Fuel Atomizer

Energy Suppression
An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions

by Christopher Bird

On March 11, 1969, Mark J. Meierbachtol of San Bernardino, California, obtained the patent (U.S. Patent No. 3,432,281) for a carburetor that managed significantly greater mileage than usual.

USP # 3,432,281
Liquid Fuel Atomizing Attachement for Intake Manifolds

Abstract --- An elongated body journaled within an air and liquid fuel passage for rotation about an axis extending transversely through the central portion of the passage and transversely of teh body centrally intermediate its opposite ends. the ends include portions tending to roatate the body in one direction in response to flow of an air-fuel mixture through the passage. A baffle plate is provided in one side of the passage upstream of the body for deflecting at least a portion of the mixture to the other side of the passage.

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