Memo to Tepco

Dear President Tomoaki Kobayakawa:

The catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi in March 2011 struck a mortal blow to our planet. The melted fuel rods ("corium") have burned down into a hellhole where they are lost.

The potential exists for yet another disaster -- a huge steam explosion of groundwater that would vent to the atmosphere, and probably cause another earthquake. That would topple the precarious fuel rod storage pond, the rods would ignite, and... sayonara, suckers!

The problems are aggravated by an underground river that runs through it along a Miocene fault line (only recently discovered), flowing over the lost corium, forever washing atoms of radioactive poison into the Pacific Sewer. That body now is effectively dead -- just ask any drunken fisherman or oceanographer.

The Good News: The river is cooling the corium somewhat, thus averting hydrothermal explosion(s).

The vaunted "ice wall" that was intended to reduce seepage of groundwater into the basement of the reactors has instead aggravated the problem -- the area has become a bog into which the buildings are sinking.

Inquiring Minds might well ask, "Why not divert the water with umpteen wells into a canal/pipe before it reaches the area?"

A Respiring Mind might answer, "Because then the corium will explode! It's a Catch-22 conundrum."

Inquiring Minds might persist and wonder aloud, "What else can we do?"

The short answer is, "Read this article."

The corporatized minions of Tepco/Yakuza, General Electric, the Japanese government, and almost everyone else on earth have no answers to offer because they are either ignorant and dumbed down or over-educated beyond their capacity to think. They're also craven (job security), paralyzed with stupidity, and impotent.

It is no secret, however, that there are several dozen methods to neutralize radioactive waste.  The subject has been treated elsewhere in "Fukushima Mon Amour" by This Writer. That science is thoroughly suppressed because nuclear waste is used to produce plutonium for weapons.

David Yurth <> explains the situation in this email ( 26 March 2018 ):
"...In 2005 our team was threatened with arrest under FISA as terrorists unless we stopped developing high level nuclear waste remediation technologies. In 2010, after W was elected and Chu became Sec’y of DOE, I was invited to make a closed-door classified presentation to all 26 department heads at DOE ... After a year’s preparation, the briefing was summarily cancelled by order of the Sec’y himself ...

"When I was co-moderating the Fukushima Solutions conference with Dr. John Apsley at Univ Texas @ Austin in April 2014, we released HD satellite images that proved weapons grade plutonium pencils were being stored in the cooling pond beneath Daiichi #4. In spite of the fact that the Mainichi Shimbun published an official response issued by Japan’s Ministry of Nuclear Affairs, admitting that our conclusions were totally correct and verifying that 376 Kg of Pl-239 pencils were stored at Daiichi #4, the only thing that happened was that the nuke contractors built a tent over the top of the pond so no one else could take photographic images of what was going on down there..."
If This Writer was Emperor of Japan, he would invite the world to invade Fukushima and fix it with a Mega Reverse Manhattan Project. But nooo... If This Writer was God, it would cover Japan with lava and sink the place under the mantle in retribution for such damnable institutionalized insanity.

Meanwhile, there are two other technologies that could be used to stabilize the soil while the caskets of fuel rods are being removed from their extremely perilous situation in the elevated storage pond:


The ground around the reactor buildings at Fukushima can be stabilized simply by consulting with Robert Sherwin at Bionic Soil Solutions (Santa Fe, NM). Mud can be transmuted to stone overnight with the proprietary formula.

Bionic Soil Solutions is "... a non-toxic, proprietary liquid that exponentially accelerates the breakdown of oxygen, silicon, and aluminum found naturally in soil to turn it into stone... proven to be harder than concrete, water repellent, and nearly indestructible."

Here are several related patents for lithification, retrieved from the glorious European Patent Office : US4413931, KR101276095, KR20130023928, CN101892853, RU2199569, RU2184095, RU2162068, KR100788441, PL381168, TWI351459, etc...

This well-established technology should be applied to dewater the ground around and under the reactors before and after lithification.
Japanese patent JPS6452906 (Ground-Silicifying Solidification Work Using Electroosmosis Phenomenon) may provide an elegant solution combining electric dewatering with lithification:
"To improve the ground by solidification by a method in which sodium silicate solution is injected into a pipe on anode side while applying DC voltage between paired perforated injection tubes penetrated into the ground, the inside of the pipe is washed, and calcium chloride solution is injected... sodium silicate solution is injected into the tube 1 from its opening 10, the application of the voltage is temporarily stopped, and the inside of the tube 1 is washed. Calcium chloride solution is then injected into the tube 1 from its opening 10 while applying the voltage to the tube again; The solutions can thus be uniformly permeated into the ground for solidification by utilizing an electroosmosis phenomenon."
Here are some more patents for electroosmosis, retrieved from US6145244, CN106436686, CN205473307, CN105839614, CN105735075, CN105544618, CN105481222, CN105439414, CN104594333, CN203795411, CN103866760, CN103321208, CN203178229, CN103276719, CN103215946, CN102817355, CN102653990, CN102535432, TW200641209, CN102162239, CN101813603, CN101634141, CN101457521, US5240570, US5092972, US5074986, TW200632190, JPH10309562, JPS52155808, JPH06226300, US6126802, US5368709 .

So now you know! Make it so!


Rigden Djapo
King of Shamballa

P.S. -- If/when your minions locate the missing corium, you can cool it to a manageable level with liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen will shock-cool the melt and form nitrides and nitrates, thus removing them somewhat from the thermonuclear reaction processes. It worked for the Russians at Chernobyl, and it can work again. Tragically, however, Tepco seems to have neglected to consult with them in this matter.

Tepco has proven to be so utterly inept that it is imperatively advisable to consult with experienced professionals such as Halliburton, which acquired International Well Control. The latter uses liquid nitrogen to douse oil well fires. The Russians also probably would be very glad to help remediate the crime scene at Fukushima.

About the Author: Robert A. Nelson is a 10th grade dropout with no credentials. He established Rex Research in 1982 to archive information about suppressed, dormant, and emerging technologies, sciences, therapies, and stuff. He persists...