Air Car

Science & Mechanics ( January, year unknown, ca. 1930 

Compressed Air Motor Runs Car

Either the era of "free air" is about to come to an end, or the cost of motoring is about to be reduced to practically nothing. In an amazing demonstration conducted recently in Los Angeles a standard automobile chasis, powered with a newly-developed compressed air motor, whizzed around the city streets at not one cent of cost to the driver for fuel.

The engine, which is the result of six years of research by Roy J. Meyers, resembled in general appearance a radial airplane motor. It is mounted in an upright position in the same space occupied by a gasoline motor in standard cars.

A side view of the compressed air car, showing the four fuel tanks which will drive the car 500 miles at a speed of 35 miles per hour. The engine requires no cooling system, no ignition system, no carburetor, or the hundreds of moving parts included in a standard gasoline engine.

A front view, showing how the compressed air engine is mounted. An electric heater, operated by a batter and generator, heats the air until it attains a pressure of 200 lbs. As the warm air goes through the engine and is cooled, it is recovered and drawn into a compressing chamber, where is is heated again and returned to the tank.

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