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Applied geomagnetism : free energy from wire-wound rods.

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When I was in high school, I had a dream that one day I would invent a motor or a generator that would utilize the earth`s magnetic field in someway and that day has come to pass. I do not and never did claim that this device is a free energy device or if it ever produced excess energy. All I claimed is that my motor utilizes the earth`s magnetic field as its outer stator field. What value is it to science and the human race is yet to be seen. I think of my "earth motor" more as a teaching aid in understanding more about the earth`s magnetic field and its gravity, just like a voltmeter to an electrician. I do not want and did not try to mislead the viewers in thinking that this is a free energy device. This was noted in the article below written by the mechanical engineer in his own words. It took years of experimentation to come up with a working prototype. I believe that all things are possible as long as you never give up... so keep shooting for the stars, one day it will be your turn. I did it for the pure love of science and for the challenge of doing the impossible, not for the money. Please read the following article written by an engineer who saw a live demo of my earth motor.

A Stunning Invention

Those lines of magnetic force that radiate from the north pole to the south pole are nothing new to most of us. We see their effect in everyday magnets and we know birds and fish use them to navigate all over the globe

But it has taken a remarkable inventor to utilize those very lines of force to power an electric motor. He calls it his "earth motor".

Lorrie Matchett who lives, works and sleeps in his Toronto workshop has brought the idea of harnessing these magnetic lines of force from the theoretical to a final fulfillment. One day in February I was flabbergasted to watch this earth motor slowly rotate as it was making history.

The device stands 22 inches high with an arm that moves around like a windmill. That's the rotor as we say in engineering lingo. This rotor, developing a steady 58 rpm but at low power was easy to stop with my fingers.

Just think what this all means - those magnetic lines of force being everywhere and they are free. Lorrie said to me that he does not claim that this earth motor is a free energy device of any kind. He only claims that he utilizes those magnetic lines of force as the motor`s outer stator field. He then went over the principle with me and we pored over his drawings and circuit diagrams. The floor was covered in wire and switching devices. I realized how privileged I was to been trusted with this information - unknown to anyone else but the inventor, Lorrie Matchett. I can understand those lucky individuals who first witnessed Marconi's work or the assistant to Alexander Graham Bell hearing Bell's voice across the Atlantic!

Let's now address a few questions that surely are in everyone's mind.

a. Is it genuine? If this is a fake, then all my years of engineering experience are for nothing. Yes, it's genuine.

b. What use is it? Ah, there's the rub! What Lorrie Matchett has done is to open a window in electrical science. It's for others following through the years that will turn this feat of pure science into countless useful applications.

c. How noisy it it? The prototype is utterly quiet.

d. Why did Lorrie Matchett choose myself to witness his carefully guarded invention? That's an easy one. On the face of it I would appear to be the last person to whom he would show a secret such as this - aren't I an inventor also, don't I have a technical background and a university education? The answer lies in what I did some years ago. I had some surplus machinery and gave it to Lorrie at no cost. This must have created a trust in his mind.

Trevelyan Beard P.Eng.

Presentation by Patrick Kelly

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