Ozone Therapy

Ozone in Dentistry ( II ) ~ 3 Articles & 2 abstracts
Abstracts of Papers presented at the IOA 6th Ozone World Congress (May 1983, Wash. DC):
Dr Horst Werkmeister: "Ozone-Oxygen Treatment under Negative Pressure in Therapy-Resistant Ulcerations"

R. Viebann-Hansler: "Mechanical Provisions Necessary for Medical Oxygen-Ozone Mixtures"

Dr Fritz Kramer: "Ozone in the Practice of Dentistry"

Dr Ziad Fahmy: "Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Ozone"

J. Washuttl, et al.: "Biochemical Research -- Reaction of an O2/O3 Mixture on Tumor Tissue and Healthy Tissue in vitro"

Dr Harmut Baltin: "Ozone Partial Pressure Measurements in the Arterial and Venal Blood Before and after Ozone Treatment"

Anon.: "Ozone: A Chemotherapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Disease -- Experiences of a Pediatrician..."

Solar Wind: "Primary Physiological Effects of Ozone"

Ozone vs HIV/AIDS :
Keith Wells, et al.: Blood, Vol. 78 (7): 1882-1890 (1 Oct. 1991): "Inactivation of HIV Type I by Ozone in vitro"

Dr Robert Mayer: "Proposal for Financial Support for the Treatment of AIDS"

Dr R. Mayer: "Protocol for the Treatment of AIDS by the Use of Polyatomico Oxygen Molecules"

Dr R. Mayer: "Proposal for the Treatment of AIDS and ARC"

Dr Albert Zock: "How Penicillin and Ozone Work on AIDS"

Dr Horst Kief: Letter to Dr Bernard Kirschbaum

San Jose Mercury (10-27-88): "Studies Suggest Ozone Fights AIDS"

Patsy Ford: "Ozone Kills All Viruses" (Great Western Pacific Coastal Post, July 27, 1987)

John Dobbins: "Claims AIDS Cured by Hyper-Oxidation" (Health Freedom News, Feb. 1992)

Edward McGrath: "Medizone" (Excerpt from Energy Publications: Oxygen Therapies )

E. McGrath: "Synopsis of the Hypothetical Biochemical Process Underlying the Medizone Therapy"

Dr Alexander Preussch: "Positive Treatment Results in AIDS Therapy"

Dr A. Preussch: "West German Doctor Removes AIDS! Uses Combination Ozone Therapy!" ( Excerpt from Energy Publications: Oxygen Therapies)

Dr A. Preussch: "The Preussch AIDS-Therapy"

Ed McCabe: "Ozone Therapies and AIDS"

Ed McCabe: "Chronological Ozone References"

Ozone vs Cancer :
Dr Andrija Puharich & Dr Migdalia Arnan: Successful Treatment of Neoplasms in Mice with Gaseous Superoxide Anion (O2-) and Ozone (O3)...

Dr Migdalia Arnan (Untitled Abstract, 1983)

Dr Bogoslaw Lipinski: Rationale for Treatment of Cancer with Ozone

San Francisco Chronicle: "Ozone Slows Down Cancer Cells"

Dr Frederick Sweet, et al.: Science, p. 931 (1980); "Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human Cancer Cells"

Dr Migdalia Arnan: "Effect of Injected Ozone-Oxygen Gas Mixture on Mammary Carcinoma of the Female C3H/HEJ Mice"

Dr J. Hansler: Ozonosan Generator

Ozone vs Cardiovacular Disease, Herpes, Hepatitis, Rheumatism, Gingivitis, &c.:
Anonymous: "Ozone Therapy in Coronary Heart Disease"

Renate Viebann: "The Efficacy of Medical Ozone in Improving Circulation"

Von F. Wehrli: "Zur Verhertung Unerwunschter Nebenwirkungen Bei Bluttransfusionen"

Dr Heinz Konrad: "Ozone Therapy Against Viral Diseases (Special Interest: Herpes & Viral Hepatitis)"

Prof. Horst Kief: "Study of Chronic Hepatitis & Ozone Therapy"

Dr Ralf Turk: "Ozone in Dental Medicine"

Dr Ziad Fahmy: "Ozone Therapy in Rheumatic Diseases"

Prof. Siegfried Rilling: The Use of Ozone in Medicine (Advertisement)

Energy Publications: Oxygen Therapies (Advertisement)

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