Wilhelm REICH
Orgone Motor

Dr Wilhelm Reich
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics


Orgone (Joe) Cell, Part 9


Dale Pond

... The Orgone Energy motor. I will mention in brief, some references from Dr. Reich's work in relation to a method of utilising Orgone energy to power a motor. The full details were published in 1948 and 1949, and the reader may refer to these for full details.

For his radioactivity work, Reich used a Geiger Muller counter. As a result of many experiments, he noticed reading anomalies with some of his experiments. Basically, he noticed increased reading with the counter dependent on Orgone concentrations. This eventuated in Reich eliminating the normal Geiger Muller tube and replacing it with his own specially made tubes. He named these Vacor tubes. These tubes were evacuated to .5 of a micron, which is below the level that normal ionisation would occur. As a result of charging these Vacor tubes with Orgone energy, he discovered that they would produce a high pulse rate on the GM counter. This led Reich to further experimentation, resulting in the modification of the standard counter circuit in such a way that a small motor could be made to rotate directly from the Orgone energy. This motor was a small AC type made by Western Electric, with a type number of KS-9154. It would run when Reich connected an antenna and/or earth to the modified GM counter. It would also rotate whilst under the influence of a field emanating from a living creature.

The rotation of the motor was quite unusual as it could reverse direction spontaneously without significantly slowing down and speeding up again as if the motor had no inertia. The rotational speed also varied unexpectedly and could be made to run faster or slower, depending on the person that had his hand near it. Reich explained the above idiosyncrasies by referring to a force he called the "Y factor". He refused to divulge what the Y factor was, and mankind will have to wait till 2007, when his sealed archives will be opened. As already mentioned, I am very confident that the Y factor simply stands for YOU, meaning that the individual's Orgone field interacts with the experiment. This has occurred over and over with experimenters interacting with the Joe cell. For the more dubious reader, I will quote directly from some of the comments of witnesses that were present when Reich was demonstrating the Orgone motor:

Myron Sharaf. " involved the use of an accumulator attached to a motor; concentrated Orgone energy was triggered by a small amount of electricity, an amount insufficient to rotate the motor without the accumulator... When powered by the combination of Orgonotic and electrical energy, it ran smoothly and quietly; but the speed varied depending upon the weather...more rapidly on dry, clear days, more slowly when the humidity was high."

Elsworth Baker. "Reich first used vacor tubes in series attached to a small accumulator and connected to a transformer to build up an electric charge to excite the Orgone energy. He used four or five vacor tubes. All were connected to a 25 Volt electric motor... Reich took away one vacor tube after another until all were taken away, and still the motor ran. The important ingredient was the so-called Y factor which Reich did not divulge... On Orgone energy, the motor was practically noiseless and ran smoother and faster. At times, it would change direction. In damp weather, it would not run."

Lois Wyvell. "The one I saw was about the size of a large orange... It was hooked up to a special Orgone accumulator with the Y factor that Reich did not divulge as he felt mankind was not ready to use such a potentially boundless power rationally... But the motor ran on atmospheric orgone energy fed to it through the accumulator and also from the human energy field... It ran erratically, as no motor with a mechanical energy source does. It slowed down and speeded up without any interference. Also, if one curved his hands over the motor, it picked up speed, and with one's hand over it, it speeded up and slowed down... It reversed itself every once in a while without slowing down, even without a jolt."

As you can see, there is a large and undeniable link between the atmosphere, living organisms and the Orgone motor. In a movie sequence that Reich made, there is a demonstration of the motor not turning until Reich placed his hand in the vicinity of the motor. The motor then ran until Reich removed his hand. So if we are not dealing with a living force, I would challenge the reader to offer me a logical, scientific reason to the contrary. Please, don't bother replying with references to tricks with mirrors, RF transmitters or any other circus act type explanation. Again, let me state that the above is a very, very small sample of the vast amount of recorded data in our historical archives...

...A few final observations and impressions about the workshop:

The Orgone Motor

As a group, we spent considerable time reading through hundreds of pages of experimental research leading up to the day when the orgone motor began working. We also studied the voluminous documentation of experiments with the working motor. Participants were asked not to take notes only while we looked through the handful of pages containing diagrams relevant to the specific set-up of the motor. But it was the general consensus that the actual set-up of the motor was still not self-evident. Which does not preclude the possibility of a future, more rigorous and focused study of these materials yielding further answers and practical experimental research.

The Y Factor

We looked through literally hundreds of pages of equations and observed many recurring symbols, values, calculations, and functions. While the letter Y does appear, it does not appear as frequently as other letters and symbols. And there was little in these materials to link the letter Y specifically with the orgone motor. Again, a more rigorous, focused study of specific materials might yield further results.

Orgonometric Equations

By the final hours of the workshop on Wednesday, the effect of viewing so many pages of equations was numbing. Which was part of the point of the workshop: to impress upon everyone the staggering amount of archival content.

Reich was obviously looking to express Copernican theories, functions, and equations in orgonometric or functional terms. It also became clear that his concept of “The Swing” pertained to planets orbiting a sun which itself was moving in a spiral motion. And because there were a handful of pages where Reich lists the meaning of symbols and values in his equations, these lists might well function as a preliminary “Rosetta Stone” with which to revisit some of these materials for more rigorous scrutiny.

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