral body already perfect in shape before the child is born. It is on this the molecules arrange themselves until the child is complete, and the presence of the ethereal design-body will explain how the form grows into shape, how the eyes push themselves out from within to the surface of the face, and many other mysterious matters in embryology which are passed over by medical men with a description but with no explanation. This will also explain, as nothing else can, the cases of marking of the child in the womb, sometimes denied by physicians but well known by those who care to watch, to be a fact of frequent occurrence. The growing physical form is subject to the astral model; it is connected with the imagination of the mother by physical and psychical organs; the mother makes a strong picture from horror, fear, or otherwise, and the astral model is then similarly affected. In the case of marking by being born legless, the ideas and strong imagination of the mother act so as to cut off or shrivel up the astral leg, and the result is that the molecules, having no model of leg to work on, make no physical leg whatever; and similarly in all such cases. But where we find a man who still feels the leg which the surgeon has cut off, or perceives the fingers that were amputated, then the astral member has not been interfered with, and hence the man feels as if it were still on his person. For knife or acid will not injure the astral model, but in the first stages of its growth ideas and imagination have the power of acid and sharpened steel.(8)

    Taking together the discoveries at Yale and the facts of development in embryonic growth and in regeneration, it seems just to say that modern biology acknowledges an electro-magnetic principle of formation which guides the differentiation of the organism. This principle, whether it be called "morphogenetic field," "organizer," or "metastructure," is the astral body of Theosophic teaching. When a biologist speaks of the development of organs as "the expression of an already existing but invisible structural organization," he describes the nature and function of the astral body in almost the same words as those used by Mr. Judge.

The next step, obviously, is a recognition of the relation between thought and all patterns of form, which would make thorough-going Platonic realists of scientific investigators. The phenomena of development are scientifically as well as philosophically inexplicable without some conception of noumenal forms. The world of noumena, however -- the world of Ideas as causes -- is for modern scientists unknown, unconsidered, and save in a few exceptional instances, wholly unsuspected. That is the reason why the facts which support the Theosophical teachings on this phase of the subject are ignored by the workers in research. The facts are there, but they confirm no current theory and upset materialistic preconceptions; hence, they receive no attention.

Mind can, visibly, mold the form of matter, and those desiring to investigate thoroughly this occult proposition should read Isis Unveiled.(9) Here, as a striking single instance of the power of the mother's imagination over the physical form of her unborn infant, a recent wonder of the medical world may be cited. In Manila, on August 7 of last year, a child was born with its heart exposed on the outside of its chest. The heart was abnormal in size, and was covered only with a thin, transparent layer of pericardial tissue, making the entire organ clearly visible. The hope that an operation might place the heart in its normal bodily cavity had to be abandoned because X-ray photographs showed that no cavity existed. Why was the heart outside the body, and why did the growing embryo provide no normal cavity? This extraordinary malformation is absolutely without explanation from the medical point of view, but is easily understood in the light of Theosophy. According to a United Press dispatch, the mother was a devout Catholic, a Filipino woman who had been bed-ridden for three months prior to the child's birth. During that time she gazed constantly at two pictures on the wall, one of the Virgin Mary, the other of Jesus Christ with heart exposed!

In Isis Unveiled, H. P. Blavatsky quotes from Dr. Henry More's Immortality of the Soul (1659) to show the potency of the human mind on the subtle forces of nature. She says:

The author, Dr. More, views the foetus as if it were a plastic substance, which can be fashioned by the mother to an agreeable or disagreeable shape, to resemble some person or in part several persons, and to be stamped with the effigies, or as we might more properly call it, the astrograph, of some object vividly presented to her imagination. These effects may be produced by her voluntarily or involuntarily, consciously or unconsciously, feebly or forcibly, as the case may be. It depends upon her ignorance or knowledge of the profound mysteries of nature.(10)

The fact that the mother can control the appearance of her unborn child was so well known among the ancients that it was the custom among wealthy Greeks to place fine statues near the bed, so that she might have a perfect model constantly before her eyes. The laws governing this process are described in Isis Unveiled. In illustration of the principle to be detailed, H.P.B. cites the case of a boy who was killed by lightning. Upon stripping his body, she says, "there was found imprinted upon his breast the faithful picture of a tree which grew near the window which he was facing at the time of the catastrophe, and which was also felled by the lightning."(11) This electrical photography furnishes an analogy by which we may understand how the mental images of the mother are transmitted to the unborn child. H.P.B. explains:

 ...a pregnant woman is physically and mentally in a highly impressible state.... her intellectual faculties are weakened, and ... she is affected to an unusual degree by the most trifling events.... Her pores are opened; she exudes an odic emanation which is but another form of the akasa, the electricity, or life-principle,... Magnetic currents develop themselves into electricity upon their exit from the body. An object making a violent impression on the mother's mind, its image is instantly projected into the astral light, or the universal ether,... the repository of the spiritual images of all forms, and even human thoughts. Her magnetic emanations attract and unite themselves with the descending current which already bears the image upon it. It rebounds, and re-percussing more or less violently, impresses itself upon the foetus, according to the very formula of physiology which shows how every maternal feeling reacts on the offspring.... As Phidias, gathering together the loose particles of clay and moistening them with water, could give plastic shape to the sublime idea evoked by his creative faculty, so the mother who knows her power can fashion the coming child into whatever form she likes. Ignorant of his powers, the sculptor produces only an inanimate though ravishing figure of inert matter; while the soul of the mother, violently affected by her imagination, blindly projects into the astral light an image of the object which impressed it, and, by re-percussion, that is stamped upon the foetus.(12)

This law explains not only cases of the marking or malformation of unborn children, but also the stigmata which sometimes appear on the bodies of religious enthusiasts who think much of the sufferings of Christ. Nearly one hundred cases of stigmatization are reviewed in the Encyclopedia Britannica (11th edition), most of which have occurred among residents in religious houses, after the austerities of Lent, usually on Good Friday. In modern times there is the case of Theresa Neumann, of Konnersreuth, Germany, whose wounds on hand, foot, and brow have been acknowledged as genuine, and without medical explanation, by such eminent physicians as Baron Doctor von Aretin.(13)

If deviations from the normal, as in the case of the malformation of children, can thus be shown to be the result of thought, then it is natural to conclude that the normal is likewise a reflection of idea. This is the universal principle on which Theosophical explanation of all forms is based. In the words of H.P.B.:

There can be no objective form on Earth (nor in the Universe either), without its astral prototype being first formed in Space. From Phidias down to the humblest workman in the ceramic art -- a sculptor has had to create first of all a model in his mind, then sketch it in one and two dimensional lines, and then only can he reproduce it in a three dimensional or objective figure. And if human mind is a living demonstration of such successive stages in the process of evolution -- how can it be otherwise when NATURE'S MIND and creative powers are concerned?(14)

It is at this point that occult science must part company with lagging pedestrian follower, modern empirical research, for where is the "experiment" that will be accepted as proving the formative power of the mind in nature? To the unprejudiced eye, all nature itself is such a demonstration, incomprehensible except on the theory that every form unfolds from an ideal existence on higher planes, but to the scientific mind, schooled in the study of minute particulars, this evidence is far too "universal" to be admitted. And because the universal proposition is denied, such particular instances of the process as are available for scientific examination have been uniformly ignored, from the day of Paracelsus to the present century.

"Spontaneous generation" is the phrase used by science to describe the hypothetical origin of forms of life on earth. Thomas Huxley, in an address intended to show that the emergence of living forms from so-called "inanimate" matter had not been demonstrated to his satisfaction, nevertheless affirmed his own philosophic faith in "the evolution of living protoplasm from not living matter."(15) But whenever a scientist has described experiments which seem to demonstrate the reality of this process, he has been totally ignored. The Scientific American for August 12, 1868, reported the production of acari by Andrew Crosse, of England, in the following manner:

Black flint burned to redness and reduced to powder was mixed with carbonate of potash, and exposed to a strong heat for fifteen minutes; and the mixture was poured into a blacklead crucible in an air furnace. It was reduced to powder while warm, mixed with boiling water; kept boiling for some minutes, and then hydrochloric acid was added to supersaturation. After being exposed to voltaic action for twenty-six days, a perfect insect of the acari tribe made its appearance, and in the course of a few weeks about a hundred more. The experiment was repeated with other chemical fluids with like results.(16)

A French scientist of the same period, Antonie Béchamp, on whose researches Pasteur rose to fame, described observations of similar import, and the English physician, H. Charlton Bastian, performed experiments showing that various microscopic organisms -- Bacilli, Bacteria, Vibriones, Torulae and other fungus germs -- will appear in sterile colloidal solutions after the latter have been variously treated.(17) Whence these forms? Either they are miracles having no natural explanation or they represent types which pre-existed on the astral plane. "Spontaneous generation" is simply an expression concealing modern scientific ignorance of the process by which astral prototypes pass into objective physical existence. According to The Secret Doctrine, "there are precise domains wherein the astral merges into physical evolution,"(18) and although "spontaneous generation has changed its methods now, owing perhaps to accumulated material on hand, so as to almost escape detection, it was in full swing in the genesis of terrestrial life."(19) H.P.B. says further:

Astral matter, it must be noted, is fourth state matter, having, like our gross matter, its own "protyle." There are several "protyles" in Nature, corresponding to the various planes of matter. The two sub-physical elemental kingdoms, the plane of mind (manas, the fifth state matter), as also that of Buddhi (sixth state matter), are each and all evolved from one of the six "protyles" which constitute the basis of the Object-Universe. The three "states," so-called of our terrestrial matter, known as the "solid," "liquid," and "gaseous," are only, in strict accuracy, SUB-states. As to the former reality of the descent into the physical, which culminated in physiological man and animal, we have a palpable testimony in the fact of the so-called spiritualistic "materializations."

In all these instances a complete temporary mergence of the astral into the physical takes place.(20)

Most astonishing of all the modern clues to the "mind" of Nature are the discoveries of an English biochemist, Mr. Morley-Martin, who died in 1938.(21) He reduced a piece of azoic rock to cinders and slag by heating it to 2000-3000 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric furnace. This material was then treated further in a steam-sterilizer, a new substance being obtained which Mr. Morley-Martin called "primordial protoplasm." In crystal form, the latter was observed to give off a liquid which spread throughout the container. When the container and its contents were exposed to X-rays and ultra-violet rays, the crystals condensed, releasing numerous organisms of microscopic dimensions. The formation of multitudes of tiny fish, insects and plants was watched through a microscope of magnifying power of two or three thousand diameters. Perfect sterility was claimed by Morley-Martin for the conditions of his experiments. The results, in the words of Maeterlinck, led the biochemist to believe "that he had proved that life is immortal, universal, indestructible, and that the idea, the image or the prototype exists prior to that which we know as matter."

It seems evident that Morley-Martin hit upon a means of peering into the Anima Mundi,(22) or of establishing under laboratory control some transitional state between the astral and the physical on a microscopic or germinal scale.(23) The forms produced from the piece of azoic rock included tiny replicas of creatures of the archaic past, particularly sea animals. Under the observer's eye they live, move and consume the mother-protoplasm from which they were born, and devour each other. In the one-inch circle of microscopic observation, Morley-Martin counted some 15,000 tiny fish -- apparently the offspring of about forty crystals of his "primordial protoplasm." They were indeed immortal, for if placed in the electric furnace and reduced to ashes they would afterward emerge from the residue and reorganize themselves.

Mr. Morley-Martin's philosophical conclusions are summarized by Maeterlinck:

According to Morley-Martin, the creatures which he awoke from their immemorial slumber are the reincarnations of a specific and eternal force. Life is not the expression of the organism, but, on the contrary, the organism is the expression of some prior and indestructible vital force. Nothing ever dies, and even if it should be assimilated by the vegetable kingdom, animal life maintains its identity and its capacity for self-resurrection. Life's opposite is not death, but latency. Indeed, one is compelled to conclude that man himself is latent in the earth's rock. The portion of life that manifests itself bodily is negligible beside that which remains uncorporeal.... one is compelled to ask whether all humanity, past and future is not imprisoned in latent form in the rocks and sands of our terrestrial sphere.(24)

We have only to quote in comparison a statement from The Secret Doctrine to see how curiously exact is this materialized reflection of the occult doctrine. H.P.B. wrote:

Everything that is, was, and will be, eternally IS, even the countless forms, which are finite and perishable only in their objective, not in their ideal Form. They existed as Ideas, in the Eternity,(*26) and, when they pass away, will exist as reflections. Neither the form of man, nor that of any animal, plant or stone has ever been created, and it is only on this plane of ours that it commenced "becoming," i.e., objectivising into its present materiality, or expanding from within outwards, from the most sublimated and supersensuous essence into its grossest appearance.(25)


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Morley Martin: Another Juan Rodolfo Wilcock Portrait.
...In 1927 in his private laboratory in Andover, the Englishman Morley martin took a piece of Archeozoic rock and subjected it to a process of calcination until it was reduced to ashes: from these ashes via a secret and complicated chemical process, he extracted a certain quantity of primordial protoplasm. Carefully avoiding any contact with the surrounding air, Martin subjected the substance to X-rays and slowly witnessed the emergence on the optic field of an incredible quantity of living microscopic animals and vegetables and above all small fish. In a few squared centimetres, the researcher succeeded in counting fifteen thousand minute fish.

This obviously meant that these organisms had remained in a latent life-state for billions of years from the Archeozoic era until 1927. This dismaying discovery was published in a pamphlet entitled ‘The Reincarnation of Animal and Plant Life from Protoplasm Isolated from the Mineral Kingdom‘ (1934). To this discovery the writer Maurice Maeterlinck dedicated a chapter of his book ‘La Grande Porte‘ (1939). Nowadays, the booklet of Martin is almost impossible to find but one is able to read a description of this remarkable experiment in the Maeterlinck volume:

Grown in size under the lens of the microscope, one could glimpse the appearance of certain globules inside the protoplasm: several vertebrae were formed in these globules, these then formed a column in which there clearly appears the member, the head and the eyes. Usually such transformations took place very slowly requiring days but at times they would take place under the eyes of the observers. A crustacean, for example, hardly had it developed its legs would leave the microscopic field and disappear. These living forms move at times and grow as long as they find sufficient nutrition in the protoplasm that has given birth to them. Afterwards, they either stop growing or else devour each other. Morley Martin has, however, succeeded in keeping them alive thanks to a secret serum of his...


[ ]

No form of life is extinguished. Nothing dies and the identity of animal life survives even after assimilation in plant where it can be awakened. The opposite of life is not death, but latency. The man is latent in rock.

Strange character William Morley Martin, whom Maurice Maeterlinck devoted a chapter of his book The Great Gate in 1939. After living 16 Penryn Street, Redruth, in Cornwall, and worked as a chemist metallurgist in mining (1), he used the money he reported some of its patents (2) to open a pharmacy in Andover, Hampshire County, where he consecrated in 1927 most of its leisure to cultivate his passion for inorganic chemistry.

Morley Martin soon made a sensational discovery. In experimenting on azo rocks, it
claimed to have managed to reincarnate of primitive life forms from original protoplasm, and have seen reconstruct and develop gradually under a microscope, in through all stages of  embryonic development.

He published in 1934 a summary of its work in a booklet published in The Reincarnation of Animal and Plant Life from Protoplasm Isolated from the Mineral Kingdom in which however, it revealed nothing of his processes, except for using a furnace high temperature electrical furnace and exposure of residues obtained to X-rays.

"Life is indestructible, even by fire. There have been no more than Birth of life. As time, like space, life has no beginning nor end. This is a mistake think that life is a state of the body. The truth is that the body is a state of life. "(3)

His first discoveries about life organic were soon to be relayed by a series of articles in Theosophical Society, which earned him an ephemeral notoriety while contributing mainly to discredit his work with the scientific world.

To believe the Jewish Tribune, Mauritius Maeterlinck seems to have had knowledge
Morley works by Martin letters communicated to him one of his friends, Mr Genette.

Morley Martin died at South Harrow, to London, in 1938, in near obscurity; they say he left behind encrypted notes could not be decrypted.

Anyway, William Morley Martin was a misunderstood genius or a simple scientific illuminated Porte open is pleased to report tribute today to share with you this amazing photo of a "protoplasmic fish "
(1) His name appears in The Photographic Journal in 1904 : « Twenty-eight photographs illustrating the radio-activity of Cornish Pitch-blende and method of frictionally separating its radio-active principle, » or, in February and May 1916, the summary Mining Magazine of London, where he brings corrections on the tables percentage of glass and concentration on comparative tests of resistance glass and wood.

(2) He received several patents for methods to treat ores.
(3) Interview by Claude Rickard  in 1937. See the article by Marianne, reproduced below.

Starting from protoplasm extract various minerals, eternal substance, indestructible when life is in a latent state

ANDOVER (Hampshire), July.

Creation of  life is a problem that, since centuries, countless scholars have pondered. Their considerable work been very many volumes discussed. During the last century, around 1832, the English thought Andrew Cross now be able to produce life animal. It was not. The illustrious Michael Faraday, the physicist and chemist at which we must discover the current induction, attacked as for a time the question without get either result. And the French Leduc, among many others, has not happier than his predecessors.

But one English, Mr. W. Morley Martin demonstrates through simple it advance rapidly towards the solution mystery by means of which it is the inventor and he jealously guards the secret.

I came here to see this man Extraordinary and me to explain his works. After a meeting that lasted more than three hours, I left the astonished at the highest point, marveled that he showed me and asking me how, if its discovery is really what says, it is not now at highest honors.

But let me introduce Mr. Morley Martin. For many years, this scientist has made to science eminent services. metallurgical chemist's trade, having wielded the long rays X, he invented, here are twenty-five years, a glove protecting operators dermatitis. During the war, he has its science to defense provision National. But all this does not have it enriched, and as he must live - science, as everyone knows, do not paying his man - he became pharmacist and holds today, on Market Square, Andover, a dispensary in which he prepares orders doctors in the region, devoting his rare moments of leisure in pursuit his research on animal life.

First success

In 1927 he started at last. Tirelessly he worked all night and after two years
for the first time, under the objective of his microscope, he saw appear
Small bubbles are soon coagulated and took the shape of these primitive animals and tiny, which appeared like the jellyfish well known to all who visit the seaside. Mr. Morley Martin defnies, it noted
immediately, to have created life.

"I was told by this man in his  sixties whose glance reflects sincerity, that it is reincarnated life, and that is my great discovery.  Science is in part, from the beginning, based on false data. We are at beginning of the largest of controversies that have ever occurred since the world began! "

And as I pressed Mr. Morley Martin, he  explained:

"It is a serious mistake to think that the Life is a state of the body. Well instead, the body is one of the states of life because the protoplasm, substance constituting the cell alive, is an eternal thing, indestructible, whose time nor the fire can not be right. It is why I do not want to be told that I create life. I reincarnates, which is quite different, for me, as the basis for my works, protoplasm that, by methods chemicals that are personal to me, I extract from various minerals, such as chalk or limestone, the sponge dust or oil Cod liver. And it is working it protoplasm I managed, after countless experiences, to produce Life of formations which here examples. "

The infinitely small

And the scholar, setting me before a microscope, scroll under my eyes
number of small glass slides on which he was able to set some training who have experienced some hours on other days. It is Then I saw, magnified several thousands of times, insects infinitesimal, kinds of fish tiny, worms gracefully ringed and other engineering marvels of reincarnator Mr. Morley Martin. But it did better. He has photographed the evolution of these animalculae reincarnating since time, amalgamating simple cells, they began to build up one where they took shape, ultimately, though very primitive, after passing through all intermediate phases.

Examining these series photomicrographs fixing the various internship this life protoplasmic renaissance is one of the largest wonders he has ever given me to contemplate. Without quality appreciate the work of Mr Morley Martin, without being able to ensure in the case indeed a reincarnation through a rot germ found in the sides of the earth, I do not think too move me saying he may well be a discovery truly sensational.

But like all precursors, Morley Martin has his detractors. He fought by the princes of science, because its theories go against all those admitted so far. Without let down by numerous setbacks, he continues unabated and experiences it expects to produce more animal feature yet as I been able to observe for those confused who refuse to have faith in him.

"You have just seen, he said, some something that looks like the skeleton of a prehistoric animal whose species is off. You noticed that there a spine, ribs and embryos head and feet, while surrounded by a kind of jelly. You have also noticed, thanks to photomicrographs I just showed how this skeleton is formed. I myself grew up starting from the simple protoplasm when small cells began to move when the spine is composed while I fed this sort of serum, which is the basis of all, by means of which, for obvious reasons, I want to keep still secret.

Several of my friends, controls it not to suspect, followed by end to end my experiences. They were able to observe the efforts made to live by these animals primitive reincarnated. In many cases, we noted an attempt to breathing through gills almost normally constituted. One day, perhaps be, I can give these animalcules a real life, but for that you need me first discover the ideal conditions own to achieve this phenomenon.

Not going to make of all this I'm about, in the present state of my research, produce a be human ! We are at the beginning of an era of new science and I do not know you far better than the first results of latent life, transformed into manifested life may lead me. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that man is latent in that his rock body became dust. May the Truth turn out to be on my side. "

Bernard Laporte, in Le Matin, Vol. 48, No. 17274, Monday, July 6, 1931 ; the article was reproduced in full in Impartial, daily newspaper and leaf ads appearing in La Chaux-of-Funds, Vol. 51, No. 15487, Tuesday, July 14, 1931; he was summarized in Hansard political and literary J., Vol. 143, No. 187, Tuesday, July 7, 1931 in The Freeman, big newspaper daily morning nineteenth year, No. 5462, and L'Echo d'Alger, twentieth year, No. 7941, on the same day, and finally in Valais Le Nouvelliste, daily newspaper, Vol. 28, 157, Thursday, July 9, 1931

C. J. Ryan, in The Theosophical Path, vol. XLIV, n° 3, January 1935

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The astonishing theory of an English scholar

This theory is pretty fantastic. I also did not take the account. It comes from an English scholar, Mr. Morley W. Martin, which to me subject. And instead of "subject," I should say rather, exposed the belief, violence and passion that gives certainty of the truth!

For Mr. Martin, we do not die, we never die. But there is no relationship between this idea and those, Christian or Hindu, for survival the soul and reincarnation. No, Mr. Martin does not create a new religion; it is a biologist, nothing more; he This physical phenomena, it s' based on concrete experiences. And alone these experiments, although they provide no evidence Ultimately, that are worth speaking of the extraordinary man who carries them out.

Mr. Morley Martin is a self taught a so very special. The need for money forced him to work at his young age to pursue and persist fairly expensive studies, but its frenzied individualism prevented him from monitor compliance with the most current known and read with joy the the least disputed doctrines. Also he said, for the physical sciences, the young Pascal had done for mathematics: he re-discovered it reinvented what he could have found in books.

We can discuss this form of education, the result is not only Mr. Morley Martin succeeds studies extremely bright, but its mind was, by habit, continually turned to the discovery. In England, an inventor is not necessarily in misery. And Mr. Morley Martin, with more than ninety patents Invention sold poorly, arrived in honest ease.

What he called "the discovery of his life "brought him there ten years ago, an inexpressible happiness at the same time that she was the cause of his ruin and his worries.

This had happened before his eyes was a phenomenon so important, he saw for him such as extensions scientific and philosophical that now sacrificed his time and all its resources to the development of a revolutionary and godless system.

The experience that was had struck the next: a mineral medium in which everything had been destroyed by germ the "baking" at the temperature great electric oven, he created a tiny creature who, having passed through all stages of embryonic development, had expressed as a living being.

"I have not created this being, I am not a Dr. Frankenstein. And only not this "mineral" that spawned this "animal," says Mr. Morley Martin.

And an absolutely crazy assumption to eyes of his colleagues seized his mind.

"Suppose life (not the soul) is independent of the body; suppose that what we call death, at the disintegration of the body, life takes refuge to "sleep" at a point of this land where it sits dormant. So the phenomenon is explained. the middle I treated mineral was the seat of the life of my little animal, dead, perhaps be, there are over one hundred thousand years. "

Thus, by a process which he keeps jealously secret, Mr. Morley Martin would awake to life and latent would have made him an earthly body.

Ten years have passed and conviction of English scientist has only strengthen. If it has changed four times residential to always go to a cottage more modest, less costly, the walls of these cottages have covered documents which are, for the most part, enlargements of microphotographs. Some of these have several meters in length and can be examined, in every detail, structure animals artificially reincarnated.

Mr. Morley Martin apologizes for experiment on the infinitely small, but what is true of the infinitely little is also the infinitely large and the general medium.

"I realized ten thousand similar experiences, if he cries violently, and few of them have failed. For a few moments, a few minutes, few hours I revived under the microscopic beings that had already appeared on earth and whose life eternal, locked in a latent state in a grain of sand, salt or a piece of chalk, had resisted 3000 degrees centigrade electric oven. "

He said, "Life is indestructible, even by fire. There have been no more than Birth of life. As time, like space, life has no beginning nor end. This is a mistake think that life is a state of the body. The truth is that the body is a state of life. "

This is the conviction of this man, whose experiences, we can not deny it, are of extraordinary interest, but scientific findings and are philosophical, saying his fellow, full of artifice and falseness.

And when we ask him:

"If we were always what we are, if we existed in a latent state (With plants and animals that we surround), when the earth was not that a melt, what do you the doctrine of Evolution? of the doctrine of Darwin? "

Mr. Morley Martin answers the question with magnificent fanaticism scholars:

"Darwin is the biggest fool the world has brought! "

Charles Rickard, in Marianne, Vol. 5, No. 252, Wednesday, August 18, 1937

In the last chapter of his book Great Gate just published (in Fasquelle, Paris), Mr. Maurice Maeterlinck wrote:

Last year died in South Harrow, London suburb, a chemist biologist named Morley Martin, who made Andover, a small town five to six thousand inhabitants, in Hampshire, the most extraordinary discovery that science has been recording since the gravitation of Newton and the invention of radium.

Driven by an indescribable feeling great, he acquired gradually the conviction as plants and animals, at least vertebrates and mainly fish continue to live reduction and latent in rocks geologists call azo who formed the first crust and the world in which we never found traces of organisms.

In short, he believes he has proved that life is immortal, universal, indestructible; the idea-mother image or any ProType predates it we call matter.

He began his research in 1927, devoted to the installation of elementary laboratory small fortune given to him by selling many patents; and in indifference and General ignorance, he continued his experiences until the end of his life.

Surprised by death, Martin Morley has published a slim pamphlet that not reveal its methods. (1) The essential of what is known is in a bundle ofletters sent in July 1931 to September 1937 to his confidant Mr. Genette (who communicated them to Mr. Maeterlinck).

According to Martin Morley, it forms torn from their sleep are immemorial reincarnations of a force specific, fixed and eternal. The Life is not an expression of power from the body ; the body is the expression of preexisting life force and indestructible. He thinks vertebrates existed on our planet before (?) that there should be land or sea. He does not say as Thomas Huxley that protoplasm is the physical basis of life, but the physical basis for life.

This protoplasm is what can perpetuate his physical life. The animal loses body but does not lose life. There is nothing inanimate. No form of life is off. Nothing dies and identity animal life survives even after assimilation in a plant where it can be awake. The opposite of life is not death, but latency. The man is latent in the rock.

It is arbitrary to consider the still alleged matter and matter vibrant and contrast the reigns organic vegetable-mineral animal. he Only one universal substance with its purpose, which is revealed to us by incessant game of shapes, materials, and we perceive with our senses that tiny fraction of the entire process.

One can say that these tests of explanation does not shed a the blinding light phenomenon question. But if the experiences of Morley and Martin were confirmed classified in science, it would assume that everything exists in power, in essence, in idea to the state latent for humans.

In any case, this still life, but immortal, who is hiding in all places and wait for an opportunity conducive to animate and manifest, would be a more fantastic revelations that we would never made.

What is the value of experience and Morley Martin findings? At first, skeptics and misonéistes professionals, descendants of those who snickered around Galileo, William Harvey, Newton, Pasteur there will be a huge pseudoscientific fraud. This question shall be determined by the facts, when you know the secret of his works. If we do not find this secret, Therefore, with the indications we put on the road: the oven electrical, ultraviolet rays, rocks used, it would be impossible to again what he knew to do without help without predecessors, and not yet knowing nothing he tells us?

In order to leave nothing in the dark, Mr. Maeterlinck adds that, according to the most Recent theories, we would not reached azo rocks properly say. All rocks we would know of origin sedimentary, that is to say by registered waters, as well as limestone granites and gneisses. Waiting azo certainties discovery Morley Martin is not less prodigious. What will the physical, scientific consequences, practices, metaphysical and moral?

(1) This is The Reincarnation of Animal and Plant Life from Protoplasm Isolated from the Mineral Kingdom, 1934. This brochure account of author, published in small numbers, is now extremely rare. [Note Mr. N]

In The Jewish Tribune, Paris-Strasbourg, Vol. 21, No. 10, March 10, 1939

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Forgotten Science: Strange Ideas from the Scrapheap of History


S. D. Tucker


Improvements in or relating to the Dressing of Tin Ores.
Tin-containing pulps, concentrates, slimes, &c. are treated with carbonic acid gas under pressure, in order to facilitate the separation of gelatinous silica from tin oxide &c. The separated silica may be heated and re-concentrated to recover any remaining tin oxide. An alkali may be added concurrently or successively with the carbonic acid.

Improvements relating to the Separation by Magnetic Influence of Zinc, Copper and other Sulphide Ores.
Roasting; treating ores to facilitate concentration.-In separating the constituents of complex sulphides, especially those containing copper and zinc, the ore or concentrate is heated with an oxidizing-agent either in solution or in a powdered state, then partially reduced, and finally subjected to magnetic concentration.

Improved Process for the Separation of Complex Ores.
Complex ores are rendered more amenable to concentration by subjection to a roasting or calcining operation so conducted that one or more of the constituents are oxidized before the rest, such roasting &c. taking place after the treatment with an oxidizing-agent, as described in Specifications 4531/09, 9300/09, and 18,176/09, and before the concentration. The roasting and concentrating operations may be repeated.

An Improved Process for Separating Complex Ores, or their Concentrates.
A solid oxidizing-agent, such as a nitrate, is mixed with a ground complex ore, instead of using a solution of the oxidizing-agent in the process described in Specification 4531/09, for the purpose of rendering the ore more amenable to concentration. The Provisional Specification also refers to the use of hydrocarbon oils, and the waste from nitric-acid manufacture, and states that the materials may be dissolved in water and the solution used to damp the ore.

X Ray Obstructing Material.
Powdered metals such as bismuth, copper, zinc, lead, and others opaque to X rays, or salts of such metals such as nitrates, carbonates, oxides, sulphates, &c., are incorporated in various materials to produce a shield opaque to X rays. Any of these substances or a mixture of them either alone or with barytes may be used incorporated in india-rubber, oil cloth, or other flexible material for making gloves, bandages, or sheeting. The mixture may be incorporated in celluloid, wood pulp, &c. to make partially flexible or rigid envelopes for the X-ray tubes or to make shields to protect against the action of X rays. The mixture may be incorporated in the glass of parts of the X-ray tubes, or in varnish used to coat the inside or outside of the tubes. Gloves and the like may be dipped into a rubber solution containing the powdered metals &c. in suspension and so coated with the metals &c.

Improved Apparatus for the Water Concentration of Ores or the like.

Improved Apparatus for the Water Concentration of Ores or the like.

Improved Apparatus for the Water Concentration of Ores and more particularly Slimes.   







Procédé perfectionné pour la éparation des minerais complexes

Procédé perfectionné pour la séparation des minerais complexes   

Verfahren zum Aufbereiten zusammengesetzter Erze.   

Verfahren zum Aufbereiten zusammengesetzter Erze.