Nicolae MORARU
Magnetic Energy Engine

Nicolae Moraru's Magnetic Energy Engine
by Lucian Cozma

Nicolae Moraru invented the "magnetic energy engine" from 1969-1973 as the "rotative magneto-levitated engine", and in 1992 as the "pure magnetic energy engine". The text of Romanian patent RO109405 is incomplete and presents just an principle.

The engine has two stator magnets which form an perfectly closed magnetic circuit, the magnetic field lines being closed into the circular "yoke" ; the magnets are arc-shaped and their polarization is vertical - they are not "free", but enclosed by the Iron-Silicium yokes, also arc-shaped and forming in ensemble an perfect circle. In that way the magnetic field-lines have a certain way and direction of displacement into the closed circular magnetic circuit between the two stator "polar pieces", it is an "air gap" - the only region of this magnetic circuit where the magnetic field lines goes through the air. In the space of the air gap, Moraru placed the rotor device - which has no winding, coils, etc, and it is not an magnet... It is an ensemble of arc-shaped elements from Fe-Si, which form an "magneto-reactive circuit", similar as the classic turbines in the water or wind flowing... The "magnetic turbine" is put in the "flowing" of magnetic field lines which are closed in the circular magnetic circuit. Efficiency is at least 7-8 HP / Kg of magnetic circuit... An 100 Kg engine, (the general mass of an complete classic combustion engine...) could generate at least 800 HP, but it should be very compact, with a very simple scheme and ... with no consumption.
It uses the pure magnetic energy...

Romanian Patent RO 109504

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