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Marcel J. J. PAGES


Dr. Marcel Pages

In 1959, Dr. Marcel Pages proposed a theory at the International Congress of Satellites and Missiles, wherein gravity is not caused by the attraction of the Earth, but is caused by the repulsion of the Cosmos. Accordingly, the force which we call gravitation, he called 'sheer concentrated protonic energy'.

He supported his theory with a design of an antigravity machine which liberated itself from the force of gravity by an electric field rotating at the speed of light around the vehicle. This rotating field also suppressed mass inertia!

His design principle was tested successfully on small pieces of mica.


Marcel Pages was one of the leading French post-war researchers in this field.  In French patent 1,253,902 Pages postulated that a rotating electric current would produce an anti-gravitational effect.  This current was produced by a circulating beam of electrons held in a toroidal vacuum tube.  Dr Jaegu Kim presented experimental confirmation of this in 1994 in a paper in the Journal of the Korean Physical Society.



Future Physics and Antigravity

[ Excerpt ]

A remarkable anti-gravity effect was observed by Marcel Pages using the experimental arrangement shown in Figure 7 (17). Two discs of mica of 14 cm diameter, each having a conducting surface of metal foil, were mounted on the ends of a 14 cm mandrel. The assembly was supported in equilibrium on a beam balance. When the two discs were charged oppositely by means of a Wimshurst electrostatic generator, there was a sudden elevation of the disc assembly. After two minutes the charge would dissipate and the discs would return to a balances position. For an applied voltage of 200 kV the observed loss in weight was 5 grams. One might at first suspect the weight loss to be due to the electrostatic field of the earth, which has an upper limit near the earth's surface in clear weather of 550 V/m. At maximum charge the force on one disc due to the earth's maximum field would have been only one gram. However, the two discs were oppositely charged, so the upward and downward forces should have balanced. Besides, when both discs were given the same charge, positive or negative, there was an apparent increase in weight due to the electrostatic attraction with the framework of the balance. Therefore, it was concluded that a new field effect of unknown origin has been observed. Other experiments with a high voltage alternating field also demonstrated a loss of weight.

Later experiments were performed with a single mica disc which rotated at a high rate when subjected to the high voltage of a Wimshurst machine, even to the point of lifting off its support when subjected to 300 kV (18). Pages attributes the greater anti-gravity effect for the rotating disc to the rotational motion of the electric charge.

Pages theory of gravitation assumes the existence of a graviton gas which permeates space, where gravitons are discrete energy packets of gravitational waves, postulated by Dirac. The protons and electrons of the atoms are bathed in this graviton gas. The weight of each particle is diminished by the weight of the graviton gas it displaces. When the electron is orbiting about the proton, as in a hydrogen atom, a cavitation effect is produced by electron, which in effect gives it a larger effective volume and thereby reduces its effective weight. As justification for this hypothesis he notes that the mass of an atom of any element is less than the sum of the masses of the individual particles comprising the atom. (This mass deficit in physical theory is attributed to a transformation of mass into the electrostatic and magnetic energy of the atomic nucleus.) The mass deficit for nickel, for example, is obtained as follows:

Composition: 28 protons + 28 electrons
+ 30 neutrons
Atomic Weight, A.W. = 57.959 kg / kmol
Mass of proton, mp = 1.67252 x 10-27 kg
Mass of electron, me = 9.1091 x 10-31 kg
Mass of neutron, mn = 1.67482 x 10–27 kg
Atom per kmol, NA = 6.02252 x 1026

Synthesizing a kilogram mole of nickel from its component parts, the mass deficit is seen to be (28mp + 28me + 30mn) NA - A.W. = 0.520 kg

The mass deficit is said to be due to the displacement of the graviton gas. Accordingly to M.M. Doligez, in his book, "Gravitation", the theoretical mass of the graviton is 10-60 to 10-80 gram. But the graviton energy density, according to de Broglie, Bohn and Wigner, is 1027 joules per cubic centimeter, which, converted to an equivalent mass, is ten million tons per cubic centimeter. The graviton gas seems to have the properties of a superfluid, as it offers no resistance to motion. As the electron orbits about the nucleus of the atom at a velocity of about 200 km/s, only a slight amount of cavitation could result in an appreciable change in effective mass. Thus, Pages accounts for antigravity by a reduction in the effective mass through displacement of the graviton gas, just as the effective weight of a helium balloon is reduced by increasing its size, thereby increasing the displacement of air.

Pages has obtained French Patent No. 1,253,902 (19) on an "Engine for Cosmic Flight" which has the shape of a lenticular UFO. It contains a toroidal acceleration chamber which would have to provide a 3000 ampere electron flow at a velocity of 2.9 x 10 m/s (97 % of light velocity) in a magnetic field of 0.4 T (4000 gauss) in order to counteract the gravitational attraction for a mass of 1000 kg.


by Marcel Pages

"The problem of the removal of gravity and inertia is investigated in a few laboratories in advanced countries.

However, the theoretical and practical results being kept top secret, it is difficult to explain other concepts than those I express for over ten years, both in Europe and the USA, and are the result of long studies.

That is, these views, if they face certain mental habits, are essentially personal, but I think I'm allowed to publish, many scientists have now adopted openly, and others by a desire natural to care " administrative "I have confirmed their agreement confidential.

Dirac, De Broglie, Bohm, Vigier, Kartzef, Kieiner, Wexier, Bourbon and another now recognize the need for a return to some substratum inhabiting space.

I myself in 1959, the International Congress of rockets in Paris and later during my campaign broadcast in the USA expressed that space far from being empty of any substance, was instead a plenum containing prodigious energy gradient.

My logical reasoning showed that all bodies abandoned in space gravitational acceleration is subjected to the weight dropping, it certainly proved the presence of an energy space.

However, the energy in all its forms is considered heavy, it was possible to determine the mass and possibly the local pressure or tension.

These data allowed to define the space as having characteristics similar to those of a gaseous atmosphere though quite different because of the extreme tenuity of its constituents hypothetical gifted mass and extreme velocity.

The calculation of the characteristics of these elements was made on the basis of various theoretical data, and the surprise was great to arrive at identical results significantly.

De Broglie, Bohm and Vigier gave, from the residual energy at zero Kelvin, the value of 10 ^ 27 Joules per cubic centimeter!

Personally I had previously announced this value by determining the pressure required to maintain the stability of the electron and the proton.

Resulted in mass units this energy value gives ten million tons-mass per cubic centimeter!

Thus the empty space Einstein sees currently assigned a bulk density fantastically high, and it is interesting to compare it with elementary particles, which are respectively the electron and 30 000 tonnes for the proton 250,000.

We see immediately that the density of the electron is lower than the gravitational energy area, the particle appears as a hole in energy, while the proton is condensed.

These data are expressed, we see on the horizon the dawn of the century of antigravity and Astronautics true.

Indeed, if we accept the similarity of atmosphere air and bedrock gravitational energy, it is logical to assume that the cosmic antigravity in the field has to accept solutions are very similar, to those who gave to man the opportunity to rise in the air field.

The first is of course the work of Montgolfier, was to create an anti-Archimedean weight by decreasing either by fire or by the specificity of gases lighter than air, the density of a medium, the more high atmospheric air causing a shift upward.

We will he make a priori for the same effect but in a medium sized differently than the air near the earth?

Suffice it to reduce the local energy density and find the hardware to create a mechanical bond supporting the Archimedean effect resulting in this energy.


For over 15 years, I have advocated the liberation of men of gravity. My belief is that we will have tomorrow gear through which we pass through the silence of infinite spaces "Pascal's" at speeds much higher than those of light. Tomorrow, the fantastic energy of space, free from any fallout polluting our earth will the Edenic state of Genesis to man a control controlled nature.I looked in 1916 on these issues at a time when the state of knowledge in electronics and physics was changing. By this time, I thought that the only force capable of freeing ourselves from the centrifugal force was gravity, natural antagonist of the centripetal force of attraction. This force evidenced by the reaction of a gyroscope would take me to the design of TORE ASTRONAUTICS before the engineer Emile Drouet with whom I was working had not launched the idea in the press. Meanwhile, other experiments to make the resulting unbalanced centrifugal wheel of a rapidly rotating, involving a hemisector of electric or magnetic fields, or combination of them, should determine the flight electronics of a disk hardware 1921. Mechanical and physical theories of the time not allowing me to properly interpret this experience, I decided to design the foundations for a new field physics and time, based on the presence of a medium energy. This view contrasts with that of Einstein's relativistic representation of an empty space but distorted. I always thought that the theory of general relativity was based on too many assumptions fundamental ideological and not physical realities. Moreover, physicists do not simply accept the fashionable ideas, stand this theory.

So, I had, by some calculations and intuition, confirmed in me the idea that space, far from being empty, is a medium energy anisotropic. Indeed, the energy is heavy, as formed elements in both material and wave, photons, one might think that these achieve a texture that could be compared with that of the air space around the Earth. It thus becomes possible to implement in this environment, mutatis mutandis, the techniques of aircraft known or yet to be determined.

Knowing that the first man who had left the ground by his means had used hot air to rise, ie with a density difference for the same volume, it was enough to make a hole in the energy to obtain a degravitative Archimedean effect.
However, if the hole produced in the air does not seem to affect the inertia of the balloon, the specific considerations seem to show that the hole in the energy space can delete this inertia, which allows to consider the gravitational propulsion gear and without inertia at fantastic speeds. We shall see that, depending on the de Broglie relation C2 = C'C'', and as soon as we recognize the anisobaric anisotropy of space, the velocity of a particle to move towards the infinite when the speed of the wave of support tends to 0, as is the case in a vacuum energy, so no support for the waves.

Therefore, much of physics must be reformed and in particular astronomy dimensional, which will obviously heartbreaking for astronomers.

Finally, various considerations particulogenesis and comparison of respective densities of particles and space have led me to consider the following fact: if the proton energy space condensation is heavy, the electron is expansion must be in a state of natural antigravity, at least in the Earth's magnetic field, which could explain the Van Allen belts, meeting electrons having escaped the effects of Coulomb proton. Thence to conclude that the electron gas is the counterpart in the terrestrial gravitational field of hydrogen in air atmosphere, there is a small step, also confirmed by numerous experiments.
On the other hand, many other techniques such as the application of what I have called the Magnus effect or electromagnetic antigravity turbine being used as polydirectional propellants we already in hand all the elements for the realization of our planet gear as close to their morphology or dynamic kinetic UFOs, mysterious far.

Finally opens before us the possibility to control the fantastic energy space whose gradient is approximately 1027 cm3 in joules, energy from which the power of nuclear fusion is negligible as 10,000 billion times weaker. Besides this point, I astonish many atomists them confirming that they are already using without realizing. Indeed, the binding energy of unknown nature is ultimately the energy space repressed by cavitation when reactions combinations nuclear fusion, atomic weight loss being recognized understandable that by Archimedean demassification effect.

The man becomes able to measure the power of the alien and it is hoped that the place will not shock titanic as it seems to have already happened in other heavens, whether one believes the legends.

However, we can expect that the evolution of intelligence will bring serenity and not destruction, it seems, we are promised for the end of time.

And when I say the end of time, it can not be that epic of our land, for the time, and creating simple mathematical operator to facilitate the understanding of physical phenomena anthropomorphic, exists nowhere in itself!

The Universe, as the supreme intelligence space PSI has always existed and will not end, but for the man who is born, lives and dies, who sees every day the sun rise and disappear, the idea of time can not be conceived as that of eternal beginnings in the immutable eternity.>

(*) Pages Marcel died in suspicious circumstances, overthrew the edge of a road, a driver who was never found.

The Challenge of Antigravity



Marcel Jean Joseph PAGES

Copyright Editions Chiron - Paris 1974
ISBN No. 2-7027-0309-7
Colophon January 11, 1974

A Charles Garreau has been supporting my work ever since it began. I am most grateful for his remarkable work on my research.

To Dr. Philippe Crouzet, the only Terran who has helped me on the material plane.

To all those CNRS and Physics Circle Supérieure in Paris who have confirmed their agreement with my theory that disrupts conformist views.



Introduction ............................................................... 5

My anticipatory approaches. The antigravity key cosmic infinity .................................................................. 7

History of ideas about gravity ...................................... 10

Testing interpretation. Modern assumptions. The graviton. The contragravity. Scientific hypotheses. Some perspective on my own work. How to design the problem?

Antigravitation 1957 ...................................................... 43

Antigravity. Degravitation in the field photonics. How to make a "hole" in the gravitational energy. Degravitation in a capacitor. Practical realization of an  antigravitional machine. Experimental prototype. Practical realization. Side effects. Conclusions. Cosmogonic theory further. The expanding Universe. Some complementary notions. Conclusions.

Antigravitation 1967 ...................................................... 69

Antiponderal gravitation. Demassification. Thegravitional energy space.  Electro magnetic Magnus effect. Magnus Effect. Creation of particles. Conclusions. Experience electrostatic flying disc. Archimedean atomic weight loss. The loss of atomic mass. Suppression of inertia. Degravity spaceship project. Patented device for space flights. Cosmogenesis. Creation of the sun. And yet it moves! Rotatin circumsolar planets. Mercury. Venus. Earth. March. Asteroids. Jupiter. Jovian extrasolar planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Pluto, Bode's Law. Mass and density.

Antigravitation 1972 ........................................................ 129

The energy field. Creation of planets. For or against relativity? Relativity by Einstein. Criticism of relativity. Calculation of energy in our gradient. Demassification mail. The degravitant capacitor . Criticism of these techniques. Calculation of the theoretical density and actual "H". A few atomic physics. Comparative study of the values of atomic masses. Constitution electronic atoms. The degravitant torus. Directivity of the machine. Some definitions. Summary technological system cosmic electromagnetic gear. Some other possible techniques. The ultrasonic aviation. Reactions, repulsion, attraction of ionized air. The problem of lackpof time. In all this, what is the time physicists? So what is energy? The, spontaneous levitation of living beings or materials. Degravitation compensation levels by centripetal and centrifugal, gravitational waves due to horizontal waves. Degravitation possible in weak fields (land). Degravitation by ponderomotive energy conversion energy electromagnetism and photonics. The Raman effect. Application antigravity. Gravitational weight and speed of gravitational waves in the media. Levitation by ultrafrequency inductive alternating field. Gravitational-electrical-magnetic-meson. Antiponderal propeller mass . Tests capture cosmic energy fields in and out of the fields of cosmic energy field inertia. Spread cosmic electromagnetic waves. Inertia mass increase with speed. Propagation of particles. Some possibilities of electromagnetic theory. Parity antiparity; matter, antimatter. Spontaneous telekinesis levitation. Energy, only reality of the cosmos.

Approach an experience that could corroborate the validity of the ideas of Dr. M. Pagès on antigravity, F. Prunier .............................. 295
Comparative table ofelectroatomic densities and volumes ........................... 299


The reader may be surprised that my numerical values are expressed in the CGS system with variations. For any purpose that is to make the presentation more demonstrative, but it will be easy for physicists accustomed to the current MTS, add powers of ten for their transformation.

In fact when I express a thimbleful of 1 cm3 weighs millions of tons, it is clear that I express the weight mass of one cubic meter.

All units are otherwise disparate and presented for better understanding of the forces and masses involved.



This book is the history of a few researches on antigravity, and essentially those I led as a PIONEER since 1916.

Regarding the history of land development, the technical problem of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and their possible occupants, I present my research in three stages, from 1916 to 1958 and from 1958 to 1972 and finally in their current state.

Therefore, the actual technique of antigravity is summarized in three chapters, but each time more accurately based on the principle of evolution.

Many scientific authorities consider that this book lays the foundation for possible methods allowing, in the light of our knowledge of physics, solution of the problem of "Archimedean "logical control of gravity, and the direct use of energy gravitational more than a billion times greater than the atomic energy. The energy will be distributed without limitation and without pollution. The track will be open to other worlds and exploring relationships with other occupants of the Cosmos.

Indeed, I think that the intellectual and moral development should follow logically, despite the apparent delay of scientific progress in ridding the homo sapiens of its primitive bellicose animal instincts. It is then to an era of universal peace that might attend our evolution.

Heaven forbid I'm not mistaken and that we are not on the eve of interplanetary conflagrations since such fears seem to rule our rulers, who try by all means to calm the anxiety of people packed in systematically denying everything which touches on UFOs and aliens.

Perpignan, 12/11/72


Over fifteen years, I have advocated the liberation of men from gravity. My belief is that tomorrow we will have gear through which we pass through the silence of Pascal's infinite spaces at speeds much higher than those of light. Tomorrow the fantastic energy of space, free from any fallout polluting our earth will the Edenic state of Genesis to give man a controlled mastery of nature.

Friends were able to develop in 1968, a model of both quantitative and qualitative articulation of historical events. Such a process can even locate and pre-locate fundamental innovations of mankind. Some of the results that can be drawn from an authentic show "why" theoretical gravitational forces should be known in the period 1973-1974 and that the control of gravity, humanity would be practically achieved (and known) by 1982-84.

I looked in 1916, on these issues at a time when the state of knowledge in electronics and physics was changing. By this time, I thought that the only force capable of freeing ourselves from the centrifugal force was gravity, natural antagonist of the centripetal force of attraction. This force, evidenced by the reactions of a gyroscope would take me, as we shall see in the course of this work,to  the design of TORE ASTRONAUTICS before the engineer Emile Drouet with whom I was working had launched the idea in the press. Meanwhile, other experiments to make the resulting unbalanced centrifugal wheel of a rapidly rotating, involving a hemisector of electric or magnetic fields, or combination of them, would determine the flight electronics of a disk hardware in 1921. Mechanical and physical theories of the time did not allow me to properly interpret this experience, so I decided to design the foundations for a new field physics and time, based on the presence of a medium energy. This view contrasts with that of Einstein is a representation "relativistic" distorted but an empty space. I always thought that the theory of general relativity was based on too many fundamental ideological assumptions and not physical realities. Moreover, in 1973, physicists do not simply accept the fashionable ideas of this theory.

So, I had by intuition and by some calculations, confirmed in me the idea that space is far from being empty but an energetic anisotropic medium. Indeed, the energy is heavy, as it forms elements in both material and waves, photons, one might think that these achieve a texture that could be compared with that of the air space around the Earth. It thus becomes possible to implement in this environment, mutatis mutandis, the techniques of aircraft known or yet to be determined.

Knowing that the first man who had left the ground by his means had used hot air to rise, that is to say with a density difference for the same volume, it was enough to make a hole in energy to obtain an effect of Archimedean degravitation.

However, if the hole produced in the air does not seem to affect the inertia of the balloon, the specific considerations appear to show that the hole in the energy space can delete this inertia, which allows us to consider the degravitation propulsion gear and without inertia at fantastic speeds. We shall see that, depending on the de Broglie relation C2 = C'C,  and as soon as we recognize the anisobarye anisotropy of space, the velocity of a particle must tend to infinity when the speed of the wave of support tends to 0, as is the case in a vacuum energy, so there is no support for the waves.

Therefore, much of physics must be reformed and especially astronomy dimensional, which will obviously heartbreaking for astronomers.

Finally, various considerations of particle genesis and comparison of respective densities of particles and space have led me to consider the following fact: if the proton energy space condensation is heavy, the electron is expansion must be in a state of natural antigravity, at least in the Earth's magnetic field, which could explain the Van Allen belts, meeting electrons having escaped the effects of Coulomb protons. Thence to conclude that the electron gas is the counterpart in the terrestrial gravitational field of hydrogen in air atmosphere, there is a small step, also confirmed by numerous experiments.

On the other hand, many other techniques such as the application of what I have called the Magnus effect or electro magnetic turbine being used as polydirectional antigravity propulsion we already in hand all the elements for the realization of our planet gear as close to their morphology or dynamic kinetic UFOs, mysterious so far.

Finally there opens before us the opportunity to master the fantastic energy space whose gradient is approximately 1027 cm3 in joules energy with which the power of nuclear fusion is ridiculous since it is 10,000 billion times weaker. Moreover, on this point I astonish many atomists them confirming that they are already using it unconsciously. Indeed, the binding energy of unknown nature is ultimately the energy space repressed by cavitation in nuclear fusion combination reactions, atomic weight loss being recognized understandable that by Archimedean demassification effect.

Man becomes able to measure the power of the alien and it is hoped that this will not lead totitanic shock as it seems to have already happened in other places, if you believe the legends. However, we can expect that the evolution of intelligence will bring serenity and not destruction, it seems, as we are promised for the end of time. And when I say the end of time, it can not be that epic of our land, for the time, and creating simple mathematical operators to facilitate the understanding of anthropomorphic physical phenomena, exists nowhere in itself!

The Universe, as the supreme intelligence space PSI has always existed and will not end, but for the man who is born, lives and dies, who sees every day the sun rise and disappear, the idea of time can not be conceived as that of eternal beginnings in the immutable eternity.

Perpignan on l June 1972


A century before our era, Plutarch already expressed in these terms: "The Moon is prevented from falling on the earth by his movement and pace of its revolution, just as objects placed in the fronds are prevented from falling by their circular motion. "

Fifteen centuries later Kepler believed that when describing their orbits, planets are alternately attracted and repelled by the Sun. He believes that similar forces are exerted throughout the Universe and describes gravity as a "mutual affection body tending toward union or conjunction of a similar nature and magnetism."

In 1666, at the time of Descartes, the author of the famous theory of vortices, Borelli professor of mathematics at Pisa uses the idea of Plutarch: "Since a planet does not move away from the Sun there must be some force which attracts to him. "

At the same time, Hooke supports the same opinion "circular or elliptical orbit is explained by attractive property located in the center of the body in which he continually strives to make him heavenly body", a few years later he formulated a theory about celestial mechanics complete with the three principles of Universal Gravitation - straight line all body movements unaffected by a force of attraction-reduction with distance, and in 1679 it defines in a letter to Newton the law of the inverse square on the decline.

Meanwhile elsewhere Newton had discovered this relationship, and he writes:

"In 1666, I started to think that gravity extended to the moon's orbit and from Kepler's rules for the periods of the planets I deduced that the forces that hold them in their orbits must be reciprocal to the square of their distance from the centers around which they revolve. "

In 1684, Hooke, Halley, Wren being all three arrived at the same conclusions, consulting Newton about whether the law implies elliptical orbits, who responds affirmatively.

After experiments and calculations, it shows that in 1685 everything goes as if all terrestrial matter was collected at the center.

Thus, in late 17th century the great law of universal gravitation is well defined:

"Bodies attract a direct result of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance."

This formula allows for LEVERRIER's discovery of Neptune and determines, with the torsion balance,that the constant K of gravitation is:

6.67 x 10-8 CGS

So everything was Cartesian, that is to say, according to traditional logic (Absolute Time - Concurrency - absolute Euclidean Space - Conservation of mass - Composition speeds), when the famous experiment of Michelson sowed confusion among physicists, that the light has the same speed in all directions along its path, it goes to the Sun or counterclockwise.

Indeed, it seems that there is an insurmountable contradiction, if we consider that the space traversed is fixed or driven by the planet, due to the phenomenon of aberration.

All the principles of physics are upset, the time and space lose their absolute simultaneity and dependent observers. Mass increases with speed and energy has mass, it is heavy.

It was at this time that Einstein developed his theory of relativity based on an assumption:

"The speed of light is the same in all directions and this is a speed limit at any speed possible in the universe."

I mean, it is an assumption!

According to Einstein, the law of attraction is derived from the properties of space-time, that is to say that it includes three more dimension.

The presence of matter curves space like a heavy ball in the middle of an elastic membrane stretched horizontally. According to this picture, a light ball in motion have a straight path, but the deformation due to the heavy ball creates a funnel of light around which the ball starts spinning.

Thus for Einstein there is no attraction, but simple deformation of the medium, and Newton's law becomes:

"In a gravitational field the world line is a geodesic."

And we arrive at a formulation of 10 equations in 10 unknowns and these four words it is a l = I / R2 showing a repulsive force corrective attraction, which seems evident in the relativistic scheme.

The difference between the two acts depends on the ratio V / C the speed of a particle or a planet of light.

While recognizing at the time, that is to say around 1925, the facts seemed to justify these views, many of the conclusions we arrived are currently the subject of criticism and it seems many that this theory should lose time with all the panache scientist who was surprised at first.

We also devote an entire chapter to the refutation of, Einstein's theory, which does not minimize his mathematical genius, to show that it is a serious misinterpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment, itself due to a misconception of the physical constitution of cosmic space.

Certainly, the correction to Newton's law by the relativistic equations is not negligible, but it is still insufficient to cover unmistakable abnormalities, such as gravitational oscillations of double stars and especially the strange reactions to Maurice Allais pendulum moment of an eclipse lunisolar.

Apart from anomalies rotation of the plane of oscillation experiments contradict Foucault, it is an eclipse during a rotation of the plane of 13 ° at the exact moment or the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, regaining his starting point when ever the conjunction.

This anomaly shows a screen effect for gravitation, which requires to recognize that the laws of Newton and Einstein are not stringent.

This experience to theoretically evaluate the transmission speed of gravity with some accuracy, it is worth remembering that physicists and astronomers who have studied the issue come to different conclusions.

Bernouilli for this speed was of the order of 2 to 4 km / s, the Laplace estimated 128,000 times the speed of light, Gerber thought she was of the order of that of light, so that Armelini offers 1600 times the speed!

In conclusion, we must admit that if Einstein and Newton have established relationships between variables, formulas describing the gravitational field, neither gave a coherent explanation of the phenomenon. It is also the biggest complaint of all that mathematical physicists in all fields,that the mathematical formulation is as complex as it seems to be especially made to hide the fundamental misunderstanding of the phenomena that we .

Certainly, a field defined by a set of tensors measures certain quantities, and thus a number of logical consequences, but the ultimate explanation of the bedrock of the field remains as mysterious and incomprehensible.

Newton and Einstein find and calculate, but that's all. And it would not matter if certain deductions from the imperfection of the basics of formulatiqn were misleading and, thus, put the physicist unable to create a synthesis and an exact representation of the physical reality.

I personally feel that the conclusions of relativity (by "taboos" and "prohibitions" it created), slowed scientific progress, especially in antigravity, theoretically insoluble problem in a relativistic universe, while the simple logical deductions post-relativistic physics, that is to say based on the existence of a gravitational field energy and not a geometric space devoid of materiality but curve should have led physicists to the same solutions than I will present later.

It is necessary, however, to render unto Caesar what belongs to him and Newton himself, towards the end of his life said:

"Suppose that a body can act remotely on another through the EMPTY without the intervention of any intermediary, seems such an absurdity that I believe no man able to think philosophically will admit such a fact! '

Yet Einstein and all his followers believed him. They even argued that electromagnetic wave could propagate without energy environment.

This aberration is the result of the deformation of some schizoid mathematical brain, and I do not know who said:

"A mathematician is not necessarily smart".

It appears that this disdain for the logical origins of gravitation had serious consequences and that science has made a great mistake not to try to enter the series of causes and effects.

Without these elements, we could not think of the fight against gravity by using brutal ballistic techniques, as I wrote von Braun, the sheer force of the reaction, based on the unique technique used to this day by the USSR and the USA.

Although the complex of the rocket and ballistics allowed man to set foot on the Moon, and this is obviously a first step towards the stars, but at what price!

For this limited ephemeral victory of the U.S. program, it took no less than three million kgm to carry on our satellite two or three representatives of our race.

As for the Mars program, it appears that this formula is not realistic due to the excessive length of the round trip, possible speeds being too small.

In the meantime, the work undertaken to date for astronautics rational lag considerably behind, and do not seem to produce results, the bases being erroneous.

Antigravity, according to Jean Galy, is therefore now in the "no man's land" of science, between the known principles of classical mechanics and a universe of phenomena hitherto unsuspected. It could be a clever exploitation of what has long been known, even in the appearances of novel principles, but the discovery of these novel principles.

To this must be explained differently from current ideas instead of merely quantitative findings, according to the mathematical techniques too often sterile or misleading?


I'll quickly test the metaphysical explanation of Poe, which are obviously philosophical thoughts on the transformation of the original unity in abnormal plurality.

The particles being from a volition of the mind, it can not exist between them as two forces: attraction, longing for unity and repulsion expansion, persistent theory that prefigures that of the expansion of the universe and its final disappearance, disappearance can be followed by further phases of creative expansion.

These views are not without grandeur as they were subsequently reversed by more scientific forms.

Certainly, the law of attraction is always more or less shocked by thinkers irrationality, and in 1912 published Maxime Vincent depressions sidereal or replaced that term pressure ATTRACTION, foreshadowing the current definition of gravity.

Since that date, and until recent years, only a few isolated thinkers picked up the idea of THRUST which reflects the inverse square law, but the world Officials have not understood or tried to understand.

Demonstrating the inverse square is rational yet if we adopt the idea of pushing as a centripetal force normal to the surface of the earth exerted on a surface area S at distance R from the center, is on an area S / 4 at a distance R / 2 from the center, and the total thrust on S is multiplied by 4.

As for the push, the Cartesian supporters believe it is at the expense of the kinetic energy of the vortex ether which each planet is the kernelof  kinematics that can demonstrate the experience curiously balloons of carbon dioxide and hydrogen which we will describe later.


The physical designs of our time try to explain gravitation by systems as diverse as many fields, with properties and characteristics but highly differentiated only by mathematicians define tensor constructions.

Field, by definition, is a portion of space where there are strong forces; any field is associated with the propagation of a wave, and in modern physics, particle and wave are confused, which implies the presence of microparticles in all fields.

In Newton's system that includes mechanical physics, everything can be defined by three equations, but in the Maxwell electromagnetism requires six equations, and the merit of Einstein essentially have demonstrated that these two systems were compatible.

Beyond relativity, remains the nuclear field, quantum field, whose unification with the previous two could not be resolved by Einstein, but may be by Heisenberg and Heim since 1956.

However, let me suggest that the current mathematical seems to have used a sledgehammer to drive a plug. I will demonstrate in a later chapter contenting myself to say that there is actually only one field, the energy field cosmogravitationnel, the degree of depression or local compression, determines all the effects of the fields called strong or weak, the idea of ??being inherent in quantifying volume considered in the scope of the atom. Such a representation seems so rational that I am surprised that physicists have gone so far to seek such an amount of difficulty.

Certainly, between the gravitational field and the nuclear field, it may appear a number of significant irreconcilable at first sight, since the face of indisputable simplicity of the first field, stands the complexity of the second nuclear fields being "multipolar ".

A more detailed analysis will show that, if the effect of gravitation seems experimentally due to a shielding effect affecting the wave propagation in a medium energy nuclear field includes a cavitation effect due to rotations in atomic scale, determining at the same time a more or less empty in total energy polarities at the ends of the axes of rotation and either attractive or repulsive effects, as we will see later.

This is what explains the strong interaction or weak field Fermi checked in the Beta radioactivity.

In 1956, Lee and Yang, Columbia University, show that there was antiparity actions between strong and weak interactions.

Certainly, the list of particles grows every day. Among the thirty surveyed at that time, one of them, the K Meson, is associated with weak interactions, and decays into three mesons Pi sometimes sometimes two. There is asymmetry in this case left and right antiparity therefore, that is to say that there are more electrons ejected from one side than the other, and this of course can be a source of antigravity.

And elementary particles have a charge, mass, spin, and Fermi field, they must add a translation movement like a screw.

Of course, because of the disorder in the orientation of the spins, resulting neutralize, but a rational organization of spins making a clean sweep of the sacrosanct laws of mechanics (expressing a body can not by itself change its state kinetics) should allow material to propel itself, drawing its energy from its own substance, which would obviously be an ideal solution in many applications.

I also think that it is in this spirit that made Costa de Beauregard inertial spin effect.


In my first test on antigravity, I called photons base particles of cosmic energy, that is to say the complex particle-wave, but many authors have defined this duality as the graviton and it seems that we want to consider now as a set of neutrinos. But cosmic space does not contain Does one form of particles? The future will tell. As for me I would think rather complex types rather than a unit, their discovery is extremely difficult because of the infinite smallness of the particle mass order l0-60 g 10-80 g and observation is very difficult unlike atomic particles.

I quote the admirable study by Jean Galy published in the bulletin of the TAS in July 1959, which I use as a template for this historical studies of gravity, which follows about the graviton:

"The particle (graviton called even before we had proven its reality) would it not what Pauli there thirty years, called the neutrino? The mysterious neutrino designed to explain radioactivity Beta:

NEUTRON - Negaton gives


The Negaton expelled a variable energy that is abnormal.

But the main fault lies in the fact that if we add the mass of the proton energy Negaton and it converted by the formula Mc2, we do not find the mass of the original nucleus. Its existence was after hesitation, accepted by most physicists. We described this ghost, it remained to capture.

Was organized in 1956 to perform the capture, an experimental set of atomic piles near the Savannah River. The principle is the reciprocal of the radioactivity Beta.

If NEUTRON - PROTON + NEUTRINO Negaton gives the converse must provide:


In the first reaction of the core load Z increases by 1 in the second it is decreased by 1.

Neutrinos must be provided at a rate of trillions per second by the batteries. The protons are given by the hydrogen nuclei in the water of a tank of several hundred liters. This water contains a cadmium salt. The tank is protected against particles parasites breastplates of lead and boron. A scintillation fluid to the passage of a particle energy visualizes reactions.

There must be two sets of scintillation:

The positron passing through the scintillant liquid ionizes atoms (the first flash) is canceled and with a Negaton producing energy and two gamma rays. All trillionths lasts 10 seconds.

The neutron formed by the neutrino and the proton is absorbed by cadmium in microseconds giving three lines with new scintillation.

The proper conduct of these phenomena reveals the existence of the expected neutrino.

As the Fermi field seems to be the gravitational field, the neutrino seems to identify with the "graviton".

Thus the gravitational field is a complex based energy gravitons that is to say virtually no inertia of particles due to the extreme thinness of their mass which allows them to cross the thickness of material (Al 2000 Pb). Theoretically it should follow the sun at midnight visibility across the globe for their radiation sensitive retina.

It is therefore conceivable that the gravitation due to complex energy values significantly elevated only manifested by the effects of residual screens extremely discreet.


In the light of these physical representations, it seems at first that the solution of the problem of antigravity is the most difficult, and yet we are seeing for centuries events indisputable phenomena antigravitatifs proving that this solution exists and must be possible.

Among these phenomena include the phenomena of levitation, that is to say, the spontaneous uprising or produced by telekinesis objects and humans.

Since time immemorial, this phenomenon has been reported both in the Egyptians who made it essential to test the authenticity of their priests able to rise into the air, than in the Aztecs (flying men). As for some gigantic monuments scattered around the world, have they been erected by the mechanical force or slaves?

On the other hand, cites many mystics who surprised they demonstrated by levitation.

According to Engineer General Cordonnier, CNRS, the metaphysical aspirations towards heaven can produce either current or polarization and resonances vis-à-vis gravitational waves. Several explanations are possible, and we will see that some physical effects can explain why.

We know that a musical note correctly modulated resonance is able to break a glass object, why not create an antiponderal effect ?


Of all the physicists involved, either fields or of gravitation and its consequences, we must mention first the former Peenemunde collaborator of von Braun currently head of NASA, Dr. Burkhart Heim.

Heim is a mathematician and his theory is based on a six-dimensional system which led to the following results:

If we increase the meson field, increasing the gravity, against, if we increase the magnetic field, it creates a negative gravity. It therefore effects "Contrabaric Dynabarics."

On the other hand, the electromagnetic waves and gravity are mutually convertible according to the principle of conservation of energy.

Experiences caused by using the Berkeley Bevatron were inconclusive, and therefore the acceleration of electrons around nuclei alter the severity of the atom.

It is very interesting to note that myself, starting from an Archimedean theory of energy in the energy, I arrived at the same conclusions for over thirty years, and the electron is found naturally in a state of antigravity, which opens the door to any embodiment of a contragravitational device.

I had the opportunity to meet Heim at the Rome International Congress and we found ourselves in full agreement, although parties to radically different theories.

Undoubtedly, it is this side that must wear a search, but nothing to ignore, I think worth mentioning the work of Soviet Ivanenko and Kapitza who believe that absolute zero mesons are frozen and consequently the Heim dynabaric effect must be zero and hence the effect of gravity.

Other studies focus on Russian antimatter some theorists believe that it should be rejected by the material, but this is once more theories from mathematical work which do not seem to be a connection with the Actually, if I believe the results of experiments with mostly resulted in tremendous explosions and death technicians.

I can not ignore the fact that Brown experimentation in France was a bitter failure, the government contracts with a foreign trust preferred funding that was originally given to me ... But we are in France for centuries and nothing has changed, no one is a prophet in his own country. Yet we are the pioneers of all discoveries, except railways, which have revolutionized techniques and civilization.

Anyway remain optimistic, experience proves that in any revolutionary technique requires a curing time. Recognize, however, that procedures antigravitatifs pave the way for prospects prodigiously rich new opportunities, which involve the scrapping of our techniques currently flourishing. By cons roofs or terraces of houses become functional.

Civilization thus enter into a three-dimensional universe and perhaps even four, time has lost its usual appearance to become a theoretical energy efficient.

Antigravity even allows the direct use of the energy space, not on techniques fusion or fission, but a return to the basics of traditional mechanical. Cosmic energy is inexhaustible and domesticated both in length and in power.

Certainly, it is understandable that the texture of the companies in our ancient civilizations explode and thus it is understandable that people who benefit are faced with problems of human interest.

But why not consider that such a revolution can be achieved with enough speed so that everyone finds his immediate interest?

Alas! the worst pitfall is the intellectual inertia, and judging by my experience, very few individuals attached to their habits seem interested.

And I only mention Professor Boris Koukarine, Vice-Chairman declared Soviet astronautics January 4, 1959: "The approach of the stars in their flight management presents an exceptional interest for us. The launch of the space rocket to the moon indisputably demonstrates that our dreams will soon become reality. "

Koukarine mocks the world, even rocket launch in 1972 does not allow to move a millimeter "relative" in the exploration of interstellar cosmic spaces.

Of course, you'd think, even with the Relativistic demonstrate antigravity or rather postulate that it would still nearly eight years return to the speed of light to explore the closest to the Sun that is our i.e., Alpha Centauri. Fortunately this is gross error, antigravity to annihilate time and space and even the inertia of matter in all its aspects and biological solids.

These problems will be studied in their time.


It was important to clarify in the previous chapter the slow development of ideas over the centuries, which leads us to believe that in 1972 the worst is over and that we see the era of practical achievements.

However, if many theorists have attempted to solve the riddle, we must recognize that apart Burkhart Heim nothing concrete has been presented.

While Heim on a mathematical approached only solution but it appears that just the excess of developments in a tensor space dimensions SIX, he hid the simplicity of the solution.

Heim was the Peenemunde collaborator of von Braun  (the father of Saturn V that has both transport astronauts to the Moon), is considered the spiritual successor to Einstein. This is an outstanding mathematician but as a psychiatrist, I would be inclined to believe that he has confused his equations with the tangible reality and is thereby missed the truth, although there are between his conceptions and mine serious matches.

Anyway, at the International Congress of Rome, all the technicians and Heim himself recognized that our work was carried out on different paths but were eventually join.

How was he-started? In fact it is impossible to find the prime mover who directed me to antigravity certainly at an age when one begins to wonder why things happen. I was probably driven by a subconscious rebellion against whatever easements and excellence against the attachment to the ground by the inexorable force of gravity.

I must have been in effect 11 or 12 years old when I was amazed by the reactions incomprehensible a gyroscope that kept rotating balance against gravity, contrary to all logic, or at least contrary to all my experience I had gained by habit.

Understand that this instrument reacts abnormally to every impulse was a mystery Coriolis told me much later, but I just noticed that the effect appeared due to a parasitic rotation direction as the speeds seemed to add on the lower part of the steering wheel and avoid on the upper part in the manner of a vehicle wheel, but in the opposite direction whereby the top of the wheel describes a path twice that of the bottom contact with the ground, on which it runs.

So I imagined that it was this asymmetry of movement that allowed a buffer against gravity to keep this explanation and personal heretical for a physicist, I was inspired many projects.

I should indeed be concluded that both flywheels mounted on the same axis and rotating in the same direction, rotated about an axis perpendicular to their common axis must react against gravity.

The forces were indeed create a resultant centrifugal 90 ° between the planes of the wheel and drive, larger on the top than on the bottom, the sum of the rates being higher on one side than the another in relation to the reference medium of the device.

I must say that since this youthful experience, I got to look the part of technicians many similar projects but none as studied than the astronomer engineer Emile Drouet, a weekly published in Paris in June 30 1947.

I was put in touch with the technician, we had to exchange our views for more than six years. I personally own more than four pounds of letters and documents and my correspondent was certainly so.

Drouet's project, based on the principle that I described, was great, it was indeed a huge torus Astronautics engine about 200 meters in diameter, consisting of a floatable torus, this torus is equipped with several steering wheels placed following horizontal axes whose virtual extension blended center of revolution of the torus.

The wheels were accelerated by electric motors or fuel, and the entire unit powered itself on the water by rotating propeller aerodynamics.

Fig. 2.

Fig. 3. - Model of principle project engineer Drouet, conducted in October 1946.

Emile Drouet had calculated that the combined speed of rotation of the torus with ruffles reaching escape velocity, which is 8 km / s, the machine was off tangentially to the water and continue the race in the space below this trajectory, that is to say practically breaking away from gravity since the tangent away from the curvature of the planet.

Basically it was important to obtain asatellite speed complex at the level of the earth's surface. And I am referring to a principle that a ballistic shell accelerated in a cannon at an angle appropriate, describes a parabola that back ground.

By cons, if this mobile is having great speed around its trajectory, its gyroscopic forces combined with complex rotation and revolution could extend this ground path.

Deduce that for a speed even greater impact will no longer be on earth, but on a path of orbit, the calculation shows that this is possible and rational.

Thus it is not necessary to accelerate a projectile starting to get the speed of orbiting or release, the rotation combined with the complex velocity of the Earth itself and the earth around the sun, or a total of 30 km + 0.400, allowing a craft capable of finally leaving the field of gravity.

The project was not utopian, but no interest to Maecenas, as usual. Due to lack of funding, things have remained there in my boxes!

I do not know what happened to my colleague, in 1947 aged 65 and should have 90 years in our time, but I wish that justice should be done in the name of friendship.

I personally had 33 years, but since 1916, I looked at other solutions to the problem and culminated in 1921 with the first flight of an electromagnetic disc.

Always oriented towards the possible use of centrifugal force, I imagined an airplane without wings, lift is obtained by the rapid rotation of a kind of turbine in a housing formed by a high capacity hemicylinder.

This rotation causing the intake air laterally in said housing for compressing one half and repressed at the lower portion in fluid communication with the outside air.

Thus it showed a pressure upwards, and driving along the aerofoil incidence.

I made several models with one or two balanced; the results were very promising.

So it was ultimately the first aircraft without jet wings, which was neither a plane nor a helicopter and in 1972, 50 years later, this aircraft is still capable of performance is greater than the helicopter bulky and fragile. It is well known that for a push, it is more advantageous to eject a large mass at low speed, a small mass at high speed, the energy is a function of the square of the velocity and mass mv either 2, while the thrust is a function of the product mv.

I was forced to wait for 1921 to 1947 as an engineer known adopts my gyroscopic system and talks.

But back to 1921, when I was pursuing my idea to obtain direct effects tractive levitating by centrifugal force. I considered then the following hypothesis, it based on the fact that for ionized particles traveling speed perpendicular to the lines of force of a magnetic field, the trajectory of these particles would then become circular.

Therefore it seemed to me that by placing half a rapidly rotating disk in an electric field that ionizing curving along the trajectories of the ionized atomic disc material by a magnetic field, the centrifugal force would could, theoretically, appear as part of the disc outside these fields.

After trying various combinations and arrangements of fields, it was logical that one has a disk made of insulating material around a vertical axis and which is placed under the disk two vertical points connected to the poles of a generator high voltage.

I had at the time of a Wimshurst machine to eight trays with capacitors and spark that I had given an antiquarian friend of my father, and what was not my surprise and joy to see that the machine pushed to its maximum performance, the mica disk began rotating extremely fast rotation causing this sudden elevation in disk space mica.

Certainly my assumptions seemed checked again that the vertical flight of a disc rotating in a horizontal plane had demanded explanations which I have found the reason that relatively recently, but it was then scaled the first flying disc having worked on Earth and UFO prototype that would occur after 30 years in power.

I certainly would have been satisfied with this priority, but in fact I had to find out several years later in a collection of papers at the Academy of Sciences in 1898 or around that date, a similar experiment conducted by Ducretet I believe, was intrigued physicists of the time, who were unable to find a rational explanation.

The invention and discoveries are indeed more often a matter of chance that the result of experiments guided by a thread, and anyway this event is unknown forces forgotten if I had not found.

It is also curious that since I reported myself to the curiosity of researchers, one to my knowledge has been able to reproduce, even with a Van De Graff generator and I think that only a eight plate Wimhurst machine is able to renew and to cause the potential to exceed 200 kV.

Anyway, and this is for experimentalists who might doubt the communication to the Academy of Sciences in 1898 can not be discussed.

1921, strange post-war era, where I found myself wearing my panties funds on the banks of Toulon High School first C and forced to make the dreaded Baccalaureate examination prior year Maths Elem. Toulon made half Grenoble. And this is where I waited for the bad shot of DESTINY.

Admittedly, my vocation as a physicist had encountered hitherto intransigent father, my father was a magistrate, distinguished Latin scholar and Hellenist, we were necessarily in opposition. In addition, to my misfortune, one of my immediate family was Deputy Director of the School Health Service in Lyon and my whole family was descended from a long line of doctors. In addition, the Director of the Institute of Electronics Grenoble had strongly discouraged my father to see me go this route, the engineering degree at this time is far from providing a guarantee of employment. The students I. E.G. are often happy to find jobs against master in factories, I agreed to introduce me to the entrance to MSFs.

Received in the first I was therefore launched towards medicine but can not change fate!

Admittedly, I was a physicist, but after all the biology and psychiatry later earned me a degree of the University, were they not the most fantastic mechanical nature, these sciences are included they not all of human knowledge in physics and chemistry?

It is in this spirit that I had to make the years of faculty and find me later assigned to various posts in the army in France and the colonies.

Should I regret this situation. I do not think so because it is recognized that the medical profession armies in peacetime allows great freedom of action, I took the opportunity to resume my studies and research in physics.

Then came the war. After the liberation, I resigned to devote myself to my work.

We are in 1947, when I worked with engineer Emile Drouet as I described above, then also I realized that a social work for the benefit of railway victims of war, certainly essentially humanitarian work, but I hoped recognition of the SNCF. I thought it would give me assistance on the mechanics to make the machine according to my degravitation techniques of the time!

Alas, I learned that the dedication was useless down here, having been thanked by my social activity eloquent rhetoric, but ultimately by the blackest ingratitude, station managers have not only forgotten their promises, but having put more workers on account of my track work executed only with the help of my wife in over six months working in a specially equipped car on my plans.

This episode is a sad painful experience of the moral value of humanity, and then it has continued to confirm about my work on antigravity, everything being done in the scientific community to eliminate me as an independent researcher and isolated.

Absence of hardware support, I could not hope for a miracle, but it says "Help yourself and heaven will help you," after filing a number of patents, it being understood and aviation buff because I redeposited a record for an automobile flying to propel themselves on the road, and off vertical in the air.

The project was interested friends and aerospace engineer.

However, given the probable cost for the prototype, it was decided to make calculations for a normal passenger aircraft but with a coefficient of absolute security.

I introduced her to one of my patents achieving high lift which would be remarkable efficiency as we shall see.

The calculations have been completed, and the model produced for testing in the wind tunnel Banlève near Toulouse, the prototype was made partly for myself, partly by workers aviation specialists, especially for metallic elements.

Unfortunately, while I had hoped as a Continental driving the engineer with whom I worked, being friends with another engine manufacturer that shall remain nameless, it is the latter type of engine was chosen.

The prototype, version quadriplaces, high wing, was ready for testing, but it should still verify the corridors of engine cooling, the fourth cylinder requiring additional ventilation.

That everyone knew was there but fate once more.

In fact, when I was formally asked to do nothing out of my presence, a pilot test Leduc Toulouse, friend financiers of the operation, lying on the ground, was tempted to make a first careful testing. The Head of Center who agreed to do it as usual a tower ground ground, the two pilots taking place, start and grow slightly engine 1200 - 1500 r / min.

They are surprised at the unusual suspension on a plot of land, and looking down they realize they have loose, playful brand while only 30 km / h, this course through my high lift!

Amazed such a performance, they lose all caution and push the throttles to maximum.

The plane jumped, up to a thousand meters, I think, but suddenly the engine seizes as was to be expected and stops.

This mishap on a wing that has not been tested may be dramatic, but I was there and the high lift aircraft landed without any spiral breaks, demonstrating its qualities incident safety.

This incident could result in a magnificent demonstration of superiority, but fate watched and now begin a shareholder lawsuit against the manufacturer of the engine, it replicates not without reason that the fault lay with the recklessness of drivers .

In short, everything ends by laying sealed interminable trial, the aircraft is stopped and during this time the company launches its Jodel prototypes at a time when civil aviation passenger sought to equip outside foreign firms.

Once again my hopes to be able to finance my experiences and my basic electromagnetic prototypes fell into the water.

We are between 1945 and 1950.

In 1947 Kenneth Arnold in the U.S. is witnessing a mysterious aircraft and flight reveals the presence in the sky of our planet gear discoidal silent, apparently often in rotation, showing performance acceleration and speed incompatible with the technical and human possibilities.

Since that time, around the world, are similar revelations.

This is a striking confirmation for me that the problem I had always sought the solution and that seemed utopian in the light of our knowledge was a reality.

This fact manifests itself in strange forms discoidal exceptionally modified by geometrical aspects derived from disk, eg cylinders and more often by visions of misty day, night glow, revealing an insider to the nature of their operation . This leads me to think that my flying disc in 1921 should have a family resemblance to the importance of identifying devices.

In my house with two large rooms, so I began to furnish them with a complex apparatus amateur physicist, all materials were made based parts inventory from USA after the war, radar and other electronic equipment.

I had so various AC high voltage transformers, an accelerator voltage amplifier with a fifty floors, capacitors, resistors, multiplier theoretically giving more than 250 kV DC.

Finally I had the means to obtain various auxiliary fields and a magnetic frame 3 meters by 3 meters for altering the earth's field, and of course an oscillograph, not to mention a huge blackboard wall spread calculations .

Many photographs of my lab have appeared in various magazines or have been filmed by the ORTF in their time.

All this equipment allowed many experiences, but as we shall see, the gravitational field with a fantastically high energy gradient, and gravity being in reality a residue of material field interactions, you could modify the effect weight of gravity thanks to the forces and energies extremely powerful and this is why gravity is said to have never been influenced by electromagnetic interactions obtained normal human scale.

Of course my first thought was to try to reproduce the levitation disc mica in 1921, but despite the power of my installations I could not get a rotation certainly fast, but insufficient for the flight, and it was need for as overpowering the Wimhurst generator machine whose fate had been settled in many moves and war. The effectiveness of the latter was only able to perform the experiment. But it is in vain that I tried to get this fossil heroic, not being able to find a machine with four trays has also been able to work, although I changed the plates destroyed an accident.

The vortex theory in which I explained levitation would take me, however, consider the space as an energetic atmosphere so heavy, and the cavitation produced in the atmosphere by the whirlwind of training due to load rotation, seemed to me a valid explanation, I realized that a "hole" is in this atmosphere should be able to create a relief archimedean effect. But that said hole in said fluid medium pressure against said pressure environment and said necessarily attraction between two elements surrounding the empty "hole."

I concluded that all the attractive effects in nature, electrostatic-magnetic-gravitational implied a kind of vacuum energy more or less attraction between elements.

Accordingly between the plates of a charged capacitor of different polarities, thus attraction, this would produce a vacuum relief device, and therefore any repellent effect implied an increase of energy so bloat.

 Fig. 4. - Example principle of producing a vacuum relief relative to the unit by air Archimedean effect.

Performing the experiment was obviously the easiest thing in the world, using a pharmacy trebuchet  freed from trays balanced on one side by a defect and the other by a capacitor made of two discs mica of 14 cm diameter with a frame in aluminum foil, all stuck on a mandrel prespan 14 cm long: the prototype was quickly built.

The load was obtained through a system of spark gaps connected to the high voltage and placed almost in contact with reinforcement but without touching them.

Although the calculation showed that relief, can not be the weight of the mass energy pent up between the plates, would be ridiculous, but it had to be checked.

The moment was emotional because the nature ask a yes or not confirming or forty years cogitations conscious or subconscious, was obviously dramatic and I must have stayed more than a week before daring to charge the device .

Finally I threw the dice turning a blind eye for fear of being disappointed, but the sound of the reaction I realized that something had happened.

Indeed, under the influence of the load capacitor had risen sharply and remained in balance and degravitative it as many times as you load renewed it after one to two minutes is dissolved in the air while the trebuchet lever arm resumed its horizontal position.

Fig. 5

Admittedly, it was important to eliminate the powerful electrostatic effects and operate in a space free of the presence of masses, apart of course from the atmosphere.

I showed this to friends who talked about them for a few months and it was in my laboratory a parade of curious more or less convinced technicians.

I was invited by Marc Thirouin meantime, founding director of the French magazine "Ouranos", specialized in research on UFOs to come and exhibit my work in 1955 in Paris. It is on this occasion that Jacques Bergier, who had attended one of my talks, did not hide his interest was taken and aired a number of articles on this topic that made me know.

There were also among members of Ouranos Commander Lenoir before my arrival was operation hypothetical theorist inspired UFOs.

Commander Lenoir had his ideas very different from mine, hers is mostly based on the ideas officially accepted in the scientific community of the time. Also, being in relationship with members of CASON, that is to say, the technical services of the army, he sent home a team of investigators, Colonel Beker and a technician from the University of Sciences in Toulouse .

These gentlemen, indisputably come with good intentions, I listened with interest for four hours and wanted to see my experiences.

And there stands a phenomenon, natural principle, but very strange indeed, because on that day a violent storm having hit Perpignan caused a power failure all morning. The atmosphere was moist and ionized and minds certainly influenced.

So I went up the experience of the capacitor after demonstrating a system of capacitors encased in a tapered mandrel alleviated ten grams under the load of 150 kV.

These gentlemen wanted to see a backlash, due to the taper of the frames and I agree. But to return to the indisputable demonstration of the effect of relief on a plane capacitor, which has never happened before or after this experience in my laboratory as well as elsewhere in the world where experience was repeated when the load spark, the spark clung to prevent reinforcement of course the system to raise.

Why did it have to happen this technical incident that day and only on this occasion, I think a spell, say, Doom.

Indeed, observers returned to Paris very disappointed disastrous writing a report thereafter at least in France has been at the origin of an apparent disinterest environments CNRS for my project.

That many officials were pleased with this failure, it is far from impossible, scientists still seeing a suspicion mingled scorn the achievements of independent researchers.

But should rebound as a result of this unfortunate visit, many Parisian personalities honored me with their confidence, and I had to get a group of journalists a formal invitation to go to Paris to present my work to the occasion of the 11th International Congress of rockets and satellites of 18 June 1959, this invitation was accompanied with a threatening text informing me that if I did it would not take me seriously!

My fans have taken advantage of the defection of Professor Enrico Ostinelli to give me his turn June 23, 1959 to 15 hours.

My presentation on the blackboard sensation, being totally unexpected in a conference on the Rockets, but also because the organizers scandal, had they known the subject, would not let me speak, and it's just if we did not accused of having sabotaged the Congress intended only to manufacturers specializing in aircraft and rockets. Prospects of antigravity brought to light obviously sounded the death knell for the industry laggards and ridiculed supporters rockets!

Needless to say, at the end being assailed by a group of journalists, I felt obliged to give a press conference answering the thousand questions he could ask on this occasion.

However, while some newspapers have braved forbidden to speak in the press, the vast majority was considered prudent to be discreet ... the incident.

However, there were a lot of people, especially representatives of the Atlantic and I was thereafter be required to renew my presentation TAS Toulouse (Astronomical Society) where I met a number of professors and engineers who relationships with associates the French air in the USA.

I received an invitation in due form of a group of industrialists in the western USA, offering me a one-year contract and I guarantee that I will have, everything you need and a laboratory to the developed my techniques.

Meanwhile, I was asked to me by representatives of the Soviet Union on the occasion of the screening of a film about the Sputniks, artfully presented in Perpignan.

Outlandish promises were made to me twice against the sense of going to work for them.

I could not disappoint, but I accompanied my acceptance of the principle of clause sine qua non to guarantee my freedom of action. This is NOT found, after a probable return to the USSR, I could not accept.

As a natural and individualistic onconformist I always placed above all my freedom of action, but in the light of subsequent events I must admit honestly that I committed an error of assessment as only the Soviets made me firm proposals and normal.

Invited by the U.S., so I flew to New York and I am available to the Consulate of France. Here I was waiting for a surprise. I was actually invited to the Embassy of France in Washington by the French Air Attaché Colonel Bertin and General Gelee, Chief of Staff of NATO.

Expected by the Washington Air Attache, it told me the desire of the Standing Group French, that is to say all the senior officers of the air force and navy and major engineers movement in the U.S., called for the occasion to see me present my views, after a brief curriculum vitae which surprised many technicians because it is not customary for a psychiatrist strays in high field physics!

The impression made by this conference summarizes the findings of the General Gelee:

"What you just said is either a utopia, is the most amazing invention of all time! But I find it unacceptable that the French government has left you carry abroad what you just said.

Certainly you have a contract with the West, we can help you honor, but we will arrange for you home as soon as possible, and be assured after the report that we do, the Elysée will available in France everything you need. "

Following what the ambassador organized a party in my honor which many Americans were invited professors.

I had to be accompanied at the next visit to the capital of the USA before being brought to the airport, the Consul General of France Claude Batault Denver fascinated by UFOs, wanting to meet me.

I was expected to Salem (Oregon) and my stay in Denver can not go on forever, despite the tourist interest that I wore to the Rocky Mountain region, I arrived at the end of my shift and became acquainted with the industrial Gordon Allen as planned.

Gordon Allen owned a chain of radio and television and was the owner of an American magazine about UFOs. I found in him a photographic documentation and exceptional technique.

Although G. Allen did not speak French and for my own memories of my three years of studying English in high school I returned to Toulon. But if during the Atlantic crossing, I had had no difficulty with English conversation, we must recognize that the unintelligible terms which make the charm of conversation U.S. did not facilitate trade.

After a few days everything is back to normal after several visits to manufacturers of electronic equipment, I was able to present a lecture intelligible and it was decided that I would expose a number of Universities West in order to attract scientists from across the Atlantic that could potentially put the share back from the company that the quote is still very high.

It is indisputable that the estimate (calculated CNRS in France) of around 30 billion francs in 1960, was similar in the USA and this amount could even think to American industry.

The journey that started with the University of Cornvallis and those being pursued in Berkeley where I could admire the giant cyclotron facilities and Schenectady, I was invited by General Electric, which has its antigravity research laboratories and who had convened for the occasion two of the most prominent researchers in Boston under the chairmanship of Professor Fisk.

These gentlemen, always cautious, according to the custom began by reading me a settlement and make me sign an agreement that I would expose that could be the subject of proceedings in case my hand GE would use for its research.

It was hard not meet these requirements, knowing in advance, given the originality of my academic qualifications in the field, I could not otherwise impose, and I considered other Americans were our allies.

We agreed on reciprocal our designs, which obviously were the same as they are with the maximum probability of physical reality and therefore scientific, but I knew very well that Americans are accustomed to draw all sources and find good reasons to simply thanks especially in such a field is the No. 1 objective of their activities. I think Costa de Beauregard not contradict me?

I cite as evidence the case of an engineer friend of mine who had invented a battery that is recharged only by heating in boiling water.

Called the USA, it was like myself walked in the palace, surrounded by all the temptations and possible U.S., after three months I thanked him profusely, but unfortunately it was discovered that a few years ago an American had already developed his system! All this is common.

Meanwhile Gordon Allen certainly had received instructions "diplomatic" and it was agreed that I would return temporarily in France, where arrangements had been made for me to continue my work.

Elysée had actually received an important issue about me, but I was not going to soon be the least surprised by the reception that awaited me!

As agreed I asked an appointment that I was given, and no reasons given in the next fortnight, as in fact express the day Khrushchev had an appointment with the President.

Everyone remembers the scandal that followed the Soviet suddenly being canceled. The panic thus reigning at the Elysee Palace, I went into the sanctuary without anyone asks me what I had to do it!

Having wandered through the rooms in search of a porter and, having finally found, I asked, with appointments to be presented to Mr. Lelong, scientific advisor to the President.

I was expecting a home consistent with the Embassy of France in Washington, and my surprise was great to be given more than fresh.

Having emerged an important document, Mr. Lelong said coldly:

"What this story, I get this report, it seems too laudatory, it is you who have written! ".

My amazement passed, having asked to see the paper, I felt obliged to point out that the document was signed by the Consul General Batault.

"I tell you that it is you who have written!"

There are circumstances where the quietest man is entitled to get excited and I answer:

"Sir, I come back from the USA where I had a contract with the promise that the Elysée put at my disposal the research evidence and the way you receive me makes me regret having rejected the Soviet proposals, which in turn n ' was not the wind. "

Certainly undermine the Soviets at a time when the scandal Khrushchev was at its peak, was reckless and I think Lelong very angry says:

"Well that's it, then go to Russia."

With that, I do not think anyone blame me for getting up and getting out, slamming the door.

I leave the reflection of each person to enter, but apart from friendship and esteem of a large number of French physicists, unfortunately for most officials CNRS, I think this is what I had to officials hope my country.

It takes me about this back and remember that before I left the U.S. and when my lectures were listened with amazement because they opened horizons at a time when nobody believed in the possibility of eliminating gravity I had been approached before the steps of the State, rue de Grammont for a scholarship of around CHF 50 million.

The Director, Mr. Brangier and the Deputy Director had expressed interest in my designs, because they opened a parallel between the known physical phenomena and those of the space completely unknown at this time and I would even contradictory mathematical analysis .

During the meeting, what was my surprise to hear me say.

"Mr. Pagès we have already given 50 million, but the results you obtained were negative."

Certainly, there was surprising, and never received because the state a penny, and the drama is that Mr. Brangier certainly acted in good faith!

Whence then this error, if an organization determined to prevent me from any experiment, to allow officials to enjoy my views, which proved to be true later, on the occasion of an imprudent language of a member of CNRS.

It turns out that I filed patents, and this is very annoying, the only hope is that some I drop these patents in the field published before 1985, when I would automatically no rights.

If I added that during a dinner at the Comtesse de Saint-Aubin, where Marcel Bloch (Dassault said) was invited it made me say that my theories of interest only in ten years, but meantime he would do everything to make me obstacle.

While I do not blame only Marcel Bloch (alias Dassault) to be a strong opponent, but both officials CNRS or other organisms that can not admit that tramples doctor noisily their beds at both on the field of ideas in physics, but mostly because of the physical consequences brought by my solutions in all areas.

Only the atomists seem immune to the industrial revolution if proved correct my assumption that energy is only FUSION energy space that occurs in some reactions to the scale of its power.

Openings that foreshadows the domestication of space-energy opportunities are amazing, and if I allow myself to talk about that having exposed this view in Rome before an audience of physicists and nuclear scientists, my argument was received with great interest, physicists present even having to check up on the board by his calculations the accuracy of this assumption.

Humanity is such that the greatest enemy of progress is momentary interest people in place and the conceit of many, and it is not for nothing that one goes hairpin Inertial Spin Effect of Professor Costa de Beauregard, because it is an official. Yet this is revealed through a microscope and is acquired only after implausible assumptions and calculations.

It is in any case difficult to explain the difficulties that we accumulate around me not to mention I am a victim discredit to any patrons wishing rightly help me in my research and document what with the CNRS is normal.

I had a striking example of the painter Salvador Dali could testify.

Ten years have passed so apparently sterile, being physically unable to experiment with a suitable scale energy, my microlaboratory with only a few kW while the power requirements are Megawatts.

But nothing is lost in nature Lavoisier said, still a great precursor rewarded by the guillotine, and if France persists in the neutralization of its possibilities abroad is another quality and infinitely more understanding.

I will not dwell on the Soviets and the USA which I have spoken at length, but our neighbors, the Germans, Austrians and Italians.

Since the publication in 1958 of the first newspaper articles and photographic material on my first experience, I received from the former German General Werner von Engel, organizer of military aviation in various countries that I can not disclose a invitation to meet in Geneva to discuss the problem of antigravity, my ideas seemed to him quite close to those of one of its engineers Austrian Erich Halik.

A draft contract was prepared and subsequently Halik having repeated all forms of my experiences capacitor seriousness, I communicated the results far superior to those I had obtained because he had a more sophisticated equipment.

His conclusions were that my theories in physics were checked and the need to continue in this direction.

However if I look and I've never explained why the German Burkhart Heim defended himself working on antigravity, insisting it is agreed that studying the dynamics of the fields.

I presume that very special reasons of similar nature have that W. von Engel himself seems to have put his work on hold, his engineer Halik had been assigned to munitions factories in Vienna, Austria where he keeps me informed of its work, after spending a week in my lab Perpignan .

I am also in constant contact with an engineer of Czechoslovak origin who gave much trouble to the DST time when I was under the protection of this organization, it taking him for a spy, quite wrongly I am convinced.

My relationship with abroad should find their most marked result with Italy.

Indeed invited me to go to Rome before a research group comprised of prominent physicists, the first presentation I did in a meeting room at the Roma Termini railway engineers was greeted with the same exuberance that marks Italian men of science and my view of the binding forces which I consider due to the pressure energy of the space and not in mathematical symbols designed to hide our ignorance, was the subject of considerable discussion. A physicist present (which curiously resembled physically Einstein) having risen to align several equations on the board and having concluded that I definitely reason I got beyond the Alps the best friends possible. It was then decided that a planned international conference next year to allow international experts to compare their space views.

This was done and it is the Air Ministry in Rome a few months after that, received with military honors, including delegates were fifty technicians had the opportunity to meet.

So I had to contact the famous Burkart Heinrich Heim, a former collaborator of von Braun at Peenemünde and inventor of V1 and V2. Science is such that overnight she meets in a common ideal those who have fought the day before.

I explained that for Heim meson field protons is the factor of attraction creating dynabarique field, the magnetic field should be against by contrabary. This means that his views remaining faithful to the Einsteinian space is developed in a theoretical mathematical universe, and indeed the basis of his calculations based on a six-dimensional space, while space is Einstein ten equations in ten unknowns.

Mathematics as I have already often the occasion to say is a wonderful tool to misunderstanding as well physical mechanisms of nature, he manages to give a solution. But who will understand the superiority of intuitive reasoning logic by comparing the extreme complexity of the relativistic point of view with my own design, developed yet in complete ignorance calculations Heim?

While the basis of my reasoning is simple.

The gravitational field is analogous to the field created by the presence of the atmosphere. It is composed of particles, gravitons which have mass and weigh as energy is heavy in all its forms as material.

Accordingly, since it was possible to degravitate in the atmosphere. air creating a vacuum that is to say, making a zone of lesser density with a gas of the same internal energy but less dense, so it was possible to rise in the gravitational space by the same process.

Comparison of views and mathematics Heim dynabaric contrabary and mine is based on easy to calculate the density of protons is greater than that of the space environment while the electron is more than four hundred times lower c ' is using an electron gas obtained by "deprotonization" of the material it was possible to degravitate.

Heim thus gave the mathematical aspect of the problem, so I brought a practical solution, and the even more energy efficient as using only "holes" prefabricated by nature, that is to say the electrons.

Certainly a long conference, also made out of my presence, with admirers Heim, concluded the symmetry of our points of view and, therefore, to deduce what was the only logical way forward for solution to the problem of removing the gravity problem considered insoluble even at the time it is by many physicists conformists, especially in the academic world.

This is a result of this conference it was decided to remove the bases of the organization called "European Centre for Research on Gravitation," Heim and myself being the head of the founding members.

Other conferences, and followed by the arrival of American physicists, CERG became international.

Of course I am kept informed of the work done in the laboratories Italians have always upheld the projects that I have assigned me a contract and guarantees the property, however, in terms of government assistance the Italians do not seem better placed in France and most work is done at the expense of cooperating.

So that's where I am personally in 1972, after fifteen years of struggle and sacrifice to create the world the era of control of gravitational forces.


During this long speech essentially historical, I repeatedly gave some insights into the basics of the antigravity process, and, as in all things, if the basics are still the same, that is to say, consistent with the principles directors who have guided me for over fifty years, it is interesting to see how they have evolved through demonstrations more precise and more technical.

I will therefore have the time so long ago when I was hoping to get this effect of centrifugal force sharp proton-electron complex associated electrically neutral atoms and molecules of the material of which the world is made visible.

And when I say, the visible world, I mean one that sees our sight or our ears hurt too often, because it is a different world than the psychic space, a world where we can not speak to most men that scientists say, because can not put into equations, they can not understand.

If physical space solid, liquid or gaseous forms part of this visible world, space energy can be felt by logical reasoning, but the psychic space or space "PSI" can not be conceived as rare insiders and it is the space of the mind.

Of course, at other times I would have tried to avoid ridicule by defining my belief, but many minds insiders are now convinced that what we perceive the world is ridiculous because the sensitivity limit of our senses is notoriously low ( even that the extent of octaves, starting radiation periods having durations of thousands of years to reach those gravitons in the order of 10-70 seconds, see the work of Mr. Doliguez).

It is known that our perception extends from violet to red is a very narrow range around 1015 Hz.

Certainly, by the artifices of electronics, we are able to use a number of frequencies, but this advantage gives us one aspect of the world still very small.

What is admirable is that with so few materials, this world appears to us already so wonderful. Then think that intelligence could perceive the full extent of radiation of the Universe?

It is indeed strange that the text of my theory of antigravity me appeared a day, because I have written in a single day and in the following circumstances:

As I said, antigravity has since my younger years, the subject of my concerns and the age at which one begins to learn the mysteries of Latin, I would spend my vacation in a rectory mountain Prats-de-Mollo where one of my uncles was exercising his priesthood in the historic church. The favorite place of our discussions was the platform of the tower overlooking an extraordinary landscape overlooking the Canigou and down the Mediterranean.

This is where I explained my views on this uncle for the first time and then I stayed until his death in very close spiritual connection with him and confident.

I have to express that it is a few days after his death that I felt compelled to write the following text and the Cobbler CNRS Engineer General in charge of studies on the metaphysical plane called the "text of Canon ".


The inversion of the resultant weight by Archimedean effect on the energy density of space, gives a theoretically free solution to the problems of Astronautics;

In its simplest expression, antigravity can be defined as a reversal of the direction of the resultant centripetal forces determining the weight of the body.

Based solely on current theories of mathematical space, defined almost as an abstraction, it seems that the problem has no solution logical, but it is quite different and I bring evidence if it willing to consider this space as a material reality, that is to say, tangible energy space whose appearance seems he has escaped analysis of physicists.

It is indeed after a thorough study of all the theories expressed that I was led to propose as the only logical explanation and fruitful hypothesis space represented as gravitational energy of the sun's atmosphere.

If the current mathematical theories seem to come up against the problem of unified field, it is certainly the only reason for the excess of abstraction has lost sight of reality yet very present.

When I leave at any point in space, at any height of a star, a heavy weight, it obviously falls.

If it falls, is that it is subject to acceleration if acceleration is that there is an invisible force which demonstrates the indisputable presence of latent energy!

However, energy is heavy, whatever its form, so it must have a density, and as we are in a deformable medium, pressure!

All these features lead us to equate the gravitational energy environment space a kind of atmosphere of texture quite similar, though original in the middle atmospheric air.

Let's look more closely at this analogy:


From Newton's, light was considered as a projection of photons, that is to say grains of energy and thereafter, and after Maxwell as a propagating wave.

Nowadays physicists admit rightly that the two modes exist simultaneously, but recognize that the speed of the wave and photons are not always synchronous, especially in the crossing of transparent solids.

Any quantum physics recognizes that energy grain.

Any atomic physics admits that any particle is created by PHOTON and therefore the whole universe is primarily a plenum photons.

Why not just admit that all of the photons and the first appearance of the cosmos was ultimately a photon gas (Fiat Lux!).

Although the photon has a curious personality, puisqu'issu vacuum in which he bathes, he seems to be both wave and particle.

This is ultimately a grain energy indivisible, but is accompanied by a wave in some aspects of kinematics.

Thus defined, we can, through him, to build our energy atmosphere, a kind of huge bubble of gas formed by the mixture of these primary photons and particles created their condensation. This medium distinct actually empty space in which it is immersed perpetual oscillation since crossed by all electromagnetic radiation which he is the holder and it causes.

It is not the occurrence of a return to the ether, since the cosmic environment generally remains completely empty of any materiality, but rather condensation under the influence of cosmic bombardment from all part of the Universe, bubbles energy lost in the vastness of the cosmic void and produce their centers of gravity of suns and planetary satellites because of the enormous pressure that prevails.

We will see the end of this chapter explains Cosmogony very well the history of the world, but back before the comparative analysis between atmospheric air that surrounds us and the atmosphere Photonics gravitational field.

The composition of our atmosphere air is characterized by:


these atoms are excited oscillations that create a chaotic thermal and pressure that cause friction on the masses and volumes in translation.

The air thus has a density and pressure vary with altitude, the average height being 200 km.

What reactions these two characteristics will they give a physical volume that bathes in this environment and it is waterproof?

For example, the human body whose surface is about one square meter.

The pressing force will be total of 10 tonnes or 10 million grams spread over the entire surface.

On the other hand our body moves about a volume of 80 liters of air and thus undergoes weight loss archimedean 100 grams!

Thus we see a huge difference between the forces of action and pressure "degravitation" due to the atmosphere is a report:

Hundred thousand times in favor of the pressure!

Now let us consider the solar gravitational environment at the Earth, for example, we find that it occurs well as two types of phenomena which appear to be due to the same cause, which differ by a large ratio.

In fact there are two masses of hydrogen gram placed 10 meters away, a force of gravitational attraction:

6.7. 10-14 dynes.

For cons, the Coulomb force due to the pressure that would occur if these masses were ionized proton and the elements were placed at the same distance from the electron would

0.8. 1014 TONS! or 0.8. 1023 dynes.

The report action is therefore

1.2. 1036 (According Gérardin)

Compare these two results and draw conclusions by:

In the atmospheric air pressure and density are dependent on the mass of the molecules that multiplies the square of the speed of agitation, that multiplies the total height of the assembly.

In this case the mass is relatively high (14 and 16. G.masse l0-24).

Speed ??is relatively small it is:

1000 to 2000 meters per second.

The height of the medium being 200 km.

In the atmosphere the same gravitational photon values ??differ considerably:

Indeed, if the mass of the photon is extremely small, but actually non-zero, the oscillation speed can be very close to that of light and height of action being the dimensions of the solar gravitational field it should be around :

100 000 000 000 km.

We see, therefore, in a very broad overview, a perfect symmetry between the characteristics of the atmosphere and air photonic materialized in the form of two separate but the same origin as follows:

Local density and local pressure.

This leads us to consider the problem of the unity of fields as resolved, that is to say:

There is a single field gravitational energy.

1 The effects of gravity are due to effects by Archimedean local energy density difference and effects of radiation on screen that populate this milieu. Radiation whose propagation is also changed according to the variable density locally.

2 The effects of pressure difference forces determine Coulomb electrostatic and magnetic.

The electrostatic effect given by a photon field of electronic or pressure, but random movements.

Magnetic effects are instead represented by a photon field is polarized electronic ie parallel spin in the same direction, it is the parallelism in the natural tendency of a particle to put his spin in a position parallel to its direction of movement as it moves in a medium, the position of the poles being reversed according to whether the particle is an electron or a proton.

By cons in a magnetic field, the spin being oriented with lines of force perpendicular to the path, there is a kind of electromagnetic Magnus effect which bends the path.

As for the meson fields, they represent the maximum total pressure of cosmic energy repressed by particulate rotations that create a cavitation within it.

This design field seems logically solve the thorny problem of unitary field on which foundered Einstein.

Remains now to explain the specific effect of the weight or electromagnetic attraction.

Coming to see the profound analogy between the air and photonics field, we experimentally demonstrate how the gravitation in a gaseous medium.

Experience is locked in a hermetically sealed room a bunch of balloons, each inflated to other hydrogen with carbon dioxide.

These balls left in still air, the lighter will rise to the ceiling, others will fall on the ground, their density is greater than that of air.

In still air nothing manifest, whatever the duration of the experiment and although the balls are in every sense the pulse of molecular collisions in the air.

But everything will change if we put in the room is a powerful vibrational energy through an ultrasonic whistle or energy vortex rapidly rotating disk around one of its diameters.

The room will close indeed constitute a kind of black body sound in which reign vibrational energy and then we see that:

Balloons of carbon dioxide attract while hydrogen balloons repel, which allows us to conclude that:

"In a fluid medium in which reigns a sinusoidal vibration energy, the mass density greater than that of the medium while those attract lower density repel".

This mechanism can be explained as a function of changes in the amplitude of the sound waves in various media.

Implemented at the "gas" photonic cosmic law must explain that this medium constituents photonic they must attract "bathe" in the empty space of zero energy density and that this space is traversed by waves of any homo or heterogeneous nature of these components are compressed by the impact of particles from all points of the universe and arriving at superluminal speeds (see, for example, the theory of gravitons Mr Doliguez).


This hypothesis space considered gravitational energy of the sun's atmosphere is allowed, the solution to the problem of antigravity is immediate.

Represent in effect as concentric spheres various media materials and energy around us, and we have around the solid mass of a planet, the liquid mass of the oceans, the atmosphere of gas and finally following our designs which is formed by the "gas" and gravitational energy, which itself "impregnates" the entire planet and its environment.

Beyond that, there is still that of the isotropic energy without attractive effect and finally the absolute vacuum intangible space only traveled at speeds of superluminal particles by waves stripped of their support since there is no support for these waves moderator and no speed particles.

However, there is nothing easier than dégraviter a lead weight in the oceans, just attach a float. Similarly, in the atmosphere, a hot air balloon sufficiently inflated or hydrogen may rise in the airspace.

Dégravitations these are theoretically free since it is the environment that provides the work and not the sustainer system, but against the only job will be to inflate the float or the envelope of the balloon with a gas lighter or to the vacuum inside.

The same reasoning implemented at the cosmic energy gravitational dégraviter we will, that is to say, to raise and maintain indefinitely in space using a heavy weight for any motive power Archimedean effect of a difference local density between the energy of the medium and less dense dégravitant device that is to say the same pressure energy but less dense.

Thus we pass without transition from ballooning of astronautics our fathers, which opens wide the doors of all the infinite astronomical.

However, if ballooning can rise into the atmosphere to an altitude where the density of the carrier fluid and healthy balance to the kinematics of the ball differs substantially from that of the machine dégravité.

Indeed, in the first case, the ball is a volume having a trail in the air after the first acceleration, will neutralize to the maximum altitude possible. But for a bathing machine outside the atmosphere in cosmic energy, acceleration must be able to maintain and give a resultant velocity constantly accelerated and that probably up to speeds near that of light in the medium considered, therefore much greater than the escape velocity.


We have now reached the level of the atmosphere consists of super-particles and waves constituting the planetary gravitational field density and pressure Dw Pw.

The above reasoning allows us to consider a centrifugal repulsion archimedean the moment we have created a vacuum inside the capacitor energy more or less complete photonic chasing people or particulate.

This degravitation be obtained for the case where the movable mass energy, that is to say the mass of the driven power (W = MC2) is greater than that of the capacitor.


This problem seems at first sight an extremely difficult and yet all physicists are the antigravita tion without knowing, as Monsieur Jourdain who spoke prose without knowing it.

We do indeed see that we model the atmosphere air.

Take a bicycle pump in which we reverse the direction of compression piston, while also blocking orifice, it is clear that pulling the piston requires work against atmospheric pressure and once released it will return to original position the bottom of the pump.

But now after the piston expansion, we chased a certain amount of air and the system is reduced archimédiennement the weight of the air mass deportation (see Figure 4, page 30).

A sufficiently large and light would be able to rise by Archimedean effect airspace provided to keep separate the positions of the piston and the cylinder bottom than atmospheric pressure tends to collect.

This example makes it possible to consider that the nature of all phenomena can be explained by appealing an empty local energy at all levels, both in the air in the gravitational field photon or meson.

So I ask the general principle that every phenomenon involves a defect attractive local energy density, and hence archimedean antigravitatif effect, that we could put into language as a physicist probability of photons inside the system less than that which exists in the outer space. Therefore:

Two magnetic poles attraction

Two poles electrostatic attraction,

The attractive effect of gravity,

bring as a consequence the latent degravitative effect reinforced by any course of three interactions.


The energy W of a capacitor is expressed by the equation

W = CV2 / 2 or W = QV / 2

My conception of this expression is significantly different from that commonly accepted.

Indeed, I consider that the electromagnetic waves between positive and negative charges tend to cancel and, hence, the probability of photons tends to zero.

This gives the potential energy of the capacitor is a vacuum energy between electrodes determines consequently the attraction elements, external pressure energy is higher than the internal pressure.

Here is a first approximation numeracy

W = Mc2 therefore M = W / c2

P = P = M so Mg / g is P = gW / c2 (P = equivalent weight)

The mass reduction Archimedean A is given by

A = V. of

V = volume of displaced energy space

d = mass energy density per unit volume of space.

This represents an energy W

W = Pr. V

Pr = pressure local energy space


A = W. d / Pr

But the pressure is equal to the energy density space. Is:

Pr = W / V = ??c2 M / V = ??d. c2


A = W / c2

and this mass Archimedean A provides relief well in a gravitational field of acceleration g, a weight "negative"

-G. W / c2

So taking into account the energy of the capacitor W = CV2 / 2 we obtain finally:

Dégravité weight of the load Po = - g CV2 / 2 c2

and I say less, as well as experience proves and shows the calculation above, and would not like the electronics.

While the factor c2 is extremely minimal offset by V2et we can say that the effect is proportional to the voltage, but the effect is relatively small static regime, although experience shows that there is much higher than the theoretical calculation. We will explain later.

It remains, however, a solution to increase the performance, which is to run as quickly as possible the negative charge around the support of the positive charge.

We finally get a device that resembles a hydrogen enlarged, but we can vary the magnetic field.

If our reasoning is correct, we should see a degravitation and, hence, a decrease of "mass" from such a system.

It turns out that this is what is happening at all deuterium and tritium atoms, but which has not been recognized at the protium (hydrogen simple).

Admittedly, according to the authors, the values ??of weights or weight of the particles are quite different from the third decimal place, however in my opinion the most important, but take for example:

Weight of 1.674 proton

Weight of the electron 0.000909

whose sum gives 1.674909

inconsistent with the actual weight is:

1.65 a difference of 0.0249.

It seems that the atomists found themselves in trouble on this point, because the accepted principle to hold the weight of the electron as a scam seems negligible entity.

(This is good in my opinion the loss of mass due to the electron, but if I look at my latest designs, it is because it seems absolutely necessary to request the reader to distinguish between positive critical mass of the two particles in an isotropic medium, but becomes negative for the electron in a gravitational field.

We will revisit this aspect in due time, but already I feel that physics must be seriously reviewed in this basic yet essential).

I give Indeed, with the official explanation of weight loss, a very different point of view.

The proton and the electron bathing in the "gas" photonics, their "weight" is clean some exact value minus the weight of the volume of "gas" photonic they move and as such, as I will show later, it may be that their respective mass is exactly the same, since their "charge" positive and negative has the same value.

However, their "weight" representing only the difference between their own archimedean density and the energy of the space they occupy, the resultant weight should be based on their respective volume.

Thus, a load may even give the proton, condensation space, heavy particle and the electron space expansion, particle dégravitée, its density being less than that of the surrounding space energy, this explains that although the electron eight times larger than the proton has a weight about 2000 times lower.

These masses must give a value other very distant an amount, when combined, positive and negative, one of the two charges revolves around giving each other either protium or a neutron.

We are indeed a mechanism to create a vortex effect CAVITATION therefore ultimately a resulting decrease Archimedean almost GND (ground I say!) System.

It is also easy to determine through this process APPROXIMATE value of the local density of the "gas" Photonics at the earth's surface and beyond, from the molecule gram of nickel, which is the most sensitive to the loss in mass.

This symbol nickel 28/58 has indeed (given the neutrons which are themselves a complex proton-electron) structure based on:

58 protons + 58 electrons

Either by the sum of theoretical weight: 97.144622. l0-24 g-m.

In these conditions should weigh gmole Ni, 6.02. 1023 is Avogadro's number:

97.144622. 1023 58.481 grams

but it weighs 55.409 grams

A loss of mass and cavitation effect Archimedean of 3.072 grams.

Moreover, this molecule gram (Ni) occupies a volume of space atomic: 6.7 cubic centimeter of which a small portion is depressed energy space due to electrons and their orbital motions.

We are therefore entitled to express that the combination of 58 protons + 58 electrons giving a molecule gram of nickel, it hunts in 6.7 cm2 area of ??a weight of 3.072 g of energy, which gives the approximate value of the local density of the "gas" photon that is to say, energy cosmic space GRADIENT IN OUR LAND, k is a coefficient very high.

This approximate density would be in the order of:

500. k grams dm3

But calculations based on other techniques show that it is nearly 1014 times greater than 500 g dm3 (k = 1014). Whether

10 million tons per cubic centimeter minimum!

In conclusion, science has concluded relativistic vacuum when reality demonstrates that we live at the bottom of an ocean energy gradient fantastically high!

It is therefore not surprising that the density and pressure unimaginable that this, while making allows the problem of antigravity perfectly soluble explain all aspects of physics remained obscure and formulated only with a lot of assumptions more or less verified and abstraction.

It also proves that far if no manipulation has modified gravity, it is because, in the face of forces fantastic whose effect is only residue weight, we can not change that by setting forces as powerful. But thank heaven nature has provided us with all the necessary elements, hidden only by design errors physicists.


According to what we have described a device antigravity will be based on the model of protium or more of the electron.

His appearance will be very similar to the classic image of the "flying saucer", that is to say, a central sphere centered on a plateau more or less swollen, as the elongation leads to wheel cylinder often described by observers.

Let our formula currently in effect verified by experience:

Actual weight dégravité: Po - g CV2 / 2 c2 or Po - QV2 g / 2 c2

We have seen that this formula static (capacitor) can be changed by rotating an effective charges around 4'autre in order to create a swirling effect cavitation, the centrifugal force of the rotating load is compensated by the pressure of energy which is the coulomb force physicists.

Depending relativistic relations we obtain:

Dégravité weight:

c is the local speed maximum light and v the speed of the rotating load, which gives us for the zero gravity:

Square (v2) of the load speed = c2 - (g QV / 2 c P0) 2

By cons beyond this speed the resulting gravitational will be reversed to become theoretically infinite for v = c.


It follows from these formulas that

1 Cancellation weight is achievable by rotating a load around another of opposite sign that is to say around the body dégraviter.

2 degravitation This is accompanied by the suppression of the effective mass therefore INERTIA OF SYSTEM!

Indeed, this suppression of inertia due to the fact that experimental acceleration forces applied to the molecule gram of nickel give a propulsive effect function not of the theoretical amount of particle masses but only the experimental mass lower than the first , whereas the constituent masses are still present.

We therefore conclude that, given the quantum effects that we can neglect,

simply accelerate the electron around the nucleus to CANCEL THE MASS AND INERTIA.

As a first approximation the speed of 2000 km / s is the electron seems dégraviter of protium hydrogen of 0.025 of its actual weight, which might seem contrary to the relativistic conclusions, but can be explained by Archimedean effects in the atmosphere due to the photonic cavitation created by the electron spin.

By increasing the speed we need to obtain the annulment of weight and inertia of protium.

The atom has neutralized its mass must reach a speed almost instantly préluminique under the influence of minimal force, and this is already the case for the electron.

It goes without saying that all the current physical must be revised, constants representing only the characteristics of a local state variables outside of our energy gradient, and the orbital velocities of electrons are themselves based on the relationship between energy Rotary material and energy radiating space.


The transposition of the relief mechanism for mass loss at the atom must be reproducible across customary quantities experimentally.

Therefore I said that since 1921, I exposed to many scientific authorities my experience mica disc levitating, and for years, in vain I try to attract the interest of the scientific community on this experience.

Here's how I carried that day without me explain exactly the theoretical mechanism only after a research program on the combination of forces and electromagnetic cefitrifuges.

The mica disk was placed on a horizontal axis and balance on two points connected to the blades of a very powerful Wimshurst machine equipped with eight plates of capacitors, this accessory is absolutely necessary.

The oscillatory discharge determines both the load plate and a kind of rotating field, which is materialized by the ultra fast rotation of the disc.

This rotation is extremely fast with a powerful engine, giving 300 kV in principle, levitation occurs in a very spectacular.

It is indisputable that this demonstration analysis proves without question the soundness of my theory.

However, I find it necessary to complete this demonstration kinematic static counterpart.

Always using the same electrostatic machine I arranged on an insulating sleeve connected to the arm of a very sensitive balance grounded metallized mica two discs on one of their faces.

Each plate is connected to one pole of high voltage AC or DC, we obtain the following effects:

The two plates are short circuited and positively or negatively charged, the balance shows an increase of weight but it seems there is a predominance of attractive electrostatic forced the body balance.

For cons, the two plates being loaded and opposite signs either continuously or in alternative, it manifests relief and hard stand, dégravitante force being greater than the attractive electrostatic effects.

It is important to note, however, that the effect is very much higher than that obtained by the calculation, the mechanism seems very complex, involving both air mass and dielectric Another effect of the electrons which we will define later the nature.

It seems that relief this reaction can be attributed to the natural state of antigravity electron as in airspace free from any physical presence, the negatively charged plates which always leads to a reduction gave the Palace la Découverte in Paris a value of:

Five grams to 200 kV load.

Note immediately that the amperage maintenance charge is zero, the energy required to dégraviter is zero, once the maximum potential obtained exactly as in a hydrogen balloon which remains dégravité once filled with gas if the wall is impermeable.


A reliable set of these principles must have a number of unique features that differentiate it from all that is currently known.

The principle is simple. It is to run at the required speed, that is to say préluminique, an electronic load or physical character not yet clear, for example, what constitutes the "burden" of the electron or proton, which seem to be identical in nature, around the craft dégraviter.

But it should be clear what is pure analogy between this system and the degravitation that allows a balloon to rise in the atmosphere using not so reactive power introduced as mandatory fuel but only the pressure of the air or atmosphere energy becomes free, the work load is done beforehand and once and for all to the ground!

This charging is free for the hydrogen balloon, but it will require for énergostat prior work consisting of "a hole in the cosmic energy."

This energy seems likely to be important, but it can be injected into the ground just like any time you load a battery low or high intensity regime.

It is indeed launching a wheel, but a wheel of electrons whose electromagnetic characteristics will be the beam focus by pinch effect in a thin torus.

While it is recognized that due to the centrifugal and centripetal acceleration, the electrons should lose energy by radiation, but the moment the electron revolves around the proton does not lose its rotation is almost as constant, it is not impossible to overcome, not least by creating a system of standing waves.

As for the work resulting from the effect produced by the archimedean density difference, it can not influence the energy of the beam-at least logically, the experiment remains to be done.

A steel ball inside emptied the seabed and its contents up to the surface can in fact be affected by this work if it is from the point of view of its holding in terms of the pressure variation.

But it is mathematically agreed that the workload at the outset in this case equal to the volume of water expelled from the sphere multiplied by the local pressure.

The problem of antigravity seems to me practically solved by the implementation of natural forces, or at least we see in what direction we must focus our efforts.

Do not forget that the texture of the air is completely different though similar to the photon gas whose viscosity is practically nil and more can not be stopped by a surface effect as entering the area intimately.

This medium seems to enjoy the privilege of hyperfluidité already demonstrated in some fluids absolute 0.

We must therefore expect not to rise at a uniform rate as balloons, but a permanent acceleration function only of the local energy density but the gradual decrease of the g factor in the numerator of my formula to make degravitation practically constant in any gravitational gradient.

Consequently, if our machine is pushed by centrifugement our planet and the Sun to the limit action of the gravitational field, it is with tremendous speed that must occur in an environment devoid of energy.

It should be noted, secondly, that this acceleration is a function of the degree of vacuum in the local machine obtained, we are able to not only reverse thrust G, but to increase the pulse to incalculable limit the current state of our knowledge, but theoretically close to infinity at the speed of the beam is close to that of light, after which the result of my formula.

The discharge into the cosmos in a direction previously selected speeds theoretically unlimited and function, according to my views only of the local energy density seems feasible.

This density necessarily follows a discrepancy between the speed of light waves and photons particles, so that the views of the relativistic speed of light is acceptable in our energy gradient, they are no longer outside this gradient, do not forget, no changes experimentally enough away from our planet, the Sun suburb.

We come back, about my cosmogonic hypothesis, on this particular point.


We are of course free to believe or not believe the demonstrations, yet so often confirmed by people who can not be suspected or sensory integrity or moral integrity, similar gear undoubtedly from other parts of the universe, but certainly outside our solar system.

However, it becomes interesting to compare the effects of theoretically possible SYSTEM I suggest to those who seem to have so often been observed and described generally in good faith.

We have, in short, a device that looks like a great and huge magnetic field, the rotation of a considerable load at speeds préluminiques to create a field of several million gauss.

What do we see in these conditions in the vicinity of the machine?

1 - Saturation magnetic pole pieces industrial is to say "stop" engine ignition induction.

2 - Events by attraction noisy parts ferro
magnetic vibrating passing gear.

3 - Atmospheric nitrogen is diamagnetic and the vast majority of chemical elements, also for weakly regular fields, they are repelled by the magnetic flux, as in the presence of two rings, one of which is the seat of an alternating current, the other being pressed due to the self-induction.

Due to the cavitation energy it creates a vacuum around the craft material, which prevents air friction heat loss and thus drag, the air molecules slip over each other then taking place with the minimum loss by turbulence.

4 - Finally waterproof cavitation energy in the middle space around the machine will create refraction effects which will result in making the contours of the vehicle very vague and even make it disappear from view, the light rays diverted around the unit and the eye perceiving them as coming from the sky without being intercepted by the mass of the vehicle.

Under these conditions, the Archimedean degravitation with the loss of inertia, it will be natural to think that any acceleration can give a solid surrounded by a zone of extremely rarefied air speeds instantly without considerable staff related electromagnetically to the reference system of the sphere it occupies, or uncomfortable.

The staff seems to the outside world SECONDED by belt vacuum energy and air that surrounds it. And inertia, when moving, which can be theoretically linked to changes in local energy space which creates a kind of self-induction which tends to react against the movement can not occur.

5 - We know, moreover, that the best protection against COSMIC RADIATION consists of a powerful magnetic field which removes the repressing action.

6 - As the luminous phenomena that surround generally and especially at night appearances gear they are easily explained by the excitation of atomic electrons due to intense ionization to which they are subjected.

This long list corresponding aspects fully recognized at the time of the apparitions of extraterrestrial craft it does not seem necessary to insist on the analogy between these indisputable superévolués gear and technique that I recommend going back and I do remind my own research whose beginnings lie between 1916 and 1921!


It seems that systems for far to get rid of the terrestrial attraction EFFECT REAGENT must randomly generated increasingly archaic and primitive because they have easements, and especially the mass ratio of the gear propeller and powered equipment!

We have indeed powerful mechanism of cosmic forces that gives us full all the possibilities to reach the outer limits of the cosmos at speeds unimaginable under the "veto" relativistic. We must therefore rely on the good sense to assign technicians to astronautics archimedean electro-magnetic credits astronomical employees to use pyrotechnic processes for results certainly honorable, but more than outweighed by the opportunities presented in this book.

In this hope, however, it seems useful and necessary to give an overview of the cosmic environment in which we live.


In 1958 we can get an idea of the physical reality of the atmosphere in which solar energy is changing our time, date confused by mathematicians with an abstract immaterial (but empty space assigned bends?) Without seeming contradiction data from official science which has the force of law!

Admittedly, the relativistic conception has its greatness, but once again pretend that empty space in which waves propagate without math support has curvature, the psychiatrist seems that I am not at least officially, an aberration unlikely because we live in reality and not in fantasy.

Represented by demonstrating against a medium at any point in the presence of a potential energy gradient varies according to the point considered a kind of atmosphere energy occupying the empty space that is real to him, but amorphous, to my mind, a logical view of reality.

Certainly, many areas are isobaric curves, but they are real and not mathematics.

That the atmosphere is due to the presence of a photon gas, that is to say the actual particle mass fraction, but accompanied by their complementary wave, that explains the cosmic field of local gravitational field is the only but whose various aspects will be energy the electric field or the magnetic or the meson.

One of the fundamental laws of nature is that of least action, it is natural that everything tends toward equilibrium with lower cost and this is the reason of gravity whose main action is to group items of the same density So mass energy.

Although, I will say it, the electrons and protons repel but if electrons and protons are attracted to ultimately, it is because they create in their fusion element density close to that of the environment in which they are immersed, their individual repulsion being the fact that they emit radiation and which are in phase.

All this sounds simple and explains the physics made complex because it does not include the base.


We can go back to the very beginning of the cosmos, assuming there was a beginning. What is highly questionable. In fact I prefer to think logically that we are in a universe with no beginning and no end to have this universe is the place perpetually renewed transformations, but locally, have a beginning, duration and end .

Anyway, assuming the Fiat Lux of Genesis, we must admit that at the beginning there was the void of nothingness, but that this gap has "seeped" one day, something extremely tenuous , the base particles along with their photon wave.

It is indeed curious that the story of Genesis places the creation of light (waves?) Early, not describing the luminaries on the fourth day.

Particulate matter and radiation is being concentrated and condensed in some areas of empty space, they determined the center of pressure or gravity zone of maximum energy density which became Sun.

It represents the focal Sun system in function of the pressure generating the high temperature required for particulogensis.

This passage of energy the particle can be considered as a kind of liquefaction energy radiation with gas primitive photonics, Bethe cycle is secondary to the primary materialization.

However, it seems that there must be a report "threshold" between the mass of liquefied energy form the sun and that of the ambient gas atmosphere photonics.

Thus the Sun persists for thousands of years whereas its mass every second it makes tons of material in the form of radiant energy and solar wind.

But because of rashes that appear to be due to exceeding the breakeven, the sun ejects from time to time a certain mass of substance which becomes the embryo of a planet.

It is logical to assume that at the time of the expulsion, the planetary mass still remaining connected to the Sun by a kind of "tail" it breaks into two creating between these breakpoints one satellite microplanet. (Fig. 6).


Numerous experiments demonstrate this mechanism.

On the other hand, the mechanism of liquefaction causing a kind of contraction, it will not take long to show a swirl (like a liquid flowing through a hole at the base of a vase or funnel) and this is the reason for all the sun and its atmosphere system photonics will start to rotate, faster elsewhere in the equatorial zone of the vortex and in the image of the Sun known as the equatorial angular velocity is much faster than the poles.

We thus arrive at the solar system whose appearance is that of a rotating ellipsoid fairly flat complex, and the mechanism may be reproduced by rotating a disk around one of its diameters after immersed in a liquid containing particles, viewing movement.

Two mechanisms seem now prove that the planets ejected from the Sun away from it regularly over time.

It appears that all of the solar atmosphere being driven in a circular motion the planets follow suit, their rotation being due to the difference in energy density of the layers in which they are immersed, like a car differential .

It is interesting to note support this demonstration of some physicochemical aspects of Solar planets.

First, the two planets closest to the Sun Mercury and Venus do not seem to rotate on its polar axis.

But some poorly specified rotation can be recorded on Venus rotation appears to be in the opposite direction of rotation of the earth, this easily explains the differential mechanism already defined.

It is likely that Venus once arrived at the place we occupy, turn in the same direction as the Earth.

It should be noted further that the polar axis of the two planets is still substantially perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic.

I think I can say that this axis itself reached our present stage of removal affect similar to ours.

Indeed, all extra-solar planets rotate in the same direction and have a symmetrical effect until URANUS whose axis is in position reversal, it is temporarily in the plane of the ecliptic.

All these mechanisms have the same origin that is to say the lines of magnetic force emanating from the Sun and the direction in space denotes an origin that is not confused with the polar axis of the Sun.

As for the drive mechanism determining the rotation in one direction or the other, and it is the result of the difference in density of training environments and their respective local speed, the gas viscosity photon energy is far be zero according to the above contact time.

It is important therefore to conclude that the speed of rotation around the Sun, that is to say, the year of revolution and the duration of the day continue to vary, and therefore the duration of the second phase which it has been demonstrated the reality is also variable.

Another demonstration is in recognition of the continuing decline in the density of planets passing successively 1.41 for the Sun is a plasma to 6.2 Mercury is a solid, then decreasing until the density 1 for Neptune. (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7

This steady decline in density can only confirm that the ambient energy, considerable at the Sun, must tend to 0 beyond Pluto that is to say, to 100 billion km.

Cohesion of atoms and molecules is a function of the pressure, its decrease should lead to dematerialization radio-activity elements, first the most complex in the Uranian our land to hydrogen gradient well below the transuranic elements.

All these aspects of the solar system is exposed only to invite astronomers to rethink their ideas, too many theorists believed without proof that the universe is everywhere identical to that of our environment.

Everything seems amenable to making laws only because the sum of all local energies and especially for planets that their kinetic energy + mass that is to say, translation + rotation + thermal establishing relationships equilibrium with the photon energy of the environment in which they swim.


This vast fresco covered striding we must draw the necessary conclusions:

I think relativity contains a number of accuracies, but the constants are only valid in a uniform energy gradient and relatively narrow.

I have not clearly expressed in the fear of not being understood by the proponents of classical education, that all electromagnetic mechanisms were reproducible at the gas!

We can now polarize sound waves, and refraction can analyze a sound like a light after passing through a prism.

Similarly, the speed of sound is a constant for a medium pressure and density determined varies with these characteristics.

The sound is faster in water and steel faster in hydrogen than in air at the same pressure.

The speed of sound decreases as one rises in the atmosphere.

But we have seen that the long gravitational field could be likened to an atmosphere of very special characteristics, and therefore everything must happen at the level for electromagnetic waves in the air as sound waves.

Nobody can contradict me in this statement perfect parallelism between these two sets of phenomena controlled by recent experiences indisputable.

I am therefore entitled to doubt the constancy of the speed of light in the universe and this for many reasons.

The first is that this constancy was enacted to facilitate Einstein and relativistic calculations based on the experiments of Michelson which are erroneous as soon as the field photonic lightwave support accompanies the movement of the operator.

The shift has been observed in experiments of Sagnac.

Finally, no action has been demonstrated that absolute constancy in time and it seems that the speed decreases each day because of the increased distance between the earth sun, which confirms my point of view.

Undoubtedly if the gravitational field is equivalent to a superatmosphère photonics speed EM radiation must vary with the local density of the medium, that is to say that c must be larger as it approaches the Sun and smaller in moving away from it.

Consequently, the wave velocity should be zero at the extreme limit of a gravitational field energy or there is a vacuum theoretically perfect.

But then tell you where the light comes from galaxies?

Certainly, it is possible to admit that a field exists everywhere more or less diluted photons for transmitting wave, but I prefer the following explanation because it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of nature.

Indeed, I think that the formula of de Broglie

C2 = C'C''

C 'is the wave velocity and C'' accompanying the particle photon is the greatest truth.

Light spilling over into final with both photons and waves with respective speeds are represented by the above formula, and these speeds would therefore synchronous in the only case where C '= C''.

It must therefore be assumed that for example in hyper-dense medium, the speed of the wave is greater than that of the particle and smaller in a less dense medium, wherein it would be that which would benefit from the particle's energy .

Consequently, in an environment where lack of hardware support, the wave can no longer propagate, the velocity of the particle should be Photonics tend to infinity!

Thus, the light from galaxies happen to us in the form of photons at high speed (cosmic rays) that associate a wave slowing their speed in crossing the cosmic energy field of the Sun.

This assumption may be questionable, but it seems logical based on the example of a supersonic jet noise which precedes or follows the mobile, depending on its speed (sub or supersonic).

It would consider the possibility of translation between solar systems or galaxies at speeds consistent with our physiological and theoretically infinite possibilities, putting default all astronomical theories and especially the notion of time following the relativistic conceptions.

To support this view, I note that the planets are satellites of the Sun in one aspect more fluid as a function of their distance, density becoming weaker.

The explanation for this slow transformation can be understood only in terms of reducing the cosmic energy density, that is to say of the solar atmosphere because of the remoteness, the specific gravity of each planet having a close relationship with the environment.

The vortex mechanism of the solar atmosphere demonstrates that the angular velocity of the equator is significantly larger than the poles, there is a general training energy and planets in the ecliptic, on the model of the body of the sun.

Thus each planet is from the Sun on the occasion of a cataclysm, moves away during the revolution, occupying the places abandoned by her elders.

This explains perfectly the state of the Earth at different times in geological and paleontological some time she was the level of Venus, that is to say, was characterized by an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and high temperature.

March of the same should appear to us as a dead world and this is fate, maybe faster than you think awaits our planet.

Therefore, if the main concern is to keep astronauts apprentices chemical characteristics and biological pressure of our atmosphere, I'm afraid that the energy aspect of the problem has escaped our analysis.

The osmotic balance of the body, requires a certain pressure of the atmosphere not to boil. But if we lived in a gradient of energy density and pressure of tremendous problem would be implemented at the molecular equilibrium first atomic then. And if we move in an environment of lower energy density, to trigger mechanisms of radioactivity.

The problem of interest at the highest point future astronaut seems to me infinitely more important than the limit c the speed of light, and require many techniques which we have no precise idea.

It appears, however, from the moment it is recognized that there are extraterrestrial visitors, there must be a solution as it exists for them.

We will indeed keep the pressure energy in the spacecraft, but within an energy gradient low, we will not be allowed to get out more than it is a batyscaphandrier to extract its craft great depth, the conditions are reversed course. Perhaps this view of the problem may explain the rarity of extraterrestrial contacts, energo biological conditions some of them not allowing them to this performance.

The same problem arises about the stability of the components of the device and therefore should be dissolved in a perfectly empty space of the material energy. But it is an experience that opens a hope, and that is obtained by placing a ping-pong inside a mobile plummeting.

It can be seen in terms of the speed balls agglomerate at the center of gravity of the car.

Hopefully this mechanism hypervelocity superluminal cosmonef maintain cohesion and its passengers!


It therefore appears as a result of this presentation that

1 We are able to overcome gravity by reversing its weight due to the effects resulting Archimedean energy in energy, resulting in the formation of an electromagnetic "hole" in the cosmic gravitational energy.

2 We are able to move us in the cosmic fields using local energies at speeds far above luminiques so in periods compatible with our biological characteristics.

3 A single point is unknown, that is to say, we can ask ourselves outside of the vehicle on planets energy gradient different from ours.

4 If one hand, the logical laws of evolution are only the planets in an environment identical to ours energy can bring humanity parallel to ours, on the other hand this restriction is compensated within certain limits.

Perpignan, August 1957.


 The document has been presented on the state of my designs in 1957. Although unfortunately sent a copy of this text (which also was broadcast in the "Bulletin de la Societe Astronomy" Toulouse) to various notables scientific or military, I did not feel that this study was or understood or appreciated outside technicians not involved in cohorts officials tightened science.

While the original text has been redacted some time between presentation mistakes and I admit that, for mathematicians comprennant the language abstractions, the simplicity of my views may have seemed unworthy of serious consideration.

I have already stated bluntly contempt by Mr. de Broglie, who also seems to be inspired as three months after his presentation appeared in the Journal de Physique Radium and recognition by MM. De Broglie, Bohm and Vigier value of the spatial gradient energy or joules at 1021 cm3.

There is no reason to believe I am formalize this behavior is customary in high circles of scientific research. And I think I must consider myself filled by the fact that authority as M. de Broglie is found in agreement with my own designs, moreover confirmed by another method of calculation based on the characteristics of mass and volume, measured , the proton and the electron.

Of course, recognize any value to the rantings of a doctor of physical harm, these are good things unthinkable.

Unfortunately, if the expenditure CNRS its widely billion for research that one sometimes wonders necessity, it is not possible for a single researcher to evolve in experimental disciplines without using only the opinion of an authority would able to provide, and are therefore sterile ten years elapsed between the publication of my paper base and the chance that was given to me by General de Jussieu-Pontcarral, director of the French Astronautical Journal of spread some new ideas on the problems of the physical degravitation interesting, and I can do no better than to publish this book as a reminder for some or curiosity for others.

It is therefore the first six articles that I present in 1967-1968 among the fifteen I had in preparation for the meantime due to the strange French dAstronautique Journal ceased publication, absorbed by the French Society of Astronautics which had meanwhile made and included only members of the CNRS.

The lawsuit filed by General de Jussieu-Pontcarral was as it should be, set against him.

I think it unnecessary to dwell, also enters all the traditional rules that govern our society, at its .... elite.

The reader will, I think, to focus on the evolution of the problem in the past ten years, sterile experimentally, but have made a number of details on the mechanisms of physical fields and particles.


The problem of suppression of gravity and inertia been since a few years, research in a few laboratories in advanced countries.

However, the theoretical and practical results being kept top secret, it is difficult to explain other concepts than those I express for over ten years, both in Europe and the USA, and are the result of many studies since 1921.

That is, these views, if they face certain mental habits, are essentially personal, but I think I'm allowed to publish, many scientists have now adopted openly, and, secondly, a concern many natural prudence "administrative" I have confirmed their agreement confidential.

Why the secrecy? why care? But very simply because some relativistic official views may be reversed, and that the consequences of the discovery of antigravity better defined by the term "Gravitation Antipondérale" is incalculable practical applications it is possible to consider to be of such magnitude that the whole world will be radically changed, some current industrial scientific values ??are likely to be relegated to moving memories of the past.

For an overview of these changes, it is absolutely necessary to revise the conceptions of physical conceptions which certainly led to a considerable change, but some barriers Dam in a mathematical formulation but respectable to be modified.

If our century was the century of relativity, if it has, in some areas, made a lot of progress, it is now recognized that the doctrine must Einstein 25 years behind in the field of gravitation, and I do not mean that this aspect of physical science.

It is well accepted that the evidence adduced by the experience of relativity, if they broadly confirm the principles of this theory has never been total and completely indisputable, although other theories to achieve the same results.

The Michelson-Morley experiment, basic relativity, is currently very challenged by many scientists and not the least and I am convinced that in the very near future, the relativistic explanation will give way to a new concept of texture cosmos, and will go ahead and make up a significant delay.

This is mainly because the very basis of the explanation of the physical world that relativity does not keep its promises.

Indeed the mistake of Einstein was to declare:

"Ether? there is no "and Gravitation is the result of curvature of space!

This error has never solved the great problem of the Field Unit.

I pass on the evidence of a contradiction, expressing that nothingness can have curves, because this statement can satisfy a mathematician in the abstract, but not a physicist.

Let me quote some excerpts from the preface of the remarkable work of physicist Dr. Doligez the pen mathematician F. Prunier:

"Certainly, Einstein's theory seems very nearly to quantitatively account of the movements of planets and satellites, and perhaps removals galaxies, but only quantitatively.

This theory is descriptive, not explanatory ... and if we put Einstein, Lemaitre and others, the question:

"Why the material deforms she geodesics of spacetime? "If they do not respond, it is reasonable to argue that strict is not the space is distorted, but the medium that contains ... and everyone, Dirac, De Broglie, Bohm, Vigier, Kartzef, Kleiner, Wexler, Bourbon and another now accepts the need for a return to a substratum, populating, nomadic or homebody, Space ".

And what about the recent congress of Relativistic Astro-American physicists led by Professor Robert H. Dicke in New York, began as a portrait of Albert Einstein, removed during the sessions, the relativity between time having suffered a mortal blow to the following communication from the President about the flattening of the Sun, which sounded communication death knell of the theory, showing that this finding put an end to the validity of Einsteinian views.

I myself in 1959, the International Congress of rockets in Paris and later during my campaign broadcast in the USA, expressed as area far from being empty of any substance, was instead a plenum containing an energy gradient amazing!

My logical reasoning showed that all bodies abandoned in space gravitational acceleration was subjected to the weight dropping, it certainly proved the presence of an energy space.

However, the energy in all its forms is considered heavy, it was possible to determine the mass and possibly the local pressure or tension.

These data allowed to define the space as having characteristics similar to those of a gaseous atmosphere though quite different because of the extreme tenuity of its constituents hypothetical endowed with mass, extremely low and extreme velocity.

The calculation of the characteristics of these elements was made on the basis of various theoretical data, and the surprise was great to arrive at equivalent results significantly.

De Broglie, Bohm and Vigier gave, from the residual energy at zero Kelvin, the value of 1027 joules per cubic centimeter!

Personally I had previously announced this value by determining the pressure required to maintain the stability of the electron and the proton, transformed into pressure energy density, according to the equivalence relation is well known that:

P "W = E / V

Resulted in mass units this energy value gives mass ten million tons per cubic centimeter!

Thus the empty space Einstein is currently assigned a bulk density fantastically high, and it is interesting to compare it with elementary particles, which are respectively 1'électron 30 000 tonnes per cm3 and the proton 400 million tonnes.

We see immediately that if the electron is roughly spherical, its density is less than that of the gravitational energy space, the particle looks like a hole relative to the energy, while the proton is condensation.

This design allows me to design personal negative behavior of the electron in the field, and the positive proton. Indeed, even a ping-pong ball rises in a liquid medium of density greater than hers, while a lead ball falls into the same medium, electrons and protons are presented in the fields of accelerations of opposite signs, and I venture to say that the electron is, perhaps, subject to the gravitational field in centrifugal effects dégravitatifs, while the proton is accelerated centripetally, is heavy.

We return to these principles that give the physical lights no theory had approached so far.

I can not also ignore the Ampere force me to explain as a kind of electromagnetic Magnus effect, identifying this effect in energy magnétocosmique to that obtained at a placed ball in both rotation about an axis and in translation in a direction perpendicular to said axis of rotation, in the fluid such as air.

These data are expressed, which sees the horizon the dawn of the century of antigravity and Astronautics true?

Indeed, if we assume a certain similarity air atmosphere and gravitational energy of a substrate, it is logical to assume that the cosmic antigravity in the field has to accept solutions are very similar, mutatis mutandis, to those who gave man the possibility of rising air in the field.

The first is of course the work of Montgolfier, was to create a reducing effect antipondéral archimedean, either by fire or by the specificity of gases lighter than air, the density of a medium, the higher air from the atmosphere, causing a shift upward.

Then came the era of heavier than air!

We will he make a priori for these effects, but in a medium sized differently than the air near the earth?

Suffice it to reduce the local energy density and find the hardware to create a mechanical bond supporting the Archimedean effect resulting in this energy.

We have seen here that the electron could already be considered a hole in the energy, it will suffice to create a giant electron.

I assume that the free electrons protons unrelated to being in a state of antigravity, or very low natural gravity took refuge in an isoenergetic level in the Van Allen belts.

But I consider a phenomenon of reduced local energy, creating effects Archimedean dégravitatifs all attractive effects that nature shows us, that is to say, the attractions between electric and magnetic fields and also to some hand, the gravitational attraction.

Any research in these dornaines should give us antigravitatives solutions, but we must not forget that the moment that these solutions require expel mass energy enormous pressure, the necessary work will be according to the laws of conservation energy is that the spatial density is 1027 cm3 in joules, it will be necessary to provide equivalent energy to create a hole in one cubic centimeter ...

... but this hole, we give a result of degravitation ...

10 million tons!

To conclude this aspect of degravitation, we are already through the design of the Magnus effect electromagnetic consider the same techniques, although parallel to those used by heavier than air.

However, it seems it should be noted that lighter than air, once "light" by heating the gas or gas injection lower density or obtaining a vacuum could remain indefinitely in the air whether hermetic elements allowed.

It would not be the same issue with techniques using effects such Magnus. The technique identifies those of heavier than air, but it is important to note is that it is under the effects of the first type to consider the possibility of running gear that dégravités once on the ground, remain indefinitely in space.

All these effects have been the subject of research on my part and the results reported by different laboratories worldwide were confirmatory, based energies brought into play.


We previously defined the gravitational field as a continuum with spatial aspects similar to those of atmospheric air, but differing in its basic elements.

It is possible to broadly describe the field as a set of air oxygen, nitrogen, relatively heavy atoms, that is to say large mass relative to the elements constituting the gravitational field, it would be composed of gravitons, lightweight elements mass almost imponderable.

These atoms and these gravitons obey a mechanical oscillatory-wave differ from one system to the other by the speed of the order of several thousand meters per second for the first and for other than very light whose they form the support.

In the first case, the movements of atoms are elastic collisions with local oscillations or pseudoélastiques, the characteristics of the gas is complex but well defined by the values of their physical powers: specific heat, pressure, speed oscillating medium, temperature, laws liquefaction, etc..

Certainly, there must be at Atmospheric gravitational energy data, on the one hand and the previous analogue, on the other hand, some specific to this environment, zero Kelvin, for example, must have a meaning Temperature (?) of the medium, and there must be a pressure liquefaction of this energy, and I believe that the study of this pressure must explain the differences between the various physical fields, especially at the atomic level.

Mass loss is there a rational explanation archimedean!

The authors present avant-garde seem to agree with me on most of these points and their differences are only a matter of perspective.

It is however good to compare the masses and velocities of the components of a gaseous medium and a medium energy.

The calculated values now give the particle constituent atoms of a coefficient of 10 to 28 gram, as the mass of the electron.

For cons, the authors are in agreement regarding the theoretical mass of gravitons to a value of 10-60 g mass-l0-80 g-rnasse. View the works of Doligez MM, Gravitation, Ed Blanchard, Paris 1965.

Now we know that the sun is mass of 1033 g mass, placing atomic particles almost exactly in the middle of the size scale.

It is therefore clear that these ultra-mechanical particles must be quite different from that of atoms and molecules.

It is generally accepted that the speed of oscillation or translation must be infinitely greater than that of light, because it was found that gravitational effects were spread almost instantly, as evidenced by the physicist Allais, and some others.

It is understood that under these conditions the atomic matter can be traversed by the particles gravitoniques without incurring many shocks, given the extreme permeability of atomic structures.

The only shock also ultra-elastic effects determining weight, can be considered as negligible residues resulting shocks in environments where the paths of gravitons are disturbed by the presence of physical masses.

It seems difficult to find universal gravitation a more rational explanation.

It indeed gives an answer to almost all problems of atomic physics or astronomy, and I would not close this chapter without first explaining a problem related to the constancy of the mass of the Sun, which remains unchanged despite millions of tons of energy every second that are expelled from the "Start".

The volume of the Sun is stable because the planet is ultimately the product of liquefaction permanent gravitational energy due to the texture of our solar field is the center where all converge bubble pressure sidereal energy which is our solar system.

Pure gravitational energy by liquefying the whole family to give base particles and subsequently the Bethe cycle determines the creation of all known radiation, and this according to a balance that sets the mass of the Sun from the Beginning.

All planets are born of the sun and away from it during the centuries and occupying all the seats of those who preceded them, and their removal after undergoing all the changes that we have experienced on our planet.

Away, they gradually dissipate radioactivity their mass, which returns after Sun total disintegration due to the decrease in the pressure energy.

Although errors are to be changed in the views of the astronomical speed of light, depending on the pressure of the medium which carries it.

We will review all these data, we also open the way of the cosmos, the result of our study, not wanting longer surprise the reader.

Indeed speak of liquefaction of gravity, is not currently a language understandable and may seem absurd, but it will be in a more or less near the base of hypertechniques tomorrow, the use of this natural energy being designed by the Creator we open the doors of the Infinite.


We explained in the previous chapter the basic principles to consider possibilities of reversing the effects resulting weight Archimedean energy in gravitational energy space.

The method used consists in the transposition effects in the aerostatic air gravitostatiques effects in energy gravitative solution as soon as possible we have shown that the "void" was actually an interplanetary plenum having a density energo-mass extraordinarily high, of the order of 10 million tonnes in weight cm3.

This value is calculated according to the relation W = MC2 Energy W being recognized by MM. de Broglie, Bohm and Vigier and myself as approaching 1027 joules in cm3.

Under these conditions a "hole" is 1 cm3 in energy by the electromagnetic process, must give effect Archimedean antipondéral of 10 million tonnes, in effect, of course, involving an energy of "drilling" of 1027 joules.

On this basis, it is possible to imagine a technical Astronautics extraordinarily high performance, high even if they are failing all physical designs and biophysical currently considered intangible dogmas in Universities.

We have to consider the transposition of aerodynamic effects in the environment and energy cosmic describes a technique which, like "The lighter than air" should be defined as "Lighter than the energy space."

But parallel to this method, which has dominated our century is that of "heavier than air".

So we must try to see if there is no possibility of such a mechanism sustainer at cosmic energy.

Aviation is part of the flight of birds, and the engineer tried to imitate, by focusing his camera on the air lift due to the effects of an accelerated plan in mid air, tilted on its trajectory.

We see immediately that such a method is inapplicable to the energy level, elements gravitoniques being of such tenuity they cross all walks without giving other effects resulting from the weight difference of energy gradient between centripetal and centrifugal radiation gravitoniques over our planet.

The weight is ultimately due to a shielding effect in reality very low since it is necessary that the centrifugal radiation through 12,000 km of land for their difference in action on a mass of 1 kgm gives a force of 1 kgf , radiation having undergone centripetal virtually no reduction of their energy.

The weight of components gravitoniques of this energy is relatively low, but giving it his prodigious energy lies in the fantastic particle velocity considerably greater than that of light, which is currently accepted by many Orthodox pbysiciens not excessively.

It is not to say, however, that a "wing" theoretically accelerated near the speed of light, some effects of lift would not be recognized.

I would, without prejudice to imagine indeed the kinetic energy resulting from the movement as due to an additional charge of gravitons injected into the mass and obeying thermodynamic laws.

In fact, a mass movement is accompanied by waves that strangely resemble a wake in a fluid, but these waves emitted in front of the direction of travel have a higher frequency than those issued back, which is consistent with the Doppler effect and, therefore, this mass becomes framed as a heat engine.

As the speed rises the cosmic environment, the asymmetry of wavelengths increases at the same time as the mass of gravitons injected tends to infinity theory and I am justified in thinking that the mass becoming increasingly more opaque to radiation, certain effects of lift are possible (Fig. 8).

Fig. 8

We are of course in a field theoretical but I guess I have thus described the mechanism of inertia.

The action of the field gravitonique considered a hyperatmosphère however is far from negligible, and if the satellites circumterrestrial do not seem hampered by the presence of energy, it is obviously because their own speed is ridiculously small in compared to the light, and a fortiori, those gravitatifs radiation.

It will be different from the day of manned will be propelled in the vicinity of these speeds, but this is another dogma and intended to pass into oblivion, the speed limit is a function of the local gradient of energy, or it n has not been demonstrated that this gradient is the same throughout the universe and therefore the assumption of the possibility of supra-luminiques speeds (compared to the speed Luminary land) outside our local gradient is possible, which would alter Of course many errors in stellar astronomy.


We have seen that the effects énergodynamiques modeled on the aerodynamic reactions do not seem to give opportunities to "steal" cosmic, but fortunately for the engineer, the nature has given us a lot. better, I mean the Magnus effect aerodynamics.

What is the Magnus effect?

It is known as a cylinder or a rotating sphere and moving along a path perpendicular to their axis of rotation undergo a resultant aerodynamic perpendicular to the plane containing the path and the axis of rotation (Fig. 9).

This effect has been used as a propellant in either navigation or as sustainer aerodynamics, but it seems that the engineers were not able to take any special applications that flowed to create flying machines from which aircraft and helicopters seem of little mechanical advanced.

Let's look at the sphere with the consequences of this effect. The first case occurs, the axis of rotation of the sphere parallel to the direction of flight, and that is artillery projectiles.

In this position, the effect of rotation is symmetrical, it does give a ballistic parabola voltage, which lengthen the path with better air penetration.

By cons, if the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the path, it will be curved by the Magnus effect and the sphere describing circles in air giving a helical curve depending on the position of its axis, to the ground impact.

 Fig. 9

 Fig. 10

It should be noted that this curve is theoretical as practical and important trajectory, the axis of rotation will rapidly in the first position for reasons of symmetry aerodynamics, that is to say, the axis of rotation coincides with Path.


It is accepted among many assumptions that the electron is a spherical wave rotating at the speed of light, and we find that the kinematics of the particle, which could also apply to other particles, present many similarities to the material sphere in the air.

Indeed, it is recognized that an electron moving in translation along a substantially rectilinear path in vacuum, starts to rotate along a circle when it penetrates in the lines of force of a magnetic field with a velocity component perpendicular thereto.

 Fig. 11

The radius of the circle is calculated as described by the formula R = 5.6 v / H where R is the radius of the circle in cm, v is the velocity of the electron in thousands of km / s and H of the gauss magnetic field.

The explanation of this phenomenon is relatively simple if we allow ourselves to think by analogy, but physicists do not agree that the explanations are simple, and this excerpt from a popular book that is the explanation "official".

"A magnet exerts no action on a stationary electric charge, but for a moving charge is another matter!

That is indeed an electrical charge that moves?

Simply, current, and therefore it will be sensitive to the action of a magnetic field, but since magnet unlike a battery can not provide any energy, it can not increase the speed of moving charge and must limit itself to "deflect its path!"

In official terms these things are said.

Can I afford, without unleashing criticism, finding an extraordinary analogy between the kinematics of the ball in the air and that of the electron in the gravitational field.

In fact it seems that the electron propagates in the cosmic field, placing its spin axis in the direction of its trajectory which rectifies, at the same time the projection of the magnetic field remains consistent with the spectrum of a magnet and this is why a magnet is a cross current, its lines of force consistent with those of the electronic spectrum (Fig. 12).

 Fig. 12

By cons, entering the lines of force of a magnetic field the axis of spin will be adjusted perpendicular to the plane containing becoming its path, which plane is itself perpendicular to the lines of force.

We find ourselves in the same situation as our material sphere, this is the Magnus effect determined by the electron spin on the environment reacting gravitonique that creating a resultant centripetal gives the electron a circular path, as the magnetic action persists .

It should be noted that this effect can be centripetal or centrifugal, but the fact that the lines of force gives the electron spin a position consistent with the laws of attraction / repulsion magnetic poles, and the rotation direction of the spin is determined we find that this effect is naturellernent centripetal, which does not exclude that by artificially turn our electron, its magnetic poles being in conflict with those lines of force, the effect would be so expansive repellent.

This is very important as we will see later.

In summary, we can consider as a magnetic field produced by a local deformation of the geometry of space, the deformation can be assumed as waves created by ultra undetectable frequency but could be calculated based the rotational speed of the electron wave, the latter being the (local) of the speed of light turning on a circular path about the axis of spin of which is within 1.9 10-13 cm.

This ultra-frequency wave propagated to the lines of force modify accordingly the local static medium gravitonique.

This is of course again a personal design that I consider just as convenient for understanding the mechanisms, but we will draw the conclusion that seems to show the analogy between the cosmic and air environment, since the kinematics masses also seems to be governed by the same laws.


Let me make a new hypothesis, because the design of physical things seems once more convenient.

Take effect in a magnetic field around the magnetic axis, and inject into the lines of force outside a flow of electrons.

In the first case, and that according to the rule known as Ampère three fingers, we see that in the case of the diagram attached electron flow subjected to an EM Magnus effect will concentrate causing condensation space gravitonique and this process is natural, but here we have the picture of the creation of a proton which is according to our hypothesis heavier than space (Fig. 13).


By cons, if we inject the same flux beam holding the magnetic polarity of electrons in opposition to the force lines of the field, this is an expansion mechanism that we create, that is to say, build an electron giant artificial, and therefore a lighter material than the space!

Of course, the flow of the beam moves in a circle according to the known formula: R = 5.6 v / H and in these circumstances there is a balance disturbed only by the possible change of the value of the field, which should give both a change of the inclination of the spin axis and the concentration gravitonique.

But if we artificially maintain our electron trajectory radius smaller or larger, the reaction unbalanced Magnus effect on energy determine, as appropriate, the reactive effects on the space energy density Local to find changed.

A final aspect of the problem lies in the case where the electron spin axis coincides with the radius of gyration, and it is this case which is the basis of the electro-magnetic propulsion Magnus effect (Fig. 14).

   Fig. 14

Admittedly, this conclusion can not finish with the problem, as well as in aviation, it is necessary to dissipate energy, because we know that a rotating electron flow emits energy, it So do not expect that this mode of propulsion is free. By cons it is clear that just as in ballooning the ball when inflated hydrogen could be maintained indefinitely in space if it was possible to avoid gas diffusion through the wall, it is normal consider that the spacecraft electromagnetic once dégravité ground by injecting the energy required for a sufficient time, will remain in this state indefinitely degravitation theoretically.

Of course, the method by Magnus effect will be used for further reduction by the force of gravity and local, in the spaces not gravitatifs as propulsion means for accelerating or braking.


It seems theoretically possible to create a device released its gravity by a mechanism of electron beam rotation speeds pre-luminiques in a symmetrical magnetic field.

Depending on the position of electrons artificially maintained or even proton beam that will be capable of reversing the natural position of the electrons in a polarized field to create a "hole" in the cosmic energy, giving an effect Archimedean hole.

Similarly, changing the angles of the proton or electron spins in terms of their trajectory, it will be possible to determine the effects propulsive dégravitatifs or directive.

To illustrate these mechanisms, I would especially like to describe an experience that I personally conducted in 1921 and I found later in a scientific journal.

I think, given the importance of this experience that the publication of its full description is needed.

Here is the text:


We also saw the house in an old machine Ducretet long forgotten and deserves to be given in honor. It is, as we have seen, a disc of mica which is movable on a point and that takes a very fast rotation when the presents to an electric machine as powerful Wimshurst machines. The rotation is so energetic that gravity seems removed by centrifugal force, although it does not seem likely to prove that the horizontal components, and the disc flies ...

Could we not rely on this experience to account for the delay in the fall of horizontal planes that Mr. Langley found when the plan is launched into the air with a horizontal speed greater or less?

The march of the electric fluid is easy to understand, the glow out of the machine and rushed toward the tip. It rises along the first vertical column, passes away on the disc, then the disc out by the second vertical column, and then goes to the ground, but the phenomenon of rotation is much more difficult to explain.

Fig. 15

I saw the disc spin for the first time in London, shortly after the Coup d'Etat, when I followed the course of Faraday. Shortly after returning from exile, Ruhmkorff showed me new experience, and we discussed the causes of the phenomenon that Faraday was not specified, but neither the one nor the other we could not reach an idea acceptable.

This circumstance came to my mind twenty years later, when I imagined to use a disk that iron does not rotate with a speed less, and we put in motion a host of different ways, as we shall have occasion to explain at greater length. Then I discovered for the movement of iron disc an explanation, which I think is good, and I hope that by accepting official science. I reserve to see if it does not by chance mica disc, mutatis mutandis.

The movement of the iron disc produced by electromagnetism has been employed in the industry in the form that i imagined and processes that I mentioned. Changes more or less happy, helped to greatly expand the use and we believe it is far from having said its last word in the great question of transmission of power distance.

What is the inventor of the mica disc, which seems a mandatory addition to any self-respecting electric machine, at a time when there is so much talk of rotating magnetic fields and direct rotations which, by a series of bizarre circumstances, it indirectly gave birth?

Mr. Ducretet who built the model we present has taught me that Ruhmkorff claimed to have invented it and that the invention was disputed by Father Laborde, but the description inserted in The Worlds (# 23) has a long as of 1870, a date well after the experience that I attended. Remains the question of the priority of Faraday I reserve.

What is certain is that a similar disk is described as the "Franklin turnstile " on page 271 of the Treaty of Sigaud the base, but this disc is provided with a strip of tin does not exist in the disk we're talking about. Placed between the two balls of a machine or Wimshurst Holtz, Franklin disc takes great speed, without there needing to employ spikes.

This experience forgotten for over a century, is obviously similar to the other two and serves as a preface. This is not the only time you will see that nothing is more fruitful than closer to modern electricity theories, principles and experiences of the electricity of the eighteenth century, science forgotten that we despise and are despised today too? With the limited resources at their disposal, electricians eighteenth century is positively wonderful!

As there is a close analogy between the phenomena of constant two electrics, as they are the same forces that are implemented after all, the intelligent gaze thrown back is often the most powerful way to read in the darkness of the future.

W. of Fonvielle

This text is hardly debatable, and more experience flying disc made at the time the subject of a communication to the Academy of Sciences, but I can not close this chapter without a problem which goes once more disconcerting scientific minds.

So, in fact, that this experiment was carried out successively in 1892 and perhaps in 1870 and myself in 1921, all the recent attempts to reproduce were doomed!

There is obviously a mystery and as I do not belong to any official chapel, and I can express myself freely, I would not be far from thinking that currently unknown forces conspire to prevent the humans their land release techniques, although this impediment can be completed shortly.

Many other reasons, I think it would, if that blindness of many scientists to certain realities, and certainly incomprehensible blindness determined ... by the same forces.

In this area as in all others, of course nobody is forced to adopt my point of view.


In the previous two chapters, I have endeavored to show, depending on the pressure space, the presence of an atmosphere energy constituting the gravitational field.

By various methods, it appears that this field has a fantastically high energy gradient of the order of 1021 joules in cm3, a value which transformed mass-energy gives 10 million T / cm3.

As the calculated masses of the proton and electronic material provide 30 000 tonnes respectively for the first and 400 million tonnes for the second, it seems logical that similarly to the ping-pong ball immersed in the water upbound of gravity, while full of lead as it falls to the bottom all heavy bodies heavier than water, it is necessary to consider the electron as being in a state of natural degravitation archimedean in the gravitational field more dense, so that the proton is the element that determines the weight of the entire mass.

But a fact perhaps chance, he is currently experiments are underway at Stanford University in order to verify the behavior of electrons and anti-electrons in the gravity field.

He did not yet possible to know the results have not been published, perhaps precisely because experimenters assumed that the mass of the electron was heavy were certainly surprised by the results.

As we related in the last chapter, and if antielectron takes in a magnetic field in a direction opposite to that of the electron, the Stanford researchers have concluded that it should be the same in the gravitational field.

However, if my view is correct, I think qu'électron and anti-electron should behave the same way, that is to say they could not raise and fall.

If it is otherwise in a magnetic field, it is only because antielectron being the image of the electron, the direction of rotation of its spin is opposite and, therefore, the Magnus effect determining the rotation its path gives an opposite direction. It is strange to note that since there are physicists who think the idea is come to any of them, since the physical characteristics and reactions electrons are opposite to those of the protons in the fields, in that it is not the same in the gravitational field, whether material or antimatter.

As for thinking there may be a difference in the field of gravitation between electron and positron or proton and anti-proton, I do not believe in any sense, because nature is not ultimately as complicated some mathematicians would support it.

Indeed, if the atomic mass in gram-atom, electron or positron is officially recognized as having a value of 0.000548 respectively the proton and antiproton or 1.00758, are just as exact values for the first two decimal places, the others being approximate and vary according to the authors.

We will demonstrate our values as data likely to ± 0.0031 near by Heisenberg. These values ??are added to the atomic mass of hydrogen is:

1.00758 + 0.000548 = 1.008128

The density of a gas is equal to the ratio of its molecular weight by 28.95 (last official value).

Under these conditions, the theoretical density of hydrogen (Protium) is considering the mass of the electron as heavy:

D = 1.008128 / 28.95 + 0.03487 x 2 = 0.06974

Calculate the same density considering this time the mass of the electron in as antigravity, that is to say, by subtracting the mass of the proton:
Either: 1.00758 to 0.000548 = 1.007032

D = 1.007032 / 0.3477 = 28.95 X 2 = 0.06954

However, the actual density of hydrogen is 0.06947.

Compare these three values:

(E = +) 0.06974 "(H) 0.06947"

(E = -) 0.06954.

and we see through these official values ??that is by subtracting the mass of the electron the proton we obtain the value of the highest density approximation of the exact experimental value.

An error by subtracting 7, 27 against and adding course taking into account the presence of H in natural, its two heavier isotopes whose proportion is 0.02%.

This is obviously the theoretical field, and it remains to compare these results with those obtained paper at Stanford.

Anyway these results I checked through several methods personal, I could not accept them, if they contradict my views, as verified and I give my reasons.

It seems that some physicists Science data are formally correct, until new ideas demonstrate ... falsehood, and all time, a time when the idea of ??antigravity not touched any natural spirits, masses were considered heavy, and all the physical remains steeped in this axiom.

On the other hand, it is well known that one sees in the things that we want to see, and you do not want to see that what we know, and this applies of course for everyone.

Or, want to verify if in a gravity field, an electron is subjected to a force or lift heavy, it is required to perform weighing in vacuum and the absolute distances of any material mass theoretically infinite because exists between the effects of the gravitational field and the electrostatic field, a report action in 1036 in favor of the electrostatic field, which means that in all experiments dégravitatives by electro-magnetic field, the results of such interactions that undergo it is difficult to judge the gravitational effects outside the interplanetary space itself.

Take effect in two masses of hydrogen gram placed 10 m away and give a gravitational attraction of:

6.7. 10-14 dyne

For cons, the Coulomb force that would exist if these masses were ionized, and the elements are placed at 10 + meters elements - would be:

0.8. 1014 tonnes or 0.8. 1023 dynes

Under these conditions, the action report is 1036 and the demonstration of the behavior of the electronic charge from the gravitational field is a tour de force experiment whose results remain questionable.

However, it is not only confirming the result of various experiments conducted with the participation of the EDF Engineer Guy Martin, we found that the negatively charged material elements of losing weight, the scale has demonstrated relief five grams for a load of 200 W.

There is of course much to say in this area to be studied about the different systems of antigravity in the chapters that follow.

There is an important point to discuss that physicists consider natural and simple truth is that the charge of the electron and proton have the same value.

However, it is strange that two different particles also have the only similarity, whereas the mass of the proton is 1800 times greater than that of the electron, and the assumed electron lighter is at least double of that of the proton.

Thus the realm of particles, elements of double size, have a mass 1800 times smaller then their effects and interactions are of the same quality.

How to reconcile these contradictions other than my assumption that the proton is a contraction of the cosmic energy gravitative, while the electron is in an expansion.

As to the identity of their burden of 1.60. 10-19 coulombs, we must abandon the idea that this charge is a tangible element and consider the resulting dynamics of its own constitution of the two particles, one being a hole and the other condensation, their mutual attraction is precisely the fact that opposition structure, nature tends to restore the association or by providing external hydrogen, or by their combination giving the internal neutron pressure equilibrium.

If the kinetic energy and mass not theoretically based on experimental masses are identical as demonstrated equal loading effects, it is clear that if the proton is more compact, it is obviously heavier than the medium in which it is immersed.

Against by the electron which is an expansion of the same medium must be lighter massiquement as it becomes a "hole" in the ambient energy and thus it undergoes Archimedean effects, effects that do consider not only as sensitive in the gravity field, but also in any direction if, for any reason, the space lost its homogeneity, that is to say in an electric field, the magnetic field as we have seen only changing the direction of the spins.

But then is the explanation of the inertia effect and its mechanism may be, because in the middle energy space, the effect is accompanied by an Archimedean resulting demassification sensitive not only to gravity, but for all Another effect of positive or negative acceleration.

This anti-inertia which we will discuss later, open the physicist and physiologist fantastic prospects.

How to explain this loss of mass and inertia?

This may seem difficult at first to admit to the atomistic conformist, but it is indeed a reality that we will find and explain about the atomic weight loss is accompanied by loss of inertia in concommittante phenomena and atomogenèse transmutations.

To the point where we are, who sees only the hypothesis of gravitational field energy gives his true solution to the unified field on which have struggled with Einstein, the most gifted mathematicians?

It is my point of view, a single force field is the gravitational field energy, a kind of atmosphere energo-gravitonique having some analogy with terrestrial air atmosphere, but whose components differ by their extreme tenuity of the order of 10-60 g 10-80 mass, driven by speed against infinitely greater than that of light.

Elements are gravitoniques particles, that these are the planets, which gives them a prodigious diffusibility.

This field must be regarded as the Sun's atmosphere that extends well beyond the course global trajectories, pressure starting from low values ??to increase at the Sun to the point of liquefaction in the form of plasma.

This pressure gradient at the earth is of the order of 1016 microbars.

Thus a "hole" in the middle can be performed through opportunities available only to particles and nuclei.

The hole thus determines the nuclear field.

The gravitational field is itself due to the effects of screens, screens spherical whose shadow is itself in spherical planets.

The electric field is caused by a local excess pressure or vacuum generated by the presence of electrons or protons in proportion not identical.

As the magnetic field, there is a polarization of space gravitonique determining changes guidance on spin axes of ionized particles or at least included in the molecular structures.

This effect appears to be explained by the drive of the medium due to the gravitonique particle rotation.

It does not seem necessary to have an overview of the physical phenomena to consider other dimensions mathematics outside of time, the appearance of which will be specified.


This is certainly the most important chapter of this study, because it shows the reality of the process degravitation in nature, not only at the level of atoms, but they make up all material mass and at the same time, the corollary of suppression inertia in démassifications phenomena, therefore allowing all hopes in biology as well as opportunities for acceleration or braking snapshots in the medical field for the extension of life.

Mechanism that is formally explained in atomic physics as the most unrealistic that is, the effect of bonding forces imaginary, and we are again returned to the intellectual level of the proponents of "virtues dormitive."

We have indeed seen that the most remarkable loss of mass and inertia discovered within the electron, whose genesis was the subject of Chapter II of this study.

However, if the electron resulting from the creation of a hole in the energy effects depending on the direction of rotation of the wave gravitonique, due to the particular physical gravitons This study whose physical begins tomorrow will be the object of research.

The consequence of this "hole" is to produce a weight loss archimedean ascertainable by acceleration effects that relate not to the actual electromagnetic mass of the same value as that of the proton, but at the same mass "light" by Archimedean effects.

This is what I denominates

"The effect Archimedean generalized."

It seems that for the electron, the mass loss, which may be total inertia, reverse his reaction when his demassification have exceeded the level of equilibrium with the environment, its mass, apparent becomes negative in the mathematical sense of the term.

It is interesting to think that there may be particles whose mass is the same as the gradient field gravitonique mass energy, these particles are real, but no mass inertia can not be sensitive to any detection technique, and Perhaps it is so many hypothetical massless particles, such as neutrinos and many others, I denominates: phantom particles.

The physicist would at least temporarily sentenced to perceive only the positive and negative particles, while the world around is filled with other intangible and mysterious.

The presence of these unknown particles, not physically detectable only would she not think of prospects prodigious field of metaphysics or science fiction become a reality?

It should still not close this chapter without considering the hypothesis that, despite degravitation electron, it remained incomplete so résiduellernent only positive point of view of the mass.

In this case we would have the opportunity to agree with the proponents of the heavy electron, though reduced to 1800 times its actual weight, but this hypothesis would deprive the physics of electron almost all its cinematic potential explanatory in fields.

By cons, regarding the combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons, it is obvious that the atoms they generate, retain most of their heavy mass positive, because if some body electrically neutral démassifiés existed, they would Obviously expelled long solar gravitational field.

Mass loss, which in the early atomic research has posed many problems for physicists, raised in the cult of the axiom of the conservation of mass, is of course in the recognition of inequality between the sum of the weights mass of particulate constituents of the material mass and weight of the elements constituted.

Admittedly, it was recognized early on that the combination of rotational electron around the proton in the synthesis of hydrogen was "lighter" than the static combination of these two elements in the neutron, giving the First case a mass loss of 0.013 for protium and excess mass of 0.001 for the neutron, it fully supports my point of view, the volume of Archimedean protium being greater than that of the neutron.

This seems to show a contraction of elements in the proton-electron neutron proton that appears in the latter case be integrated into the electron, which neutralizes both the neutron hydrogen, the electric field, contraction-expansion effects are offset.

Each combination of basic particles in the constitution of atomic nuclei would result in a "depression" or gravitational energy in the cavity of variable size, plausible hypothesis which replaces the binding forces which become materialized to mind.


 Fig. 17

As for the energy expelled during atomic reactions of synthesis, it is no longer binding forces, but the energy of space itself evicted to make way for the atomic combination.

Of course the pressure of the space continues to occur, determining also by Henri Poincaré, the stability of the nucleus. Stability function of pressure, which explains the radioactivity from the moment that the pressure decreasing atomic structures explode, and so much more intensely, as we shall see later, that the atoms away from the Sun, c that is to say the maximum pressure, are placed in a potential energy gradient decreased, and that to the edge of the solar system where all atomic matter becomes unstable, it can return to the field of energy to start the Sun cycle.


We know from research that the atomic weight loss extremely sensitive to the level of the first elements Mendeleef stabilizes after various inflections at element 28, the nickel.

The 28/58 has indeed given the neutrons themselves consist of a proton + an electron, a basic structure of

58 protons, 58 electrons,

either by their theoretical sum of their masses:

97.144622 x 10-24 g mass.

Under these conditions the gram-molecule of Ni must weigh:

97.144622 x 6.02 x 10-1 = 58.481 g.

But it weighs in fact 57.9372, a mass loss of Archimedean effect:


Moreover, this Ni-mole occupies a volume of 6.7 cm3 space.

We are therefore entitled to express the combination of 58 protons + 58 electrons gives a gram-molecule of 57.9372 g occupies a volume of 6.7 cm3, hunting energy equivalent to a mass of 0.5438 g.

Of course, we are far from empty total energy remains theoretically 10 million tons of mass cm3.

A further calculation would for example imperfect Ni, a value of the spatial energy density of the order of half that of water, because the vacuum is very relative. But if I specify these values, it is closer to the Sun, which is 1.41 and that in the vicinity of Uranus is 0.3 that the sole intention of seeking a physical law , which will be discussed later.

Another example is that of osmium, whose density is 22 tonnes per m3

But the sum of the masses is in particulate osmium of 22,200 kg-weight is a weight loss of 200 kg mass.

It is obvious that this weight-200 kg weight on earth is lightened in 1m3 Osmium because of the weight of the gravitational energy that moves the volume of the metal, just as it should consider reducing weight Archimedean, relative to the atmosphere, 1.33 kg-weight per 1 m3 of air moved.

However, the interest is to think that these weight-200 kg suppressed by the movement of energy, they are démassifiés still exist, because we will find them fully disintegrating metal.

In case of horizontal acceleration, we will do the same on 22 200 kg mass while efforts will be supported by 22 200 - 200, or 22 000 kg mass.

I insist on this point is essential.

Thus, if the process was degravitation archimedean about this m3 Osmium pushed to the limit degravitation, it would only take a flick to ship 22 tons to infinity heavenly, and even simple brake stop the net pen, without changing anything in its molecular structure provided to enclose a volume of energy to 1027 J / cm 3, itself surrounded by a sufficient vacuum constantly maintained .

It is therefore possible to achieve speeds close to infinity accessible to the masses in a state of antigravity, thus practically negative masses.

The problem is, in fact, consider the mechanics of a mass ultradégravitée, that is to say negative weight, and the idea is that it might be accelerated in a direction opposite to the movement desired but this will be discussed once more later.

We must admit that we are not at this level in the field of utopia, or science fiction, but in the physics of the future that has not finished astonishing, and it is quite strange to confirm this point of view, I do appeal to metaphysical phenomenon well recognized and controlled spontaneous levitation.

This effect is described by many authors perfectly trustworthy, as some U.S. officials involved work seriously these problems, some levitation of saints or objects were accompanied by instantaneous accelerations at the slightest breath, and these projected with great speed against obstacles were stopped in their tracks without suffering any physical damage to body.

These facts are still mysterious, but if a cavity of 1 cm3 is likely to determine the powers of levitation 10 million tonnes, it suffices to hole a hundred millionth of cm3 to lift 100 kg, and I think psychophysical certain forces may be polarization (Shoemaker) able to determine such effects spontaneously.

Our next editorial will focus on the aspect of the planetary and stellar cosmogony tomorrow, challenging many of the tenets of modern physics, in particular the error relativistic speed limit in the universe, perhaps truth in our gradient energy, but below error, the error of radiation fossils dating back billions of years, while the photon transmission can be instantaneous in some areas interstellar error consequent expansion of the Universe, time is only one aspect of the physical space, while the Universe is eternal, but turns, returning regularly to its starting point.

We then study a number of methods for obtaining human antigravity at the same time as the cosmic speed virtually free of the time factor, and finally we will stop temporarily the study with an overview of the links between men the psychic field, field or sit all transformative forces of nature, which is the field of our concept of the Divine.


The previous three chapters have presented two electro-magnetic process that could be supported by the gravitational energy environment to remove the weight of a mass and get reactive propulsion and directional effects.

During these demonstrations, it was found that the removal of the weight of a mass ipso facto result that its inertia.

The machine cosmic we project onto these data seems already correspond in its performance to those found by UFOs, that is to say, a machine without apparent weight, allowing changes and lightning acceleration, at first sight incompatible with human piloting, and appearing and disappearing from view so incomprehensible.

I think I have sufficiently explained the different aspects of the material condition zero weight, which I defined as the state of "ghostly" under certain conditions.

There is no need to further clarify the implementation of a UFO, and reading the attached patent, dating from 1960, should be sufficient to understand these mechanisms.

This patent was presented in all technically advanced countries, and across all its aspects were admitted despite some reservations due to the fact that it was highly unusual mechanisms!

Anyway, a single objection was made to me, which objection, if it does eventually lose the aspect of energy saving system can not in any way affect the basic principles on which the cosmic machine is set!

This objection Interested energy loss of the beam electronically rotated, under the effect of the centripetal accelerations.

Thus, according to the official view, the beam once launched at the speed of light, must be kept in rotation by the continuous supply of energy equivalent to that lost due to parasitic accelerations.

This objection is in my opinion likely to have one or more solutions, if we consider that in a metal state ultraconductivité a current of more than one million amperes can rotate indefinitely without loss or joules energy :

Why this current placed in a vacuum as a beam he loses his energy? That is, it seems a contradiction that requires explanation.

I asked for technicians, and I'm still waiting their response.

It is also worth noting that in my device, I get a circular path of the beam in a vacuum by the combined effect of the centrifugal force and the Coulomb attraction, while in a cyclotron accelerator of its kind, this rotation is due to the inflection of the beam by the magnetic field.

It appears that between a current created circular inside a superconducting metal based purely magnetic effects, even stream deflected by centripetal coulomb there is probably a mechanism very different.

In the same vein, why electron spins there indefinitely although variables on trajectories, its atomic orbits around a proton or N, without loss, apparent energy? This certainly demonstrates that the only objection in principle opposed to me about the patent following is one of those which contain one or more solutions, the first being of course the possibility of enclosing the electronic beam in a ring superconductivity in!

However, it is possible that in this case, the predicted effects are modified, and only experimentation will likely share opinions.

I can not conclude without mentioning the recent demonstration of the effect of inertial spin Olivier Costa de Beauregard and successfully by Charles Goillot, which is ultimately my Magnus effect electro-magnetic which I exposed and because the principle here more than ten years, at many conferences in France, Europe and the USA!

I have even been reports, sometimes forced, with members of the Institut Henri Poincaré (Ivanoff?).

I count on the fair play of the authors to acknowledge my grandfather, my fatherhood in the expression of this mechanism. Anticipation should even, in fairness, be the conclusion of the Haas effect Einstein-known, but if misinterpreted judging by some of the explanations that I had obtained in their time with some leaders of the Palace discovered and proved that although the idea was far from being in the air because of opinions rationalists of the time, which I hope will do well to change.

Vehicle for Cosmic Flight

The present invention is implementing the results of theoretical and experimental studies and scientific observations that led to a mass loss observed in all theoretical capacitor type systems, especially in systems rotating proton-electron type, including a flow of one or more electrons describe a closed path around a central core positively charged.

Such mass loss can be explained theoretically by various assumptions.

It is likely that firstly the vacuum atmosphere is formed by a medium material particles or photons.

Creating a vibrational field or an electromagnetic field in space determine the expulsion of space where photons result in an empty photonics.

This vacuum photonics determine absolute vacuum of space considered an Archimedean thrust similar to that observed for an enclosure under vacuum to atmospheric or a closed immersion.

Photon vacuum is logically much higher than the power of vibrational energy is greater.

It is also conceivable, assuming that the universe is immersed in a system of electric or magnetic waves more or less stable, this weight loss is due to the creation of a vacuum energy that is that is the creation by the proton-electron system of an electromagnetic force having a direction opposite to _ the said mass attraction.

It follows that the increase in potential energy of a proton-electron system by increasing the electron velocity, reduce the apparent mass of the latter resulting from the attraction between molecular systems mass formed by atoms speed electronic stable.

Whatever the theoretical explanation of the phenomenon observed in dégravitatif proton-electron systems, it appears that the intensity of this effect dégravitatif is even higher than, the energy of the electron, is that the speed thereof is higher.

As an indication, the speed of the electron in the hydrogen or protium is 2000 km / s and mass loss compared to the same constitution and neutron mass 1.00893 is 0.00081.

It has been calculated that for dégraviter protium atom, it is sufficient to give the electron a speed of 70 to 75 000 km / s now in its orbit by an auxiliary magnetic field.

The present invention utilizes the phenomenon dégravitatif exposed above for the realization of a flying object.

The machine according to the invention is basically constituted by a central core formed by a hollow sphere or passenger may receive on its periphery a positive electric charge, by an enclosure surrounding at least partially equatorial said central core and subjected to vacuum atmospheric made of an insulating material, and by a flow of electrons generated préluminique speed in said enclosure and describing a circular orbit around the core.

Moving the electron flow in a vacuum atmosphere is not subject to any friction wheel and is a very important energy supply and which can be kept indefinitely in time.

It is conceivable that the trajectory of the electron flow maintains its initial circular shape by the attraction of electrons by positively charged core, this attraction is compensated by the centrifugal force on the electron mass.

The effect of support is given to the machine by pushing Archimedean photonic resulting either empty or vacuum energy depending on whether one accepts one or other of the above assumptions.

The electron flow can be generated in the chamber by subjecting Equatorial electrons extracted from the central core, through the tungsten filament heated by an accumulator arranged in the light and the central sphere equator, in which a rotating electromagnetic field the speed is stabilized on a radius corresponding to the path selected by the electron beam of at least 5 meters and, preferably, of about ten meters, at a speed substantially equal to that of the light field in the land gravitatif .

When electrons have reached the required speed with the corresponding effect dégravitatif the rotating electromagnetic field can be deleted.

This last option allows you to load the machine with fixed ground facilities, which achieves the powers of the order of those that must be put in play

The rotating electromagnetic field being implemented is set up by a field. magnetic and an electric field perpendicular but synchronous, so as to provide a constant acceleration to the electric load constituted by the electron into the space of said fields.

The load of the machine is effected by placing the enclosure of the craft in Equatorial accelerator supplied so as to create fields rotating at progressively increasing frequencies so as to gradually accelerate the electrons.

One embodiment is to use, given the frequency set in one embodiment, electrodes V or similar fitting radially Equatorial pregnant and fed under the control of a magnetron.

It can also provide the electron charge of the machine using the device known as an electron gun and comprises a vacuum chamber having at one end straight filament with electron generator, the length of said chamber, gradually increasing voltage electrodes.

The filament of the electron generator is electrically connected with the core electrically isolated and the end of the electron gun is sealingly connected to the enclosure equatorial opening electron injection enclosure Equatorial being capable of being closed in a gastight manner so that after charging, the electron gun can be separated from the machine.

The circular path is given to the flow of electrons in a magnetic field which is subject Equatorial speaker.

The path is automatically maintained as the density of the electron charge balance is achieved by the centrifugal force and the electrostatic attraction between electrons and said core, the magnetic field generating coils can be removed after the engine load.

Management, and more generally the movement of the machine space vehicles can be obtained, firstly, by use of a ballast for displacement parallel to the attraction field mass or by changing the mass dégravitée load acting on the positive electrical surface equatorial sphere, on the other hand, for displacements in all directions, using the Magnus effect due to the acceleration or the second mass of the electrons in the electron stream subjected to a circular path.

Indeed it is assumed that electrons could be formed by photons animated by a circular path of very small radius, which is scientifically referred to by the notion of spin or rotation axis of the electron itself.

In the electron gun in which the electrons have a straight path, the spin is oriented in the said direction.

If we apply this flow of electrons straight magnetic field, the spin is rectified by this field and the electrons take a circular path.

According to the invention, and to cause a mass accelerations dégravitée, said force is created by changing magnetic field temporarily annex the direction of spin.

Accordingly, the direction is obtained by providing on the surface of the enclosure Equatorial preferably three angularly spaced points, electrical coils that create said magnetic field.

Due to the reduced value of the field to create the force necessary to give the mass accelerations dégravitée very important, said coils can be supplied from a generator or an electric accumulator arranged in the vehicle, the current of coil power is controlled by a device, at the disposal of the user, located in the central core.

It is clear that the core and the enclosure Equatorial having to bear the first, an internal pressure equal to the atmospheric vacuum while traveling in the cosmic void, the second external pressure equal to the atmospheric pressure during changes in the atmosphere can be made so lightly.

It appears with said machine there is no need to provide protection against friction in the air or against cosmic rays or the like.

On the one hand, the gas molecules are subjected to diamagnetic repulsion forces under the effect of electromagnetic field in the middle of a vacuum equipment, in addition, the vacuum energy or photon created in the space around at least the core causes diffraction of all particles such as cosmic radiation.

We describe below two embodiments of a device for space flights with reference to the accompanying drawings in which: FIG. 1 is a schematic vertical section of the apparatus for space flights according to a first embodiment, FIG. 2 is a plan view thereof, FIG. 3 is a schematic perspective view of the load device electronic machine, Fig. 4 is a schematic plan view of an alternative embodiment with charging device changed.

The craft for space flights shown in fig. 1 is constituted by the central sphere one light metal conductor, for example magnesium.

In its upper part there is provided a transparent dome 2 and in its lower part a trap door 3 consists of a spherical cap 4 controlled by jacks.

The sphere is also equipped with three feet 5 triangle mounted, telescopic and retractable.

The diameter of the sphere is approximately 4 to 5 meters, but these dimensions are likely to vary depending on the power of the machine, this diameter being substantially a minimum.

It is divided into different stations or compartments by partitions 6.Ladite sphere is secured to an enclosure equatorial. formed by two half-shells 7, an insulating material such as plastic, joined together along the equatorial plane, so as to create a sealed enclosure according to a equatorial plane of the sphere.

The sphere has, on the other hand, according to the equatorial plane, a number of filaments 8 as heated tungsten filaments from a battery or other electric generators 9 similar, the midpoint of the filament 8 is electrically connected to the mass of the gear 10.

Is represented as a single filament, but there may be a number variable distributed around the sphere.

The machine further comprises a molecular pump 12 acting to the interior of the unit 7 and discharging the gas sucked into it, either in the sphere, or outside of the sphere 1.

Its outlet to the outside of the sphere 13 may be provided to be connected to vacuum devices more powerful during the loading of the machine to earth.

Within the two shells 7 and on the same circle are mounted shell 14 of the flat coils, the coils forming three flat spaced apart pairs of 120 [deg].

These pairs of coils are fed by conductors 15 from the generator or accumulator 9, the intensity of the current fed to each pair being controlled for example by resistors 16, the three resistors in a triangle being adjusted by the greater or lesser penetration a member carried at the end of arms 17 arranged radially on a swivel joint 18 controlled by a vertical lever 19.

A handle 20 may control the switching on or off for all coil pairs.

For the implementation of the device, one starts by evacuating the chamber defined by the equatorial shells 7 and the peripheral portion of the ball 1 by means of a vacuum source external to the device, the vacuum is perfect for molecular pump 12.

When the degree of vacuum usually set implemented in conventional particle accelerators is reached, turn on the filaments 8 and it fits on the machine three electrodes 21 (FIG. 3) spaced at 120 [deg] the from one another and consist of metal V-embracing each radially the peripheral edge of the enclosure equatorial.

These electrodes are connected to the plate of three lamps 22 whose gates are controlled by means of a tuning circuit of the type with three electrodes 23 selfcapacité 24 arranged in a magnetron 25 to 120 [deg] from each other.

The speed of the magnetron is gradually accelerated in order to determine within the enclosure and equatorial due to the high frequency sent to the electrodes 21, a system of electric and magnetic fields rotating in phase but perpendicular.

The ions extracted from the filaments of the casing 8 of magnesium are accelerated by said rotating fields.

The rotational speed of the rotating field is increased gradually up to a speed of the electrons around 290,000 to 295,000 km / s.

The electrons then circulate in a torus geometry 26 that appears at the same time gradually in the equatorial circumference of the sphere magnesium positive electric charge; The trajectory of electrons in the core 26 or in the vicinity of the axis of said core is maintained by balancing the electrical attraction between the centripetal positive electric charge appearing on the equatorial surface of the sphere 1 and the electrons and the centrifugal force to which the electrons are subjected due to their speed of movement along the path.

It was calculated that the effect was obtained dégravitatif a mass of one ton, that is to say, we removed the attraction mass and inertia of a mass of ton in creating an electron flow of about 3,000 amperes.

It should be noted that this flow electronics 3000 Amps is equal to the unit load multiplied by the electron. The number of electrons included in the stream and the number of revolutions made by each electron in one second along the path.

It should be noted that all of the equipment is electrically neutral, the positive charges concentrated on the periphery of the equatorial sphere

Since there are men who think the number of theories developed cosmogénétiques became considerable, several authors have even denied at the end of their lives that had been their beliefs in other times.

Certainly, if the imagination of scientists is fertile, it nevertheless none of these theories fully explains the mechanism of transformations, starting from nothing theoretical, can arrive at a description of a system without involving cosmic creative hypothetical.

There is, in my opinion, many pseudo-problems that hide the simple realities quite unnecessarily complicated.

Do not we just also assign a Nobel Prize in Physics to an American who has proven, once again, if it was still officially required, the energy of the stars lay in the transmutation of hydrogen helium!

Obviously, I will refrain from contradicting this hypothesis because it has guarantees of accuracy, but I ask this author favored a simple question:

Where does hydrogen? And how is he condensed at a star, our Sun, for example?


It is this point that I will try to clarify. If I were subservient to relativistic Einsteinian ideas, I certainly find myself embarrassed to explain once more that space is empty, it still has curves, and this kind of assumption, the result of imagination mathematician I called unreasonable to stay within the limits of courtesy.

But I am free, despite the official idolatry, this mode of reasoning, and I see more just space populated gravitons of different energies, one being quasi-static, other animated superluminal speeds and Still others have turned their translational kinetic energy into rotational energy in the form of spin (Mr. Doligez).

To understand the mechanisms of the cosmic environment, the easiest way is to real data to try to extrapolate their level.

Is indeed a space "occupied" by the vacuum physicists in which we inject a certain amount of gas molecules, perfect or not.

Depending on the temperature of the gas, it will either occupy the largest possible volume or condense (if the latter is close to the 0 Kelvin, but this case does not concern us).

Imagine therefore bombard from all directions, these molecules expansion by high energy radiation, what will happen?

Let us, if you wish, in the shadows, all electrodynamic mechanisms, to see that picture.

It is clear that when the radiation pressure will be stronger than kinetic expansion, the volume of gas will be compressed, and if the radiation comes from all directions in space, it is in the form of a gaseous sphere that we can describe the appearance of this volume.

It is clear to us that within this sphere, the local pressure will increase the outer surface to the center.

What's going to happen if we increase the pressure?

Nobody will contradict me, I hope, if I say that at the center of the sphere will appear for a given local temperature and a specific gas, a drop of liquefied gas!

But we know that liquefaction can occur without thermal radiation for lowering the temperature of the liquid, so that drop radiate heat.


Returning to our example and go, mutatis mutandis, gas molecules to a "gas? "Graviton, the compression mechanism of these ultraparticules by radiation from high-energy cosmic gravitons will be similar and lead to similar consequences: that is to say, create the center of gravity of the system, condensation of gravitons form of a solar or stellar plasma, which emit radiation for cooling energy, thermal, light and electromagnetic variety.

While the intimate mechanism of liquefaction of a gas has little resemblance to the creation of a plasma energy from pure elements, but it must be acknowledged that the results are roughly marked by a strong analogy.

In one case as in the other, from elements to achieve a tenuous substance visible and tangible, this analogy allows us to move forward in the very conception of a continuous creation of matter out of an hypothetical though more tangible, and it remains to understand Creation (if this concept is not a pseudo-problem) to try to define the cosmic energy from which everything grows normally until to create another energy of a particular type, the consciousness and intelligence.

Let me, however, allowed certain people to reassure worried that confirm their personal view of cosmogenesis received everywhere, since I exposed either to USA or Germany and Italy, the home more frank and even some of the best mathematicians and, although I have confirmed relativistic convinced their agreement.

Do not forget that our bubble gravitonique extends well beyond Pluto and ten billion kilometers can be considered as a minimum radius. As a result, the bombing of the bubble by cosmic gravitational radiation must give its center of gravity, occupied by the Sun, effects barydynamiques huge well calculated to create particle plasma creation that we study in the next chapter.

On the other hand, it is currently accepted that the planets close to the Sun, that is to say to Jupiter, bathed in the solar atmosphere, which will allow us to understand the following mechanisms.

This design is on the other hand, the only one that explains the constancy of volume-mass of the sun which, though losing every second over billions of years, thousands of tons-mass radiant energy seems to According to the calculations of astronomers, retain its substance.

Of course, as in all the mechanisms of nature, there is a threshold equilibrium, the substance lost radiation is continuously compensated by the newly created.

 Fig. 18


The consequences of these views are extremely complex, but they lead automatically to the explanation of all planetary mechanisms as we will explain.

Firstly, the point Solaire, because there is a condensation, can be considered as a vanishing point to the middle gravitonique so there is a translational motion of the medium to this movement, which is basically symmetrical the center of gravity, but the mechanical vortex shows us that should cause the rotation of the solar mass effect whirlwind.

This rotation is therefore a logical explanation, but there is more: the fact that the angular velocity of the solar mass increases from the poles to the equator, we have here the picture of what is happening beyond the visible substance of the star, that is to say that the field of solar environment is itself driven in decreasing speeds depending on the distance and position relative to the equatorial plane.

Experience very simple and will give us the image of this mechanism: simply turn a solid sphere in a liquid containing some visible particles (Fig. 19).

 Fig. 19

This mechanism of rotation causes the liquid in effect following an equatorial plane that can be likened to that of the ecliptic, the speed tapered depending on the distance.

Occurs on the other hand, an extremely suggestive, that is to say, the return of the fluid expelled by the centrifugal effect in the sphere generator, liquid returns to its starting point by returning them symmetrically lines poles.

Here we have the complete and comprehensive explanation of the mechanisms that govern the movements of planets and life.


Our experience of the rotating sphere in a liquid we showed that visible particles were driven along the same equatorial plane and at speeds slower and slower depending on the distance, and more being driven by the centrifugal force their trajectory was necessarily a spiral (Fig. 20).

It must be admitted that in the cosmic reality, the mechanism of rotation of the planets around the Sun should give similar results, planets emerging at the Sun and moving away from it, driven by the rotation of the middle gravitational occupying the locations those that preceded them and passing through the same stages as we define it.

 Fig. 20


This planet is the newest and is already at a certain distance from the Sun generator. How the world was born:

to understand this mechanism, it is good to think in advance that if the intensity of the attractive sun, is theoretically 28 times that experienced on Earth, environment environment itself has a relative density extremely high, close to of the star which is theoretically 1.41 (ie that of water, which is perhaps not so exact). But if, by an effect of expulsion of volcanic type or demerger, the solar mass is too large relative to equilibrium with the atmosphere, a certain volume of plasma from the Sun, this substance is in equilibrium with Archimedean the environment and must therefore follow a path by driving the spiral away from the globe generator.

However, with the distance it produces a cooling and polyatomic plasma takes the form of any known substance and we are witnessing the formation of a planet.

Billions of centuries passing from Mercury occupy the place of Venus will be in a state very similar to what we see now on our neighbor, that is to say, its volume will increase by expansion at the same time the dissolved gas but is chemically expanseront organized around its surface.

This mechanism results from the fact that the cosmic pressure fell depending on the distance from the Sun, the elements of the world have increased in size, decreasing density.


This planet that can be seen as the elder sister of Mercury is in these conditions the place occupied by the Earth billions of years ago.

It is on this planet era pre-prehistoric Algonkian prevailing, that is to say, a time when the birth of a vegetation feeding carbon dioxide, essential basis of its atmosphere, and subject at temperatures emissions, will allow it to expand, transforming the pure oxygen and carbon CO2en all aspects solid or liquid.

It seems also that the condensate contained in rocks dissociates its component solvent to assist vegetation.

Remains the question of nitrogen does not seem to have been measured in the Venusian atmosphere, although part of the Earth's atmosphere and have been part of the Martian atmosphere at the time when this planet occupied the position of the current Earth.

Where is land and came Nitrogen how Venus will she get gas?

The original idea is that just as for H20 gas is present dissolved in the body ignition of the planet, because it is unlikely that Mars and Earth have encountered a comet tail that is completed, chemically.

It is known that Az is soluble in hot metals (nitriding).

Remains a hypothesis that is to check: this gas would not it have been produced synthetically by atomic plant substances which, if they are generally formed by the elements C-0-H complexes also contain nitrogen.

I recall some experiences biologists have demonstrated that in the absence of essential elements, the plants were able to make the atomic transmutation and not forget between Nitrogen and Carbon, there little difference in structure, the carbon being the sixth element in the table Mendeleef and Nitrogen 7th (see also the work of Louis Kervran, "Biological Transmutations").

So there is a mechanism that can enable research and if nitrogen is particularly abundant, it may be due to the scarcity of its natural combinations, except NH3 compared to the mass of the combination of oxygen with almost all elements, and huge masses of carbon buried in soils.

It is therefore likely that the biochemical mechanism that given the current state of the Earth renews itself on this planet currently too young to host organic beings.


What about our planet, which is known, and because of its position in the round circumsolar is the only door life organized and endowed with intelligence, pending the Venusian is this which we will discuss at length.


Mars unfortunately presents the future image of the Earth when Venus will have dethroned, and I do not need to dwell.

At this time, our planet, despite its stronger gravity than Mars, has lost much of its atmosphere and its water and bombarded by meteorites take the lunar aspect detected by the probe on Mars U.S..

As, after Mars, placing multiple asteroids, possible remnants of a planet exploded following a natural disaster or not, we can assume that the Martian craters are the result of a bombing interplanetary missiles either directly or projections by asteroids during the explosion of the planet Ceres.

That pitiful example be a lesson to earthlings if this is even possible, which I doubt.


The fifth element of our solar system in its current state this as a very special ring microplanètes and cosmic dust, all of which occupies an area that Bode's law between Martian and Jovian orbits.

The main body of this set is substantially annular, but many planetoids having the same origin describe the most diverse orbits between Saturn and Mercury.

It is difficult not to imagine that this set is the residue of a normal planet fragmentary, which erupted in cataclysmic influence or exploded under the action of internal or external forces atomic.

But if astronomers agree not assign all of these asteroids that mass pathetic, it makes sense if we consider that the volume of the planets from Mercury to Jupiter increases and then decreases to Pluto, thinking that all the dust manifest reality by seasonal effects, must represent a much larger global entity.

One must also consider that the explosion of a planet on its trajectory, determines acceleration for half of its mass and deceleration for the other half.

More regarding the projections perpendicular to its trajectory, it is a fall towards the Sun or ejection to Pluto and beyond that the consequences will be.

Anyway, the orbits of fragmentary residues occupy ballistically all kinds of abnormal trajectories, and this is what astronomers observe, at least on the visible elements large enough telescope.

What may be the nature of the disintegration of the planet or the explosion? We are reduced to hypotheses of course, but according to our views on reducing the spatial pressure along the distance from the Sun, I am inclined to accept as logical reasons for that Ceres may be specific, could explode much like a hydrogen balloon rising into high altitudes, the internal pressure is no longer compensated by the pressure or atmospheric gravitonique.

But then, how the Jovian planets have they resisted while increasing volume at the expense of their density? I think it is a relative stability / instability as a function of the mass.

Perhaps even the planet at a critical time was struck by a meteor, misadventure that his ex-neighbor and elder Jupiter avoided during its evolution.

These mechanisms cataclysmic, do not forget, however, the possibility of atomic disintegration under technical influences between two warring civilizations gone now competing in the void of time and space, civilizations seem to have left some remains.


We find with this planet, the largest of the celestial bodies of our solar system, but if the volume is very large, its density is very similar to that against the Sun generator since it is only 1.36?

While many satellites accompanying its surface presents against a purely gaseous and average surface temperature is -140 ° C.


The important feature of these planets is their regularity volume decreases to Pluto, along with their density and temperature.

Their circumsolar orbital velocity decreases and temperature, and the advanced study of astrophysical point of view shows a gaseous indisputable.

It is useful, on the other hand, noted a reversal of the pivot axis at Uranus and reversing the direction of rotation can be explained by a mechanism or magnetic vortex that we define the on.


This newly discovered planet seem not to obey the general law of decreasing density, but on this point astrophysicists do not seem to agree, and anyway at this final stage of disintegration warming, it should be the core the only vestige of an ancient planet has undergone during its life cycle of the transformations we present the current state of the solar system.


Kepler's laws are too well known to the state, however, we retain the orbital speed of a planet is proportional to the inverse square of its distance from the Sun.

Bode's law is not very accurate, but it is only approximate relationship which is obtained. by adding to each term of a geometric progression of ratio 2 and 3 starting with the number 4. It gives approximately the distances except for those of Neptune and Pluto.


0 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384

4 7 10 16 28 52 100 196 388

These values ??divided by 10 and the third term giving is to say ~ unity as the distance from Earth to the Sun, clearly show the presence of a planet 2.8 theoretical number that corresponds to the current position asteroids.

Translate these values ??into distances in millions of kilometers

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Ceres

59 104 148 237 414

58 41 108 149 227

1 -4 -1 10 4

Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

770 1480 2900 5742 114

777 1426 2869 4395 5898

-7 54 31 1347 5528

This increase reflects the principle of a physical law that seems to be demonstrated approximately Transuranium level, but becomes inaccurate beyond, so there are significant changes in celestial mechanics from a certain distance, mechanical, which can be explained only by swirling effects, so from a non-vacuum environment and accepted by mathematicians relativistic.


It is relatively easy to determine the mass of the planets according to Newton's law, their theoretical density resulting quotient of mass and volume.

There is one point, however, has never been considered and request to be added.

If according to the classical views is a planet in its orbit balance depending on the attraction (?) Solar gravitational offset by the centrifugal effect, it must be because our views on the energy density of space, involve a archimedean complex effect, which I defined in several presentations.

If we admit, what I'm trying to demonstrate several years, that the heavenly bodies are bathed in an atmosphere of mass energy gifted, they must lose by upsetting the environment and according to their constitution, molecular and atomic a "mass" equivalent that they move (and I mean mass).

I explained the atomic weight loss by such a process is found on an astronomical scale.

Thus, a cubic meter of Osmium loses mass of about 200 kg-mass.

This effect is the result of

1. The displacement of the medium energy by the volume of material mass considered.

2. The repression of the gravitational field by the electromagnetic field which accompanies this mass.

What is true at the atomic scale can be extrapolated to the astronomical scale.

Take the example of the Earth

It receives from all the points of space radiation or gravitational gravitons, but by a screening effect particulate, it allows only a portion thereof, that is to say, if is a point in space gradient isodyne omnidirectional energy, it will not be the same around a planet mass, which will be located surrounded by a relative vacuum gravitons degressive according to the distance due to 1/d2 (Fig 21).

 Fig. 21

This vacuum gravitational conditions relating to any aspect of gravitational phenomena also determines a kind of sphere slightly lower energy density and therefore an Archimedean effect in the cosmic environment.

Should therefore accurately calculate the mass of a planet, subtract its material mass, the mass of the cosmic energy gravitational moved by a screening effect and thus causing effects Archimedean.

There is however a fundamental difference between the hydrostatic and gravitational effects, the first only by pressure acting on the surface of the body and the second time on each constituent atom of the body, and the field of environment.

Is indeed a compact mass weight M P, which we realize with a hollow sphere of progressively increasing radius.

It is obvious that the screen effect will act on a volume of space more important is to say that the amount of energy discharged space will increase as a cubic function while the surface grow at the square.

Of course, for a given mass of material, the thickness of active screen will decrease, but in such a system, it is possible to increase electro-magnetically shielding effect and therefore resulting in degravitation.

These data would they not apply to define the constitution of Phobos and abnormal trajectories?

But there is a certain analogy between this process and that of the air pump that I explained at the time.

If we take a pump and pulling the piston that we make a vacuum in the cylinder, it is obvious that the system suffer from air antipondéral Archimedean effect corresponding to the weight of the exhaust air .

But if the job is a function of expulsion of the length of the pump body, it is not excluded that a given length for the weight of the air balance the weight of the system.

However, this result, the force will be needed to keep the piston at the end of the race will be the same regardless of the length of the cylinder, a principle that can be applied to our sphere.

We will retain in concluding that the masses are currently admitted interesting planets, do not correspond to physical reality, which requires to change and certain laws.


Among the complex movements that determine the trajectories planetary masses pivoting around their polar axis seems, according to classical mechanics, difficult to explain.

Certainly, with regard to Mercury and the Moon, their rotation is solely due to the fact that their shape asymmetry fix them on their radius of gyration is around the Sun, the Earth is round, like a ball held in rotation about an axis by a thread.

Against this the planets all have a swivel transmercurial whose angular velocity increases and then decreases, but gives an equatorial circumferential speed no law seems to define accurately.

If this relativistic mechanical designs do not give the reason, it becomes very natural from the moment we admit the presence of a medium with almost physical characteristics.

 Fig. 22

 Fig. 23

It becomes obvious, since we assume that the atmosphere has a density of solar energy decreases as a function of distance, driven by a planetary body that environment suffer as a brake on the side of the illuminated area and affect virtually accelerator the dark zone, which rotated in the same direction as the Sun and its atmosphere at least for planets orbiting at the distance of Uranus.

The reversal of this planet and the fact that rotate in opposite directions transuraniennes apparent, may indicate that the mechanism of training in an environment of very different density, gives way to an environment different speed, because we must not forget that mismatch at this level of Bode's law clearly indicates a significant change in the physical data (Fig. 22 and 23).

It should also consider not only the reactions of the material mass of the planets, but also the interactions between the solar field and the fields planetary environment.


This brief perspective on the solar system and its mechanics seems to require the presence of a vacuum not relativists, but that of a medium endowed with energy and mass "stickiness" (?) Similar to a complex atmosphere made both of 'atomic elements, such as wind Solar energy and elements gravitoniques.

Recent information provided by astronautics nascent have already made many confirmations to these views, and it requires a serious revision of data, if they can be heartbreaking, to scientists fed in respect of Relativity.

By summarizing, we are forced to admit that the Sun is the center of an area of ??condensation gravitonique supercharged its level determines the occurrence of a plasma.

Sun revolve around the elements driven at speeds energy functions of a pressure balance between cosmic gravitational and centrifugal effects due to the mass of energy.

This environment leads to planetary masses from the sun in a perpetual cycle and away from it, describing spirals.

The evolution of each planet will therefore continuously through different stages, including those currently in orbit give a perfectly defined.

Their evolution from a plasma gas which is liquefied and solidified in the form of known chemical elements and the planet occupying zones of reduced pressure energy away from the sun and cools the gases occluded within the mass will free and surrounded by a complex atmosphere containing most of the body chemically organized according to their affinities, such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and organic compounds.

The gradual cooling will cause condensation of water vapor formation in the form of masses and oceanic primary vegetation will appear, which, feeding carbon dioxide, will give one side and oxygen on the other deposits of carbon and hydrocarbon.

This will determine the oxygen come from animal life consuming oxygen and making carbon dioxide, create a balance between the plant and animal kingdoms.

This balance will arise the era of intelligence with the appearance of hominids, understanding that some consider the nature becoming aware of itself (Reclus).

The Earth is currently at this stage and the living conditions are paradise if not destructive policies hysteria brought rapidly with degeneration, failure of the entire evolutionary process.

Can we invoke the law of natural selection of species, I do not think so, at least for the results now glaring evidence.

Past this point, as a flower that fades gave his good or poisoned seeds, planets run to their decline and destruction.

Firstly hydrogen will disappear, released by its low density, its great power of expansion, then water, then the normal atmosphere that comes with its own chemical affinity will resume hydrocarbon primitive aspect, and the animal and plant life.

The mass of the atmosphere decreases, the effects of screen no longer prevent those deadly cosmic radiation with the chemical action predominates over those of biology.

At a higher level, the effect of shield against meteorites disappears and then it is proved that the present aspect of Mars impact craters bloated!

But a new phenomenon, hitherto latent, will occur: radioactivity, that the pressure decreases cosmic atomic cohesive forces are no longer balanced and exploding atoms releasing energy.

Old age is accentuated because of the effects of cosmic pressure decrease, the planet is in a state of instability where it may explosion spontaneous mishap may arrive at Ceres.

After this stage, the planetary mass for the same reason always goes to the liquid state and gaseous expanding losing its density, which is the current situation of Jupiter.

Continuing to lose its radioactivity substance, it can be surrounded by a ring of satellites, resulting explosions may be patchy or former satellites such as Saturn, the density, the temperature decreases more.

The same degeneration continues at Uranus and Neptune, the radioactivity continuing to dematerialize atoms from the heaviest to the lightest.

The final stage seems to be now known Pluto appears as the residue of a core planetary residue relatively dense, but ultimately disintegrating. It seems that after Pluto no telescope can detect the presence of other planetary bodies.

This long journey through space made by Solar planets over billions of centuries will end with an unexpected conclusion yet perfectly logical and verifiable.

We have seen, in fact, in my previous article that liquid expelled by driving a rotating sphere, it returns after a complex path through the polar axis, coincident with the axis of rotation.

I think it makes sense to consider the cosmic energy having been successively materializing at the Sun, continued the global adventure with all stages ending with a return to a dematerialized form, must return to the Sun to repeat the same cycle.

In my opinion, I think the universe perpetually at his level, that is to say, it has neither beginning nor end, but against this eternity is populated by beginnings and beginnings of the cyclic transformation same basic substance which is energy.

The cycle is the same level of biology and extends far beyond our human conceptions.

Our solar system, which, since billions of years factory and destroyed planets and civilizations may one day disappear to transform into other cosmic elements, but certainly it will start, because there are even planetary lives cyclical, there must lives forever Solar repeated.

The entire universe is based on the single principle of perpetual beginnings and endings, within an immutable substratum devoid of complex time is ultimately the movement.

Some have thought that the energy was deteriorating and I agree within certain limits, but no less constantly regenerates itself and I am convinced that the expansion of the universe if it is not a wrong view, n ' is ultimately that the extrapolation of what is happening across Solar, that is to say, it must be replaced by the planets galaxies and see a cycle.

The mechanism of destruction of Galaxies may be under the control of a passage into another dimension, or rather another aspect, when their velocity becomes superluminal, because I can not believe there is a limit to the cosmic speed in the entire universe.

This mechanism is certainly necessary the views of the great master of the cosmos is eternal by definition, to regenerate degraded energy and maintain the movement.

I can not close this chapter without meeting the just criticism from those who contradict me, arguing that scatter solar radiation in the cosmos, because theoretically, to Sirius, our energy bubble should lose its substance, and all the problem is to show that the energy lost by radiation is compensated in ways unknown by that we receive from the cosmos itself.

It is recognized when I lift my finger to the sky, the world's balance is disturbed, it is natural to conclude that I must receive the blow-cons.

One last thought is needed, which is a philosophical otherwise religious, but I can skim through.

This design ever World birth and destruction, therefore causes those civilizations perishing eternally renewed and inevitably doomed to destruction!

For us who are part of the global civilization X power + to - infinity and suffer the same fate, we can not prevent us from rebelling against the futility of so much energy spent in vain and suffering animal and human aimlessly.

Certainly, whatever religions try to define this, but it is uncertain and faith alone gives it a reality.

The Universe would not it ultimately a huge circus for entertainment and evil gods who are bored?

The man of all times trying to free himself well, whenever the degree of evolution acquired by the sweat of his brow permits, and perhaps privileged mutants have already taken some levers?

Power our civilization X + to - infinity, can she turn? This is unlikely, because it does not take the path.

It seems indeed as if the dematerialization process is inevitable beyond the solar system, and between two identical systems, for lack of cosmic pressure, it is not possible to get out of this prison, and even consider escape liberating at least in materiality.

Only mystics are able.

But I do not want to stay on this conclusion too pessimistic and disappointing, and I am convinced that beyond certain speeds compatible with the local density of energy, superluminal speeds, it must produce a cohesion effect at material to cross the threshold of dematerialization, also almost instantaneously.

Topology teaches us the opportunity to passages in other dimensions or spaces, not obeying, apparently, our classical laws, and allowing to enter or exit.

These views may appear in the field of Science Fiction, but there is the Science Fiction worthwhile, there is the science of tomorrow, always available as long as men please stop on the way the destruction to which they are committed despite the warnings!


Fifteen years have passed so in the expectation of a financial contribution from the state or private. But on Earth, the vast majority are only concerned with their selfish enrichment problems and sterile. And removal of gravity affects only foreign laboratories for purposes primarily military.

I have no news Burkhart Heim. CERG Rome after confirmation of positive results of my experimental theories seems to sleep, and the Italian government does not seem interested.

As the work Soviets, it appears that the research is oriented antimatter in the hope that this element is in a natural state of antigravity in our gravitational field.

Nobody in the world has yet thought it was not necessary to make a product as dangerous as our type of negative electron, if it has an inert positiue, is also in a state of antigravity archimedean our natural energy gradient, its specific gravity is less than that of the cosmic space energy.

This will be a new database options along with some original features allowing maneuverability cosmic gear, and about developments that follow.

The American side, the center ANTI "G" General Electric Schenectady New Boston and works in secret, but according to some information is nothing positive yet realized.

In France, it is something else with the research of Olivier Costa de Beauregard, the effect of inertial spin is hyped by the CNRS while it appears only seen under a microscope.

Science & Vie says about it: (# 600 September 67 page 54).

"In this particular area (antigravity) French physicists have many years ahead of their foreign colleagues" ... however, a few lines above note about the effect Costa Goillot:

"At the moment the effect is microscopic and highlighted demanded marvels of ingenuity experimental."

If I took these lines, it is certainly not in order to minimize the work of highly qualified physicists, but to show that the problem seems very simple to solve in the light of logic, while the physicists of the world explore world in all sorts of directions and research, because once again distorted by the theorists of formal education have lost sight of the fundamental simplicity of the physical and psychic. It is not without reason that I use this word, as we will see later his immense practical significance.

Need I remind you that I am fundamentally psychiatrist doctor and as such I am forced to consider illogical aberrations same brilliant mind.

Admittedly, the Mathematics in all its disciplines developed for relations between phenomena to measure them and to link cause and effect between the rational and permanent manifestations of real translations aware that they induce in thinking beings that we are.

It is not necessary to understand the mechanism of phenomena, that is to say, their transposition into concepts that fill the brain.

It will suffice to represent either the first letters of the alphabet in regard to things or the last known to those unknown, the value becomes known through the automatic mechanism mathematical operations.

The brain acts as a computer, using the data from its memory and associative mechanisms of its own characteristics and intelligence.

However, it seems that it can not represent consciously outside of printed images in your brain.

The notion of numerical value is fundamental, but there are aspects of the outside world that require extrapolation to be viewed, in particular the notion of force.

It is obvious that its representation by a vector giving both the direction of the force and its importance is an advance in understanding a mechanism that escapes the vision of material things.

However, the development of vector calculus which operates these elements requires an effort of abstraction in our minds that creates a state of consciousness very different from reality and tensor calculus is currently the most advanced form.

The tragedy is that arrived at this stage of ideation, the mind creates an imaginary world that too often leads to abstractions of abstractions to lose contact with reality, while having the impression that the has not left.

On the other hand, it is well recognized that one sees in the things that we want to see, and that in general we do not want to see what we know. ~

This is in my opinion the mechanism that led to the relativistic world in a mathematical logic course, but having lost touch with reality.

Thus it was assumed that the vacuum was empty of all material reality, but he curls and waves that are propagated without hardware support! Not to mention some paradoxes or impassable limit of the speed of light.

All things that other designs require more logically real and also partly explainable by other arguments.

Same for physicists from the beginning, having maintained their lucidity, refused Einsteinian views were then abused by some semi-experimental verification, have fallen into the relativistic mirage and struggle to find healthy notions of reality.

The most obvious is the drama summarized in a letter responding to a CNRS physicist.

"Any work that does not take into account the relativity in no way be considered"! ... and put the basket!

Well over FIFTY years of work rich applications were despised and PHYSICS, contrary to some opinions conformist evolved late.

If the air is manifested to us through our senses sight, hearing, smell, touch and even taste, we have a feeling its pressure indirectly through his discomfort reduction or increase determines our physiology, yet the strength of the normal air pressure on a human body is about ten tons that is to say, the weight of a powerful truck with full load.

Yet there is a sense that nature has given us: the kinesthetic sense that long overdue tell us about the origin of gravity, flow through the material and acting respectively on each individual atom.

This flow is polydirectionnel but it is asymmetrical in the vertical direction, the centripetal flow is greater than the centrifugal flow modified by the shielding effect of the earth.

The combined power of these flows is fantastically high, the effect of gravity is not only due to the energy difference between centrifugal and centripetal flow, relatively low.

So if we feel the wind directly, it is more difficult to interpret than the gravitation, because just like the atmospheric pressure that we hardly feel the internal pressure of gravitation occurs only in acceleration cases.

So we can get an idea of ??what is inertia, that is to say, the effect produced by the movement of a body in the gravitational environment.

It is customary to express the effect of gravity is inertia, and we see immediately that the mechanism of gravitation is a difference in energy between the two streams. But a body that moves the analogy is striking because if the flow speed is theoretically the same antagonists on the same virtual path to a body at rest, movement of the body in the path that will make speed in addition or subtracting the flow, we are practically in the presence of an identical mechanism.

The inertia appears to be solely due to the disturbance in the gravitational field energy by setting in motion relative to the middle of any mass whose presence causes a screen polydirectionnel.

The more complete analysis of this phenomenon shows a change in the wave kinetic state of the environment in which we will analyze later the constitution, because it is likely that if energy cosmic space, among other electro-magnetic, it must consist of particles and wave.


We saw in the last chapter that the origin of our solar system, a particular case of the 50 million identical systems constituting the Galaxy can be explained by the condensation point of the empty space of particles dispersed in the vast Cosmos and which, in the present state of our knowledge, it is difficult to determine the origin.

This notion of empty space beyond the possibilities of conceptualizing the human conscience in 1972, because it can not be nothing.

Yet can we say that time can exist in something that does not exist? And we get there, I suppose, in the metaphysical realm pure, and perhaps in the metaphysical space, the creative spirit.

This space can not therefore be immaterial have a beginning and an end, and this is the very definition of God is eternal to say that this is to say that it has always existed and will always exist, which means the same, the negative or positive a picture are only two aspects of the same thing.

In this virtual space indefinable, therefore seeped particles or something that differed from nothingness, emptiness and it is worth rereading Genesis to see that the Scriptures speak of the first day as creation waves.

The exact translation of the biblical certainly can evoke waves liquids, but electromagnetic waves, those of space, since the lights come on the fourth day.

The primary aspect of creation deserves attention because of the logic of science development, as I respect the text of Genesis.

And it is said in ancient texts:

In the beginning the earth was formless and empty, darkness was there on the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

God said: Let there be light! And there was light, and he separated the light from the darkness.

God then said:

There be an expanse between the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters.

Then: That the waters which were under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let dry ground appear.

Finally on the fourth day:

Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky.

The interest of this text is evident if one translates the esoteric terms in modern terms.

And the nothingness of the abyss is locally up to waves, that is to say, the base particles and, subsequently, their accompanying waves.

It should be noted that the biblical text mark an area separating the wave energy space, waves materialized chemical constituents;

Finally the lights which show that there is no confusion between the wave energy from the beginning and the appearance of lighting, that is to say, when the condensation of cosmic energy, creating the Sun .

Scientifically, so I understand this aspect of the local creation of our solar system, but also the same process in other points in space, other galactic systems, such as condensation ultramicroparticules that is to say form of a rotating power of itself.

In my previous articles, I called these particles photons, but from and to avoid confusion we will call gravitons, in the terminology being adopted (MM Doligez).

The photon is therefore the following text a group of particles together with their wave function of their energy.

When the text of Genesis speaks of the abyss uncreated must be read locally empty space for housing the Solar System.

But as we will see later I believe that the universe has always existed, the notion of time being anthropomorphic. I think the Cosmos has always been more or less populous particles traversing at speeds infinitely large in the empty spaces condensed cosmic energy space.

If one engages in the study of gravitation must first free themselves from the concept of attraction.

While it is indeed a primary interpretation and experience shows us every day that we seem attracted by the earth's surface, and that any mass grave abandoned in space.

However, in another area we find that if the piston pump water seems to draw the liquid, this effect ceases beyond a height of 10 meters, and it is understood that the analysis is not an attraction, but at the base of the discharge of water by the atmospheric pressure, the latter does not counterbalance the weight of the water column as a balance between atmospheric pressure and the weight of water.

The effect of attraction and also in all its aspects must be reduced to that of an external pressure which occurs due to an imbalance between the external pressure which is reduced by any mechanism, between the object that seems attracted and whoever draws.

Regarding the weight of the body, it appears that from a space pressure acting on the atoms of the human body as a result of local energy under pressure.

Ultimately, the atoms of the body obstructing, one can think of a screen effect. We are fully aware that wind pushes us in the direction of his direction while the wind is normally invisible to our eyes. This sensation is given by the pressure of wind, temperature and sometimes because of the dust it creates.

And we realize the existence of the element air, we grant him a degree of kinetic and thermal energy for its physical reality we no doubt.

It would be the same if standing on a metal hopper as we were projecting a powerful fan air flow vertical to the ground.

Standing on a balance our weight would thus be increased by the pressure of the air.

Implementing this mechanism we see that the gravitational attraction can not be explained logically by a flow of energy coming from infinity and centripetal direction to the planet, our body shielding its spread.

We are obviously far from the concepts of relativity.

Certainly, physicists have long considered the process, but it took the relativistic speculation to a very simple design irrational adopted soon, the human mind has a tendency to admire what he does not understand.

And yet, if the wind and therefore the atmosphere appear to us indirectly, does not it the same energy space including the effect of gravity is a manifestation indisputable?

Gravitons scattered bombarded from all sides are condensed in a privileged point, that is to say, the cloud was to give birth to the Sun.

Gravitons initially had no energy clean energy spinique outside, but under the combined influence of the condensing pressure and shock energy intake from cosmic particles, it is thus formed a kind of atmosphere of ultra-microparticles having Brownian oscillations exactly similar, but at a much reduced scale, to that of an atomic gas.

The current radius of the cloud can be estimated at 100 billion miles. Should therefore be about 300 hours to cross the speed of light, as it is officially admitted. We will see later that this is not entirely accurate.

Such a cloud can be spherical or ellipsoidal. Pressure particulate radiation that bombard from all regions of the cosmos must increase inversely as the square of the distance to the center of gravity, which can be explained mathematically by the fact that the surface of the spheres or ellipsoids concentric decreases function of the inverse square of the distance from the center.

Therefore, if the external cosmic pressure may be relatively small, it will grow considerably in the center of gravity, the gas density gravitonique increasing in the same proportion, according to the laws governing ideal gas.

We will therefore in all aspects of the atmosphere pressure and local temperature which seems to correspond to absolute 0 Kelvin, which would ultimately be the temperature of the energy space and not the lower temperatures.

It should be noted that if 0 Kelvin corresponds to our physical scale, stationary molecular or atomic oscillations, the temperature does not change the texture characteristic of the atom the electrons continue to surround the core.

The absolute 0 is the boundary between the temperatures at the quantum level and a new graduation from subquantum level.

It was important to note that the concept of temperature only concerns oscillatory energy, and the absolute 0 corresponds to silence molecular.

Of course we can not enter into the physical world subquantum without specifying its dimensions.

Is in fact the particle size of 10-28 cm and a mass planetary middle order 1030 tonnes.

The mass of the graviton would 10-60 to 10-80 g-weight, which means that the mass of particles is placed between an average mass and mass planetary gravitonique, that is to say, in another form , that is the particle graviton that the particle is a planet.

It is obvious that the physics of the atmosphere gravitonique must also be different from the atomic physics that it is astronomy and everything in this area is to identify and measure.

However, we can estimate certain characteristics that arise from the morphological aspect.

Density and temperature increases as one approaches the center, there must exist at this level a maximum gradient of the order of several billion degrees according to our scale.

But imagine a sphere of gas contained in a ball eg CO2 sphere that we compress symmetrically placing the ball in the water will increase the pressure.

At a certain pressure and temperature CO2 gas will liquefy by abandoning heat.

Therefore sees that in this mechanism the process of creation of the Sun and from there all the cosmic Suns, that is to say, a kind of liquefaction energy gravitonique the center of gravity of the cloud with the emission of electromagnetic heat .

Astronomers are normal to consider that a star emits every second thousands of kilograms of the substance in the form of radiant energy persists for billions of years its volume and energy, paléogéologie by faith.

The only explanation is that there is a threshold between the volume and the volume of the solar atmosphere that balances energy constant between the two states, thus maintaining the substance embodied energy.

Of course, physicists, and this has earned them a Nobel Prize, considered the Solar Energy is due to the transformation of hydrogen into helium (Bethe cycle).

I'm sorry to oppose my design phenomenon a Nobel Prize, but I will show later that fusion energy is exactly the energy of the space repressed by cavitation effects, the helium molecule occupying a volume space larger than the hydrogen molecule, and on this point I agree indisputable scientific authorities.

This means that many currently fashionable ideas in physics have great need to be reconsidered.


I explained at length in my 1967 design of the birth of the life and death of the solar system planets.

If I take this subject is to complete several observations that confirmed my assumptions.

Stellar material is a plasma consisting of electrons and nuclei materialized by hypertension and hypertempérature resulting from the issuance fantastic heat due to liquefaction or gravitonique neutrino, in the sun.

The radioactivity seemed to me due to the decrease in the pressure of space, and it is maximum at the sun, it is possible that the number of elements Mendeleef it is more important at the level of our planet.

Similarly, the number of particles of known or unknown base must be much higher, and the chemistry of the solar atom must be extremely complex.

So originally the "System" Solar can not be represented by a huge bubble of gas ultrafluid gravitons and neutrinos containing in its center of gravity incandescent sphere of the liquefied gas by the extreme pressure prevails.

In other words, the Sun liquid plasma is surrounded by a gaseous atmosphere which extend up to 100 billion km, this limit is difficult to assess.

The pressure and the density of the atmosphere starting from low values ??to increase with the Sun until its merger become more or less similar to that of the material of the star.

But we know from many experiences that whenever there is a "hole" in nature, that is to say, a place of convergence, the flow equilibrium can not exist long and it occurs swirling drive mechanism.

Thus in a funnel or in a cylindrical tank having a hole at its base, a volume of liquid which flows in rotation starts determining a sort of cone, instead of balance between gravity and the force created by centrifugal movement.

At the Sun and its atmosphere, the same mechanism should lead to the same conclusion: the condensation of the atmosphere from a volume to a volume V v is equivalent to a flow, the entire system must be rotated creating maximum speed plan, which will become the ecliptic, and an axis passing through the poles of the Sun.

But we know from astronomical observations the Sun's equator has a much higher angular velocity than the material at the poles is 4 km / s and by extrapolation we can assume that the atmosphere that surrounds it also has a motion vortex virtually synchronous speed, as in the vortex of a liquid, tapering depending on the distance.

It is interesting to compare this mechanism to that observed in a liquid containing suspended particles visible and in which sphere rotates rapidly or more disk around one of its diameters.

It is then found that it creates a centrifugal flow on a plane perpendicular to the axis of the rotating sphere - stream whose velocity is very close to that of Ecuador near the mobile, the speed decreases as a function of distance until it becomes zero at a certain distance.

However, this substance causes expulsion of a return at the rotating sphere, which is done by the two poles.

This is a complex set of movements difficult to translate into equations, but can be extrapolated at the Sun, that is to say complex movements in three dimensions.

It seems perfectly logical to think that the planets had a solar origin during a cataclysmic eruption as having expelled a large amount of plasma.

 Fig. 24

 Fig. 25

On this point I invite the reader to get one of these gadgets consisting of a heating lamp isodense a complex of two substances in a tube and forming a mobile.

A cold element is visible plated bottom of the tube, but it has heated up like a balloon that is inflated by its base that is to say, on pear shape.

Gradually piriform aspect becomes a sphere held to the base by a stretching which breaks suddenly.

This break which separates the sphere become perfect, its base creates an extremely informative as a second much smaller sphere which is agglomerated by the meeting of the substance of the stretch.

It seems to me that this could explain the formation of satellites such as the Moon.

Why the two spheres they stand base? It is clear the specific heat of the two substances being different

although their density is the same cold, it is clear that one of the two heated to become less dense and therefore lighter rise by Archimedean effect.

If we transpose this mechanism at the Sun, it seems logical to consider it as seamless explaining the birth of a planet and one or more satellites.

Thus, a planet born of a substance expulsion solar driven by the rotation of the Sun and its atmosphere bathed in a medium density close to hers.

Therefore it is necessary to change many characteristics about the intensity of gravity at stars and planets, and in particular the release rates that require the introduction of archimedean factors.

If the planets, solar satellites are well trained in the rotation of the whole system, it is not only the balance between solar attraction and the centrifugal force of rotation determines their trajectory. It becomes a complex between these forces which must be added the driving medium and the effects between the density of Archimedean planets and the middle of which decreases with the distance.


My intention is to demonstrate a number of errors that compromise the validity of relativistic theories can be venial errors regarding the physical realities of the environment, capitals, out of our local energy gradient.

The design of Einsteinian gravitation is 100% that of a mathematician geometer, but explanatory value in terms of physics and its applications.

Similarly, the assumption of limiting speeds than intergalactic light. In our space environment, it can be accepted with some reservations can not be accepted in an absolute way outside this limit, moreover very narrow opposite cosmic dimensions and every day new findings are the reverse .

The most important thing for a cosmonaut whether biology is consistent with the speed limit, which a priori closes forever the doors of the cosmos, and renders nugatory all theoretical astronautics.

No one would mind, however, deny that person for all the physical mechanisms associated with the effects of electro-magnetic transmissions, immediacy can only be a figment of the imagination and should therefore introduce factor "c" the speed of the transmission in any form under these phenomena.

This recognized and accepted, most other relationships relativistic erroneous because it lacks an essential factor Einstein ignored the local gradient energy.

It is unfortunate that the mathematician is missed even more of a relativity "Relative" that he created, which would have avoided being now not only criticized because too often contradicted by facts, but suspected to be the cause of 50-year delay in the development of science.

Certainly, there is relativity as a religion. There are fanatics, einsteinolâtres, narrow-minded and dull critical thinking, and consider that any reversal of experimental sacrosanct principles require to find reasons not change, and thus such that the distances theoretical radar taken from the Earth-Mars and Venus have shown that the speed of light was faster between Earth-Venus between Earth and Mars, we preferred to consider that the error was due to yet precise astronomical measurement and was corrected distances, rather than admit the variability of speed "c".

Now we see that the logic was in favor of the change, some aspects cosmic show that up to more than ten times that speed about double stars.

This chapter is once again vital and essential, I would not leave any doubt and I propose to introduce relativity in its two aspects, in order to maintain the good and the bad pruning.


Is generally attributed to Einstein the father of relativity, having a tendency to forget his predecessors, especially Maxwell.

We do think that it is essentially the Michelson-Morley experiment, which is the origin of relativity. In reality it was something much more important: "the laws of electromagnetism, were incompatible with classical mechanics" and he had to find a more adequate formulation.

There is therefore no doubt that relativity was originally found a very constructive movement in physics. However, the current trend shows that mathematical ideas are a valuable tool certainly does that but what he gave as a function.

Relativity based on the theoretical vacuum cosmic therefore could not find the energy that fills the plenum as gradients variables, and the basic error consists precisely in this uniform and be extrapolated empty at all points of the universe.

While Einstein, by the force of things, however, attributed it bends, but this is precisely the incomprehensible thought of this mathematician considered to have curves in a space devoid of substance, since it denied the ether.

Thus relativity, mathematics transcendent triumph, has, thus, demonstrated the weakness.

The space-time four-dimensional dEinstein, if it represents the scale of human concepts a remarkable synthesis, does not contain an element that is less subjective sensations more human than a physical reality.

What time is variable, shrinks or expands it seems theoretical, since it is not a reality but a mathematical operator invented for the sake of argument.

Time is an anthropomorphic feeling and not a physical reality and relativity therefore seems to reflect the essence of this concept.

Thus Einstein's theory built on two errors can not provide absolute explanation of physical laws in all the gradients of the Universe and it is fortunate for the superluminal astronautics. This opens the doors of the Infinite, so far closed by the proponents of relativity.

So I let the fanatics irreducible theory, by a strange coincidence that the same people who vehemently deny the reality of UFOs, the responsibility of all systematic denigration of all that nature gives us for the evolution of humans and their future science. And I'll try to summarize a number of eminent physicists work nonconformists, to open minds to new physical realities.

Among the many works which regularly grow the trial record of Relativity, I summarize those two authors, an Italian Professor Cincis of Rome and the other a French Engineer Jean Dubost.

The writings of Professor Cincis many are written in Italian and French, and I note one of the newest entitled "The Light and the Universe," which dates from 1969.


It is a theory that has profoundly influenced the development of ideas in physics, it is relativity.

Although heavily criticized in its infancy, a number of semi-experimental checks returned with the opinion of Relativity is now accepted as gospel truth in scientific academia.

And yet there is nothing more controversial today as the famous demonstrations about the anomalies of Mercury's perihelion, or the bending of light rays in the vicinity of a celestial body, even the notorious formula W = MC2 find explanations in scientific logic before Einstein.

This theory is in fact based on the Michelson whose misinterpretation directed physics in a way strangely logical but outside material realities.

Thus Einstein postulated that the speed of light was the absolute limit for all velocities in the Universe, committing the mistake of asking the principle that empty space was uniformly identical to him even in all parts of Cosmos, apart from the stars and planets.

If it is not denied that Relativity has a number of truths, they are only valid in an energy gradient determined and anyway can be explained by the very constitution of space in formal opposition to the views relativistic.

We discussed in detail on all these aspects, but since the origin of this design lies in the Michelson-Morley experiment it is important to determine the causes of errors that have been introduced.

Indeed, if an observer runs to a light source through the medium which carries the vibration, it is clear that the relative speed increases resulting, being equal to the wave velocity of the observer the most mobile.

Thus the observer is achieved by a number of vibrations per second larger than it would have been in a state of rest.

The condition through the vibrating medium is essential. Indeed, if the observer is moving along the middle speed (relative) light remain constant.

Otherwise, if the observer moves away from the light source always moving within the vibrating medium relative speed of light decreases, and it is affected by a number of vibrations smaller than it would received immobile.

At the limit, if speed was the same as light waves it would do more since moving along with them.

We can say that the latter observer the speed of light is zero.

What could happen if exceeds this speed?

It seems a first approximation that it would return in time, but with some reservations.

Apart from a speed much greater than twice that of light, the vision of the past could be understood in relation to a decision allowing the observer to catch waves because its gradual slowdown would join with decreasing wave length thus representing the past in one aspect hardly conceivable.

These mechanisms in perfect analogy with the acoustic phenomena, especially about supersonic aircraft whose sound waves can be in front or behind the camera after he flies subsonic or supersonic, demonstrating once more the identity processes sound and light contrary to the assertions and assumptions relativistic.

Based on these experimental data, reason logically and let us summarize:

If the observer approaches the source light or sound, or the frequency of the radiation of the sound increases at the same time that the relative speed of light or sound.

Conversely, if the observer moves away, the frequency decreases along with the relative velocity.

If the observer moves away at the same speed that the wave frequency is zero at the same time as the relative velocity.

Finally a speed much greater than that of the waves and following the process described, it would be possible to go back in time, within certain limits, however, because in the meantime the energy will be degraded, but this is another problem.

Here imposes a remark clearly specified by the Engineer Teodorico Cincis Rome:

In fact it is said in all treatises on physics that "if the light source approaches the observer, or what is the same thing, if the observer approaches the source," and it is not right!

Indeed, if the source is moving towards or away from the color or tone changes but the speed remains constant, but if the observer moves, not just the color or tone change but also the speed and this course because unlike relativists who deny the presence of a propagation medium, the medium is both light than sound.

Accordingly: the speed of light is added to the velocity of the observer in the vibrating medium.

Of course, this assertion is perfectly justified in open opposition to official science.

Einstein said in effect:

The speed of light is independent of the motion of the observer, and in 1972 anyone speaks otherwise is a heretic worthy of the stake.

It is indeed even absurd a light beam having the same speed for several observers in motion relative to each other.

An example is perfectly demonstrative in a swimming pool located on the deck of a boat.

If the ship goes forward or backward wave velocity in the pool remains the same compared to a stationary observer on the vessel at the pool.

But if the viewer become swimmers through the liquid waves wave velocity is added to that of the observer.

The Michelson-Morley experiment, which was at the origin of Einstein's views can not be explained only in terms of the training of the gravitational field, so to superatmosphère energy carried in the rotation of the earth in the same way the gas atmosphere air.

Obviously remains the thorny problem of aberration that is for astronomers to be forced to change to 6-month intervals the viewing angle of their telescopes.

A very simple image of the phenomenon can be represented by walking through the rain.

Normally the rain falls vertically, but the movement of the pedestrian is apparently while the drop at an angle to the vertical.

This mechanism applied to land about radiation from the stars seem to prove that there is no training ether or rather the energy around the Earth.

This is at least what was agreed at the time of Einstein, this contradiction has been the basis of Relativity.

Certainly, the ideas have evolved and many theorists have demonstrated the error of reasoning, because we had forgotten that the earth is surrounded by a field, solar field far more extended turns on its side, with the sun center circle. This rotation does not occur but in a block angular velocity of the order of that of the solar equator at his level and tapered depending on the distance that requires course to thoroughly review the data of the problem and almost all the views of astronomers. Indeed we will see later that the speed of propagation is a function of the local energy density of the solar field and not the constant relativistic cosmic distances are all to recalculate both in their real dimensions as how to count in light years.

Even spoil the topic I think I can say that if the output of the solar field may take a few hours at operating speed, inter galactic crossings are timeless.

The foundations of relativity is erroneous, no one can admit without hesitation the resulting conclusions and whose main criticism is that they are made in a spirit of absolute truth and indisputable fact that written by a prominent member of the CNRS :

"Any communication that does not show relativity is thrown into the shopping cart without any consideration."

Why so absolute?

It seems that the experimental results confirm the theoretical calculations enough that relativity is recognized as scientifically valid but recent and new designs came from the New York Congress relativistic bring other processes as explanatory attractive and perfectly consistent with good Cartesian sense.

I do not deny that electromagnetism Maxwell relations have needed the relativistic boost, but it does not exist in the physical world no instant action at a distance, at least in the energy field, and must therefore introducing speed of the transmission factor of the speed gradient in our energy of electromagnetic waves.

Regarding the rotation of the ellipse of Mercury did in his time the triumph of theory, it was found that it could come from a solar anomaly that has nothing to do with relativity.

As for the deflection of a light beam in the vicinity of a gravity field, this makes sense since it is anisotropic space.

For what interests displacement of spectral lines nebulae, another triumph of theory, we will see later that both the theory of expansion than any other on cosmic speed to 100% again ...

Remains the mass-energy equivalence, and again this is obvious. Energy is built on the model of a gas of particles with dimensions much smaller but real is material. On the other hand the elementary particles being generated by the winding on itself of radiation consisting of a micro-particle and its wave, one understands atomic energy which is triggered by a process chain unrolling by bursting.

As for gravity, if this was reality, it was transformed by Einstein in a virtual space curves whose materiality is denied by the author and I have always been surprised and deeply surprised to hear this improbability affirmed ex cathedra by leading physicists.

Remains to consider the proposals relativistic time, according to Einstein closely related to space and matter.

Leave to return once more to the purely abstractive time, it seems difficult to find this concept a reality outside the physical face of a clock or the frequency of atomic oscillation also variable.

Certainly, if relativity awake mind the concept of mechanical unreal it is about time something eminently relative, also on this point I will concede a certain value. But, again, the criticism that I make to this theory is that they are approximately valid in an energy field, that is to say, the atmosphere of the sun energy carrier waves and their local velocity function of the variable density of the energy.

What about the time between two solar systems or galaxies in space (relatively) empty of any substance and can mean in this environment and wave speed?

Certainly, as we see a number of galaxies in all parts of the cosmos, it seems clear that their radiation must traverse space regardless of its nature, but just a form and a speed having little to do with the radiation wave + particle photon sensitive to the human eye.

I think it is possible that the eye is blind to radiation consists only free particle wave in a vacuum energy (eg between our Sun and Alpha Centauri). This is an assumption because the chemical reaction retina may be more sensitive to radiation than particulate element accompanying the wave but it is a futuristic experimental field.

To summarize, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. There relativity in a number of truths trivial now, but, fifty years ago, opened the eyes of the unusual aspects of logical reasoning in the unreal, and Einstein would have been able to reputation he had pushed the intuition to see the invisible, that is to say the formation energy of the solar system.

Certainly, our air atmosphere is hardly visible because the human eye is sensitive to only a small range of electromagnetic waves.

So what energy the atmosphere even more tenuous even more impalpable to our senses, beyond the weight sensation?

And yet transposed the relativity of mathematical reality would have been able to solve all the problems remained unresolved in the minds of mathematicians, because gravity seems to be the # 1 problem of the century.

Physicists too distorted by the relentless formal education are not yet able to free themselves from the shackles to contemplate nature in its basic simplicity beautiful.

There is indeed a general physical mechanism that governs all of nature, but this secondary aspects differ according to their level.

In a treatise on mathematics, being multiply pressure is solved by a simple multiplication, but in reality the pressure ten times higher texture may profoundly alter the local atomic material under pressure.

Thus everything, happens in nature. Pressure is a general phenomenon, but its consequences are a function of all relevant mechanisms scale higher or lower.

It is therefore much damage Einstein had not been aware that in his time the universe of space is not homogeneous and that relativity could not be fully applied to all levels of the cosmos.

It would therefore define the relativity of relativity is F (Relat).

It is not surprising therefore that he failed painfully in the formulation of general relativity, because ultimately only the unitary conception of the energy field that is to say an atmosphere energy can demonstrate that field modifications, under influences perfectly understandable, can determine the electrical, magnetic and gravitational meson, and all other fields that physicists like to explore and are only degrees of pressure or depression or general field polarization of the solar atmosphere, and whose characteristics vary depending on their location.

The formula for the unitary field seems remarkably simple and replicable by extrapolation of the fluid dynamics, science now well defined.

Once again, we will define the solar system or any stellar system as a result of the condensation energy space in its center of gravity or maximum pressure, the gravitational effects are complex, pressure-dependent cosmic repressed energy and matter to the Sun. This pressure increases proportionally to the inverse of the surface, which means that the resulting attraction is a function of the inverse square of the distance to the center of gravity and of course in proportion to the mass.

At all points in space we see that the direction of the pressure forces is centripetal.

One could argue that in a gas enclosed in a sphere and pressure, it is constant and identical in all respects.

How then to explain this anomaly texture that the pressure increases with the density, which is mandatory?

Explain this by the mutual attraction of the particles satisfy the supporters present rare attraction, so you see the problem in its cosmic aspect and not purely local.

We saw in a previous chapter and elsewhere we will return given its importance as the de Broglie relation C2 = C'C "meant that any frequency electromagnetic radius could have two distinct characters, that is ie, the velocity of the particle and its accompanying wave.

It is obvious that the speed of the one tending to 0 than the other tends to infinity.

But while the material particle, as a supersonic aircraft, not going to the same speed as the sound it creates an environment in air, or as the rocket out of the atmosphere can not be accompanied by waves acoustic, but only of electromagnetic waves, the wave accompanying can exist outside of a support, that is to say, the middle of the old subquantum or ether.

Its speed will be a function of the pressure and density of the medium.

We must therefore conclude that before entering a gravitational field particles photons arrive at a speed that could theoretically be close to infinity that is to say with an extremely high energy.

And injected into the spatial energy condensed this speed will decrease in favor of the wave will appear and will become increasingly important as approaching the center, the Sun, the pressure energy will increase, This is consistent with the laws wave velocities.

The cosmic gravitational field of our solar system is constantly bombarded by these photons, particles from the infinity of the universe, photons do not have the character of electromagnetic wave but only shot.

This is what creates the bombing translational energy of gravitons and therefore the fields, as opposed to the wall of a sphere which is only reflective of the energy of a gas, slower photons particles is gradually throughout the thickness of the sphere graviton thus compressed gradually.

Who does not see in this mechanism explanation of cosmic rays and the need to change all perspectives of physical astronomy!

The immediate consequence of this view is that our physical (including its appearance in relativistic) is approximately valid in our energy gradient, that is to say, for the earth 150 million km, the distance sun, and a little below Jupiter, 777 million miles.

Beyond the new planet is believed to have identified the physical space must be variable, and the accuracy of Earth distanced to Pluto. And if Pluto is theoretically remote 6 billion miles from Earth, the limit to the presence of gravitons must be 100 billion miles. (Calculation based on the decrease in the inverse square of the distance to the Sun).

It should be noted that this distance is reached in about 100 hours at the speed of light relativists. The theoretical distance of the nearest Sun, Alpha Centauri, light demanding four years before entering the atmosphere this energy our other sun ... neighbor, it gives us an aspect of the distance between these two systems.

Fortunately there is between these two worlds that emptiness, (relative) energy vacuum in which there can be no absolute limit on the speed. The same rocket continues to be accelerated after passing a relatively low speed in the atmosphere could jump at speeds very close to that of light in the "empty" interplanetary.

This aspect of Astronautics tomorrow we can therefore expect the possibility of expansion in the universe visible and invisible.


And relativity in all its aspects can not be valid in our spatial gradient energy.

It will be understood that any physical or chemical phenomenon is influenced by the velocity field, that is to say light, but if it is variable, these phenomena can not be reproduced in any spatial gradients in the same way, it radically contradicts the theory of relativity.

Cosmic mechanics is infinitely more complex than assumed and in an environment void of energy so support for electromagnetic waves such a mechanism must be completely disrupted.

It is therefore understandable, if I can advance this hypothesis, as none could rise to these basic particles, gravitons, which have engendered materialized aspect of the cosmos.

Before rejecting this view, I will take some time for reflection on the part of the reader.

Thus, being able to calculate the cosmic energy in our gradient, we can extrapolate the universe. But if in the light of our spatial immensity gradient is relatively small, it is very likely that significant changes become sensitive that beyond Jupiter, to give an order of magnitude measurable.

It should not be forgotten that measures the speed of light in space astronomical planetary demonstrated the fickleness of velocity, which has led astronomers to correct distances rather than to question the sacrosanct dogma of the constant c as we have seen.

To measure the gradient of cosmic energy from our environment, several methods are needed that lead to consistent results significantly.

As we have demonstrated by my calculations in 1965, it is recognized that the mass loss Archimedean atomic origin due to the cavitation that exists at the particle whose kinetic energy displaces space (Energy Fusion?) the density calculated for the elements, eg Nickel, whose mass loss compared to the atomic volume is the most important, gives a gradient of the order of unity, about 1014 joules in cm3 equivalent energy.

It is, however, where an approximation, giving a vacuum cavitation incomplete.

We must therefore consider a more complex calculation, based on a thought of Henri Poincaré believed that:

"The stability of atomic particles could be explained as a function of an external pressure of space."

This centripetal pressure compensation by the centrifugal

due to the rotation of the energy of the particle. Physicists have called electrostatic force, which makes its esoteric mechanism, then it is very simple.

Also very simple FORCES LIAISON, although little is known of the atomists, which consist in the delivery of energy components of space.

It must indeed very creative mechanism design the outcome of a particle of radiation energy.

A 1 MeV photon that is to say a particle with her photonic wave arriving on an obstacle electromagnetic, as a stream of water hitting an obstacle vortex creates two symmetrical but in opposite directions, will create itself both vortices in space, in the opposite direction.

Other known that electromagnetic radiation is constituted by the oscillation of an electric field, creating a synchronous wave magnetic field which is perpendicular thereto.

Under these conditions it is clear that the electric field starts waving around a rotation axis while the magnetic field becomes an oscillation perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the load.

To keep the image of the two whirlpools, we are witnessing the creation of a particle and an antiparticle of the first remaining stable, and it is the electron, the second having a very short life, and c ' is the anti-electron.

It is recognized that the wave speed is constant gradient of interest, the photon energy is only due to its frequency, and therefore this frequency will indicate the number of revolutions per second of the particle created.

Stability will be established when the centrifugal force provided by the rotation radius found balancing the centripetal pressure space. This relationship must determine the theoretical dimension of particles of all kinds, currently listed in the laboratories of atomism. I recall that a photon of atomistic + 1.02 MeV gives a positron and a Negaton as I have just explained, the positron is unstable. A higher energy of 931 MeV +, give ELECTRON and PROTON.

From the calculated radii of the electron and the proton, it will be easy to determine the gradient of the pressure energy space in our cosmic level.

 Fig. 26

 Fig. 27

 It is important, however, to make a point and this forces us to take the problem in its essential foundations.

We have seen that radiation can wrap around itself in a process right or left, and under these conditions the particulate element that I confuse with the complex "Charge" has a spin.

This spin obeying the laws of kinematics must be an axis perpendicular to the plane of rotation or more precisely in terms of the electric field, and under these conditions the direction of the magnetic field rotation is right or left.

We saw previously that we can assimilate this provision a sort of aerodynamic Magnus Effect, the result of which will be centripetal or centrifugal. Particles generated will therefore either expansions or condensations middle gravitonique.

Of course, all these processes are quantified and thus allow the creation of particles and energies varied dimensions, which is now proved.

Fig. 28

What is the exact value of the pressure space?

Logically it should be the average of the calculated relative to the size of the electron and the proton, since in one case there is expansion and contraction in the other space particle.


An electromagnetic wave in phase with itself, turning inside the proton (particle energy contraction).

The proton has a minimum radius of 10-13 cm.

A balance between centrifugal force and pressure P external energy, we have:

P is equal to no more than 1035 microbars for a proton radius equal to at least 10-13 cm. Therefore energy density w, we have:

W = 1028 # 1035 ergs/cm3 joules / cm 3.

This value of W is a maximum and is of course approximate, we can take values ??ranging from 1021 joules / cm 3 to 1028 j / cm 3.

That would be, since the energy is formed of material oscillating gravitons, the great mass of the space environment that have hitherto confused with Relativistic space.

While the empty (relative), that is to say the space exists, but everywhere manifests the presence of a field it occupies the empty space in the form of variously modified atmosphere in its energy structure and providing various fields known electric, magnetic, gravitational and meson and we will analyze later.

We thus obtain the following values for the three main components of energy.

The mass per cubic centimeter of the electron is 33,000 tons, which value is slightly variable depending on the data to the radius of the particle.

The mass of the gravitational energy environment is in turn in the order of:

10 000 000 to 80 million tons per cubic centimeter according to my calculations, according to the respective masses and dimensions allowed for the proton and the electron.

As the density of the proton is also based on these estimates and the order of:

400 000 000 t/cm3.

As space is equivalent to a gravitational gas atmosphere similar to the atmosphere air, we conclude that:

The electron is in a state of Archimedean degravitation in this atmosphere, its density is less than the middle while the proton is denser ground state following heavy Archimedean our designs.

However, the actual weight of cm3 of these out-of-gravity is a function of the volume displaced, so add at least 10 million tonnes at the centicube mass of the electron and proton is:

10,030,000 to 410,000,000 electron and the proton t/cm3.

In fact, contrary to the currently accepted ideas in atomistic, we can consider that the creation of the electron and

proton involves identical energies and the proof is that these two particles have the same charge.

But it is the rotation of the load, which is due to the photon generator, which according to its direction of rotation create a discharge energy space or condensation, that is to say either a hole or dense matter.

We will see in the next chapter that for magnetism, mechanisms attraction or repulsion are statistically as likely as each other, but it should be noted that the attractive action increases with its process while the repulsive action decreases. This is why the process predominates over the attractive and repulsive process in which the atoms stick together instead of repelling.

This comment on the scope of the particulogenèse could perhaps explain some aspects of gravitation and that if magnetism is bipolar, gravity is experimentally monopolar, although nothing prevents imagine an area repellent in certain conditions.

We thus find ourselves in the presence of particles having magnetic polarities, but one less dense than the environment and other denser.

Why those of the same type repel while those of different types attract?

It is recognized that two electrons or two protons to bombard very close then shot photons, producing their repulsion (MM Doligez work).

Although this hypothesis requires emission energy side, energy that can be recovered at the reception, which is to admit that electrons and protons are powerful and have own vibrational frequency is:

= 1.5 for the electron. 1023 Hz (= the ratio C / 2r)

However, this frequency is probably because the resonance frequency of rotation of the electric field and its counterpart, the magnetic field is:

3. 1010/2 p r = 0.5. 1023 hertz

We can conclude that the magnitude of this frequency corresponds to the value accepted as radiation reaction due to the fact that the speed C = c sqrt K. m

K is the specific inductive capacity.

m the permeability coefficient of the medium.

It should be noted that radiation reaction is dissipated in space, and in these conditions because the electron does not lose energy without disappearing, I assume that its energy is maintained by the space.

On reflection it is strange that the particles formed circular radiation maintain their individuality virtually indefinitely without that sustainability is modified by environmental forces.

In sum, the structure of the electron energy as other stable particles is identical to that of an atom or molecule gas whose temperature is maintained by the elements that surround it.

It is conceivable that one could draw indefinitely energy of an electron or a proton, it is the energy released by the cosmic energy practically inexhaustible.

But back to the problem at hand, that is to say antigravity archimedean electron.

It is understood that the mechanical repulsive attractive between protons and electrons can not exist outside of a field of energy, these reactions are Archimedean and depending on the state of local energy density.

And a ball of cork or lead have a positive mass. But introduced into a liquid medium, the mass of lead remains positive but appears as negative for the cork, as in a gravitational field of the first reaction is centripetal, that of the second centrifuge.

It is the same for the electron and proton masses which are positive in an isotropic medium, but react in opposite directions in an electric field. Accordingly the density of the electron is lower than that of the gravitational field in a field of this type.

Of course, I objected on the experiences of Millikan, for determining the charge, they did not show any difference when the electric field of the capacitor was reversed.

I would refer the reader to calculate the relative action between an electric field and gravitational about hydrogen ratio of the order of 1036.

Of course, this effect could therefore occur during these experiments and a single charge, but it is different for a heavy load as we have demonstrated.

Before undertaking the study of the capacitor, dégravité thanks precisely to the combined effects of reduction by the presence of electrons and vacuum energy that occurs between electrons and protons, back again on particulogenèse.

I can assert and effect can be seen in many pictures (showing a trajectory of electron-positron starting from the same point) than the proton results from the transformation of the positive electron, from a quantity of energy sufficient and localized, and that because the particle generator that physicists have so far called the load rotates in one direction for the electron and the proton counterclockwise.

This mechanism produces a Magnus effect for electromagnetic centrifugal and centripetal the first to the second to give the same energy so a hole in space or full, and thus for the same load we have two totally different point particles terms of their mass (apparent) and their electromagnetic reactions.

It follows that the radii of these two particles, ie the radii of rotation of the load, which is currently considered the same, after admitting rightly that the electron was double that of the proton, must indeed be different. And this is the reason why a density calculation performed logically must give the electron density at cm3 of 33000 tonnes for the proton 400 million tonnes.

Strictly speaking, if a first approximation of the electron density is 33 cm3 to 000 tonnes, the proton for the same volume should be 1800 times higher of either 60 million tonnes cm3, but the volumes are different due to the expansion mechanism contraction.

One conclusion is that the particle mass is essentially based on a part of the internal energy, which is due to a wave prisoner phase, given a spin, and, secondly, "mass space" which is driven either for expansion or contraction electron to the proton.

So we see that the direction of rotation of a particle at any establishment, we get either a particle density less than the middle or on the contrary a particle of higher density, and this is the basis of all particulogenèse.

Field analysis shows, however, that if a volume is assigned mathematically theoretical particle's field has no limits and this is why a group of electrons or protons create an environment expansive or contractive the space around them, which would ultimately become the electric field, which although obeying the law of the inverse square, not an absolute limit.

Remains to elucidate the problem of inertia.

The mass appears to be the direct result of the local energy density of the medium and the particles. It follows that the inertia must be a consequence of the acceleration as an electron in a field is much easier than that of a proton, while the basic energy of the two particles is the same c ' is to say that the photon generator divided by two (contrary to the opinion of the atomists!).

The degravitation archimedean, accompanied by a decrease of inertia, goes well in the conceptions of gravitation and inertia mechanical confusing, and we conclude that a system must see dégravité reduce its inertia following a direct proportionality.

Can we really consider negative mass and negative inertia? This is the realm of pure mathematical speculation but may be possible in the field of physical realities, which would explain many things.

The effect Archimedean water does not penetrate the body lighter atoms, it does not alter the inertia of the body.

The problem seems an entirely different nature at the gas gravitonique because the surface effect which is a screen in gaseous or liquid media no longer exists vis-à-vis the fluid for that matter reduced field particles (which occupy a volume negligible compared to that of the material) is almost perfectly permeable.

This is no longer the aerodynamic drag is at stake but the simple interactions between particles oscillating fields and those of gravitons.

It seems that we are in presence of a medium hyperfluid, the fields are perfectly malleable and deformable.

Under these conditions we can get an idea of ??the kinetic energy that would ultimately permanent deformation more or less important fields and particle displacement in atomic energy.

Must therefore be seen as a reaction Archimedean effect démassifiante in all directions.

It has indeed been used to seeing the effect of buoyancy in the vertical direction applied to gravity, but any anisotropy energy field shall determine the same effect and may be an acceleration and that is how it happens for a proton or electron in an electric field which the texture is a pressure space anisobarye.

 Fig. 29

 Must see the other in space what happens when a particle or set of particles moves in the energy field.

The oscillating field emitted by any particle radiates around her progression through ball. But in case of movement in the middle, the latter being fixed or at rest, it is clear that the emitted waves will become ovoid and their relative frequency will be higher downstream than upstream frequency until (the speed of the particle is the same as that of the propagation of the wave) frequency is infinite downstream and upstream the zero (Fig. 29).

So I think I can represent the Lorentz contraction and the relativistic principle which means that it takes a infinite energy to reach the speed of light in an energy gradient determined.

This is obviously an assumption that is reversed by the aerodynamic phenomena consecutive crossing the sound barrier.

On the mathematical wall was impenetrable and yet the experience of every day proves that truth is stranger than fiction mathematical, and therefore crossing the wall of light is certainly possible in a medium velocity determined .

As we have seen this speed can be greater than if the carrier medium propagation of the wave undergoes a displacement, which is a fact disputed by the relativistic but fully justified by logic and experience.

It is in any case very demonstrative than the sum of the masses of the constituents of hydrogen giving, gram-atom:

Proton 1.00758

Electron 0.000548

1.008128 be theoretical density, relative to the air,

1.008128 / 14.45 = 0.06974 practice while the density is only 0.06947, a difference of 0.00027 and yet he is the density in practice two heavier isotopes, we have not eliminated for simplicity.

This proves therefore démassifiant effect that the atomists seem to have ignored, although it is recognized for the isotopes H-and H +.

To conclude this section, it seems necessary to say that the only explanation given officially, that the particles repel each other, is that they bombard shots photons. (De Broglie).

I think the explanation lies in the fact that, depending on the alignment between two particles frequency, sustained by cosmic energy, tends to the timing of the phases, thus causing an increase in energy between particles, thus a repulsion.

A reverse mechanism occur between particles of opposite sign to that attraction.

However, it seems to me reasonable to assume that the electron and hole is a proton in a full energy balance laws that govern the majority of natural phenomena should therefore try to balance an attraction in two forms, that is to say that the particle vacuum, larger than full, "absorbs" and the latter is the neutron.

This is perfectly logical and explains more than the vacuum of the electron is partially filled by the full proton resulting mass of the whole must be greater, equivalent to volume.

The other possibility is of course hydrogen, that is to say, the rotation around the proton, the electron custody at this time démassifiantes all its features.

It is worth recalling the respective masses of these constructions

= 0.000548 electron in gram-atoms

proton = 1.00758

neutron = 1.00893

hydrogen = 1.008128

These values do not match official entirely to reality and must be recalculated, but even recognized in their appearance, and although wrong, they demonstrate perfectly the point of view that I defend.

The presence of extra proton electron or degravitation therefore gives a mass loss of its own weight, which I explained by the fact that the rotation of the electron around the proton creates a cavitation effect giving effect Archimedean démassifiant.

In fact, this mechanism is much more complex and no atomistic the world did not yet defined.

It is well demassification, at least apparent, the electron and the proton has a mass positive in itself, but where the problem is complicated and requires very precise calculations, it is about the effect in archimedean energy complex gravitato-weight effect of the proton and the effect of the electron dégravitatif antipondéral whose density is less than that of the medium that moves.

Whole problem of antigravity is in this complex which I leave to care mathematicians to calculate the values ??and relationships.

We have seen that the electron is lighter than the same volume of space occupied by the energy, it is in a state of degravitation archimedean. It may therefore be rejected by the astral gravitation while the proton is attracted more dense.

This effect is small compared to the Coulomb effects and this is why the electron is trapped protons.

However, it seems that a number of them have been able to escape this attraction and we can interpret the Van Allen belts as refuge cosmic electron gas which would thus result in high hydrogen atmosphere altitudes.

This area would be the place of balance between Coulomb attraction and terrestrial effects on the electron Archimedean.

What is therefore the Coulomb effects?

They are repulsive between particles of the same density and attractive inter-particle densities respectively, an upper and a lower, in the middle.

It seems that there is there a mechanism for equilibration, the algebraic sum of densities relative masses tending to balance the local density of the medium.

This complex can be compared to the experience of balloons of carbon dioxide and hydrogen in an enclosure filled with air which is injected into a high vibrational energy.

It can be seen balloons attract carbon dioxide whereas hydrogen repel.

However two balloons, one of the other carbon dioxide hydrogen attract or repel the mass according to one is greater than that of the other.

Thus attraction and repulsion are functions of the volume and density of the elements present when these elements are immersed in a medium energy intermediate density.

It is made clear that in Experiment balloons density greater than or less than that of the medium energy vibration lighter elements repel heaviest attract.

However between one heavy and one light attraction or repulsion depending on the amount of the one or the other, that is to say that there will be if attraction is the mass of CO2 greater than that of H and repulsion otherwise.

Now it is well known that electrons repel each other, it does not seem safe to say that the protons do the same, and in these conditions it seems logical to equate the attraction between proton and electron to the fact that the mass of proton is almost 1800 times higher than that of the electron.

If this process explains the repulsion between electrons, it does not explain the repulsion between proton masses, we must analyze this mechanism in a different spirit than the classical physicists.

So we must return to the particulogenèse from the photon generator.

What is a quantum photon according to the ideas?

A photon is as defined physical energy grain consists of a particle and its accompanying wave train.

The length of the wave train is about 300 centimeters and the energy function of its frequency.

The wave train is composed of two perpendicular electric and magnetic fields, the magnetic oscillation being created by the electrical oscillation.

I said that, according to my views, only the electric field has the energy, the magnetic field polarization of space due to the electric field.

It appears that the mechanism is not simple. Indeed, with a wave pattern we see that there are two possibilities left or right of the maximum wave induced magnetic compared to the maximum of the electric wave.

The electric wave thus consists of a compression according to expansion sinusoidal frequency of the photon in a plane and the magnetic field in a polarization gravitons gravitational energy, that is to say that the axes of the spins of the particles become parallel to each other.

To understand the mechanism must superimpose two process graphs give a better understanding.

The passage of the wave energy space is compressed expanded in a plane say vertical, but this effect results (according to my theory that any one particle accelerated up its spin axis parallel to the direction of its movement ) to polarize and gravitons pulsed from top to bottom.

Hence the induced magnetic field is perpendicular to the electric field.

How to explain the spread closer and closer to the local speed of light?

We need to understand again, at the macroscopic scale, the so-called Fleming.

Under the influence of the oscillation of the photon particle "gas" gravitonique is repelled and simultaneously polarized and thus it creates a driving force due to the effect magnus and managed in a manner consistent with the effect. By cons, when the "gas" back to its original state it is reversed spin and reverse direction, which again gives the same meaning for the propulsive force.

It is obvious that this mechanism implemented at the level of a machine must permit propulsion degravitation.

And an oscillating electromagnetic field it should allow the creation of a force bearing on the cosmic environment.

It seems that there must be a reciprocal relationship between the electromagnetic oscillation of the photon particle and its translation in the cosmic environment.

We see that the relationship between the translational velocity of the waves and the particle is governed by the de Broglie formula

C2 = C 'C'', C' is the velocity of the wave and C "that of the particle.

And all must be recalculated optical and rethought.

It seems that in this process there is a simple exchange of energy in an environment without inertia and therefore hyperfluid thus conserving energy emitted during the expulsion of a photon by an electron or any other particle .


However, it is possible to have a general idea of ??the effects démassifiants therefore antipondérants comparing the effects produced by the presence of electrons or atoms containing electrons in atomic syntheses.

The problem is more complex because of the physicists who misunderstood and have decided to neglect the electron mass all calculations using data postulated are approximate.

Let this calculation already described by taking the official values ??drawn from Heisenberg. Let this calculation more accurately.

Theoretical atomic mass:

Proton 1.00758

Electron 0.000548

Hydrogen is 1.00813 = 1.008128

But the density of hydrogen is: 0.06947 which should give as atomic mass:

0.06947 / 14.4 = 1.000368

So there is a difference:

1.00813 to 1.000368 = 0.007762

The atomic mass of hydrogen therefore has a mass loss which is the electron charge, both by its lower density than energy and its rotation around the proton creates cavitation, so Archimedean effect.

Although we know that the density of hydrogen is the sum of the three components of the protium-deuterium-tritiura but their respective proportions being:

protium 999.8 per thousand

deuterium 0.2 miles

tritium 0.000 000 007 miles

the presence of tritium can not alter the calculations, nor even that of deuterium.

It is therefore a loss of mass for the protium solely due to the complex action of the electron.

Compare the theoretical H atomic mass and experimental mass is:

1.00813 to 1.000368 = 0.007762

that is to say:

0.07001 to 0.06947 = 0.00054

comparative values ??and actual densities.

It is strange that this density difference corresponds to the atomic mass of the electron?

We just do what we calculation based on variable values ??according to the authors, and the theories that inspired them, but I think I am entitled to consider that the action of the electron gives a mass loss that is attributed to the binding forces and I connected with the natural antigravity electron and its kinematics around the nucleus.


We found, in agreement with the theory of de Broglie and by calculating two other different methods, the gradient energy in our neighborhood area was about 1027 joules in cm3, is translated by mass:

10 million tons of mass cm3

But the éthérohydrodynamique obeying laws identical to those of hydrodynamics, it is clear that in a gravitational field density 1027 cm3 tonnes a "hole" in one cm3 give effect dégravitatif of 10 million tons, it directed against gravity.

The problem of antigravity considered in terms of the ballooning éthérostation counterpart will be to create energy in the middle zone of lesser density may possibly be null.

The problem seems a priori very difficult to solve. However, given the similarity of action between these two environments, see in what way it is possible to get in the air or in the water zone relative vacuum.

Is a cylinder in which are placed two pistons, it is obvious that if by means of rods we discard these two pistons, it will create a vacuum or water.

This operation will require a work corresponding to the volume multiplied by the pressure expelled, and it will maintain the spacing that tend to reduce external pressure.

However, the work done, the contention will require a locking device not spending any work.

But the weight of the fluid ejected air or water, will create an impact on the Archimedean contrapondéral system and a sufficient volume device shall rise against gravity as high as the density of the medium permits ie indefinitely if its height is infinite and its density is always sufficient.

If we apply this mechanism to electrodynamics, we see immediately that there is a similar device in two discs loaded in opposition load thus attraction.

Certainly, there is no limit to the cylinder and effect according to the distance between the discs, the attraction is increased or decreased in function of the inverse square of the distance.

We therefore find that an excess of electrons on a disk and a lack of electrons on another determines a vacuum tends to be filled by external thrust space on the disks.

Certainly dégravitative force obtained by this method is low and corresponds to the weight of the energy that is hunted, it is theoretically:

10-13 gram weight for a one joule capacitor.

It is interesting to perform the experiment with an air capacitor consists of two discs of 2 dm2 15 cm apart.

For a load of 50 to 100 kW, the effect of relief is infinitely superior to the theoretical effect as achieved under certain conditions, five grams.

Of course since I published this theory in 1957-1958, many experiments have been performed around the world with the same success, and experienced various devices that provide the best results.

In practice, the best result was obtained with two horizontal disks, the wider base and narrower at the top, the latter being negatively charged.

An even greater impact occurs if the lower disk is grounded by a conductor end.

The analysis of the relief mechanism is complex, and that is understandable since the results are ultimately more important than the theory predicts.

Abbe Nolet in 1750 had already observed that metallic elements are very light and charge balance maintained in the air seeming to defy gravity, and he reported in his memoirs.

It is therefore to relief by Archimedean effect dégravitatif electrons to look for the explanation of the excess efficiency.

Thus a negatively charged body must be lighter than a body with a lack of electrons.

This is easy to check a balance bearing discs at the end of a column insulator.

However we must not forget that induced charge always a field in the vicinity of opposite sign and determining an attraction that is why the experience of horizontal asymmetrical capacitor, the plateau near the ground effect is neutralized dégravitatif load is great and the order of five grams for 150 to 200 kW depending on the capacitor.

Of course it was possible to hold the load without loss, the effect would be permanent and free degravitation like a balloon with hydrogen envelope hermetically sealed dégravité remain indefinitely in the air.

It would be the same with the hot air and anti-thermal envelope, but the practical problem is more complex.

At atmospheric energy, the solution can be perfectly modeled on the aerodynamic mechanism. Can inject a charge based energons or kinetically accelerated gravitons, which would be the equivalent of hot air. One can also use oscillating elements but smaller mass equivalent energy, that is to say the gas homologous hydrogen or helium.

While the graviton with a mass fraction of about l0-60 g mass 10-80 g mass, it seems difficult to substitute an even lighter (although we do not know the exact composition of the middle énergogravitonique) . But if it is possible to inflate air in the atmosphere a balloon with a heavy gas such as carbon dioxide at high temperature, so it makes sense to use the lightest element known to date is ie the electron gas as dégravitant Archimedean.

It must not be forgotten that, according to our conception of the base particles, the electron is an expansion of the ether, that is to say, a hole in the gravitational energy.

The electron density is 30 cm3 000 tonnes while the same amount of energy weighs 10 million tons, it is clear that electron cm3 must give effect dégravitatif of 9,970,000 tons is ie the weight of the volume it displaces least its own weight.

This is theoretical but see that the calculation gives:

The mass of an electron is 9. 10-28 grams there in 30 000 tonnes of electrons, electron 1 cm3 or 0.33. 1038 electrons.

But one ampere is equivalent to a current of 6.2. 1018 electrons per second, the burden of one coulomb per second, this gives:

5.3. 1018 coulombs or ampere-seconds.

This charge, from the point of view of strict Archimedean process, should therefore give effect to dégravitatif:

10 million tons - 30,000 tons or 9.97 million.

To simplify the calculation, given the uncertainties in the data, let a load of:

5.3. Coulombs per second or 1018 amps gives 10 million tonnes of dégravitatif Archimedean effect.

Or 530 billion coulombs or amp for A tonne.

This calculation seems a priori disappointing, but if we have previously reasoned on a static Archimedean must not forgetting that there is another way to create a hole in a fluid.

What, indeed, a vortex, if a bet en.autorotation a portion of a fluid, which because of centrifugal forces simple or compound will determine a depression at the center of gyration can go to the local vacuum.

As a result of this application, are rotatable about a load axis so as to bring it closer to the speed of light, and we know that the electrons easily reach to a potential difference of relatively low acceleration .

Is a torus in which we made the atmospheric and vacuum in which we run a load.

The previous example, that is to say, a load of 5.3. 1018 coulombs which a static state, would dégravitatif Archimedean effect of 10 million tonnes.

530 billion is coulombs per tonne of relief.

Under normal circumstances, a charge of one coulomb per second giving a current of one ampere of current will produce:

5 million amperes in a torus circumference of 10 meters at a speed close to that of light.

Now we have seen that the relativistic point of view, the effect dégravitatif in turning the capacitor is represented by

M once dégravité =

c is the speed of light, this indicates that the formula degravitation system should be growing to infinity after passing through 0 according as v approaches c.

The explanation is relatively easy, but we must put in mind the results of many experiments on the training of the ether, that is to say by gas gravitonique matter in motion.

It was verified that the speed of light varied in a stream of water, depending on whether the light source was downstream or upstream along the middle gravitonique is driven by a flow of electrons or protons or metal vapor in rapid rotation.

Measurements were made which revealed the Fresnel Fizeau effect in a liquid stream.

The speed of light is of 225,000 km / s in water, it will vary more or less in a water stream.

This variation is about half the speed of the water is 5 meters per second for a current of 11 meters per second.

If we admit, which is logical, that the speed of light is constant in a given medium at rest, but it varies in the same direction as the movement, it means that its support is driven.

And electronic matter or proton plasma rotation causes the environment in which it is immersed.

Of course, the experiments prove that this drive is about 50% of the speed of the medium. But as no experiment was made at speeds préluminiques, it is difficult to extrapolate. However, it is likely that if the environment is driven at the speed of light, the wave velocity will be driven more than 50%, or 450 000 km / s. (Should check).

We can say that unlike in a beam. electrons or protons préluminique rotating at a speed, the ether should be driven at a speed lower than 50%, or 150,000 km / s.

Given the density of the medium, the speed should cause enormous centrifugal forces and therefore determine depression ring around the generating circle of the torus.

We find thus transposed in the macroscopic process that generates the electron. But one remark is necessary.

Indeed, if the electronic torus is constructed on the basis of the winding of electrical particle beam around the axis of a magnetic field, which has its spin, it is important that the direction of the spin in relation to that, common , particles or a generator repellent Magnus effect. Otherwise, the effect is contractive, we obtain the counterpart of the proton thus surgravitant effect.

That we would look in the possible case of a surgravitation in a low gravitational field (Fig. 30).

In summary it is possible to achieve an anti-gravity rotating ultra-high speed a beam of electrons or protons, whose elements must be properly polarized with respect to the direction of rotation of its spin.

Indeed, it is very likely that for a given direction of rotation spins determine a contractive Magnus effect, we must rotate the particles in the right direction with a magnetic field assistant director.

 Fig. 30

The accompanying drawings give a crystal clear picture of the mechanism.


I myself was physically unable to perform the necessary testing.

Since the revolution antigravity technology could bring to civilization, the industrialists who have special interests in aircraft and tankers are not eager to see the aerodynamic processes exceeded.

That is why, except for some basic experiments easily achievable, I could sketch this essential aspect of the problem.

But for more than fifteen years I broadcast my ideas around the world, a number of researchers have told me their results confirming all!

Work has been carried out in Germany by von Engel former general of the Luftwaffe in Bad Godesberg.

Others were made by the Austrian engineer Erich Halik Armaments Factory in Vienna.

We must also mention other laboratories, especially those of the European Centre for Gravitational Research Rome that I created with the German physicist Burkhart Heim, universally known for his work on the fields and former collaborator of von Braun of NASA and a group of physicists which Europeans came to join the American Shneiderov.

I explained my views in 1960 and various Italian physicists were inspired, including Dr. Engineer Theodorico Cincis in his book "The Light and the Universe."

It is therefore primarily the effect dégravitant electric charges in the condenser.

As I wrote, the electron gives a local expansion of space is the electric field, but this deformation is localized not only at the particle, it extends far beyond.

Against by the proton, condensation space leads to a contraction of its environment, and this is the meson field.

Both emit particles because of their constitution pulsating waves in phase causing repulsion between particles of the same polarity. (What is expressed by saying that these particles bombard shots photons).

They are individually in a similar gradient field.

By cons between the expanded field of the electron and the proton field contracted to bathe themselves in the intermediate energy field gradient, it is quite normal that the tendency to make the balance there is attraction, are the positive and negative energies to give their neutrality fields, that is to say, their balance with the environment and in the case of neutron or hydrogen.

And a negative charge by mail must be démassifiante effect Archimedean dégravitative therefore, while a positively charged proton is therefore surmassifiante surgravitative.

A capacitor containing positive and negative charges should not show a change in its mass. But, according to the dominance of either charge, we should observe an increase or decrease in weight.

This is experimentally verified, but must consider the problem from another angle, that of the dielectric.

In a capacitor dielectric and air frame, there are three possible states of the load.

The two plates 1 are charged with electrons, that is to say, are immersed in an electric field of lower density than the external energy field.

In this case there is a relief.

2 The two frames are stripped of electrons, and it is said that they are positively charged.

In this case there are weight increase, as more dominant meson field (heavy "than the outfield.

An armature 3 has an excess of electrons and the other defects.

In this case there is equality of two charges separated simply neutralizing their combination.

Experimentally there has been a relief system.

We find ourselves, therefore, in this case, in the presence of a field and a field hyperdense hypodense, and we understand that the external energy space tends to fill this asymmetry.

It will therefore be an attraction, that is to say an empty local energy, between the two charges the external pressure space grows to join to neutralize.

This vacuum remains bound to the system and we will see a reduction corresponding to the mass of pent up energy.

Thus arise the experimental demonstrations performed for years in various laboratories.

Of course, we systematically eliminated Coulomb effects, that is to say, the reactions of these charges induces charges in the environment, charges of opposite signs therefore attractive. Also these experiments need to be conducted away from any conductive or insulating material mass.

Various electrostatic insulation systems were tested. Particularly in regard to the horizontal capacitor experimented with grounding the base plate.

Can be modified by replacing the experience lower plate by a wire whose points of weft son used for discharge into the atmosphere of the induced charge.

 Fig. 31

It is this arrangement that gives the best results for an electronic charge of the upper plate (Fig. 31).

Critics were presented to me from the beginning, CNRS technicians who thought dégravitatif Archimedean effect was due to the expansion of the air dielectric under the influence of negative ionization of air molecules.

Although the objection was interesting. At a meeting of the study committee CNRS credit 5 million light had been approached, but also a sequel was given to this project.

Is in fact envisaged moving a box of a research station to install a capacitor in a vacuum.

It became much easier to achieve a high capacity cylindrical capacitor can hold 40 liters of air, and whose bases are metal while the body of the cylinder was hermetically sealed insulating material except at one point where emerged a nylon tube immersed in a test tube filled with water (Fig. 32).

 Fig. 32

The two bases are loaded either continuously or AC, to the astonishment of all, we found no change in the volume of the dielectric, whereas it should have take a large amount of air before our eyes.

It is well known on the other hand between the plates of a charged capacitor there is a gap which is manifested by the aspiration of every body that is presented.

We could consider a water suction, but no changes appeared in one way or another and if five grams of relief are almost five liters of air it is clear that criticism could be maintained and had to look elsewhere for the explanation of relief.

Whatever the form of relief by static electron litigant appears to me that from preliminary experiments because if gives the mathematical relationship:

Dégravitée M = M0 - C V2 / 2v2

any numerical application illustrates the need to consider the capabilities and enormous voltages for a significant effect.

Certainly, if the numerical value of the charge corresponds to twice the square of the speed of light, it is clear that the degravitation correspond to C multiplied by the voltage. In this direction it is interesting to affect every atom of matter one or more extra electrons, ie create a huge negative ion.

The problem does not seem a priori insoluble and, if any electrical load is automatically placed outside conductors or dielectrics, and off course interatomic currents, it is always possible to inject an extra electron around an atomic nucleus in the Now an auxiliary magnetic field power.

It is known that electron accelerated by a voltage V acquires a certain energy eV calculated electron volts.

And a capacitor, an electron goes from one tray to another at a voltage of 100 V bombard the board with a positive energy of 100 electron volts.

Admittedly, this is not significant, since it takes 640 billion eV to an erg, but we must not forget that the electrons are always large groups and the energy stored in a gram of electrons under 10 000 volts is equivalent to that of 400 ships of 50,000 tons speeding at 50 km / h!

Regarding the force of attraction exerted on a billion electrons in a field E of 1000 V / cm it is 16 milligrams strength according to the relation

force = eE = e V / cm L

Other hand we know that the velocity v acquired by an electron in an electric field is:

v2 = 2eV / m or in practical units

Speed ??= 600 km / s. sqroot Vvolts

For example 60 000 km / s for a field of 10 000 V.

Inject the electron accelerated in a magnetic field, being a polarization of space, can not change the speed.

It is known that polarization causes, by electromagnetic Magnus effect, the rotation of the electron around the axis of the magnetic field.

The calculation of this trajectory is obtained from the relation

Hev = magnetomotive force, or a billion of accelerated electrons at 100 volts (speed = 6000 km / s) and a magnetic field of 1 tesla (gauss or 104) a force of one gram force.

This force acting normally to the field and the trajectory of the electron will deflect the path and turn in a circle, processes studied previously.

We calculate the radius R of the circle by writing the electromagnetic force (Magnus effect) and the centrifugal force are balanced either:

Hev = Mv2 / R where R = mv / He

Formula becomes practical units

R = 5.6 v / cm H with R v thousand km / s and H in gauss

For example, if R is expressed in cm, H in gauss and v in thousands of km / s we find that the speed of 6000 km / s, which he communicates a voltage of 100 V, an electron in the Earth's field of 0.45 gauss describe circles of 75 cm in radius whereas in a field of 700 gauss provided by a single magnet, tourbillonnera in circles of one mm in diameter.

On the other hand, the number of revolutions per second is independent of the speed proportional to the field, and it is given by:

rpm / s = v / 2 p R = 108 H / H with 36 gauss resulting in the terrestrial field 1250000 rev / s.

It is therefore interesting to apply these relationships to the study on the injection of an extra electron in the hydrogen atom.

Certainly, the orbits are limited by auxiliary possible relations quantum trajectories are possible but they are very numerous, their position being predictable function of the square of prime numbers multiplied by the radius of the electron layer base.

I borrowed the book Ducroc representation meter atomic measuring 10-15 multiplied by the actual distances of these possible paths for hydrogen.

Meter representing the atomic size of the proton.

K-shell electron is in these conditions to 53 km from the nucleus, other possible layers are obtained by multiplying this distance by 4-16-25-36-49-64-81-100.

The orbit 100 x 53 must give one atom of one ten millionth of a mm, that is to say of dimension equal to the wavelength of 10-6cm and frequency 1014 that includes the frequencies of visible light .

For a field a hundred thousand gauss value currently feasible due to superconductivity, the electron orbit therefore describe additional T accelerated by low voltage of 300 volts.

That orbit the rotational frequency will therefore be:

Frequency H = 108/36 = 3. 1011,

We come to the conclusion that an electron injected into hydrogen with an electromotive force of 300 volts should run at a frequency of 3. 1011 revolutions / second maintained its circular path through a field of 100,000 gauss.

These values ??are acceptable an experimental realization, and assuming that we can inject at each hydrogen atom, an extra electron, we

Avogadro's number = 6.02. 1023 electrons

Knowing that Coulomb = 624. 1016 electrons, so this represents a load of:

Hundred thousand coulombs.

This additional expense is well defined, what are the consequences?

With regard to the effects it would seem logical Coulomb think that first it will give the effect of explosive expansion, but we know that a circular current tends to contract on itself and, more exactly, being attracted by a current flowing in the vicinity of same.

So there is reason to believe that explosion, it will be rather a contraction.

We find indeed matter atomic hydrogen maintained by the powerful auxiliary field, in a state of magnetic polarization. That is to say that all orbits are contained in parallel planes.

Secondly we calculated an electron injected after turning electromagnetic frequencies normally used in laboratories are:

f = 1011, that is to say, wavelength = 3 mm.

We can therefore maintain synchronism of rotation by injecting electrons oscillating electromagnetic field millimeter wave.

But the range of physical characteristics to implement can be widely developed in one way or another.

It is very likely, however, that this technique should identify residues Coulomb attractive, but the mirror effect is important.

So we can attend, vis-à-vis the hydrogen overactive in ionization phenomena with frequency emission lines in light and heat.

Now it appears that the UFO issue surabondammment these types of radiation.

Calculate the effect dégravitatif possible, knowing that the electron is in a state of antigravity archimedean in energy, and for this it is important to return on theoretical considerations once more.

Electron and proton appear from a single photon is split into two along the loaded element which is ultimately a particle generator and its associated wave.

Just like in a hydrodynamic vortex that gives photon wound on himself a whirlwind right and left vortex, but the magnetic field is always in the same direction perpendicular to the plane of rotation winding.

A photon is a quantum of action, that is to say a portion of a wavelength of about 300 cm long, which means that the winding is made by a hundred-millionth of a second.

As I have shown, depending on whether the spin of the load is parallel or antiparallel, the reactive effect electromagnetic Magnus gives a contraction of space (Proton) or expansion (Electron), but at the time of the split photon the right element has the same mass as the electromagnetic left.

The mass difference between proton and electron therefore only come from the condensed amount of space for the proton and the amount of space expanded for the electron.

So we assume that the identity of mass at the beginning, before the effects Archimedean respective volumes once established.

It is however important to note the wide variety of possible values ??with respect to official data.

Applied to the same neutron reasoning shows that the proton injected into the electron occupying a portion of intraélectronique empty, Archimedean effect is diminished and the neutron is heavier 0 0081 mM.

We must mention here that the law of energy equivalence - field, E = mc2, seems then be verified synthetically for the masses measured or perceived, that is to say, once established and included in the middle subquantum, not separate abstract of this environment.

One of my friends, Philippe Tournier, offers the possibility of calculating the actual mass common (starting) of the electron and the proton density and the energy space (near the Earth). It leads to a mass departure a little higher than measured, and the proton is what is important to an energy density spatial same order of magnitude as that already estimated earlier, between 1027 J/cm3 J/cm3 and 1028.

Note that we accept here, these particles spherical equivalent forms in their respective ground states. , Even for the electron, very expansive, could also take many forms, "O", for example in statements called "Orbital", this can also thereby to achieve 'orbits quantified "during absorption of electromagnetic waves of appropriate frequencies.

Here is the calculation:

- Each measured mass is equal to the actual mass less mass "light".

Is the electron

I = Mr - Fr. of

for proton and

Mr Mp = - Vp. of

With the following measured values,

I # = 0.91. 10-27 g

Re # = 1.9. 10-13 cm

Mp # = 1640. 10-27 g

Rp = # 1. 10-13 cm

Hence, by subtracting member to member

We therefore obtain:

d = 6.5. 1013 g / cm3

Equivalent (by multiplying by c2 energy density:

d = 5.85. 1034 ergs / cm3 = 5.85. 1021 J / cm3

therefore energy density between subquantum

1027 J / cm 3 and 1028 J / cm 3.

-Mass "real" town, not "light" would then

Mr = Mp + Vp. of

Mr = 1640. 10-27 g + 4/3 p .10-39 .1013 x 6.5 g

Mr = 640. 10-27 g + 273. 10-27 g

Mr = 1913. 10-21 g

- In terms of the electron, whose volume is about 7 times that of the proton, "relief" Archimedean is much more important and the measured mass, or apparent, of the electron is approximately 0, 91. 10-27 g and positive. Based on this calculation the electron mass and keeps weight certainly apparent very low but positive.

Based on these data we can say that rotational movement in the energy space determines a cavitation effect according to its angular velocity giving demassification, which ultimately is rich accordingly.

If we assume temporarily the merits of certain views relativistic mass increase rectilinear motion of particles or large amplitude, the effects of rotation inversely give because consistent Archimedean effects, reduced mass. It can even reach zero mass and then switch to negative ground when the effect Archimedean gives the resulting reversal of attraction in an electromagnetic field or gravitational.

Isotropic field in space, that is to say non-Coulomb or gravitatif or meson, we can therefore consider that there may be positive or negative masses or neutral depending archimedean density will be higher, lower or equal to the environment.

However space is not energy gradient identical in all respects of the cosmos, these positive neutral or negative polarity will vary depending on the spatial characteristics.

Archimedean effects in space and become a general effect polydirectionnel acting only on the mass is no longer a feature of the material, but a highly variable appearance of inertia.

We return to the definition of inertia later.

Taking the example of the hydrogen atom, we summarize as follows:

The proton and the electron from the materialization of rotationally symmetrical photon particle and wave, were originally the same mass, but a condensation and expansion of the other creating the proton and the electron heavy light two particles to give a density greater than that of the space, the other of lower density, which is why a field in the direction taken by these two types of particles are in opposition. This, regardless of the type of fields which differ from each other by addition of a difference in energy density.

The electron has a positive and original mass is lighter than the middle, gives a negative mass. This is contrary to the proton.

We therefore denote the electron is (massiquement) negative only because it is bathed in a medium with higher density, but it would be theoretically positive in an environment of lower density if kept the same volume.

Because of these conditions, the electron wave is rotating about a spin axis at the speed of light, the cavitation effect is considerable and loses substantially all of its mass EM thereof being at Initially, the same as the proton gross (not reduced too).

By cons in its rotation around the proton hydrogen, its speed is theoretically than 2000 km / s his rotation effect gives well cavitation, but much lower value and it is these two aspects of the electronic kinetic effects give demassification of hydrogen.

One could certainly consider a process démassifiant obtained by acceleration of the electron in the hydrogen or all the electrons in any atomic structure, and it deserves to linger.

Why you say, have previously considered the injection of electrons in orbits auxiliary, so that it may be easier to directly excite the single electron of the hydrogen atom.

The time has come to make a back and back into a physical data, data that despite significant errors in the constitution of fields bring about quantum mechanics and wave details which we can not deny the value .


The data are not officially accepted perfectly consistent according to the authors, I remake the calculation of the theoretical density and hydrogen according to actual values ??attributed to the atomic mass of the proton and the electron de Broglie after and Heisenberg

Heisenberg gives as value, gram atom

Proton = 1.00758

Electron = 0.0005486

Hydrogen = 1.0081386 (to 11.2 liters)

# 14.4 air for the same volume

giving as density relative to air

0.06989958 0.06990 for either hydrogen or protium simple. But although the actual density of 0.02% heavier deuterium is 0.06947, which is below the theoretical density:


Calculate the gas density "electron" with respect to the air. Which gives the same calculation


I find that a liter of diatomic hydrogen electron density of 0.000038 gives a loss of density:

0.00043 a ratio of:

0.00043 / 0.06947 = 0.0061

This loss of density can only result Archimedean effects previously defined.

Rechecking this time on the mass of the hydrogen atom (G. de Broglie Petiau)

proton 1.67243. 10-24

electron 0,0009,185. 10-24

gives 1.6733485. 10-24

but the experimental mass calculated according to the density being:

1.65. 10-24 g, the difference gives 0.02334. 10-24 g.

This shows that no data currently calculated is perfectly valid because of the diversity of values. The calculations with each other and always determine a difference in favor of the less actual weight of the protium atom relative to its calculated mass. So they show démassifiante action of the electron, which is consistent with its nature, since it would be a hole relative spatial subquantum in energy, while the proton is condensation, so a full (relative ).

It is important to resume the calculation of particle masses on very different conceptions of those currently accepted, and in the interest not only of theoretical science but also of technical progress must arise in various fields.


Modern physics recognizes that matter is made of atoms, which are created by building associations quantified protons electrons and neutrons.

We saw electrons and protons were from the same radiation above W = hv energy of 1.02 MeV which bisects gives 0.51 MeV that is to say, a positron and a Negaton 0.00054 uM and higher energy electron negative 0.51 MeV and 931 MeV proton.

These two energies are calculated according to the electromagnetic mass according to data from the atomistic classic must see the problem from another angle more logical.

I insist on claiming that the photon energy is divided into two, but both electron and proton particles with the same charge though generating determine due to the Magnus effect electromagnetic charge (contractive and expansive for the proton for electron) two particles of masses differing times from 1836 or 1840 according to the authors.

The calculation shows that if these masses are positive in a vacuum, assuming that there are stable, they become positively and negatively in a fluid of intermediate density, that is to say, the energy in our space gradient.

Consequently, if the proton hand in one direction in an anisotropic gravitational field or electric, the electron must go in the opposite direction as the lead ball or cork in water.

The proton is the heavy particle causing the material to the matter, and the electron particle is repulsive and dégravitée dégravitante.

The calculation of the masses of the electrons with the physicists and chemists to insurmountable difficulties, and on this point I do not understand is that these technicians were ever notified that two particles of mass and volume so different may have the same electric charge, mystery Besides not yet been elucidated.

My hypothesis seems very clear on this point. The electric charge in the photon generator neutral, being ultimately the particle photon particle originally double or neutral particle sample splitting into two single particles and rotating each half of the energy of the accompanying wave.

Now physicists and chemists to simplify their calculations, have decided not to look as atomic nuclei, leaving the whole mechatronics.

If one adds to that complexity height of the base of the atomic masses was chosen as 1/16th that of oxygen instead of taking as unit the proton, which is seen in inextricable complications are calculators .

Of course, we tried to determine the exact masses of protons and electrons according to their deviations in an electric field, but the basic calculation was to deduce the mass of the proton of the hydrogen, after deduction of the the electron.

I therefore assume that the mass of an atom is actually that of protons, corrected mass, which was subtracted from that of the electrons, the latter being themselves burdened with their rotational energy, not to mention also corrected neutron !

So far we are officially accepted values.

In a study of antigravity, it seems useful to return to the essential laws that govern the mechanical electronics around the cores.

What characterizes an atom Z is the number of protons, number identical to that of the electrons around the nucleus.

The number of neutrons, giving highly variable and isotopes, it seems that their presence within the core complex is required to maintain its cohesion, hydrogen (protium) is the only known non-core neutron.

However, this presence only on the electric or gravitational increasing the mass and weight.

The neutron is indeed regarded as containing an electron a proton, that is to say, a ball of cork loaded in the center of a bullet.

It is therefore normal that the presence of the proton in the vacuum of the electron decreases its volume and expansive under these conditions the mass of the whole must be greater, which is verified experimentally;

A relief member would therefore eliminate the neutrons of the atomic nuclei, possibly by creating synthetic nuclei.

As regards the electrons it appears that the action antipondérale could be due to either an acceleration of the speed of rotation substantially low (2000 km / s for hydrogen) with the speed of the wave spinique of electron (c) or to the injection of additional electrons in the cloud peri-protonic.

The electrons are basic, you know, in rotation on the trajectories and distances as possible on the same layer are determined by the quantum numbers.

These layers correspond to the values ??of orbital angular momentum given by the product of n integer, the Planck constant or quantum of action h divided by 2p.


Before anything else, and although these calculations have already been exposed to provisional example, it is essential to demonstrate that the authors and experimenters are far from agreement on the respective masses of protons and electrons and especially hydrogen .

Certainly, different methods were used to determine the masses of particles based proton and electron. Millikan's work authoritative. Techniques other than that of the leading physicist were used, they, to some agreement on the value of atomic and molecular masses of the particles, but does not appear to be rigorous regarding the atomic hydrogen or protium without neutron.

it seems that on the other hand, in most cases, fired the value of the proton mass to that of hydrogen whereas the inert mass or weight were positive for both the proton for the electron, and this obviously influenced the results, since apart from the first three digits of the authors diverge significantly on the exact mass of the proton.

We agree to find a weight loss of the atom deuterium and tritium, but it does not seem, for good reason, since by hypothesis erroneous party, we have noticed that of protium.

Here indeed some values of atomic masses from works of famous writers:

Christian Ricci DeBroglie Heisenberg

Proton 167243. 10-24 16725 1674
electron 0.0009108. 10-24 0,0009107 0,000909
neutron 1.67474. 10-24 1,6748


Proton 1.007593 1.00758
electron 0.0005486 0.000548
neutron 1.00895 1.0077
hydrogen 1.008142 1.00813 1.0081

We made a calculation about the weight of hydrogen starting from the experimental density 0.06947 following relationship:

Molecular weight = density x 28.8

and we obtained a difference between 0.007762 and the theoretical molecular weight calculated from the density.

This difference can not be attributed to the presence of deuterium with very limited (0.02%) can influence the outcome.

However, if the authors do not agree on the values ??chemical and particle physics, it is the same with the conversion factor of 28.8. Some authors, intending to frame their ideas with reality, give the value:

28.95 or also 28.7894

But we always get whatever the method and calculation, confirmation that there is a marked difference between giving relief theoretical and experimental values. This proves that the presence of the electron as well as at the protium deuterium and tritium, product démassifiant relief.

This mass loss is recognized for the two isotopes of hydrogen, since it is 0.0023 for deuterium and tritium to 0.0088, and it will be objected that it is due to the expansion of the core due to the presence of one or two neutrons.

I am ready to admit it, but it remains that the basic error, that is to say, the mass loss due to the electron, is maintained and is therefore at the proton it must be changed.

At the extreme rigor if it continues to believe that the electron has the same mass as the original proton, the mass lost by Archimedean expansive effect, and its residual mass is positive, it is difficult to accept that its considerable difference in density relative to that of the space can not completely eliminate the mass and make it negative. And we lose most remarkable explanation that in an electric field, that is to say, a kind of the gravitational field generated loads which would act as the material vis-à-vis a gravitational field mass, electrons and protons are centripetal or centrifugal directions.

It must be exactly the same in a gravitational field mass.

The important thing is to understand that in the middle subquantum hyperfluid, on our scale, due to the extreme thinness of the particles composing the effects Archimedean not only reduce the mass function of the local expansion, but also reduce inertia, and this view is likely to change all the ideas known physical mass and inertia.

In a previous chapter I took for example the mass of the heaviest body known osmium.

Although this is not the item that occurs most mass loss, it is notable that the total mass of particles whose sum gives 22 tonnes per cubic meter then exhibits a weight loss of 200 kg.

Generating particles are always present but both the acceleration of gravity will act a tangential acceleration of 21 800 kg and 000 kg of 22 non.

Verification is difficult, but it would do.

Another type of check could be carried out at the aluminum or sulfur ionized.

It is known that aluminum provides easy positive ions, while the sulfur gives negative ions, and I was also at one time considered to achieve with these type of battery and light overkill, but I have learned that Ford had built recently.

It would be interesting to verify the comparative mass of these two elements once ionized aluminum to increase mass and sulfur to decrease.

Of course, the same problem of electrostatic effects are present as well as for my formula capacitor. Should operate in a Faraday cage, which has been done elsewhere for my capacitor.

Only these experiences would calculate with some accuracy the action of electrons in the process massifiants or démassifiants.

To conclude this section, we will issue the assumption that it makes sense to recognize that the electron is a particle negative with respect to an electric field, that is to say, being accelerated by this field in reverse proton said For this reason a positive, must be accelerated in the opposite direction to that of the proton in a gravitational field.

Gravitational field and electric field are due to the anisotropy of space, deformed by either a shielding effect for gravity or by a repellent or contractive for electricity, this anisotropy with an aspect vis-à hydrostatic -screw elements of different densities of the middle one.


The constitution of atoms was clearly specified through the work of Bohr, de Broglie, Schrodinger, Moseley as well as those of a host of international physicists.

However, the pioneer is Mendelejeff whose atomic classification led to the discovery of a whole series of stable and radioactive atoms, all the atoms to become radioactive in the distant future as the planets from the Sun.

The atom is therefore presented as a nucleus of protons and neutrons which revolves around a cloud of electrons on orbits giving ultimately a spherule whose rigidity is a function of the rotational speed.

The expansion of these electrons and protons subject to considerable centrifugal force is maintained, according to physicists, by Coulomb forces and meson field, which means nothing, apart from a mathematical representation.

The only explanation is that Henri Poincaré is the reaction of the space pressure compensates by centripetal centrifugal effects. But should acknowledge the reality of a significant gradient energy environment that I calculated and MM. Bohm-de Broglie and Vigier and evaluated in terms of energy joules in about 1027 cm3, the pressure is about 1034 microbars.

This set, like a disc or a sphere rotating in the air determines a drive cavitation middle so that explains what physicists denominate the bond strength, which means nothing once more at the level of atoms , outside of a mathematical representation.

The explanation of these forces by the pressure of the space in which the substance was repressed by cavitation, gives a very clear view of fusion energy which is ultimately the energy of the space displaced during the creation of an atom.

On the other hand, includes the space pressure may decrease depending on the distance of the center of hypertension, such as the Sun, the stability of atoms becomes increasingly precarious and they decompose.

Thus the heaviest nuclei become radioactive, and this radioactivity attacks nuclei less complex as the Earth (for example) moves away from the Sun, as we have seen and see later.

It is currently one of the main reasons that makes it so difficult to use fusion energy, being practically infissable protium, and the only nuclear energy can not be extracted at this level that the discharge energy Space because syntheses elements creating more complex and voluminous.

This process releasing a lot of energy in the transformation of hydrogen into helium, then stabilizing at the nickel to decrease thereafter and make way for the production of atomic energy, the fission of the heaviest.

The simplest atom, hydrogen can be represented by a pellet around which (about 50 meters) runs a tiny ping-pong between two and four millimeters in diameter.

To understand the mechanism must consider that this assembly rotates on its own axis for pellet and a radius for the tiny hollow ball in the middle hyperfluid.

As for the speed of rotation of the electron tennis, if it is 2,000 kilometers / second at the actual atom, it should be three million billions km / s at the macroscopic scale, which is obviously difficult to conceive.

To return to an indisputable reality the radius of the spherule electronic hydrogen is:

0,55.10-8 cm or 0.55 Ä Ä 4.95, depending on whether the atom is in a state of minimum energy or excited.

However, it is necessary to specify the radius of the particle electron is normally calculated by the authors to the value of 1.9. 10 -13 and consequently the turning radius around the proton is more than 10 000 times greater than the radius of the particle electron.

But if the physicists give a numerical value to the radii of particles, it can be as a theoretical, because in reality and as we can not give a value for the radius of earth's gravitational field, which is theoretically unlimited, this field particles is unlimited.

I have every reason to believe that the proton is a condensation of space, while the electron is an expansion factor whose boundaries touch in principle unlimited in interlocking, giving repellent effects and Archimedean attractive.

To understand these mechanisms, we must always take the example of the balloons of carbon dioxide or hydrogen in the air.

Experience shows that, subject to intense vibrational field or eddy effects, balloons CO2 approach while hydrogen balloons repel each other, but it is quite another if the vibration generator is inside balloons. In this case all the flasks containing the same element but repel against they attract between elements of different nature.

I have every reason to believe that this is what happens in the atomic levels and subquantum a subatomic scale, between particles vibrating in phase or out of phase. It is known that given two tuning forks, one of which is energized automatically begin to vibrate in phase if they are close to one another, but this vibration causes them to repel.

But back to the atomic structure of the electronic orbits.

We know that the spectroscopic analysis of radiation allowed to make a very accurate idea of ??the mechanisms and the formation of these structures.

This analysis led the authors to the quantum theory with applications and conclusions were only able to explain the intimate mechanical particles.

If nature seems to macroscopic phenomena appear in continuity, it is a different level of atoms, where it seems to be discontinuous change in portions depending integers, that is to say, by quanta.

Thus the nuclei obey quantum laws, but it is especially in the field of electrons that their mechanisms are the most obvious demonstration.

It might be interesting to study the nuclei since they are the main responsible for the "weight" and the inertia of matter. We can consider that the meson field is the key factor and an increase of the field produced an increase of gravity while the reduction determines relief. The Russian school, in particular, look in the "FREEZE" in this field the solution to the problem of degravitation (at absolute 0 of course).

These are interesting ideas, but purely theoretical and no application has yet been able to demonstrate its value.

However, if the meson field can mislead theorists, it is well accepted that it is the electromagnetic field that holds the secret of antigravity after Heim, who joined indirectly but perfectly my own conceptions of the electron dégravitant.

It is therefore in the electronic pure, that is to say clouds of particles surrounding the cores, we must try to find the solution.

It seems indisputable in the light of our present knowledge, to admit first that in every atom, there are an equal number of electrons and protons, neutrons being themselves as electrical balance consisting of a proton logically included in an electron.

Inert mass, so the weight of these elements appear to be the result of effects Archimedean between the condensation effect of protons and electrons effect of expansion, plus those algebraically due to their speeds, c ' is to say the effects of their kinetic energy densifying heavy and expansants because of their actions on the centrifugal space environment.

All of these mechanisms is an inextricable complexity. Mathematics is helpless before the problem of the interaction of three bodies, how can they bring solution to the multitude of intricacies?

So we are reduced to study the problem in its simplest aspects.

Firstly, we know that an atom can exist in three distinct aspects.

The normal atom, that is to say that the electrons revolve in orbits lower kinetic energy.

The excited atom the electrons revolve in orbits of higher energy can therefore occupy very distant orbits the nucleus, but within certain limits that would lead to the state of ion, it is tell the state of ionized atom, positively, with a lack of electrons.

There is a fourth state, the most important concern to us: the atom negatively ionized, thus having an excess of electrons.

Physicists Bohr, Soddy, de Broglie, Schrodinger who studied more particularly the kinematics of electron orbits have shown that these orbits could be those standing wave to be stable. This is understandable, because for a circular wave can be maintained in a stable state, it is necessary that its elements nodes and antinodes are found after each rotation in the same physical condition at each point of their trajectory, ie ie from the point of a standing wave.

On the other hand it is mathematically demonstrated that electron rotation emits energy when it is subjected to a centripetal movement. It is only in the case where the support is stationary wave it emits no energy and therefore maintains its constant speed.

This is extremely important for the future of this presentation.

Now back to the quantification of the orbits.

We know that an electron is defined by four quantum numbers.

The first said principal quantum number denoted by n and is related to the energy which the electron.

The number n can take the values

( ... etc..) 2 which defines levels respectively called


Of course, some atoms have a level K other two levels K and L, etc., and it was not until 870 atom appears the level Q.

The principal quantum number also determines the maximum number of electrons that can fit on each level, this maximum number is equal to 2n2, respectively

2-8-18-32-50-72-98 -

There are no known stable atoms more than 92 electrons, and thus the level 0 is never complete course, that does not mean we can not complete artificially.

Sometimes other electrons that are placed on a certain level, until all places of the previous level have been occupied.

The second quantum number and minor number is designated by 1 and it shows that if the principal quantum number is for example 4 the number one school can take four values:


The third quantum number denoted by the letter m is the magnetic number, it represents the potential changes that would suffer the corresponding motion of the electron if the atom was subjected to an external magnetic field (Zeeman effect).

This number may take positive or negative values ??since a magnetic field can have two opposite directions.

Thus, when the secondary quantum number of an electron is 3, for example, the magnetic number m can take seven values:

-3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3

Finally, there is a fourth quantum number which affects the spin of the electron.

It is assumed that for an orbit, two electrons rotating in opposite directions to separate them A quantum. It follows that the fourth number represented by r or spin can take only two values:

-1 / 2 and + 1/2 depending on whether the electron spins in the reverse direction, or direct.

Example calculation for a level

Or to calculate the maximum number of electrons to the level N, for example (with n = 4).

There are, as we have seen, four possible values ??for and for each value of a number of values ??for m equal to 21 + 1.

But we can still consider the fourth number r which can take two values, it is necessary to multiply this total by 2.

Or 32 electrons possible for layer N, which will thus be complete or saturated.

It was important to make this calculation leads us to the discovery of one of the most important principles of those who govern the atomic world, that is to say:

The Pauli exclusion principle, which states as follows:

No two electrons can have their four quantum numbers equal the same time.

We can say that what attracts the systems are different quantum numbers and what repels systems are identical quantum numbers.

This principle simply says that matter is impenetrable, at least solid. It is indeed a strange mystery which governs the kinematics photonics, which is observed indifference of each photon vis-à-vis other then they intersect at speeds fantastically high on our scale.

Certainly along with a free electron in rectilinear has a special kinematics, being accompanied by his uncle, it is the same for any atom. But rotation around any axis changes from this mechanism at all, and thus the atomic electrons peri-turn at considerable speeds without encountering the least protected by their electro-magnetic field.

Just like any gas atoms, electrons in group homes outside of gyration, obey the same laws.

The electrons are subjected to gravitational forces that attract them. But the forces of repulsion due to the emission of photons or rather electromagnetic frequencies they emit make them repel.

Mathematicians say they repel because each electron quantum numbers are the same, that I translate saying that their electromagnetic waves are in phase and thereby increase the energy level intervals neighborhood.

We are therefore in the presence of repulsion contained by the pressure resulting statistically (Boltzmann) determining shocks at frequencies of the order of 10 billion per second.

It is known that the gas pressure is due to the pulse, represented by the product of the mass M by the speed V cm2 exchanged with a real or virtual wall surrounding the gas. However, it is necessary to contain a gas, trapped in an impermeable wall in its molecules, the energy environment gravitonique used wall for the electron spin. And this is very important for our project, INERTIA being the consequence.

We must recognize, however, a huge difference between the kinematics of neutral atoms in a gas, and between existing in the ionized gas positively or negatively, and that of a gas of electrons or protons.

At a gas shocks are obviously not releasing elastic since no heat and no light to energy levels do not allow ionization.

It is just as physical shock occurs between rubber bullets, but the electrons or protons have electrical charges that is to say deformations of the texture space again expansive or contractive. This structure is maintained by the waves to clean these particles and make them repel these waves are in phase between particles of the same sign and opposition between particles of different signs.

There are therefore at quantifiable factors such particles identical for each of them, but different for the electron and the proton which causes repulsion and attraction according to the Pauli principle.

Certainly, for de Broglie particles repel because they bombard shot photons. I mention this is because it expresses, in another form, the mechanical repulsive opposed to the great law of gravitation attractive and we will draw the consequences in terms of antigravity.

And at complete atoms, the number of protons and electrons are equal it is shown that the electron cloud surrounding the nucleus, no two electrons can have all four quantum numbers equal.

That is to say, they must occupy different levels and on the same level there can be no more than 2n electrons is:

2/8/18/32/50/72/98/128/162/200/242/288 etc..

On the levels are determined by the square of integer multiplied by the radius of the K level, this level being determined by the number of protons.

Thus, in terms of our basic scale whose unit is one millimeter to the size of the proton, the K level of hydrogen is 53 meters, while for helium with two protons level K 26.5 meters.

The other levels are calculated by multiplying these values ??by 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 4 x 4 and so on.

It should not be forgotten, however, it exists for the same energy level quantum number determining a second new trajectories are ellipses with applatissements of 1/2/l/3/2/3 function of heading trajectories minus one.

Thus the K level allows only one circular path, the level L over a circle to an ellipse flattening half the level M provides three paths first circle and two ellipses flattening 1/3 and 2/3 etc.

A third quantum number will be decisive regarding the process dégravitatif because it is the magnetic number

which determines the changes suffered by the movement of electrons if the atom is subjected to an external magnetic field

The effect obtained is denoted by Zeeman effect which is a modification of the spectral lines of the atom.

Finally, the fourth quantum number describes mathematically the physical reality of the electron spin, that is to say, the direction of rotation that is designated by the symbol -1 / 2 + 1/2, but this symbolism describe in any way since it is actually the direction of rotation of the electron wave in the speed of light.

It determines, as we have described, the primary electromagnetic Magnus effect explains why some particles give as a result of the recovery of their axis and their trajectory, two possible directions opposite mechanism unsolved so far by any physicist.

Based on these laws, it is easy to construct all atomic structures existing on our planet and imagine a crowd of bodies or unstable atoms ionized to varying degrees with either excess electron is more readily with failure. But they do not seem to currently present interest in antigravity, since the positive ion has a meson field must be more intense and therefore heavier ion supernégatif while having a strong electromagnetic field must be in a state relief in the field.

And when I say all atomic structures existing on planets, I hear on other celestial bodies surrounded by an atmosphere denser energy it is possible to imagine the presence of heavy atoms ultra atomic number 150 and beyond.

It seems logical to assume that all atomic structures are held together by the pressure of the energy of the ether, the radioactivity, ie the explosion of these structures in terms of reducing the pressure due to continuous removal of the planets from the sun, is a phenomenon that will bring up over the centuries the disappearance of elements, accelerated disappearance of their use as an energy source for future generations.

So it is logical to think that Mercury has a range of simple bodies larger than our planet, and Mars and many Uranian transuranic have already disappeared.

However, back on Earth to see that the simple scale of atomic electrons there has been minimal decomposition mechanisms of atoms that is to say, positive or negative ionization them to varying degrees.

Certainly, there are bodies such as aluminum willingly abandon their electrons and other such as sulfur which are electron traps. It was therefore logical to think as I did several years ago that we could rely on this mechanism a new type of battery, and indeed at the time when the electric car is needed, it was normal Ford Company experiments that this formula for capacity in kg, about one hundred times greater than that of lead accumulators.

The future is therefore in technical aspects very promising in areas hitherto barely explored.

Ionization simply used in batteries and electroplating lighting seems to have to go soon at the forefront of practical applications, because the possibilities are endless.

Suppose we want to remove an electron to all the atoms in a gram of silver work to spend is the same as that which would raise a meter in height a diner, yet ionization energies are tiny next to those of transmutations and disintegrations. But there is more.

Indeed, the introduction of an electron in an atomic cloud abroad sometimes and sometimes energy costs in reports.

The latter is achieved for halogen, and, for example, the input of an additional electron in an atom of chlorine has an energy of 3 electron volts.

To return to the example of money, it should be noted that a gram of metal contains:

5623 billion billion atoms surrounded by 47 electrons, which is, since coulomb equal:

6240 million billion electrons.

Either one gram of silver completely ionized to a positive charge:

40,000 coulombs!

Knowing the electrostatic effects of such a load it is easy to imagine all the possible applications against gravity.

What is the mechanism that strange that some atoms give up their electrons while others capture?

The aluminum is as an atom in the first three layers with two electronic electrons, the second and the third three eight.

Sulfur, by cons, has a similar texture, but while the M layer is occupied by three electrons for aluminum it has six sulfur.

We know that electrons have a strong tendency to assemble in layers of eight, although the saturation layer M is 18 electrons.

In this aluminum layer M has only three electrons, it is said that this number is close to 0 as 8. Against by the sulfur that number six is ??nearer 8 than 0, which leads to a tendency for relaxation aluminum willingly abandons its electrons, and a trend towards concentration for sulfur which not only retains the strong own but is able to capture more electrons to saturation.

The same mechanism is found at all levels in all electronic atoms, and explains the different aspects that between metals and metalloids, the first easily abandoning their outer electrons of low population density, while the latter hold them, they constituting the insulation.

We now know enough regarding the static structure of atomic electrons, but it is infinitely more important to know the dynamic structure.

Whereas previously the problems were relatively simple, this is about rotational kinematics electronic things get complicated. For if it is easy to tell that the electron orbits the radius of the orbit of hydrogen to K speed of 2000 kilometers / second, the radius having a value of 0,55.10-8 cm, calculated according to the relation

Mv2 / a = e2 / a2

theoretically it should be considered that the centrifugal force is compensated at a distance a = R by electrostatic attraction. We therefore appeal to classical physics data referring to the electrostatic force which is merely a word for what it is inconceivable in its intimate structure.

I personally think that an electrostatic force is due to the structural modification of the energy environment in the presence of particles in ultra vibration frequencies, which are a medium originally isodense perspective becomes anisotropic energy in the form of a field " attraction. " This explains why the particles denser than the middle of the energy are attracted or repelled, while the less dense repelled or attracted are inversely.

Relationship mv2 = e2 / R becomes either a pull, but rather an effect of electron repulsion in rotation by the material energy of the surrounding space.

One must refer to the appearance of an aerodynamic or hydrodynamic sphere rotating about a swing center (external to the sphere).

Its rotation causes movement of water creates a centrifugal cavitation so that the range is more limited by the reaction medium if the sphere is not affected at the same time, rotation about an axis perpendicular to the radius of gyration

But there may be two cases when the sphere rotates on itself quickly after that rotation and spin are in the forward direction or both are in opposite directions from one another. In the first case we have contraction and expansion in the second case. We thus return to my theory particulogenèse.

The direction of rotation of the particle, and her spin associated with it will have on the atomic scale effects or surgravitatifs or dégravitatifs and what follows it will always be essential to consider these effects.

It is therefore assumed that the electron has a definite speed around the nucleus, and its kinetic energy is the lowest level layer K. Than excited and then occupying a quantified upper layers, its energy is larger N photons.

Remains to elucidate the thorny problem of the wave accompanying considered by some as a probabilistic mathematical perspective and by others as a physical reality.

De Broglie after some tinkering finally admitted this reality and in fact physicists acknowledge that the electronic orbits are formed by enclosing the electron waves.

It is indisputable that these views require them to abandon the tangible aspects of physics, as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle postulates that one can both determine the speed and position of the electron.

What is in effect the speed of a wave which we can say that it spreads with both the speed of all electromagnetic waves, that is to say, 300 000 km / s and in reality no speed as stationary.

In terms of circular wave that seems to be a contradiction of nature. But we must consider that the maximum amplitude of the wave is actually the sum of all amplitudes according to frequency of the wave. This frequency seems to be derived from that of the electron, which is propagated to a slower speed of 2000 m / s on the level K of hydrogen.

The reality of this mechanism despite the genius of wave mechanics does not seem yet fully explained, apart from purely mathematical. However, these aspects have only virtual reality.

It seems interesting, however, always to arrive at the problem of antigravity, consider that the amplitude at the antinode of the wave must correspond to a vacuum energy or ether subquantic medium, thus giving effect Archimedean and this is confirmed by experiments demonstrating that Bouasse level waves bellies are empty compared to air.

The experiment is to create in-air tube containing a layer of water, waves. It was found that the water rises in the areas occupied by the belly of the wave (Fig. 33).

 Fig. 33

It is necessarily the same at the middle subquantum.

We have shown that the energy density of the ether was 10 million tons per cubic centimeter energy space.

Under these conditions a vacuum energy one must give cm3 space gravitational effect Archimedean relief 10 million tons. As a result both the electron, which is a hole in space, that the bellies of waves, must give effect dégravitatif corresponding to the mass energy repressed by their mechanisms.

These two effects should be reflected in the level of atoms and correspond to mass loss attributed to lack of understanding by physicists to binding forces.

Moreover, the time seems ripe to say a few words on the Dirac theory, which is opposite to me during one of my lectures.

For Dirac, whose theory was an interesting time, space would consist of positive electrons that is to say with the energy-mc2, it is sufficient to inject one of these electrons of energy + mc2 into a negative electron, which come out of the space, leaving a hole in its place.

This theory would explain the reality of two types of electrons. But it turned out that it is still views mathematicians, I find that Dirac considers space as a physical reality and not as a material for the mind like the relativistic .

How much more simple seems to be the aspect of positive energy gravitonique the space occupied by elements more dense or less dense than its substance, which explains both the gravitational field and electrical effects, it is said reactions of these same particles in fields outside anisotropic oriented lines of force of the gravitational field.

As the magnetic field, it is indeed a rotation of space causing the spin polarization of gravitons.

These views, repeatedly presented in this work seem to explain all aspects of physics with such simplicity that they have acquired the formal agreement of many physicists emerged from formal constraints.

It is unnecessary, I think, to say that the spirit of this book is to show the possibilities of antigravity or more exactly antipondérale gravitation, and this with the intention of being understood by the greatest number, j ' have avoided any mathematical development on wave mechanics in its formalistic aspects, by citing to memory Schrödinger equations and even classical Maxwell relations. This technical aspect remains the responsibility of physics taught in universities.

It is important at this time to recognize that all that determines a repellent effect on energy subquantitque space is a contrabarique following expression Heim and antigravity Archimedean following my terminology.

It is reasonable because most atoms have incomplete electronic levels, trying to inject these orbits the largest possible number of secondary electrons and at all levels of the material. Payment in quantifications "sine qua non" the process is rational, and the electrons injected by their presence and acting dégravitante because their density is less than that of the space, and that the wave antinodes their accompanying stationary determine their side a push factor for the cosmic environment.

How to get technically this result?

I quote from memory for processes used by electricians and first of rubbing elements sulfur, for example with a cat skin or electrostatic involving the electronic structure differences between silver and tin, metals up respective (2-8-18-17-2) and (2-8-18-18-4).

In a first case, that of sulfur, the resulting negative ions and positive ions of the second, that is to say, the skin of the cat that could have been replaced by aluminum would give up electrons, while the opposite occurs between silver and tin, their layer 0 is differently occupied.

In this vein, the atomic electronic structures of all known elements lend themselves to multiple experiments, aided by the theory for a better performance.

However, additional electronic loads thus obtained are placed naturally on the surface of said body electrified and whose capacity is ridiculous though demonstration of the correctness of the theory, as demonstrated by the reduction of air condensers which he was repeatedly Once question.

We have demonstrated that charge on a capacitor 200 kV air two m2 reinforcement placed at the distance limit short-circuit in the air as dielectric, could give relief to five grams.

This experiment around the world since I described in 1957, was confirmed at the Palais de la Découverte in Paris in the presence of many technicians, but it should be discussed since the theory does not correspond to that taught in the Universities of energy a capacitor.

I was opposite my formula

Lighter weight = M0 - CV2 / 2v2

was false because the load is heavy as ideas in progress, it was the plus sign would replace the minus sign in the relationship ... despite relief and found the Archimedean energy calculation?

This is a fine example of intellectual intoxication experienced academics for whom it is written in the official books is only valid.

I note that the objection relief by the repulsion of the air, and that in a laudable goal verification, CNRS considering an expenditure of 50 000 F, was reversed by a mounting which I n 'have not spent more than a thousand francs.

Experience and assembly have been described previously.

The problem of efficiency is therefore to increase the ability of materials to make them absorb the amount of additional electrons required to neutralize Archimedean gravity.

As the table shows the electronic structures of atoms if the layers KL and M are generally saturated, it goes differently layers more distant nuclei. In addition, no quantization rule is no reason that the number of possible layers can be increased, the only limit being due to interactions with electron clouds surrounding atoms.

And there emerges a novel aspect of atomism seems to offer fantastic opportunities in the creation or ionized material with new properties, or even the creation of energy.

I said earlier that the addition of an electron in an electron cloud sometimes required to provide energy, but also was capable of delivering energy.

I took the example of chlorine to which the addition of an electron cloud in its normal 17 electrons radiated energy of 3.750 electron volts, eV say four.

If we saturate the gram atom of chlorine so that each atom has 18 electrons instead of 17, we thus obtain an energy of:

4 × N that is to say 4 x 6.02. 1023 electron volts.

But if one is 6245 erg. 108 eV and if a joule is 107 ergs of energy released will be to:

390,000 joules, which is far from negligible and does not seem to be particularly concerned until the atomists only obsessed with fusion and fission price extremely complex equipment and temperatures of several million degrees.

390,000 joules certainly does not represent perhaps a fantastic energy, but such ionization 10 grams of chlorine sufficient to raise ten tons a meter in height.

This may lead to a new type of battery. More chlorine is not the most effective elements of this kind.

In general all metals have a particular facility to lose electrons, while metalloids sensors are very effective.

Consider how negative ionization of an element?

We could use the electrolysis and sensing with Hall effect ions in translation between two electrodes in a conductive liquid, the ions being fed by the deflection produced by a magnetic field to the right and left direction current.

We could thus obtain negative ions and capture. But the Coulomb forces would probably repel.

So we need to neutralize them.

The Hall effect magnetic is not the only mechanism to focus the ions outside the ionizing electrodes, because there is the possibility of having an electric field perpendicular to the electrodes and outside the community.

The ionization can be done within a neutral liquid, but it is more of an electrolytic medium as a fusion dissolution.

The technique of ion dissociation is well defined, we can consider creating body composed solely of negative ions.

An example can be taken as a model, it is water that contains Barrège negative sulfur ions.

It is known that the addition of an acid precipitated sulfur in the normal state, the latter having lost its electrons further.

Can we get by evaporation negatively ionized sulfur and stable?

The experience remains to be done to allow an audit, but nothing has been done in this direction.

Therefore take the problem on a physical and not chemical at the level of some metals, although these are more donors than sensors.

Complex solutions using mixed chemicals can be studied. But does not have the huge resources of the CNRS, I can not emphasize my experimental possibilities.

We have already considered the solution, but before the evidence of this technique, it seemed necessary to expose all other possibilities to show their flaws.

It is known that electron accelerated by an electric field and entering the lines of force of a magnetic field begins to swirl indefinitely.

Although I explained that in the atom, for reasons of symmetry the reactions of the electron field in rotation on the energy space, the path must be coincident with the axis of the electron spin, like a shell in rotation itself confuses its yaw axis, with the direction of its motion.

Such a shell turning flight must determine the aerodynamic effect Magnus deflecting its trajectory.

In a magnetic field, the axis of the electron spin recovery becomes magnetic perpendicular to its path. This is the same mechanism as the Magnus effect electromagnetic response due to its rotation in the middle energy cosmic transforms its straight path in a graph showing a circle if the field is quite extensive.

Here is the text from a book by an eminent professor, text which is the perfect example of physicists official proposals which mean absolutely nothing because none of them understood the structure of the phenomenon.

"A magnet exerts no action on a stationary electric charge (like the atmosphere of a shell still) but for a moving charge is another matter, as a magnet and can not provide any energy, it can not change its speed and will simply divert its path.

Nevertheless, mathematicians involved have developed extremely complicated calculations in the literature and which ultimately reduce to a more or less empirical formula giving the radius of gyration as a function of electron velocity and field strength .

This formula f H = 108/36, with H in gauss, shows that the number of revolutions per second is independent of the velocity v proportional to the field H, the velocity is in turn given by the relation v = 600 sqroot Vv is in this case expressed in thousands of km / s and V in volts.

Speed of 2000 km / s is the electron K of hydrogen would be given by an accelerator voltage of only 10 to 11 volts.

Against by the rotation frequency with an atomic radius of 0,55.10-8 cm is of the order of 1015 to 1016, that is to say, the visible radiation from the infrared to the X-ray

It is therefore possible with a laser-like device to pump the atoms in the setting phase, as these frequencies are highest compared to other peri-atomic orbits, it seems very proof of this result to parallel computing with multicolored light emissions in the opinion of all observers are issued by UFOs.

It appears that by means of microwave electromagnetic light phase, an electronic load injected in atomic medium may be integrated in the rotating electron clouds, but the process must be completed by adding a magnetic field by ultra-conductive.

From what has been stated it is clear that we are not trying to accelerate electrons from lower layers to inject electrons but the upper layers and as many as allowed calculation. The same calculation shows that we can achieve this effect with fields of 200 000 to 2 000 000 gauss.

However, as the light radiation emitted by UFOs are a logical explanation based on the lasing spectrum light or infra-red, the second aspect widely noted by observers of the presence of a strong field magnetic seems to prove that a design process degravitative UFO is a rational explanation in the art that I offer.

We will discuss in what follows several other techniques dégravitatives always based on the action of electromagnetic fields chasing the gravitational field, and that the basic process is modeled on the Archimedean effect of a hot gas or lighter than air in the atmosphere. But to conclude the chapter it is essential to remember that the repellent action controlled by the complex electric field and magnetic field of the electrons has the effect of discharging the gravitational field.

However this field with three dimensions it is necessary that the device used is also three-dimensional and we'll explain the technique (Fig. 34).

Fig. 34

We have seen in the study of atomic quantifications that electronic orbits occupied almost all directions of space so that the electron cloud is practically almost spherical. Accordingly, for the electromagnetic field as we have defined it can involve all electrons, it must occupy the three spatial directions at 90 ° to each other.

This is, I believe, the essential condition for the technique to be effective.

More complex if the magnetic field is fixed, we can consider a field pulsing frequency is such that a rotating magnetic field phase, but as the field is in a conventional three-phase plan, this field shall determine a very special rotation almost spherical.

I think the reader will understand my thought without the aid of a mathematical complex, but this is a perfectly new and I experienced at low frequencies.

The theory is well defined, it is necessary to describe the means of its application in practice.

Regarding the laser pumping at the population level, according to the accepted term for atoms, it is clear that the first place it is important to use a metal or metalloid perfectly cleansed of impurities and isotopes.

As the energy injection seems to be low on the voltage and probably important in terms of intensity, use of materials transistor type properly placed in the ground will provide the necessary microwave excitation.

As for hyperchamps magnetic techniques superconductivity under consideration at the moment are the only possibilities to consider.

We are therefore able to practically technical tests on various materials placed in these electromagnetic fields to determine the response and efficiency.

As for electronic loads, it is obvious that they can not be extracted from the environment, but from the outside, and on this point after noting that the effects of light and magnetic recognized about UFOs may be reproduced in their entirety by this technique, antennas often described by observers seem to be organs or proton discharge or electronic loads.

About the oscillating electric field, the problem is simpler since it is possible to create three plans oscillations perpendicular to each other. It will be necessary to have oscillators tuned to the frequencies of rotational orbits creating waves to avoid energy losses.

Laser transmitters will be granted on multiple wavelengths effective, provided that if multiple frequencies are harmonious, each electron placed on either auxiliary orbits will find its resonant frequency, what electronics is something well known.

I can not elaborate more on this technique, hoping simply have made my point, despite the complexity of the process, which also seems to explain all the phenomena of magnetic and luminous UFOs.


During the drafting of my patent in 1960 on a proposed cosmic machine  consulting engineer Lemonnier, who is busy, provided a description translated into various languages, but in the end, quite cryptic to avoid plagiarism.

I am therefore forced to put the project in much more clear terms.

Ultimately, this patent does not extrapolate on the macroscopic atomic technique described above.

The basic idea is to create either an electron or giant hydrogen hyperexcité, based on the evidence that the electron is a hole in the space, and that the rotation of the satellite around the core gives a So démassifiant dégravitatif.

This is how I described a metallic sphere included in an ellipsoid of revolution, more or less flat, insulating material, in which a vacuum of air.

The metal sphere has at its equator a hot zone and emits electrons consists of a metal, barium or another, emitting particles easily extracted from its substance.

If the metal sphere is the ellipsoid is a perfect insulator, but may be reinforced by a metal cover entirely made up of three sectors connected to the phases of a three-phase circuit, giving a rotating electromagnetic field.

Of course this field H must be very high frequency.

If we heat the central sphere through a process built, it will emit electrons. If we put the elements in three-phase AC load at very high frequencies the electrons will be rotated at speeds based on the frequency and can theoretically reach the velocity c, local light.

These electrons are well trained to obey a mechanical centrifugal force compensated by the attraction of the sphere become positive due to the lack of electrons, and we are ipso facto in the presence of hydrogen giant.

In such a device, the force of attraction of the beam by the sphere must be a continuous function, that is to say, the greater the number of emitted electrons and the greater the potential difference between the sphere and the beam increases, but there may be a return arc. This attraction is due to cavitation energy space, the effect should be obtained archimedean and significant function of the energy involved

However, we know that the energy stored in a program of accelerated electrons at 10 000 volts for example, is equivalent to 370 ships of 50 000 tons speeding at 50 km / h, this to give an idea of ??the energy of system.

Of course, it will provide the energy beam, and on this point I considered in my patent of 1960 it is injected into the ground, exactly as it injects hydrogen energy ground to a balloon.

The problem is to keep the balloon extremely diffusible hydrogen, problem is not insoluble resins having some strange possibilities, some or metallized plastic.

For the beam energy is another matter. My patent has been widely discussed by the Germans and the Americans because it is known that electron beam undergoes rotational energy losses due to centripetal accelerations.

It seems at first that it is necessary to refer to the nature of the electronic beams at the atom normally not losing energy.

The explanation was given by the turn of the century physicists who rightly recognized that the electron could turn lose energy if its accompanying wave was stationary.

We must therefore find a rotational frequency waves giving either normal or harmonics will depend on the radius of the beam and speed.

The beam must be accompanied by a wave whose length is defined by the relationship:

l = h / mv, where h is of course Planck's constant, m the mass of the beam and v is its speed.

h is a constant wavelength will be much greater than mv will be small, and the calculation of the radius of the beam will be ideal depending on its momentum, hence the necessity of choosing between radius, load and speed .

One thing is clear, however, which involves a logical aspects of relativity is that mass (apparent) beam increases near the speed limit in the energy environment considered by the training center.

Indeed, we calculated about the static capacitor degravitation, or more precisely the relief was based on the load according to the relation experimentally verified

Relief mass M0 = - CV2 / 2 c2 or QV / 2c

formula shows that relief requires considerable capacity or voltage to be effective.

But with regard to the rotary capacitor is the case in my patent, the formula becomes

Relief = M0 - CV2 / 2 c2 c2 sqrt - v2

This relationship shows that if the speed of the beam approaches the local speed of light, the effect dégravitatif tends to infinity.

This is also the reason why after my patent of 1960, I considered the micronization process by activating the speed of electron orbits normal peri-nuclear in terms of kinetic energy and increasing the number electron orbits unsaturated.

It seems indeed that it is expedient to increase the energy active mass rather than energy, which derives from classical relations.

It has: mV = Mv. But W = 1/2 mv2, which shows that for the same amount of movement it is advantageous to increase the mass rather than speed.

My gear cosmic patent is based on the rotation of the beam at high speed electronics, it seems I chose the wrong formula, that requesting more energy.

That is why I have, since 1960, plans to turn around a proton negatively charged sphere.

And then the problem changes dimensions, because if the electron has the advantage of giving relatively long waves accompanying a speed considerably, due to its low mass, protons can be extracted from heavy atoms ionized , have the same effect, but with much lower speeds and it is a considerable advantage in terms of energy.

In addition, we have a choice of the most varied in the range of atoms, the electrostatic effect is the number of protons in the nucleus, with the exception of neutrons, which will therefore require the least loaded elements.

Physicist Dr. J. Dronsart recently suggested me to use the ionized mercury, according to his calculations, and especially the fact that it is written in the ancient texts that Vimanas, that is to say UFOs described by the Hindus had engines mercury?

Nobody can doubt the strange coincidence between modern calculations and historical revelations.

And to return to Mr. Dronsart possessor multiple degrees in physics and mathematics, he calculated that a force of antigravity ten tonnes could be achieved by the rotation of fifty grams of ionized mercury at the speed of 5000 kilometers per second.

These calculations fully confirm my assumptions.

Mercury actually essential qualities to serve as support to the electromagnetic energy of rotation.

Its core has indeed an atomic mass of 200, its atomic number is 80 and its density is 13.6.

It is liquid at room temperature.

Its vapor pressure is low, and its ionization energy is 10.4 volts.

The ratio w / w of its neutrons on protons is from 1.5 to 1.55 according to its isotopes, that is to say, it is at the limit of radioactive.

Its electronic charge 2-8-18-32-18-2 is actually an electron donor.

The effectiveness of this support is 150 000 times that of the electron beam which allows a much lower speed thus more energy efficient.

Whatever the choice of this item, it is understood that any heavy nucleus vaporized can be used, for example gold, or heavy items such as xenon gas whose atomic structure is:

2-8-18-19-9-2 or 54 protons and 76 neutrons.

Certainly, the speed required to obtain the same effect of 10 tons antigravitatifs will depend on the square root of the mass ratio is 5000 x 1.3 or about 1/3 more, 6 to 7000 km / s.

Xenon, despite its rarity, has the advantage of being chemically inert, but nothing prevents the use of lead ionized whose density is greater than that of mercury and whose melting point is very low.

It is easy to calculate the frequency of the rotating electromagnetic field necessary for driving either mercury or lead at the speed of 5000 km / s around a circle of radius 5 meters or a circumference of 30 meters.

Field, regardless of the shift must therefore have a frequency of 5 000 000/30 = 160 kHz that is to say, the radiometric field. These frequencies are consistent with oscillators of appropriate dimensions with gear 10 meters in diameter can therefore be used for the space program.

As for the energy of a beam of protons (50 g) at a speed of 5000 km / s, it is 170 000 kWh is the energy supplied within 10 hours by a motor 23 about 000 hp, counting a relatively low yield due to energy loss, which is still once more compatible with the technical possibilities of the moment.

It is not in fact excluded using radioactive nuclei to obtain a usable energy by controlled fission of the beam, thereby simplifying the complexity to 95% embodiment of the machine.

Apart from this free solution, it is clear that, for the moment, only the use of atomic energy as a power generator cruise is to consider, and there are technical possibilities now well developed, not to mention those of tomorrow aimed at the direct use of the energy of the space gradient as we have repeatedly expressed is at least 1027 Joules in cm3.


Effects can archimedean, that is understandable, given that centripetal or centrifugal acceleration on a vertical and it is important to change this direction.

It is not impossible, in a gaseous atmosphere, to obtain this effect by direct reaction of atmospheric air by aerodynamic effects, but, as I said, are several techniques in the field of electronics or gravitodynamiques effects.

Firstly devices consisting of local loads on antennas directed must give a repellent effect (peak effect).

It does not seem necessary to insist on this process.

Finally, the electromagnetic Magnus effect has been described at length in its effects, but it is worth remembering.

The effect consists in Oersted rotating of an electron in translation when a magnetic field in between.

A magnetic field is the physicist entity that represents vectors and measuring units with complex Gauss-Oersted-Tesla-Weber defining a flow or induction. I think the official definition of these units is not necessary.

Certainly, if the particles are gravitons stirring energy disordered, it is normal that during tangential elastic collisions, a portion of the translational energy is transformed into rotational energy in the form of spin. Physicists recognize the forefront of the graviton spin to them that explains the mechanism of gravitation (which seems to be due to absorption of energy by a screening effect) there is no heating, the energy and deflected turning into rotational energy (Doligez). I myself had considered this principle in the time to set default Descartes law.

But we could also conclude that the change in structure of the medium gravitonique polarized magnetized would be due only virtual deformation oscillatory oscillations gravitons taking a greater amplitude in the direction of movement of the inductor current and perpendicular to this direction.

Both theories can be supported, but it seems more logical to admit the presence of a spin.

Under these conditions, the space being polarized more or less statistically significant and to limit the total polarization, the limit can be calculated, it is clear that the presence of the polarization inside the mass of the body will cause adverse directive on electronic clouds and even nuclei. (Fig. 35).

All formulas giving field strengths of magnetic moments of force flow, will have a direct impact on the intensity of polarization.

Cons by magnetic induction, the permeance, the reluctance will be consecutive to the degree of permeability, that is to say, the more or less easy to achieve within the body the polarization state.

 Fig. 35

A torus of iron or nickel unmagnetised present a crystal structure, in which all elements have atomic different directions. By the same torus against magnetized structure will be such that all its atoms constitute circular chain oriented tangentially to the toroid.

We can not say there is a magnetic current, but a simple polarization state that can not provide energy.

Of course, if the torus is cut, only gravitons space and possibly gas included in the section will be polarized.

It is quite different in a torus ultraconducteur is covered indefinitely by a flow of electrons.

The image of the electric current giving a magnetic core ring whose tangent is perpendicular to its plane and which is called electric current and magnetic currents is a view of the spirit.

Magnetism is a structure, the electric field energy, but it is also true that the magnetization is free, because the polarization of space involves energy expenditure certainly low due to the small inertia of gravitons, but real.


OERSTED: Unit defining a field which exerts a force of one dyne on a pole placed in this field and having an intensity of a CGS unit.

Tesla (MKS unit): Magnetic field uniform normally distributed on a surface of 1 square meter material through the surface magnetic flux of 1 weber. We also have: 1 tesla = 104 gauss (CGS unit).

WEBER (MKS unit): magnetic flow through a circuit of one turn it produces a force of 1 volt electronic if it leads to 0 in a second uniform rate.

Let another form definition gauss.

Given the definition of equation B = gauss mH wherein m is a coefficient representing the permeability of a magnetic body (equal to 1 by convention in the air), B is the magnetic induction that is to say the number of lines of force per cm2 of the field. H then being in oersteds.

Complement the definition of the magnetic permeability of symbol (m) which is the ratio of the magnetic induction flux induced cm2, intensity of the magnetic field that produces it.

As for the magnetic susceptibility this is the ratio of the intensity of magnetization J in the intensity of the inductive field.

We summarize thus:

Magnétophysicien for the magnetic field contains a complexity definition certainly giving multiple aspects of a general fact which is magnetism, but no explanation of the phenomenon.

Pole strength KMM F = '/ L

Magnetic moment M = FL

I = intensity of magnetization M / V

Field strength H = F / M

Flow force F = HS

Magnetic induction B = Q / S

Magnetic permeability m = B / H

Reluctivity R = 1 / m

Reluctance R '= 1 / m. L / S

 Faced with this complexity, I define as the magnetic polarization of gravitons driven by the rotation of the electrons themselves and around any axis by the basic mechanism that wants a body in rotation and resulted in a rotational movement whose axis is external to the body, tends to put its spin in a direction parallel with that of the yaw axis, which is a phenomenon generally gyro.

Certainly the early physicists had thought just the theory of ether which aspects may be conflicting, yet be explained in terms of the scale of its constituents, but it took relativists to make an inaccessible domain .

The clear water is transparent and in some circumstances is not sensitive to the eye. As air subtlety that it is sensitive to our senses, in our neighborhood, by its mobility and temperature, the human eye does not perceive except by vapor it can carry, or a very thick (blue color).

As for the former called ether, to be fashionable nowadays, middle subquantum, it would not be perceptible to our senses without feeling the weight attributed to a mysterious gravitation, moreover strictly local and not universal since galaxies repel.

Its existence, more or less recognized by physicists based on their respective training, however, is among the most obvious reality and its texture is derived logically from that of a set of fluids composed of particles of different masses but tiny, animated oscillation and clashing, without loss of energy at this level particulate subquantum or etheric.

The medium therefore proves to subquantum as consisting of gravitons which is the estimated mass of the order of 10-60 g at 10-80 g and have a kinetic energy to rotational energy which is added an oscillatory (see works of MM Doligez).

Of course it is logical to think that these are particles that are at the origin of the atomic and cosmic texture.

But can we admit that gravitons exist from all eternity, the mystery of their origin is a pseudo-problem, I personally gave the following explanation which, strange as it may seem, is in the style relativist wants something that does not exist that is to say, the empty space can have bends.

I take the definition of the mathematical point of space, that is to say practically ANYTHING according to our conceptions, and I thought a print by the extremely high speed.

Under these conditions as a gas jet without consistency which fuse at high speed from a nozzle takes a strong character, I say that this space becomes a graviton.

And the world is created from nothing, apparently at least.

The relationship between what we see, moreover wrongly, as the time and the passage of this "nothingness" at the base particle may be the easiest thing ever.

Could also similarly assume that gravitons are "bubbles" dynamic trace, not "full" in a "super-ether" or medium "sub-subquantum."

Although the hypothesis of the primeval atom and the expanding universe would be as logical as the graviton itself primitive.

These gravitons is the primary element constitutive of all materiality, they are only of psychic energy in rotation? This is not impossible because the field is in its most cosmic vacuum apparently absolute, that is to say "nothing" can be regarded as the divine concept of psychic field, and this, according to the intuition all sentient beings more or less advanced.

Homo sapiens is needed in all logic, translate the learned man and not the wise man has naturally two basic concepts: the presence of spirits, that is to say, the forces of nature intelligent favorable or unfavorable anthropomorphism, and the idea of ??eternity.

Abandon these philosophical ideas to return to physical views, that is to say the texture subquantic medium.

These gravitons bathed in seemingly absolute vacuum, therefore can not obey physical laws inherent in a different environment than their own, unlike, for example atoms lying in the middle gravitonique fields obey it.

It is therefore a medium may be pure and in these conditions the field generated by the spin of the graviton can not be compared to the magnetic field of the electron which causes attractions repulsions between atomic particles.

Gravitons oscillate and collide them like marbles electrically and magnetically neutral, although they are basic vortex in a super-ether.

Kinematics dynamics of these particles differs from that of electrons that derive their properties in this environment gravitonique or subquantum, or etheric, and is therefore to be perfectly symmetrical to that of gas called "perfect" (Doligez).

It must thus exist at the rotating gas effects similar to polarization, the gaseous atoms to make them parallel to the axis of rotation axis thereof spinique, and that, more or less, depending on their degree of rotational kinetic energy eminently variable by the fact that each atom interactions shock, or translating, into energy rotational or oscillatory.

Certainly, the experiences of the Barnett gyromagnétisme have clearly demonstrated this effect, but it does not seem that physicists have studied enough of these mechanisms, if only for the dissociation of diatomic atoms. Indeed, a gyration overall not only to have spins parallel beams, but it must also make sense of gyration of all the atoms in the forward direction is either indirect sense. Anyway the privileged direction must be the same at the single particle level at which causes the whole solar system and gives a fairly perfect.

It is this mechanical aerodynamic must be extrapolated across subquantum.

The magnetic field thus appears to be like a spin polarization gravitoniques, the latter being driven in rotation by the action of electron spins.

This means that the oscillations in all directions of rotation gravitons do not change their oscillation energy, although a rotary kinetic extra energy they be added, but it happens a trend more pronounced, as a result of repeated mixings by matter, that a population growing graviton put their spin parallel to the path or electrons. This determines the intensity of the magnetic field which would normally be a limit when all the local gravitons is polarized, the action limit spatial distance course is virtually unlimited.

A magnetic field can have a considerable extent, while it may be locally saturated.

This aspect of the far field is described nowhere, its constitution has not been explained to my knowledgeable.

Yet it has an impact on the theory and practice important and Magnus effect explains the electromagnetic Lorentz force is a demonstration paramount.

The magnetic field is manifested in three distinct ways.

Firstly by the following attractions repulsions poles presence.

Secondly, changing the trajectories of electrons protons or ions.

A third aspect is much smaller Zeeman effect.

Regarding actions repulsive attractive they can be attributed to the effects of rotational, that is to say, the vortex field, as well as differences in density (see the experience, already cited, balloons and H2 CO2 being strong vibration in the air).

It is experimentally shown that two vortices on parallel planes and axes close enough, attract if they are in the same direction and repel if they are in opposite directions. Moreover, we note that two vortices rotating in the same direction and whose equatorial planes are almost alike, then create workouts surrounding fluid medium which oppose the part where they are vis-à-vis, where a repulsive effect each other. But should be considered also for the rotation and graviton pulse of its spin axis.

It is obvious that for two particles and pulsating phase, attractive or repulsive effect will occur if the poles are in the presence of phase or phase.

It seems that between electrons and gravitons there is a similarity of action at two worlds, the graviton has vis-à-vis the electron a mass ratio equal to that between the electron and a mass astronomical.

The only difference is that the mechanical gravitonique is pure inertial elements other than gravitons themselves as immersed in the void of true vacuum, while mechanically electronic moves in an already occupied by gravitons.

A question arises, however, about them, because if attraction and repulsion between electrons or protons can be explained by the effects of empty or full middle gravitonique you wonder if there effect identical gravitons.

This is a problem that calls for reflection and we assume that free level subquantum gravitonique there that shock effects (translation), rotation and oscillation.

The "gas" graviton is identical to a neutral gas is a diatomic gas to say or magnetic or diamagnetic or para. Electric and magnetic effects appear only electronic level and they are the consequence of either polarized or gravitons, and we'll see about the electric field, a status change of density or pressure local "gas" perfectly analogous to the gravitational field and that the law of action is dependent on the inverse square of the distance, which demonstrates the similarity.

It is perfectly justified to recognize that it must be different for the action of the dipolar magnetic field which obeys a different rule because its action law is then proportional to the inverse cube of the distance.

The magnetic field is thus clarified as to its structure, it is important to know if the curl of the field is material, that is to say, it would be a real rotation of gravitons, or if it is only wave, c that is to say it would be due solely to the electron wave in rotation and which determine the polarization of the field.

You can always imagine that there is both rotation of the wave and drive medium with or without sliding, just like photons.

This is quite important because for a torus vacuum solenoid, the magnetic flux rotating ring should be in the plan, perform the spatial energy environment force depending on its intensity, and we would therefore explain a formula that the morphology of a UFO guy, with possible effects Archimedean and repellents.

It is not actually the electromagnetic Magnus effect, but a variant which will be discussed later.

Without this set again, it is clear that, at its sole launched a projectile in translation and rotation about an axis, can not long continue its trajectory in a fluid condition that its rotation axis is coincident with its trajectory.

In the case where the axis is perpendicular to the path in the fluid there is a resultant Magnus giving a curvature because the relative velocities consist of points on the surface of the spinning projectile is greater on one side than the other.

But in our atmosphere, this effect is due to the reaction of the molecules of air and if the path is bent, there is a repulsion of air outside of the bend.

Implemented at the electron or proton rotation translation, the curvature of their trajectory in the magnetic field through which rectifies their spin, can not occur without the medium is itself repelled by reactive effect.

Experience shows that this is so, however, if the inertia of the medium is very low. It does not result in less mathematically the relationship mV = Mv of the particle and the mass of the medium should remain checked.

We know the values of M and v for the particle, but it is difficult to separate m and V for gravitons.

So I think and Haas effect Einstein proves, since magnet through which a current starts to rotate, the reaction of the Magnus effect is electromagnetic repulsion middle subquantum.

It is good to clarify what is the role of the field strength, since the curvature is a direct function of the inverse function of intensity and speed.

The aerodynamicmagnus effect ignores the directions of spins due to molecular oscillations in all directions could not give result.

By cons, and the scheme proves action would certainly be greater if the spins were oriented, and this is what happens at the particle level gravitons.

However, and I demonstrated the polarization of gravitons in a field of oscillations depends on the intensity of the excitation field and the number of gravitons polarized than those who are not is even larger than the field is intense. It is a statistical effect, which means that the reaction will be much larger than the field will be more intense.

We must be able to obtain a driving force repellent or sustainer by electromagnetic Magnus effect, under the same conditions that can be obtained in aerodynamics.

However, we are faced with the dilemma on the momentum, if Mv = mV energy is W = mv2 and performance is even better than the mass is large and small speed.

It lies in the middle ground is subquantum minimum and maximum speed, that is to say, the effect can only be achieved at considerable energy electrons animated préluminiques speeds.

Electronautics regarding theArchimedean effects are preferable to reactive effects in gravitation fields and lend themselves while Magnus electrodynamic effects will be reserved for handling and acceleration in all directions gear.

If we refer to my patent of 1960, one can see that the device uses phased ultra frequency to accelerate the beam electrons or protons or ions, but with more functions.

As we have shown, the rotating particle theory must have their axis perpendicular to the plane spinique rotation, but this is only in theory. The material is in constant turmoil, it can maintain a steady state. The percentage of spins perpendicular being a function of field strength, there will be interest to rotate the beam inside the lines of force guidelines produced by an auxiliary field. But again, to create a problem, since the effect of spontaneous striction produced by a rotating beam, an effect that is due, precisely, to set position perpendicular to the plane of rotation of spins which, therefore, are in magnetic attraction compensating repulsive effects due to their photonic waves.

This mechanism is easy to conceive the presence of a solenoid whose turns are not contiguous and which contracts the flow of current.

The Magnus effect at this level is placed in the plane of rotation. But it is important to note that the direction of the polarity of the auxiliary field director of spins and the direction of rotation maintained by the field phase, the Magnus effect must determine whether a contraction of the beam is centripetal and centrifugal expansion of this aspect problem does not seem to have been discovered by magnétohydrodynamiciens.

Given this, the inflection point shown on the path of the beam of the spins through an auxiliary field having three coils at 120 °, the three axes are included in the plane of rotation, must change the resulting Magnus spins locally electrons or particles no longer parallel to the general axis of rotation (Fig. 36).

Fig. 36

It thus becomes possible to change the base of a machine by putting in charge of either of these coils in one direction or the other, or create a general acceleration of gravity is either positive or negative translation horizontally or in any direction.

The control of such a system is very simple control with a laterally acting either for adjusting the intensity in the individual coils or in its axis to be in parallel or in series on all three coils.

One can not imagine driving simpler technique.


The gear-type reactions using the electromagnetic beam of a electrons, protons or ions of the atmosphere gravitational energy, will be constituted by a sphere-cabin surrounded by a metal or plastic core opaque or transparent (L interior is metal to isolate the drivers influences electric or magnetic fields).

Fig. 37

The electric field is stopped, the passenger will act as a Faraday cage.

The magnetic field itself being deflected by a screening effect, the substance of the sphere-cabin is made of materials ultraperméables.

The repellent effect of the beam and the vacuum energy produced between the sphere and the beam vacuum energy would determine local materialized by the electrical attraction between the sphere and the beam in a state of imbalance electronic or protonic determine the void in a field gravitational or electrical effects Archimedean accelerator.

Vertical propulsion is thus automatically performed, and, by use of the Magnus effect, the steerability and translation, this even isotropic medium, that is to say away from a gravitational field. The use of the Magnus effect may be achieved by modifying spiniques directions of rotating particle.

Of course, and as the energy of the space will not be usable problem I give the solution may be considered provisionally atomic generator. But it is not excluded that it could happen to use the elements of disintegration beam and therefore the self-healing energy capture of electrons or protons or ions being easily achievable antennas or by simple contact at a planetary atmosphere or spin particles in the cosmos.


We have described at length the process antigravity derived from the structure of the electron or the active hydrogen using a vacuum effect archimedean by centrifugation within the fluid mass.

Efficiency considerations we did replace the electrons by protons or ions, which allows the use of alternative frequency ranges in which the device is compatible with the technique.

Certainly would have been the ideal synthesis of an electron giant whose structural comparison shows that the proton is a hole in energy while the proton is full.

It is in this synthesis that can discover the nature of inertia, the electron has lost Archimedean effect and its mass and inertia, and see that all degravitation whatever process removes weight in a field of gravity and inertia in all fields.

We also considered the effect of the electromagnetic Magnus directivity factor and acceleration, but we could also use it as a factor degravitation.

In fact, it seems that these methods must be synergistic in a practical embodiment of cosmic dégravité machine.

In the current state of human technical possibilities, it does not seem possible to do better, all theories of antimatter or deleting the meson field gel to 0 ° Kelvin despite being utopian calculations mathematicians theorists.

This being said, can we consider that some UFOs are merely cosmic emissaries gear, which are constructed to navigate through the intergalactic space as emissaries to find their Sustainer accelerator electromagnetic reactions on either the magnetic field of planets or electrostatic effects on the air or on the ground.

We'll review some theoretical possibilities at least as it has never been possible to experiment.

Many observers have reported UFOs in the presence of long distance ultra sounds, one may wonder if this reality is the fact that electromagnetic operation or aerodynamic system used.


Many observers technically organized in France several points noted as ultrasound "waves accompanying UFOs? '

These ultrasound result they process dégravitant accelerator or are they from a mechanism electromagnetic own these items? That is to say, they are a cause or effect?

Bjerknes work on aerodynamics and Bouasse wave showed that the sound waves were able to reproduce almost all electromagnetic phenomena. Only the medium was different in nature although this difference exists only a function of the mass of between 1040 to 1050 and an air molecule gravitonique element.

A sound can be polarized as demonstrated in 1946 and Frederik who Fireston full range of light polarization phenomena could be reproduced from authentic longitudinal elastic waves.

There was no need to give the transversal wave character for its asymmetry relative to the radius, it was enough simply that the emitting source was animated by a movement having a component transverse to the direction of propagation.

This discovery was called back to ether prominently assumptions fruitful science and showed the great similarity across near, between the gaseous atmosphere and air atmosphere subquantum energy.

It must be recognized that the pressure energy of the middle of 1021 cm3 joules, or 10 million tons of energy cm3, perfectly explains the speed difference observed in the propagation of shocks.

As it flows with the fluidity of the infinite smallness of its constituents gravitonique or dimensions of the order of 10-49 cm from the work of MM Doligez, which means that all atomic structures, consisting almost entirely of empty, these elements are crossed by a wire as by an air stream.

The aerodynamic drag that can occur on the surfaces surrounding the body, either by direct pressure downstream of the movement or by vacuum effect upstream. Drag-éthéro dynamics must differ from the first in the minimum ratio of 1/1040, that is to say, a mobile hardware, it is not noticeable and almost no braking effect. And it is this ratio, small but nevertheless important, who escaped Michelson, Einstein, the relativistic ...

It is therefore possible to transpose a reactive process level to level subquantum sound, and by virtue of the fact that the reactive effect Mv = mV is much more effective than mass is high and low speed.

We will therefore have an interest in energy W given using the reactive effect of the transmitter of a sound wave in the air.

But what we want is to get a reactive effect similar to that of the powder in a rocket, using the materiality of energy to push a mass according to the relation of momentum.

This problem requires some basic mathematical formulations and for many giving extrapolate specify the relationship between the radiation pressure responsive, the density of the medium, the vibrational frequency (w) and wave amplitude A.

either: Radiation pressure = density x Frequency x squared amplitude squared.

P = w2 d0 A2

Elements of the solution are clear. Since we can not do anything on the local density of the air, it must use higher frequencies with maximum amplitude, so the ultrasonic power.

By definition range of the ultrasound is between

audible frequency is between about 20 and 000 Hz frequencies 100 000 000 or 108 Hz

Beyond 108 Hz and even since we are in the radio and just go for a crystal in the air domain electromagnetic field. But again in terms of efficiency we have no interest in using this domain as a radio frequency we operate in a gas that is to say, in the air atmosphere. After which only the electromagnetic field, using the similar process of radiation pressure of EM waves in the middle subquantum will only consider, except of course for all processes emitting particles or ions accelerated.

Could be considered a UFO vehicle can be double action, electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy space in the airspace, for performance reasons.

And curiously analysis process leads us to conclusions that could explain the phenomena observed in these devices especially during landings.

Structure seems generally discoidal UFOs, which provides an important reactive surface.

Disc 10 meters in diameter has a surface of 75 m2 or 50 m2 by removing the inactive surface of the interior.

But we are currently capable of dissipating porcelain ferroelectric fifteen watts per square centimeter or 150 kW m2 that is to say, a power of 200 CV per m2. And the calculation produces a resultant reactive several hundred kg.

It is therefore possible to distribute the energy over large areas and use the reflection ferroelectric on both sides, the vibrating element is included in a resonator and its surface prepared following appropriate curves (Fig. 38).

Fig. 38

This performance seems responsive enough to support a machine in the air, the effect corresponding to the weight of motors and generators especially if they are atomic. But we can consider materials or devices more reliable allowing greater dissipation of energy on higher frequencies, through the transformation frequency electromagnetic frequencies suprasoniques in a given atmosphere, the performance is even better than the sound velocity is lower for a given gas density.

This may explain the multicolored iridescence observed by observers about UFOs, because we know that ultrasounds have an effect on diffracting a light beam of the same order as that of the prism.

About the lack of "Bang" supersonic, it is possible that the cavitation created by the U.S. around the machine eliminates the reactions of the air on surfaces.

Certainly, if the cavitation phenomenon is especially visible in the liquid, there is necessarily at a gas. And physicists know the effect of repulsion produced by the ultrasound, a phenomenon due to the absorption of energy by the medium whereby the radiation pressure is stronger near the issuers at a certain distance, it occurs a gas stream tends to create a vacuum, and it is this gap that seems to protect the walls of transmitting contact with the atmosphere, creating a sort of mirage effect that seen in the day, would blur the contours of gear.

What think this formula UFO feasible on land, provided that we want well away from formulas conventional aircraft.

Maybe we can invoke the low yield is 2000 HP for three tons of propellant sustainer effect, but ultimately, this can establish a certain parallelism between this formula and the classical aerodynamics, while recognizing that the Aviation ultrasound, if UFOs are well designed, has clear advantages, the U.S. is inaudible.

The ultrasonic energy has physicochemical properties well known and drying of the vegetation and soil, sleeping herbs in landings is perfectly explainable by U.S. great power.

Ultimately I would not be surprised that one of the techniques of levitation propulsion of UFOs is an application of this physical phenomenon. Should be recognized that these devices would LEMS American counterparts, that is to say, used for the exploration of planets with an atmosphere, in which case there would be a carrier spacecraft moving at a certain altitude electromagnetic antigravity.

Admittedly, this formula would perhaps lose a lot of mystery UFO phenomenon closer but seriously our technical possibilities. As to admit that these formulas are original land I see nothing that can eliminate this assumption, any aviator inspired being able to realize an experimental prototype tomorrow.


Electrostatic Boundary Layer

The description of this new technique that naturally follows the formula ultrasound is practically historic because it is the occasion of the presentation that I had done in 1958 in Paris, Jacques Bergier to Ouranos, has started the episode of my contacts with French and foreign journalists.

Actually invited by Marc Thirouin then Chairman of Ouranos to make a presentation on the techniques that I presented to my friends Perpignan, I chose to present this formula. It is found that the greatest chance came Bergier contact this organization research UFOS.

It is curious that more than fifteen years later, I read in a technical review by the same idea as an engineer ... new.

Or indeed any flat surface or discoid due to balanced structure placed in the atmosphere.

The upper and lower surfaces are the pressure of the atmosphere is about 1 kg-wt / cm2 or modern units 101,325 pascals (which does not facilitate the calculations). These pressures are substantially identical, there is no result.

In a hydrogen balloon, there is also a balance between the pressure on both upper and lower hemispheres but the Archimedean thrust can be explained in a simple way as follows.

Two balloons inflate one with air and one with hydrogen, the two balloons to attach two ends of a balance beam and suppose the system placed in a vacuum.

It is obvious that the air is more dense than hydrogen and one volume, air balloon will drop and the amount of hydrogen at both ends of the beam.

This is what actually happens in the atmosphere, hydrogen balloon is real and the air, virtual, surrounded as air at the same pressure.

To resume a thrust on a horizontal disk should therefore increase the density of the air below and above decrease, and this is what the aerodynamics by increasing the pressure in a profiled surface and by decreasing above (lower and upper).

That the aerodynamic speed obtained by moving a wing profile, we can get by electromagnetic effects.

Normal air temperature and pressure at ground level is practically neutral electrically conductive and is not, we must therefore ionize that is to say separate electrons from nuclei of oxygen and nitrogen.

Suppose further that this disc is formed by a rotating magnetic field at high speed in a direction in the upper region and in the other in the lower region, the two fields being neutralized with a magnetic screen included in the disc ( Fig. 39).

Fig. 39

We will see under Lorentz forces in a concentration of electrons on one side and positive ions on the other side since the ions will be repelled from one side and the other of the electrons.

It will suffice to properly load the disc it is, for example, is negatively charged, positive ions attracted and repelled by the negative ions.

The complex will ultimately effect a resultant lift propulsion somewhat similar to an effect archimedean, but whose power will be much more intense and reversible.

As for the effects seen by observers once again they match those that demonstrate the reality of the UFO phenomena.

This will provide a powerful rotating magnetic field, the rotation can thus be explained by the field magnetizing the elements driven by the disc, if it has itself rotated by a reactive device, that is to say nozzles emitting gas, which has been found.

As for electrostatic phenomena and bright, it is normal that they occur in this case.

On the other hand there is evidence that mobile supersonic electrically charged significantly changes the "Bang" which would explain the silence of gear, turbine generator being soundproof or complex based on atomic energy.

Many projects using electrostatic forces have been patented, but the earth's surface is electrically neutral it is not possible outside of ionization, hope repellent effects. Indeed, it is well known that a charged sphere providing an electrical image of opposite sign to the ground, all charges must cause attraction, unless it is an alternative.

I however well described at the beginning of this book an interesting experiment using a tray or a charged sphere, but between load and floor of a SCREEN with electric discharge device points.

It is indeed regrettable that we can not accumulate negative charges on the ground, because the repulsive antigravity effect could reach values ??fantastic.

The calculation shows that 2 kg of electrons placed at both poles of the earth, some 12 000 km of distance to repel with a force of 200,000 billion tons!

It is a pity that such a power is not yet used since kilo electron is normally included in two tonnes of any material! And what about two loads of 1 kg placed just a few meters or kilometers away, the repulsion decreases as a function of the square of the distance, like gravity.

While such forces will certainly be enslaved due to technical progress, and I believe in giving the foundation by injecting additional electrons in orbits incomplete atomic clouds. If these working hypotheses can still startle disbelief some physicists it is high time to submit to testing.

To conclude this chapter, can one explain the curious effects on soils and vegetation found during UFO landings?

We considered the simultaneous presence of ionizing fields and magnetic fields rotating.

Now we know that the earth's surface is more conductive it is damp, and consequently a rotating magnetic field to cause intense telluric currents warming the soil mass. It is therefore not surprising that plant roots are burned and parched soil, which is found with regularity. As for plants so their leaves are not is that the conductivity of the ionized air is less important. Electrostatic effects may be invoked in respect of sleeping plants repulsion.

Because these events have nothing to do with radioactivity, it is still normal that nothing is detectable in this area.

In conclusion, it can be surprising that face so perfectly explainable phenomena based on physical laws that we know phenomena open minds and doors to new techniques as physicists, it can exist as a reluctance both of obstruction by the scientific leaders.

Admittedly, I do not see an explanation, which shows that at all times the men who derive substantial benefits and techniques of selfish moment still see a very dim view of all the news that could disrupt their industries either retrograde or reject them completely industrialized circuits.

It is infinitely painful to think that having more than thirty years since these techniques considered I am powerless most absolute bad faith of these people who call themselves scientists who are only criminals progress . And what progress! That which I speak of pestilences faecal deliver us a land far, like cats, had carefully buried his own excrement! I'm talking about oil.

As for the claim that ETs have developed techniques transcendent, I must admit that whatever is currently described as inexplicable from the UFO seems to go into an elementary laws most known. Provided, of course, get rid of monumental errors, resulting from short and relativistic views of the rationalists, blinded by Mathématicisme, regarded by them as the sole source of all truth.

I would work to extract a physicist Philippe Tournier, the following:

"We know that we can mathematically or schematic account of the mechanisms of the solar system by taking the Earth center. This is extremely complex (Ptolemaic system), but it can "walk" enough to "possibly" do "believe" that this is a good solution (and perhaps the only, if it was not advised otherwise).

It is these options that allowed critics astronomy of Copernicus and Galileo abuse "good people."

But if we take the Sun as the center, everything becomes much easier to explain the solar system.

This is even the only physically valid solution to this problem - (the other "suns" are very remote).

We see how in this important physics must pass before the mathematics or the concrete before the abstract instrument.

The "simple" is more likely that the "complicated" to be realistic. "

Another passage from the same source:

"You can also specify that the system is very complex, epicycles of Ptolemy (where massive planets should revolve around points intangible themselves revolutions circumterrestrial) better reflected the movement, and apparent geocentric planets than did the circular orbits and heliocentric Copernicus. But it is nonetheless the latter which, in principle, was physically or inertially, because, even though it was not until the elliptical orbits of Kepler to finally have a fully satisfactory. Does it not then space curves, and other Einsteinians like epicycles, not physical, Ptolemy? '

As I have already expressed, I do not reject the idea because it is logical that all the mechanisms of nature, which have a mandatory relationship between cause and effect are linked by systems wave which is shown to propagate in our energy gradient with a certain speed, which is that of light and electromagnetic waves.

These waves propagate in a medium with the speed, but it is variable if the media moves as sound waves are faster if we are brought by the wind or disappear if the wind carries them away from us.

I have already explained at length on the appearance of the cosmos as I see it and since I have outlined the principles in 1962 in various foreign convention, I had the satisfaction of seeing that these views were accepted and adopted by many physicists such as Dr. Ing. T. Cincis Rome has published on this subject a number of articles.

So I think there are different areas at different levels of cosmic organization (Fig. 40).

First of all the empty space of any substance to our usual sense, but locally occupied by a certain materiality particle.

Then the energy field consists of gravitons, space subquantum compressed by the pressure of photons particles emitted by galaxies and cosmic radiation intragalactiques and entering the atmosphere at speeds theoretically unlimited ceding their energy.

Fig. 40

These cosmic rays consist of particles photon only stabilize their race and surrounding waves accompanying the middle pertubant subquantum energy.

Are then condensed by the pressure energy, the planets with different states plasma-solid-liquid-gas and finally the sun, and hyperdense center HyperPressure or liquefies gravitonique energy by emitting radiation.

Thus, contrary to the views of Einstein, the vacuum of space, if exists outside of the atmosphere energy which is one of many solar systems, is occupied by the particulate elements of light. But the speed of these elements is theoretically infinite following the de Broglie relation.

Against space by Einstein, the relativity with its errors, is that electromagnetic waves created by the penetration of a high speed photon particles that slow in this environment surrounding himself, as any body moving in a fluid, a wake is to say accompanying wave. And thus to face dimensions of the cosmos empty the narrow limits (100 billion km) from the solar atmosphere that pervades the land is occupied by waves including the relationship between the speed of the particle and the wave is defined by

C c2 = C'C''

This is a constant only local, which represents the square of the speed of light c known. In this area is to review all the current theories are completely revise. The speed of the wave is always higher than that of the photon.

Indeed, in experiments that are made on a beam of light, there are many particles protons and waves. If we can assume that the radiation of a flame has a synchronism between the photons and waves, it is very difficult to recognize in radiation that comes from a star if it exists and what timing offset, at least at the experimental level, the calculation according to the de Broglie relationship is used to indicate the lead or lag.

So we come to the conclusion that absolutely logical in a gravitational field, that is to say, in a field of energy gravitonique whose density and pressure grow as we approach the solar center, the particle photon coming from distant worlds at speeds theoretically unlimited and function of the intensity of the reverse process which projects in the middle first then increasing density negligible. This medium slows down the wave and then accompanying loads of energy.

Arrival by the sun against the particle can theoretically be slowed to stillness when the wave reaches its maximum speed.

And this is logical since the wave velocity is a function of pressure.

Against by a photon emitted by the Sun will accelerate in the crossing of the cloud as energy passes through areas of less dense until you reach an infinite speed.

The same mechanism that the wave will no longer find support as the solar distance will slow down and disappear.

There is therefore reason to believe that there is a photon energy, kinetic energy that gives the photon particle and vice versa, and this forces once again to review all ideas about light (Fig. 41).

As for the actual mechanics of the process, I think it goes beyond mathematical possibility, as the problem is complex and the relative risk once more to lose.

Fig. 41

We retain, however, and this is very important that there is a natural process by a wave may materialize in being propelled by its issuer. This may indeed bring to reflect on the creation of a material reality from what is called nothingness.

As we understand the photon particle crosses vast spaces at speeds much larger than light waves energy in our atmosphere, and we can ask what is the nature of the phenomenon which determines the frequency and hence the energy of radiation.

First of all, what can be the appearance of a photon particle give our gradient red radiation and whose radiation is sensitive to our eyes and instruments.

It does not seem possible to make yet another assumption that the two following.

Or these photons have different inert mass, or they are pulsating at different frequencies.

It seems, however, that the kinetic energy of the photon particle, significant in an absolute vacuum, turns into wave energy and again if our measuring devices that can determine the speed of the wave and its frequency, it seems not possible to determine experimentally the velocity of the particle.

Returning to the analogy between the propagation of sound in air and light in the middle gravitonique.

While a sound wave has a propagation speed, but it differs from the speed of the oscillations of the gas molecules, which is a sinusoidal speed that is to say through a maximum and a minimum. So we can say that in a gas that is very substance which gives a sinusoidal pressure a number of times per second, the generation of the wave is the result of a disturbance of the gas at a point.

It is obvious that if it was possible to determine a catchment area which compress a gas pump instead of a tank, we would have a sphere without definite limit, and if we were planning in this sphere we would sand the exact image of what happens in a solar system.

While physicists smile perhaps the transposition of this mechanism at photon, but if you want to consider that for spectrophysicien this changes nothing in our gradient, there is no reason that we imagine at considerable distances from the center of our system, physical phenomena are very different, contrary to relativistic.

This explains the perpetual bombardment that compress our solar atmosphere could lead to the creation of new permanent atoms, in particular hydrogen and perhaps even more complex structures because it is proven that the interplanetary space are rich atomic elements isolated and whose origin remains mysterious.

A major problem arises, however.

The human eye is sensitive to frequency wave accompanying a particle system. But that vision become a mid supravitesses animated particles? And life will she remain at the center of such a bombardment, without shield, and already so important outside the atmosphere?

It appears obvious and calculation proves that the density of the solar system within a wide range decreases due to the distance Mercury is from 6.2 to 0.7 for Saturn, through a general appearance of the 1/d2 function.

This decrease in density may be due either to a different physicochemical texture, that the spectroscope does not reveal either a decrease in pressure that determines an expansion of the atomic constituents.

Depending on the distance, this pressure must tend towards lower values ??as we have repeatedly expressed and that because the atmosphere solar energy obeys laws similar to those governing the atmosphere air warming.

It is therefore likely that the speed of light in such a medium whose pressure decreases itself must fall and we fall back into our forecasts.

So far the speed of light has been measured in the solar suburb and later about the Jovian occultation satellites, but Neptune is more than seven times farther away than Jupiter.

Astronomers do not they have already found that the radiation was faster between Earth and Venus between the Earth and Mars, and they have not changed the distances accordingly rather than recognizing that the sacrosanct principle of the invariance of the speed of light was at fault?

Great practical consequence of this finding requires logically modify the distances of stellar bodies whose durations fantastic light years are a challenge to common sense.

Physicists, astronomers announced without any self-criticism of the ether waves propagate without damping for tens of billions of years.

To make it look much more logical mechanism of radiation transport galactic or stellar suppose a ray emitted by a solar photon and propagates according to the relation c2 = C C'C''.

The photon particle ejected along its wave moves to another system, for example Alpha Centauri, whose official distance is 4 light years is 9. 1012 km or 9000 km billion.

We believe the crossing of the solar atmosphere to 100 billion km (1011) is about a week of our time if the speed increases exponentially, from 100 to 200 hours, then the road is open and the speed is at its maximum, that is to say, according to the acceleration so the gradient energy of the solar system.

If the speed was almost infinite or immeasurably high is this part of the journey out of time, that is to say, in another dimension, and the entry in the Alpha Centauri system, the same mechanism recur in reverse, in a braking phase.

What happens to a photon can be extrapolated for a cosmic machine, that is to say, the return trip to alpha centauri-not theoretically require a few days and not eight years as would the astronomers, course expect this inability to deny the evidence of UFOs, while it is blinding!


We previously defined the gravitational field as a continuum with spatial aspects similar to those of atmospheric air, but differing in its basic elements. It is possible to broadly describe the field as a set of air oxygen, nitrogen, relatively heavy atoms, that is to say large mass relative to the elements constituting the gravitational field, it would be composed gravitons, lightweight elements mass almost imponderable. These atoms and these gravitons obey a mechanical oscillatory-wave differ from one system to the other by the speed of the order of several thousand meters per second for the first and for other than very light whose >they form the support. the first case, the movements of atoms are elastic collisions with local oscillations or pseudoelastics, the characteristics of the gas is complex but well defined by the values of their physical powers: specific heat, pressure, speed oscillating medium, temperature, laws liquefaction, etc..

Certainly, there must be at Atmospheric gravitational energy data, on the one hand and the previous analogue, on the other hand, some specific to this environment, zero Kelvin, for example, must have a meaning Temperature (?) of the medium, and there must be a pressure liquefaction of this energy, and I believe that the study of this pressure must explain the differences between the various physical fields, especially at the atomic level. Mass loss is there a rational explanation archimedean! The authors present avant-garde seem to agree with me on most of these points and their differences are only a matter of perspective. It is however good to compare the masses and velocities of the components of a gaseous medium and a medium energy. The calculated values now give the particle constituent atoms of a coefficient of 10 to 28 gram, as the mass of the electron.

For cons, the authors are in agreement regarding the theoretical mass of gravitons to a value of 10-60 g mass-l0-80 g-rnasse. View works Doligez MM, Gravitation, Ed Blanchard, Paris 1965. Now we know that the sun is mass of 1033 g mass, placing atomic particles almost exactly in the middle of the size scale. It is therefore clear that these ultra-mechanical particles must be quite different from that of atoms and molecules. It is generally accepted that the speed of oscillation or translation must be infinitely greater than that of light, because it was found that gravitational effects were spread almost instantly, as evidenced by the physicist Allais, and some others.It is understood that under these conditions the atomic matter can be traversed by the gravitonics particles without incurring many shocks, given the extreme permeability of atomic structures. The only shock also ultra-elastic effects determining weight, can be considered as negligible residues resulting shocks in environments where the paths of gravitons are disturbed by the presence of physical masses.

It seems difficult to find universal gravitation a more rational explanation. It indeed gives an answer to almost all problems of atomic physics or astronomy, and I would not close this chapter without first explaining a problem related to the constancy of the mass of the Sun, which remains unchanged despite millions of tons of energy every second that are expelled from the "Start". The volume of the Sun is stable because the planet is ultimately the product of liquefaction permanent gravitational energy due to the texture of our solar field is the center where all converge bubble pressure sidereal energy which is our solar system. Pure gravitational energy by liquefying the whole family to give base particles and subsequently the Bethe cycle determines the creation of all known radiation, and this according to a balance that sets the mass of the Sun from the Beginning.

All planets are born of the sun and away from it during the centuries and occupying all the seats of those who preceded them, and their removal after undergoing all the changes that we have experienced on our planet. Away, they gradually dissipate radioactivity their mass, which returns after Sun total disintegration due to the decrease in the pressure energy. Although errors are to be changed in the views of the astronomical speed of light, depending on the pressure of the medium which carries it. >We will review all these data, we also open the way of the cosmos, the result of our study, not wanting longer surprise the reader. Indeed speak of liquefaction of gravity, is not currently a language understandable and may seem absurd, but it will be in a more or less near the base of hypertechniques tomorrow, the use of this natural energy being designed bythe Creator we open the doors of the Infinite.


This overview of flights intercosmiques we did PSI into the universe, that is to say, the apparently absolute vacuum, as a medium, but still occupied by photons animated ultra luminiques speeds of several hundred billion km / s, these speeds are possible because just having the empty space as translation.

And this forces us to try to understand what can happen in such an environment and if the weather mathematicians physicists is still a physical entity.

Or the time the notice of astronomers some physicists are not "really". It is in my opinion a simple mathematical operator.

My ideas in this area have not changed for many years, although the biological time has done its work. But this time is yet another aspect of the energy psychosomatic.

I quote from the book of Ernest astronomer Esclangon the following in conclusion extremely judicious study time:

1 Time has no existence in itself, the notion that we have is subjective and is derived from our own mental and biological organization. We project to the outside world and draw the irresistible illusion of a universal absolute time.

2 The scientific time is conventional. It is based on physical measures could be coordinated in different forms, in a sense arbitrary. As such time measurements differ from those of length and space. Invariable within a system can be chosen arbitrarily development schedule. Natural laws are a form of expression will more or less complicated, without ceasing to be in accord with truth and scientific logic.

It is possible to determine a sequence of events continues walking with the same speed in both systems in motion, the constant C is equal to the square of the speed. If C is infinite we fall back on the findings of Newtonian physics, if C is finite we get those well known on the relativity of time by slowing down the movement, so the speed, but not limited to the application of biological phenomena. .. If the parameter C in the Lorentz equations has a finite positive value, the result is a special privilege for a given speed, ie v = c, speed privileged in itself, independently of any physical.

This conclusion seems difficult to accept that our mind "

"... regarding the large spectral shifts toward the red observed in distant nebulae which correspond to some at tremendous speeds in excess of 40 000 km / s many astronomers are inclined to think that there is this phenomenon superimposed on the effect of radial velocity, due to a specific effect of gradually decreasing the frequency of the light radiation in their path through the space, along with a reduction in their energy absorption combined with intra-stellar absorption well established in the limits of our Milky Way, but probably also exists in some degree in extragalactic space.

Under these assumptions are likely to seriously undermine the theories of expansion of the universe, the law of decreasing brightness according to the inverse square of the distance should be modified, which would reduce the huge exponential astronomical distances so far surpass the imagination. It would be a revolution in our current understanding of the architecture of the distant Universe, whose elements are, we say, thousands, millions, even billions of light years!

And this shows once again as the frontiers of science, we can not find stable ground, the building will remain shaky and insecure ... ".

This text dating from 1938 clearly highlights the uncertainties of the physics of light and astronomy, he proves otherwise in this field and in 1972 the evolution of minds has not significantly changed.

As expressed by Ernest Esclangon many aspects of the physical and biological nature are to change.

The idea of ??time is an entity so ingrained in the human mind that deny its existence may be interpreted as evidence of a derangement and Einstein so deeply inserted in the concept space, which is a "reality" that the relativistic space-time is the basis of all physico-mathematical formulation. And yet what a useless complication!

The concept of space is indeed a reality on earth and its environment because our senses show dimensions, distances involved, the price climbs to achieve considerable effort, but is it the same in out an energy field that is to say, for example halfway between the Sun and Alpha Centauri.

Relativity does not have any benchmark at this level, and as the transmission of light particle structure has changed and is not accompanied by any wave phenomena governed by its speed eminently variable can not have the same appearance as in a field energy.

This space can not have dimensions, and particulate photonic transmission making all arrangements supravitesse time there can not exist as on earth. This is eternity poets and perhaps the PSI field, that is to say an immaterial world with no common with ours.

This nothingness there a beginning, will he end, it is beyond our powers conceptives, but I am inclined to believe that the notions of beginning and ending with no objective reality, this space is eternal in the sense of philosophers.

Certainly, religions within the intuitive mind older men have always felt that if there had been created, it could be the fact that an entity was never created so non-existent or eternal according to our concepts.

All these are only words, human words having the meaning assigned to them in use. But logic does not realize what is eternal can ever create, and it must be acknowledged as the simplest explanation that the notion of time early in life and death is anthropomorphic, the reality of things requires recognizing the world, as the organizing spirit has always existed and that time is a human concept.

Certainly, the time and space have no value in our activity gradient, in which we see the eternal transformations they have a beginning, a life, a purpose and that is what takes us away from good design things.

The logic is that transcendent space has always existed but its content, the primary energy is constantly changing, with no loss of energy that is possible.

Admittedly, the concentration of the cosmos pressure of this energy gives a sun and planets that radiate electromagnetic energy and photonics that are considered degraded because if indeed we are witnessing decreases natural frequencies these waves, we do not know enêore, or even does not recognize it (due to pessimistic mind?), the regeneration process yet very simple in principle.

Yet this mechanism could be explained by the transfer to the photon energy of the waves, I mean by this, that there is a relation analogous to that speed C or c2 = C'C'' and as c2 = W / m = W'W'' /'' m'm - exchanges of energy between that would wave and that of the photon particle.

The problem once again is complex, but gravitonique energy in a solar system which, starting wave ultra frequency degrades thermal waves of long wavelength, W = hv, the energy can be found in another solar system whose overall pressure will be maintained by the shock of the incident photons, before accelerated following the process I have described.

This conception of the eternity of the energy required course to review many concepts of radiation, but the constancy of the product of the speed of photons by one of their wave speeds vary but whose product gives the constant C = c2 seems to be among all the elementary relations of physics one of the most fruitful.

So, everything is energy, wave energy that is to say, interactions of gravitons between them during a disturbance produced by the trajectories of photons, particles having a considerable kinetic energy, whose mechanical is an exchange without loss of energy, or between the data at the level of the oscillations of gravitons and the kinetic energy of particles photons. These interactions can give finally, if the energy exceeds a predetermined threshold, particles or other electrons or protons, if a physical barrier stopping the spread of the photon then transforms the straight path thereof in a circular path.

All the material universe visible and invisible thus reduce this mechanism.


Note that the fact that the energy is reflected in its processes identical to itself after several stages of its transformation, the cycle time has only relative importance.

For the physicist, however, it is important that determines benchmarks dating the beginning of a cycle and its end, and it was therefore assumed that the unit of time, the second would be represented by a number of atomic frequencies of atom chosen as reference ideal of the "flow" of time?

Therefore we accept the constancy of this rate, which is far from proven as it depends on the pressure of the medium, which means that the clock near or away from the sun, would not give the same time and this is recognized in general relativity, while starting from données'différentes.

It is the same for the formal definition of the second, ie, the fraction 1/31556 9259747 of the tropical year for 1900 January 0 at 12 hours ephemeris time.

This definition implicitly recognizes that the unit may vary and in fact it varies, since having recently required an adjustment of a second.

This unit has no absolute value, since according to our views the earth away from the sun and the time of year becomes longer, the earth is expanding, which distorts pins.

Thus the factor TIME parasite that all formulations of physics, either directly or indirectly, is an arbitrary element.

Physics can not simply arbitrary as it is precise and the conclusion is to find other systems formulation.

The universe seems purely energy as matter and radiation are only forms of energy.

This energy can be classified into two categories clearly differentiated the translational energy and the rotational energy, these two forms have the same origin but creating a space and the other material, location.

We have shown how the radiant energy turned into energy by winding material autorotation radiation. But the process of creating radiant energy escapes us. But it would explain the origin of all things.

However, the general appearance of the cosmos shows us that there are different levels of phenomena whose mechanisms but serious type has similarities. It seems possible to explain this mystery of mysteries by extrapolation. But like any physical design is based on words, it is essentially a specific phraseology of this mechanism remains to be established, after which the transfer of "nothingness" to material reality seem very simple.


A priori it is difficult to find another explanation that movement, that is to say, a certain movement in space or relative to a reference system or hardware elements against each other.

But the movement, once established by exchange of energy can be defined by two essential characteristics, depending on the mass: momentum is MV or kinetic energy MV2 / 2 these two relationships derived from one of the other.

We remark that the time used in this connection is a part of the formulation of the speed:

V = D / T, D represents a distance.

However, energy is W = MV2 / 2 and this is the kinetic energy, but we know that this energy corresponds to the number of calories either:

A k = 425 kg-calorie weight-meters

A calorie or k = 425 x 9.809 x 107 ergs

A calorie or k = 9.809 x 425 joules

It is interesting to note that the heat is increased the frequency of oscillations of molecular body, converting the kinetic energy of translation or rotation is a transfer of energy that changes kinematics. But the important thing is to find a mathematical function of time speed can be determined by a state equivalent temperature that it is time-independent in its formulation.

Let us say that a mass moving with a velocity V then has either a kinetic energy of MV2 / 2, mathematical function of time or energy equivalent of N calories, not including the time factor. And the heat depending on the specific heat of the mass is at a temperature T ° that virtual I will call kinetic temperature.

In this temperature related to a mass unit it is possible to mathematically describe a speed depending on the temperature outside any concept of time!

As are the specific heats based on the quantity of atoms which is the molecular weight of a body, one can set the speed of the atom as a function of a specific kinetic temperature.

This view physical relationships based solely on the energy gradient theory removes the time factor, that is to say, the introduction of an arbitrary mathematical, that is to say an operator still devoid of physical reality . The time factor is also affected rightly operator imaginary "root - the" in relativistic geodesics. Mathematical relationships thus obtained solely on the basis of different forms of energy must simplify designs and allow physical phenomena which show the development of fertility, only from the physical fact of the mechanical energy being cleared of any complex mathematical space-time.

The only tangible reality of physics is energy from the movement itself, the physicist must cogitate that reflect this reality and outside of time.

Of course, nothing prevents to see the progress unchanging phenomena, the same causes produce the same effects, which introduces the notion of human mind extirpable difficult time of conscious ideation, but a well-ordered mental gymnastics is easily overcome this atavism for the greatest growth in research.

General definition in this sequence can be represented by the image of a film that is projected in the present, while the past is wound on a drum and that the future is on another.

It is indeed possible to either activate or stop the running is to reverse the direction, which gives the impression of time, but in reality it is just a mechanical process without any substratum that the imagination of the operator.

For such a system the time does not exist in itself, it is only a virtuality.


We address one aspect of the problem of suppression of gravity, the most mysterious, the most incredible and that is that it seems well proven, is likely to show the futility of our knowledge of physics.

However, if we ignore the fundamental laws determining and hidden only by laws found in experimental physics, do not look for much in those metaphysical explanations of physical phenomena. For metaphysics integral with the physical nature of things, the mysterious aspect of these events and some are there to force us to act of humility and the conviction, contrary to what the rationalists think brilliantly, that "in all things we know nothing other than our ignorance profound realities. Which is also not a reason not to get them and, even better, to discover them.

So I will draw from an article in 1962 in the good old days when my presentations had awakened some interest for antigravity work simultaneously Heim and especially the very important series of overflights of UFOs reported around in France and the world.

If I quote Science & Vie is that this publication is not used to insert data items that have not had the agreement of scientific authorities. I recognize, however, Mr. Le Lionnais some courage to shake off the inertia rationalists.

The article by Michel Garnier was inspired by the work of RPThurston which appeared in the collection-Aux Froniières Science, publication focusing particularly on areas where the science leads into the scientific unknown. In this connection I can not ignore the work within the CNRS, one of its most prominent investigators, Engineer Shipbuilding General Cordonnier.

This eminent physicist is primarily responsible for the study of these phenomena extremely difficult to explain mysterious because the science and the reality can not be doubted because of the very large number of people who have been advanced controls, such as Pierre and Marie Curie.

Certainly, the work of RPThurston evokes the mysterious phenomena of mysticism, while recognizing that they occur frequently beings with only distant relations with the state of "holiness".

The question that arises is whether it is true that some individuals placed in specific provisions psychosensory are able to "see" the past and the future, some patients may be inhabited by several people that the human body can sometimes become bright, in other cases it can withstand combustion, in other cases of men and women can linger for years without any food.

Finally, is it true that the human brain is able to see directly without the intermediary of the vision? Finally, and in the same vein, is it true that some people are able to make an accurate diagnosis of the nature of a disease, but often expressed in terms of current and non-medical, and describe the history of the disease for years, often without questioning the patient?

Is it true then that these same people by various techniques, words or imposition of hands or mere presence are able to relieve many égrottants?

This is obviously the expression of the "miracle", and if the auto-suggestion in this area can not be underestimated, momificatrice action due to the imposition of hands is a reality that I have often checked with the strictest control.

The most extraordinary was presented to me in the Vendée or a hypnotist to perfect good faith, was able to make a perfectly incorruptible calf liver and two years after the imposition of hands liver remained soft, healthy, odorless.

If it is possible for a human being to obtain such results, it is not scientific to refuse, as did a number of members of the College of Physicians, to perform experiments and sincere largely controlled!

But the most important thing to ORDER that only qualified doctors have the right to cure or treat more exactly their patients. And in this area, so many narrow minds are perfectly convinced that all healers are charlatans (and I do not deny, nevertheless, that the percentage of those who are reliable and who believe enough is being restricted), however there are many in France and around the world that are very effective.

Of course the series of experiences I had in this business about me moving around in France where I reported interesting cases, were quick to draw the wrath of my imprudence of the bourgeois order of doctors, which forbade me this research on behalf of the Medical dignity, and I could not continue after the resignation of the Order!

Never mind, these MM. I was then assigned to repeatedly in court for illegally practicing medicine and collusion with ... healer!

Thus it encourages research in our beautiful France, more concerned with profits than scientific research.

And yet what aberration to believe that only a matter of biophysical chemistry, then we do not know, or worse, that we systematically denies what the vital force and psychic force, which governs consciousness and its creative potential. There are always good reasons not to have it, a priori, it was decided not to see.

While the physician who does not know the existence of this cosmic energy gradient fantastically high in which we bathe, massiquement energy equivalent to 10 million tonnes in cm3, as well as our air atmosphere necessary for life, healer ignorant, but inspired, who speaks fondly of cosmic energy is taken to a dangerous humbug. And yet it is he who is right against the claim of qualified practitioner, saw the real ignorance of it in this key area.

My research on the biochemical Tuners, I entered a new diagnostic technique automatically doubled to prescribe the remedy, that is to say spectrothérapie.

This method was to identify, using a spectrograph, infrared emissivity spectrum of a living organism healthy or ill, by determining changes in the program, to introduce an emission or absorption spectrum making its normal characteristics.

For example, the fever, which is common for an increase in temperature corresponds to the spectro-therapist modification of certain wavelengths emitted by the patient. Acetylsalicylic acid, in particular, to restore the property in the normal tuning.

The emission spectrum can be controlled by an absorption spectrum by irradiating the subject with an emission test ultra-infrared appropriate.

If I insist on this study I was forced to abandon, that is, once again, show some short-sighted, which honors yet of the highest academic honors.

What about the existence of psychic waves? As we know it, the alpha and beta waves, electromagnetic waves are from physicochemical phenomena, but we can not assign a value to energizing large distance.

Yet the recent experiences of telepathy at the service of the military intelligence by some nations seem to show that it was a psychophysical reality. It is therefore likely that such forces acting thousands of miles have a subtle but specific power, which can not necessarily be assessed in watts.

The general engineer Shoemaker CNRS me in time given communication about levitation of saints, since it was his department at the CNRS, communication that was in fact stolen by a Soviet spy.

The technician had considered that the levitation is, though widespread in the world, especially the privilege of mystical animated by an ardent faith to the beyond, could be due to a polarization of atoms and molecules, just as the effect of these celestial aspirations, which would thus oriented in the vertical direction, a phenomenon similar to a realization of antigravity.

Whatever the explanation, it is clear that this aspect parascientific, perhaps more metaphysical than physical, is the key to human liberation. But it is interesting to know that in terms of the electromagnetic physics of our time views that I have outlined throughout this book should give the solutions, or solutions strictly physical or mixed that is to say psychoelectromagnetics .

By a cruel fate for nearly 90% of my friends and supporters for more than fifteen years were passionate for these problems and have supported me in my own work have disappeared one after the other at a rate which is the regularity strange, and it does not seem they are replaced. I quote Professor Plum engineer, René Hardy Secretary General of the League of psychic Paris and former chief engineer of Matra and now Marc Thirouin the first to be created in France a study committee OURANOS UFOs, not to mention the lesser known Dohmen, Waveney, Gervan and others away to the afterlife aspirations by I know not what fate.

By which to replace them? I know that the time of antigravity approach, at least if I refer to the work of friends, mentioned at the beginning of this work, and to pre-position, in historical time, innovations, even The most innovative of humanity. We noted that, according to these studies, the control of gravity, humanity would be practically realized (and recognized) to 1982-84.


The following project may at first seem utopian, but further analysis does not allow to reject without examination.

The basic idea is that gravity appears as the result of a pressure difference between centripetal and centrifugal radiation mass, frequency radiation in relation to the extreme smallness of the mass of the graviton, the pressure is balanced by cons in a horizontal plane.

It is obvious that if the physical possibility was given to us to capture some of these waves side to compensate for the deficit of centrifugal waves, not only would it be possible to counteract gravity, but in reverse resulting in considerable proportions if any radial energy was used (Fig. 42).

Fig. 42

At the same time it is sufficient to modify the permeability of the middle of one side or another to solve all the problems of translation not only in an anisotropic gravitational field but in any field and any gradient.

The only difficulty is the extreme permeability of the material to ultramicro oven. It is known that in the atom volume of the particles is negligible compared to the empty space between them.

One solution would be to perform all hypothetical material is an alloy only by fusion of two metals of different density, but with a certain degree of mixibilité.

This alloy is made by melting the heavier metals and spreading on the surface of the molten metal lighter.

Would occur and for cooking, perhaps in a magnetic field, an interpenetration of heavy atoms in light atoms provided to avoid mixing and cooling could expect an alloy of increasing density.

How would gravity in such an environment, it remains in the realm of hypothesis, but the experience deserves to be made and maybe this technique could have applications beyond those of antigravity.

Besides this solution expérimentable with ultra heavy metals and lightweight, you can still consider a process derived light tubes.

It is known that glass beams son are able to bend light and make images transmitted through the intricacies of the fancier tube light.

Thus a suitable substance filamentous might be direct gravitational waves at 90 ° and balance the lack of rotational energy from the radial energies.

This is easily achieved with glass lenses properly trimmed and illuminated laterally, horizontal light beam projecting vertically in a single direction.

While we are in radio engineering tubes through which waves are transmitted ultrashort radiation, and therefore the types of tubes of this kind should be developed.

This brings us to bend radiation from a few centimeters up to frequencies of 1018, beyond which X-rays propagate linearly while still being diffracted. It must not be forgotten that the gravitational frequencies are an order infinitely higher, so I do not see that or electromagnetic influences ultramagnétiques able to achieve this effect.

Psychic influence and you say, would not it not capable, because the mechanism of spontaneous somatic levitation is not yet explained?

Such explanations would therefore consider that the conduction of gravitational waves could be affected by a brain mechanism showing that the psychic forces are more powerful than physical strength and we would go straight into metaphysics or in the field and qualified.

To return to our example about visible light, it is a fact that a glass prism bends the light and a stack of diopters of refractive increasing or decreasing indefinitely could turn the light on itself.

In terms of gravity, could it be that the magnetically oriented monoatomic layers, stacked with layers constituting a trap diamagnetic gravitational waves, although very high frequencies, causing them to be deflected from their straight path.

And then think of systems creating interference between these waves, or making them stationary to neutralize or reverse the direction of propagation.

All these techniques are theoretically reliable, but should they experience in all areas and in all cases, the static devices for antigravity propulsion and free, which is the ultimate technology of the future, giving us At the same time the key to the inexhaustible cosmic energy. After which the imagination, at least at first, sees nothing more fantastically possible.


From the moment a current in a magnetic field experiences the Lorentz force whose value in dynes, about strength in milligrams, is defined by the relation:

F = 10-1 oersted dynes cm x N x N amperes

it is verified that the Earth's magnetic field, despite his weakness, a current of 1 000 amperes moving along the length of a meter must give, if the orientation is horizontal conductor carrying a force of 50 grams.

Conductor aluminum or magnesium that weight per meter will be able to sustain themselves in this field, but at the limit of the merger, it must be cool with running water very fast, the driver is the tubular time to avoid the melting and increasing the resistance of the metal temperature.

Of course, the tube can be made of niobium and the liquid stream of hydrogen or helium is liquefied. Such a device which can carry currents in ultraconduction 1000 times greater and permanent, if they operate on one or more circular loops 50 will force gx = 1000 50 kg, weight being compatible with that of the device necessary.

In the case of a circular current is no less evident that the direction is reversed every half turn of the Oersted effect will be canceled.

It is therefore necessary to insert these two half circuits, one half inside a magnetic shield which conveys the force lines outside the stream with either a diamagnetic metal such as aluminum or such as permalloy which ultraperméable tubularly disposed play the same role (Fig. 43).

By half turn against the law may be normally kept in the field without artifice or better lie between two sensor elements amplifiers terrestrial magnetic flux and this at a point where the sensor is cut, this area is occupied by the lines of force of magnetic field concentrated in the theoretical proportion of 20 000.

Fig. 43

Fig. 44

The weight of the sensor is obviously to avoid balance system performance, but the operation is highly profitable.

We know that the permalloy (and a number of alloys made especially steel Imphy) is a body that is highly permeable to say that this metal rod placed parallel to the lines of force of the field land offers less resistance or reluctance that the vacuum and therefore the magnetic spectrum shows a concentration. It can be seen the lines of force of the Earth's magnetic field to bend the neighborhood to go inside the bar.

It is therefore a condenser field whose gradient increases from 0.5 to 10 000 gauss, at least in theory, because experience has shown me that the practical result was significantly lower.

The action of permalloy is to capture the lines of force, the effect of concentration in the middle of a bar will be optimal for a length of 10 to 100 times its section, and consequently our operating circular current example of right to left section level will be a field 2000 to 10 000 times the Earth's magnetic field.

As against a permalloy cylinder surrounding the current in the direction from left to right it will circulate in a virtually non-magnetic space.

This technique I experienced there over thirty years gave me very encouraging results. The only trouble is that the Earth's magnetic field loses its intensity as a function of the cube root of the distance to the ground. However, as the force of gravity decreases with the square root will have established a certain proportionality which allows ample fiablité to be operational.

It is the ease of checking the method as simply unroll the aluminum tape with a small capacitor. of Radio, extend in the east-west direction and inject a discharge current is a strong capacitor, is that of a battery.

For a proper intensity, but the limit of the fusion seen the tape abruptly pulling raise both ends. However, if the primitive arrow was too high in relation to its length the central part of the tape back on itself the result being a kind of gamma. Indeed any nature in that the attractive forces dominate the repulsive forces, because the action of attractive force increases with the decrease of the distance of action, whereas the repulsive force is the opposite (Fig. 45).

Fig. 45

This is a general process that must be considered both physically and philosophically, and proves that all the positive or negative or attractive or repulsive, exist in nature as the poles of a magnet have two functions, but it is the great principle which is at the origin of the cohesion of the cosmos and the rigor of its creation.

The time may be chosen to express how I feel perfectly free from physical logic to well differentiate mathematical logic which suggests that matter and antimatter are in one repulsive state vis-à-vis the other.

Differentiation between matter and antimatter lies in reversing the direction of rotation for the same polarities available. If the play of two atoms polar attractions can meet there as well for that matter to antimatter meshing rotations thus attraction. By cons for particulate matter and antimatter these rotations are in opposition and it is normal that their contact dématérialisante determine the explosion. For attractions, repulsions see also experience cited above, balloons H2 and CO2 being strong vibration in the air.

It is therefore vain to hope, despite the fantastic spending some governments, the USSR, for example, by achieving antigravity of antimatter or degravitation gel meson to absolute 0.

Moreover, recent experiments at CERN in Geneva have well proven and it is an aspect errors theorists who vainly seek in mathematics solutions that also fall within the meaning of logic.


A number of observational facts suggest that the mechanism sustentatoire propulsion of UFOs, some at least, is based on the effect of semiconductive screen.

He then produce neutralizing vertical centripetal field of gravitational waves, the centrifugal field is kept alone.

Therefore we would reverse the direction of the gravitational weight, repulsive waves passed through the earth is not neutralized by cosmic waves pondéromotrices.

The UFO would be, in this case, comparable to a kind of "Umbrella" vis-à-vis radiation.

Thus we should observe in passing upward movements of UFO air and dust, and this is in fact what has sometimes been found.

A well-known observation is that the aviator Jansen, Continental flying a J3 65HP, was suddenly under a UFO.

Based on this observation, the aircraft would have stopped in the engine stalled, speedometer to 0, and that as the UFO has not moved, then after a dive and restart, the flight went normally.

The pilot noticed a strange tingling sensation similar to the flow of electric current.

Other observations indicate various movements of vegetation that seems drawn to the sky and ground with swirls of dust training.

Can indeed explain these phenomena by a shielding effect on centripetal gravitational radiation, leaving intact by cons between the UFO and the ground potential energy centrifugal radiation.

The study of this mechanism leads to the UFO design makes a kind of degradation of the wave energy cosmic ultra high frequency, transforming it into waves of greater length and low frequency.

It would thus be of the Compton effect, which is defined as follows:

When photons propagate in space, one might think that their energy and hence their characteristic frequency does not vary.

However, there are cases where such variation may occur.

One can observe, for example when X-ray beam strikes the material. It becomes apparent that the radiation undergoes a lowering of frequency and simultaneously the material emits electrons more or less rapid.

We consider that in this case there is clash between the photon and the electron at rest. It borrows photon energy and if this energy is greater than the work function of the electron it leaves the field. It is then said recoil electron and its kinetic energy is subtracted from the photon energy minus the work function Wi. The photon has a lower frequency of its initial stock of the phenomenon could be written:

hv = hv - Wi - mv2 / 2 where W is the work function.

The photon is released after the shock angle 0 depending on the angle of the wave in terms of the crystal lattice. The electron emitted out with high energy which usually must involve the Lorentz relativistic correction.

The change in wavelength is expressed by the formula

(L1 - l) / l = (Wi + mv2 / 2) / (hv - Wi - Mv2 / 2)

which is at most 0.048

This variation is independent of the body and struck the incident wavelength. We observed the effect on lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, silver, etc..

Diffusion is more pronounced than the atomic weight is high.

It should be noted that one can consider the electron at rest because the higher the frequency, the higher the energy that binds the electron to the nucleus is negligible in comparison.

We do not observe the Compton effect in visible light because then hv is not large enough compared to eV or W.

It seems that there is a perfect analogy between a UFO vis-à-vis the electromagnetic radiation frequency and ultra plate glass colored red.

If we radiate the disc up with a powerful and polychromatic light from below by a source much less powerful it is indisputable that the resulting radiation pressure on the upper and lower parts of the disc will be changed by the transparency of the medium to radiation part of the rays being scattered sideways.

It is therefore conceivable a UFO as consisting of two superimposed discs, that of the base material consisting of a hyperdense, the upper disk of a material for such laser emitting radiation in the form of laterally energy it receives vertically on the upper side (Fig. 46).

Fig. 46

Anatomy of a LASER:

A laser consists essentially of a liquid medium containing solid or gaseous atoms in excited state, which are sorted according to the pumping so as to have concentrations of atoms in the same excited state.

This state is unstable and spontaneously returned to normal by emitting a light flux phase, whose direction depends on the device.

There are several types of lasers using various substances whose atoms in gaseous liquid or solid have frequencies of oscillations and chaotic, as magnetism is manifested practically in most chemical substances because the resultant of all atomic or molecular fields is zero because of their orientations in all directions of space, the oscillatory state of any substance seems to give no result for the same reason.

It appears that the phasing of all atoms should give a particular state of matter, especially if they are excited.

Is known in physics semiconductor lasers whose theory is as follows.

In a crystal electrons can occupy certain levels corresponding energy band. In a n-type semiconductor the last band occupied by the electrons supplied with an impurity (donor) is the conduction band. In a p-type semiconductor the last strip has holes sometimes occupied by electrons captured by impurities (acceptors) is the valence band. In the case of a pn junction, it is possible to move an electron from the valence band to the conduction band, provided to provide an energy at least equal to the difference of the energy levels of two bands, is the activation energy Ea. For a semiconductor in the normal state the electrons occur in the valence band; excitation they move toward the conduction band.

Return to the original state is with the emission of radiation in the infrared region. It was therefore interesting to stimulate this issue to get the effect Laser. For this we create a population inversion by injecting electrons into the pn junction, and the contact area of ??the semiconductor gain medium and serves as the oscillation frequency is set by the gap between the two bands of the conduction and valence.

With a large current, the injection sends a very high number of electrons which a laser beam important.

This system works with a remarkable 90% yield and the practical result is extremely curious. We see a metal cube emit light on one of its faces.

Semiconductor lasers are very good converters of electrical energy into light, and as it is logical to assume that any physical phenomenon may have its inverse, we say that it should be possible to transform energy light into electrical energy at the limit of the electromagnetic energy into electrical energy gravitational.


This effect manifests itself in a body perfectly pure and clear, when it is a liquid that illuminates the body by means of a monochromatic beam of frequency F.

It must be the same within a solid traversed by electromagnetic waves.

Under these conditions, there is so diffuse radiation in all directions, but whose frequencies are lower than the radiation because it has been absorbed by the molecules of the medium in a certain amount of energy. This energy can then be returned to the environment in the form of photons of visible frequencies or not.


All the above theories were obviously intended only to try to explain how UFOs based on observations of these mysterious spacecraft.

However, the general opinion these devices emit light over the entire visible surface also dazzling light, particularly in variously colored red, and I am led to believe that light could come from the transformation of electromagnetic waves light waves and gravitational waves centripetal especially coming from the cosmos. The pressure difference between these radiation waves and centrifugal lower energy because of their crossing the land determines the effect of weight on the matter.

These waves have frequencies centripetal fantastically high, making it difficult to detect. A first way to reduce the energy is to reduce the frequency or amplitude.

And it is in this mechanism diverting energy gravitational vertical in a horizontal plane that we can hope to solve the problem of free levitation and propulsion cosmonefs the same free energy on Earth!

It may be objected that the sacrosanct principle of equivalence Mv = mV prohibits possibility of a resulting horizontal with a vertical component, but once again the classical mechanics can be put in default, at least in appearance.

Back to the Raman effect.

In the context of quantum electronics, we can say that illuminates when a substance held by the incident photon energy h v0, the molecules of the substance absorb some of this energy is hv, which is used to some excite molecular vibration levels.

After crossing this substance scattered photons emerge with an energy h (v0 - v).

It is in this space that shows the Raman effect.

Energy loss causes a shift of wavelengths to lower frequencies, but what is interesting about this phenomenon is the phase relationship between the incident photon and the scattered photon.

This is because the molecule is an oscillating system and there is interaction with the electromagnetic wave.

Therefore, if the incident photon belongs to a coherent beam of frequency v0, the scattered photon belong also to a coherent beam of frequency (v0 - v).

The substance thus plays the role of a frequency transformer.

It is worth noting the work of Zeiger and Tannenwal on lasers calcium fluoride doped with uranium or neodymium, offering the possibility under these conditions to obtain radiation in the region of the infrared and millimeter waves.

To return to the semiconductor laser, I can provisionally conclude this study without giving the basic constituent of this type of laser, that is to say, gallium arsenide doped with tellurium gives 1 kW per cm2.

Finally, a study from germanium and silicon shows that it is likely that we will be able to operate such a laser yields considerable photons and particles.

It is in this kind of research that will be directed to use free energy from space, but it will require the combined efforts of course teams value.

As for the results of this research, which opens the way to total and absolute free clean energy and limitless potential, it is unnecessary to insist.

Atomic energy would become a dangerous relic of the past. As for the energy and polluting oil pestilential to the last degree, make the sky the implementation of the gravitational energy is put into service until the air pollution CO2 climate change and upset the ecology of the planet.

Let me still allowed a remark about the famous principle of the momenta.

Firstly if we light a prism of light rays by a prism or graphite by electromagnetic waves, we find that the deviation of the rays leaving the prism makes an angle with the direction of the incident radiation.

Therefore, it must necessarily be a result which we will discuss.

But where the principle of Descartes is in default, it is about the rotation of atoms or molecules or particles in a medium under the influence of radiation.

Indeed, if the action of the radiation determines the oscillations of the elements, their action determines tangential rotations.

The momentum introduced into the system thus causes a resultant linear. But some diffuses into the mass as rotations and therefore, if Mv = (v + rot.), The relationship will not appear checked.

Therefore, if gravitative radiation increases the kinetic energy of the particle spins, there is an asymmetry of reactions by which complex Magnus effect accompanying diagram gives a perfectly understandable (Fig. 47).

Is indeed a particle or molecule whose spin is horizontal and which receives right and left tangential effects of radiation gravitatifs, high-energy radiation in the centripetal direction and less energy in the centrifugal direction.

Fig. 47

The Magnus effect, tending to push the rotating element, being the algebraic sum of relapses centripetal and centrifugal, centripetal effect is predominant and the result is found to be a repulsion horizontal from right to left.

Under these conditions a vertical part of the energy will be diverted in favor of a horizontal translation, translation will increase the effect of the process.

There will therefore decrease the effect gravitatif centripetal vertical.

As the particles or atoms thus excited, they unload their excess energy by emitting photons, and we are left with the same process that UFOs are surrounded by light.

These are obviously theoretical views, but in this regard it is necessary to trace a route to the path of the stars,

However, remain on the planet, and discover with astonishment that we have achieved just the direct permanent and free of cosmic energy, non-polluting whose gradient is 10 thousand billion times greater than that of atomic energy.

Indeed a tray made of atoms arranged in such a way that their spins are confused with all the shelves and in the same direction as seen from the center of the disc will suffer due to the Magnus effect asymmetric radiation gravitatifs centripetal and centrifugal, a permanent rotation giving an energy equivalent to the weight of the plate considered in freefall, its vertical drop is thus transformed into a fall "horizontal," that is to say constantly, like satellites falling constantly while remaining in the same distance from the ground of a planet.

Such a device is not utopian, even having been obtained at particles, Yang and Lee to demonstrate antiparité radioactive cobalt.


The gravitational energy environment should be considered as a gas of gravitons, with almost a set of physical laws very similar to those of a gas.

The essential difference is that the particles counterparts, atoms of a gas are much smaller as they are to the atom that the atom is a planet.

Thus the fluidity that is characteristic of gas will be much greater, and the more so, because of the extreme smallness of gravitons they know very little surfaces, virtual, limiting the volumes macroscopic materials. It has a similarity with the gas called "perfect."

By cons, it is the surface electromagnetic particles that interfere with gravitons, determining the effects of inertia or gravity.

These key differences being specified try to discover the deep analogies that connect the gaseous state energy.

We presented at the beginning of this book considerable experience on the lessons it offers.

These balloons of carbon dioxide and hydrogen in closed air environment.

We are thus in the presence of a gas in a gravitational field, is to say that according to the density differences between the middle and balloons, Archimedean effects will occur.

In air without vibration, hydrogen balloons will rise and stick to the "ceiling" of those carbon dioxide will fall on the ground, but there will be no motor response between the balloons.

It will be quite different if you inject in such environments a high vibrational energy or ultrasonic sound or better, which is curious, if you create swirls with a disc you will quickly turn around a of its diameters.

One then finds that carbon dioxide balloons attract whereas hydrogen repel.

How to explain this mechanism.

One hypothesis is based on the variation in amplitude of the waves in the three media, depending on the density difference.

The carbon dioxide being higher than that of air, the calculation shows that the amplitude of the wave to be lower in the CO2 in the air, CO2 having a greater inertia vibration.

Thus explaining the attraction is immediate, the volumes of CO2 between the two balloons greater inertia vibrational same two volumes of air, they tend to form a barrier on the convergent flow vibration.

So there will be pressure outside the balloons of CO2 and depression between them, shielding them because some absorbent flow vibration.

In the case of hydrogen balloons, balloons both present a lower inertia, and the passage of vibratory convergent flow will ease out balloons. But the air between the balls acting as a space greater inertia vibration, it will oppose a greater resistance to the passage of vibrations between the balloons.

This resistance will result in reaction forces on the balloons in the sense of repulsion.

This experience can be implemented at the gas graviton, at the same time gives us an explanation of gravitation, the way to study the methods by which it is possible to reverse the direction of the resultant weight.

This experiment can also be explained both by the difference in speed of sound waves in the three media Hydrogen-Air-CO2 knowing that speed in the gas, compared to that in air is a function of:

Root (g. P / d)

with g = 1.4 for H2

and g = 1.33 for CO2

P = Pressure,

d = density of the gas,

we see that it is possible, relative to the air, very superior in hydrogen and slightly lower in the CO2.

Process between two masses repellent material could be achieved by increasing either the amplitude of gravitational waves in crossing the masses, or speed.

Increase the amplitude would increase their energy by an auxiliary field, and it seems that we were there in the presence of the explanation of the mechanism of a satellite.

A satellite is indeed facing the difference pulse which is a function of the speed between the centrifugal and centripetal pondéromotrices waves.

So it tends to fall as the result in favor of the centripetal pressure.

However, because of its revolution, it continues to fall. It therefore goes to the centrifugal radius, thus ceding power compensates for the difference pulse and maintains equilibrium height H.

In the same vein, and as long as the effect is attractive or repulsive depending on the speed of the waves, we could accept the theory on the abolition of the absolute gravity at 0 Kelvin, by analogy with superconductivity which that the electrons experience more ohmic resistance at this temperature. One might think that the gravitational waves obey the same law and Wanenko Kapitza.

Anyway, it was sufficient that the waves in the area have a higher speed than that in the external environment, antigravity would be possible determining factors for the gravitational waves or electromagnetic waves exceed the local speed of light. It seems possible, by rotating the same carrier wave that is to say, the ether through a rotating magnetic field, but this time in a vertical plane and along a path ring.

It may be objected that a falling body falling speed is added to the centrifugal waves, but against it is subtracted from the centripetal waves, while undergoing a slowdown in mobile as well as for one Either of these waves. But it is clear that even at the speed of said release, or 11 km / s, the effect is worth it for the speed of waves in the ether.

All this deserves consideration, because the problem of gravitation weight that seems so simple on the basis of Newton's formula is extremely complex reality.

However, it is good to recall some experiments about wave speed in different media in motion and in particular in a stream of water or various liquids.

Experience shows that the speed of light is 225 000 km / s in water, this adds to the speed of flowing water. Is the Fresnel effect Fizeau.

However, if we run the water in the direction of the light and this speed is 11 meters per second, the speed of light increases only 5 meters per second, or about 50%.

Accordingly, in a rotating magnetic field normally because magnetism is due to a rotation of the ether, a light beam has to be either improved or decreased depending on the direction of the field, that is to say in terms of a radius direction according to it passes over or under the electron conductive.

Of course this not yet checked to my knowledge, is different from the Zeeman effect and Haas Einstein demonstrates the rotary drive of a light beam parallel to the field.

It is interesting about this effect of recalling a magnetic bar carrying conductor is twisted, that is to say, it suffers from ether, due to the rotating field, driving force.

This force can be used around a ferrite core to cause the ether and thus change the speed of light and gravitational radiation


The first idea that came to mind to fight gravity technicians received an application during an exhibition of EDF in Paris as a tray held a few inches in height with an alternating magnetic field that induced in the plate a repellent against the current.

The mechanism consists of placing a bar magnet alternately, a conductive ring, is well known.

Under the influence of the excitation field in the self-induction ring creates a current in the opposite direction, and the fields are in opposition, the ring is pressed.

Applied to a normal disk, the induced current causes repulsion vertically oriented, but the energy is transformed into heat due to the Joule effect and the process that allows a rise of a few tens of centimeters is extremely costly in energy .

Certainly, these engineers have been well advised to replace their disk device ultraconducteur 8 to 100 Kelvin, because the technique would have infinitely more reliable results for anyone who knows the reactions of a superconducting environment in a magnetic field.

Admittedly, the superconducting material requires all refrigerant but work is currently being undertaken by General Electric to find the formula 1'ultraconductivité relatively high temperature, perhaps even with plastics at normal temperature. It is not excluded that with such materials could be discovered at the same time antigravitatifs unexpected effects.

The principle of such a device would therefore lead to the ground by a powerful device, high frequency currents in superconducting regime, telluric currents induced when giving repellent effects. In this regard some traces of UFOs have landed tend to prove this fact.

During these events the soil is generally dry and burnt plant roots, while the rod lying in disorder often has no signs of burning. This would prove the only telluric currents, generated by self-induction and certainly deep ionization by highly penetrating radiation.

Inducing magnetic field can have considerable power because of the superconducting and experience shows that it extends in a volume of space extremely wide. Under these conditions and at the same time admitting that occurs high frequency field induction there exists an ionizing field, he will manifest the UFO around a vacuum providing the ability to travel at speeds no suprasoniques noise, since the machine would evolve in a vacuum bubble on sound-absorbing.

 It is not impossible to think that this vacuum energy environment extends gravitonique. Events would ultimately air the consequences of this gap.

This would explain the appearance of UFOs usually blur that seem surrounded by a sort of fog, whose origin is the fact that the refractive texture of the space environment and disturbed. Light is deflected into contact with gear and circumvent what the hiding from view and radar rays!


At the risk of repeating ourselves, but because these definitions are important for understanding the physical mechanisms of nature, I go back to the logical definition of the unit of the field, that is to say the energy field of gravitonique constitution similar to an atmosphere of which the other three fields are derived currently known, the electric field, the magnetic field and the field meson.

The physical reality of the graviton appears currently accepted by most physicists avant-garde.

Cosmic space outside the gravitational fields present a different problem entirely justified. Admit that this space is crossed by particles which nothing can limit the speed, since it is outside of time, it is also perfectly logical. But anyway relativistic conceptions to review very seriously.

Ultimately, we must recognize the reality of a relatively empty space, though occupied by photon particles starting from all directions of the universe caused by galaxies. But these photons propagating in a vacuum, are not accompanied by any wave.

There are, however, in the midst of a population of particles gravitons, that is to say, the first generator of any substance and it is these that gravitons by a condensation mechanism coagulation under the influence of photon bombardment and also gravitons them will determine the density of a cloud increases in terms of their center of gravity approach, gravitons then having a kinetic energy of rotation and vibration substantially less and translation.

At the same time as the density increases the pressure increases, until a mechanism similar to the liquefaction of gases occurs which generates a sun.

As the liquefaction of a gas is accompanied by heat, the gas became graviton sun radiates heat and all kinds of radiation, according to a balancing process between the gas and the liquid. Thus, although he lost every second millions of tons of electro-magnetic energy, the volume of the Sun remains constant for billions of years.

The gravitational field is the basic atmosphere of gravitons in disordered kinetic agitation, as they are not included in the particles they become components (that are then "matérions" only spiniques, MM Doligez).

Based on the calculation, the velocity of these particles is quadratic certainly greater than that of light, according to the similarity with the gas atoms in which the average speed of oscillation is always greater than the speed of sound in the gaseous medium under consideration.

The effect of weight characteristic of the gravitational field can not be assigned, and the Allais experiments have shown, that a shielding effect between two masses material absorbing some energy or more exactly the deviant in other directions than connecting the centers of gravity of the masses involved.


The definition of the electric field is relatively simple according to this view, because it is local overpressure or underpressure field gravitons.

Certainly in terms of gas we can hardly conceive overpressure and depression for the volumes included in hermetically sealed containers. In fact, all communication with the external environment lead to leaks pressure reducing its average value, so it is necessary to specify that the Gas gravitonique local overpressure or depression are maintained by the presence of negative or positive charges.

We saw in a previous chapter that we could consider the electron as an expansion of space due to its rotational energy polarized proton and centrifugal condensation as a space of the same origin, but polarized centripetal.

However, these two actions are not limited to the anatomy of the particle. Because they emit photons, they push the surrounding space to the negative charges and positive charges to condense, which are ultimately due in practice only negative no load.

Attractions between positive and negative charges, are therefore offsetting effects similar example to what happens in an air tank when two cylinders one another in positive pressure pressure are in communication with the environment.


We have written extensively on the anatomy of this field, which may be explained very simply for a mechanic.

A magnetic field is achieved when the space is rotated gravitonique for example because of its drive by electronic spins of a current.

A mechanic knows that top can easily turn around a secondary axis if placed its axis of rotation parallel to the secondary axis.

So while normally gravitoniques spins are oriented in their oscillations in all directions, the rotation is forcing them to come into alignment with what is called the alignment of the magnetic spectrum.

This spectrum filings is ultimately the realization gravitonique invisible spectrum.

A magnetic field is actually a rotatory polarization space.

In its intensity, is a function of the statistical effect gravitoniques populations more or less polarized.

We can say that depending on local energy graviton gas, a magnetic field must have a limit, when all gravitons are polarized. We know because the gradient energy space that this value must be extremely high.


This type of field created by the atomists to explain the cohesion of the kernel and some physicists consider to be the origin of gravitational phenomena, nothing mysterious.

It seems to be the result of events or other rotary spiniques that occur at the atomic level and create cavitation in the middle gravitonique energy.

It is obvious that, depending on the energy of the particle rotation or vibration, the "hole" thus formed is more or less important and it may not be completely empty, even with expansion zones and other contraction. This is the case eg neutron whose core consists of a proton is included in an electron.

There is good evidence that nature is infinitely more simple than we present mathematicians and the formula of Einstein's unified field summarizes a relationship of the same type that describes a pressurized atmosphere, which gives local deformations under various the influence of the particles. Where is a gravitational field, both at macroscopic level or at the level of nuclear meson electric fields when the particles are polarized.

This is again the case of mathematical physics that I present in relativistic appearance because this conception of things if it seems to give what I would call the skeleton of the universal physics is far from clear forms harmonious and all the wonderful building that exists around this skeleton.

That Einsteinian defend themselves by saying that Relativity has clarified aspects of physical quantities that Newtonian physics and Cartesian was unable to do so, it is obviously normal. But one example seems infinitely more eloquent than any discussion and it refers to the speed variation observed when radar reflections on Venus and Mars. The discrepancy with the sacrosanct principle of the invariance of the speed of light, which is revealed in these experiments go faster between Earth and Venus between Earth and Mars.

Rather than recognize the error of Einstein's postulate was preferred revise the distances between these three planets. It is the same for many other findings mainly about changing the clocks carried by satellites, although their speed is paltry compared to the vibrations of the ether.


The mechanical device that I propose to define the moment has a speculative nature, in which we are ignorant of the speed of propagation of gravitational waves, but it seems interesting to entrust curious experimenters goodwill, an assembly which may allow some hypothesis testing in this area still poorly known.

Certainly, if the relativists believe that the speed of light is the maximum possible in "all" the universe, I do not share their views, saying that if the speed is not constant as a function of material media transparent or opaque some radiation, it must be the same depending on the density-energo cosmic mass media through, the speed of photon particles can only be infinite in an environment full of empty space that energy as we know about the stars.

From this we be talking in the future.

What about the wave velocity gravitatives, some consider propagating at a speed much higher than that of light?

No experience seems to have been made so far, but in light of the effects observed by Maurice Allais, it may be possible to draw some conclusions.

It is disruptive lunisolar observed during solar eclipses by the Moon, the oscillations of the pendulum paraconic.

We read in the memory of the author presented at the Academy of Sciences the following text:

"At the moment of the beginning of the eclipse, the azimuth of the plane of oscillation is abruptly increased by 5 grades from the previous trend that characterized the movement. 20 minutes before the maximum of the eclipse that took place at 12 h 40 min, the deviation reaches a maximum of 15 degrees, then decreased gradually, but more sharply as the rise, the deviation is more than degree of 1 20 'before the end of the eclipse ".

The following chart taken from the same communication will certainly be more eloquent than a long exposure (Fig. 48).

What can we conclude?

Although a priori and although the author of this remarkable experience gives only relative accuracy, it seems clear that the disruptive effect transmitted through the mechanism of gravitation was based on the speed of light, since reaction manifested "at the precise moment" where the vision of the eclipse began.

This assuming of course that the astronomers' calculations do not take into account the transmission rate of 1 1/4.

However, it seems rather odd that the maximum disturbance occurred significantly "before" visual observation of the maximum of the eclipse, which could be explained either by a negative inertia transmission media or by transmission speed higher than that of the light?

These experiences would obviously start to make it clear to this aspect of the problem, and I think they had to be redone in this direction.

Fig. 48

Based on these data and the fact demonstrated by the experiments of M. Allais estimating gravitative flow changes during an eclipse as due to a screening effect, I think the effect of weight is mainly due to the difference between the flow gravitatif centripetal relative to the center of the earth, flux having a maximum energy, and the centrifugal flow against which the energy is reduced because of the way across the display terrestrial 12,000 km.

The weight is due to the resultant vertical pressure, the only mechanical means to remove would be achievable by increasing the centrifugal force of the flow and reducing the centripetal flow.

A priori, this problem seems unlikely in the field of, yet there is a formula that meets this purpose, which has nothing in common with the cavorite so often considered a utopia.

Fig. 49

Let us consider a mass cut parallelepiped, it is clear, as shown in Figure 49, at rest, this volume suffers the rays gravitatifs, homogeneously That is to say that the rays centripetal or centrifugal through the same thickness of the mass, but it is quite different if we move at high speed the body experience, because depending on the duration of non-instantaneous crossing the mass gravitons and its displacement , we arrive at a speed of horizontal translation to the rays do centripetal gravitating through the body in its smallest dimension, whereas the rays pass through the centrifugal dégravitants following its maximum thickness.

Of course the speed of translation must necessarily be very large, and I wonder whether it has not anything to do with the speed of orbit, but there is another parameter that allows to increase the performance, namely increasing the width of the blade at the expense of its thickness.

Fig. 50

We therefore arrive at a theoretical solution of the problem of balancing forces gravitopondérales or by a horizontal movement necessarily curved along the radius of the earth or by a rotation of a mass assembly thus formed around a vertical axis.

I therefore propose the experimental realization of a propeller antipondérale based on this effect, while noting that a priori is curious that the inclination of the blades of this propeller is the reverse of that given in the air lift-effects, the theoretical basis is of course quite different.

I submitted the problem to various technicians who do not seem to have found a weak point (apart from the difficulties are not insurmountable centrifugal effects) and I should be grateful that we want to show me many a fallacy.


At all times the ingenuity of man has sought to use the forces of nature to compensate for their own weakness.

But we must wait Denis Papin to use the power of fire as a source of energy, electricity is coming after, and then fire again in the form of natural hydrocarbons.

More recently some have dreamed of using the kinetic energy of the planet, but we see poorly by what process, if it is an ascent and descent without stop, on a path from one pole to the other.

All these aspects of energy are currently overwhelmed by the Atomic Energy where drift numbers also other forms of energy. Indeed the sun is in part stems from the Bethe cycle in the reaction that makes four hydrogen atoms fuse to one helium atom, with the liberation of electromagnetic radiant energy.

It is against an energy that is not derived from the Sun since it is itself derived, is the gravitational energy in its aspect weight.

This energy can be summarized according to our conceptions in the vibrational frequencies of extremely tenuous gravitons compressed by the pressure of photons of the cosmic universe that bombard thereby creating gravitational waves.

These waves through the atmosphere gravitonique from all spatial directions, but their speed in the atmosphere is a function of the local pressure, it is much less variable and constant that Einstein wanted. In addition, in the crossing of physical masses, they do display the propagation of gravitons and this is the sole reason for the attraction, which is not universal, but only in the actual gas gravitonique since galaxies seem rather repulsive state universal phenomenon possible but questionable.

It seems that the attractive effects can not occur in a direction function linking the centers of gravity of two masses involved.

And on Earth the only direction to use attraction is vertical and under these conditions the effect is very localized since arriving at the ground of such a process stops permanently.

It may be objected to because in some cases the nature transforms this energy into more or less horizontal as in the case of a water course animates the paddle wheel of a mill.

If this course is reduced to a more or less vertical effect but leads us to believe that if land is preferred that direction there are horizontal forces of gravity. But they are balanced.

This does not mean that we can not use them.

A capacitor air sees its plates attracted by gravity flow on the principle that an electric field or magnetic atmosphere gravitonique hunting between its plates, which creates a decrease in pressure thus local attraction.

However, we can interpret the mechanism of interaction of charges by a probabilistic explanation is to say, with the assumption that the electron and proton waves are out of phase which determines a neutralizing their radiant energies. Ie the probability of their photons is zero or at least very limited.

It seems that two electric fields of different polarity in the presence increase the shielding effect because of the attraction, but the mechanism remains unclear.

It is a fact is that the resulting Archimedean effect seems more important for a horizontal plate capacitor for the same vertical plate capacitor.

These are effects that lead as we have seen designs antigravity.

We would get from weight effects of gravity, the resulting energy horizontal therefore be used as permanent energy source. The idea of ??mirrors as to allow light reflection at 90 ° gravity waves, comes to mind.

Unfortunately opportunities EM wave reflection at the limit stop of the soft X-rays of the order of 0.03 Å. After radiation through matter without further reflection that the possibility of crystalline texture, a phenomenon that is far from being negligible for our applications.

Some authors believed that Burkhart Heim detect extremely low frequencies of around 30 Hz Commes gravitational waves, others were placed in ranges of 1600 hertz.

These are but waves resonance frequencies in a gas are closely related to speed of propagation material and the latter to the inertia of the constituent atomic elements.

Therefore, if these frequencies in a gas are a function of the atomic masses of the order of 10-28 and 10-23 for the particles to atoms, it is clear that in a gas of gravitons mass 10-60 g mass l0-80 g mass these frequencies will theoretically order 1040 times higher. That is to say, the quadratic speed of gravitons will be much greater than that of light. Moreover, in the gas velocities squared are consistently higher than those of sound depending on the pressure.

These waves should therefore have frequencies an order of magnitude undetectable in the present state of our techniques.

Many authors feel moreover that gravitation is transmitted at speeds much higher than that of light in our energy gradient (1 000 times larger and according to some authors).

It is certainly wrong to use the formulas for quadratic velocity of the molecules of a gas atom to express mathematically the behavior of gas gravitonique, but you can get a rough idea.

Note that the temperature of a gas is the quotient by the constant 3R / 2 the kinetic energy of translation disordered molecule contained in a gram of gas.

We know the value of the kinetic energy.

As to the square velocity, that is to say the speed whose square equals the square average of all speeds, it is represented for the gas by the equation:

C2 = 3 kT. k / m is a constant and m the mass of a molecule is 10 to 60 g for the gas-mass graviton.

Calculate very approximate because we do not know the temperature of the vacuum energy which has nothing in common with the 0 Kelvin, gives a value for the fantastically high speed oscillation of gravitons.

I leave it to mathematical physicists to determine these values.

We conclude tentatively that the space contains a prodigiously high energy and gravitational forces, due solely to the effects of screen materials crossings, only a residue absolutely ridiculous these forces, enslaved, would be able to provide man of prodigious power.

How to use

Cosmic energy appears as endowed with enormous potential, which does not come from the mass of its materiality but that animate speeds, and this is the reason that has always troubled physicists ether to which the medium was infinitely harder than steel at the same time infinitely fluid.

And it includes:

We know that a gas stream exiting a nozzle under considerable pressure is also "hard" a steel wire, and yet it is formed as loose molecules other than that it gives the pressure .

Even if the gas stream is rotated in a sphere becomes equally as hard as the material. This is the speed that transforms virtually a fluid into a solid. Now there is a rule in physics that wants maximum performance is achieved through mechanisms balanced.

For example, an aircraft will be better supported in the air with the minimum energy consumption if the mass of air that carries the largest possible for the lowest speed. This is the formula of the glider.

By cons, a rocket expelling atomic particles at speeds requires considerable energy incommensurate with the reactive effect obtained.

Since the power output is a function of speed cosmic unauthorized conversion into usable energy must be based on the same elements, therefore, on mechanisms using maximum speed known in our gradient, that is to say the speed of the waves determining C as we have seen, the electron and the proton.

One can certainly consider using rotational speeds of the electrons around protons but as they are of the order of 2000 km / s, the yield will be less interesting.

We have other long defined the electromagnetic Magnus effect that is to say, the counterpart in the fields, the well-known aerodynamic effect.

Is an electron which is horizontal spin axis that is to say perpendicular to the direction of the gravitational weight.

This electron spins on its spin axis at a speed of light, required to maintain its material or, more precisely the relative vacuum is energy substance.

He receives in vertical planes two types of waves which he suffered the effects of radiation or contact. Radiation versus centripetal and centrifugal earth having lost part of their energy in their passage through the Earth.

Under these conditions the sum of the effects of a Magnus side and the other is a function of the power of the radiation.

We know that the Magnus effect gives a resulting action perpendicular to the flow and in these conditions the electron will undergo a horizontal thrust resulting lateral thrusts, that is to say, the gravitational vertical flow will be partly almost deflected 90 ° thus become horizontal.

A disc made with radially polarized electrons should rotate with the same force as if it were subjected to the normal gravitational flow (see Figure 47).

But this is not all. In this rotation the flow broke, say to the left and right of the electron, the effect will increase due to the speed up to a certain limit where the balance is restored.

I think that in these conditions the disk must lose weight to lighten up completely. This finding leads to the conclusion that this mechanism may be the basis of some UFO craft which it is clear that the operating system is far from unique.

Many observers describe these devices as indeed rotated faster when the flight and during flight, which would explain once again field changes in gear.

Fig. 51

A note about the gyro rotor:

While this device consists of a heavy flywheel rotating in a cage and the axis rests on two levels which allows them freedom of movement, this vis-à-vis the unusual aspects of gravitation, which have been studied mathematically by Coriolis .

A flywheel is made of protons and electrons assembled in all directions and turning in every direction that counteracts the effects. But it is curious to note that such a device whose axis is normal to a certain speed perfectly vertical, starts to turn around its support so that the sense of gyration seems to determine a reaction against Magnus falling tending to bring the axis of rotation in a horizontal plane.

This mechanism seems to govern most of the kinematics of solid particles rotation is extremely informative about the spontaneous reaction of nature against all that destroys balance.

The observation of the phenomenon of steering wheel rotation about an axis substantially perpendicular to its own axis of rotation allows the following conclusion:

The gravitational flow centripetal and centrifugal masses through right and left of the steering wheel, but a side face of the centrifugal masses and the other masses centripetal. But the flow is not balanced, it is likely that this asymmetry makes the wheel heavier on one side than the other, causing a resultant horizontal right to left.

Certainly, many interpretations have emerged which require numerous experiments. In particular should be placed above a balance or below a rotating flywheel and check reactions.

The same could check the torsion balance, if the effect is modified gravitatif one side or the other of a rotating sphere, all elements are required for some checks.

It is understood that the day when it will be possible to draw directly and indefinitely energy space, a new era of the golden age will be opened.


We've already stated our views on the propagation of electromagnetic waves, and it is clear that the simple wave propagation seems the simplest mechanism for low frequency waves, we must associate to cosmic light frequencies and understand certain phenomena .

Photon wave duality is therefore necessary, but some authors argue that provide design propagation along Maxwell's ideas opposed to those of Newton.

One thing in any case requires a serious revision of data is the wave propagation in space for thousands if not millions of light years.

It must be sincere in itself exceptional psychic potential to admit such a possibility, in the case of wave propagation. Indeed it is difficult to conceive of a wave energy does not end up being absorbed by the propagation medium after millions of years to speed C.

It remains no less true that we indeed receive radiation from extremely distant galaxies.

It can therefore easily in a space like ether gas as the wave propagation is done that is to say, undermining the environment, provided that such spread is limited.

By a blank space against any materiality or other energy, we can not conceive the presence of waves in the absence of support, but we accept fully the spread of photonic particles, which nothing would change the trajectory and energy .

Since we assume that the ether is an atmosphere, why not think in the same way as for the air or in an atmosphere atomic gas.

Is a plane came from empty space and pervades all engines or motors in action in the atmosphere.

Due to the limited propagation speed of sound, we perceive the sound of engines or before crossing the plane if its speed is subsonic, after the passage of the aircraft if it is supersonic regime, without assuming the traditional double-bang.

It seems that the mechanism of cosmic light must obey similar data, that is to say, in intergalactic space or interstellar energy-high vacuum, light travels only by particles whose velocities may be different if these particles have different vibrational energies of the stars initially issuers.

By cons when they penetrate the energy fields, that is to say stellar atmospheres or gravitational field and these particles are slowed accompanied waves due to the disturbance of the environment.

We must review all these problems have spread the Relativistic completely forgotten, thinking that the interstellar medium and intergalactic was uniformly empty and filled inconsistency that the waves are propagated without support.

It is normal that there is no synchronism between the wave velocity and those of photon particles, just as there is no synchronization between the plane and the wave train that accompanies it.

It must be the same in the presence of any radiation but the difficulty will always find the phase difference between wave and particle.

Indeed, for a wave emitted by a light bulb, it is likely that an observer phase is non-existent. But with regard to the radiation coming from galaxies that spread all eternity, it is not possible to know if the photons and waves are in sync.

While the effect Dopler allows us to differentiate the approach of the leak, but a train aircraft following each other behind the differentiation is difficult if not possible due to interference, but undetectable. In fact seeing a ray of light come we can not see it go away without an apparatus involving himself velocity.

Ultimately only the relation c2 = C'C "that connects the speed of the wave and the particle seems mathematically more able to explain the propagation of electromagnetic waves but must still agree that c2 can be influenced by the density and pressure of the medium.

I am thus led to consider that in interstellar space or galactic light travels in a vacuum in the form of photons of variable speed according to their frequency or light frequency of their own individualized itself existing at the start of the star transmitter.

These photons arriving in a gravitational field density and increasing pressure drop their energy increases pressure in the middle, and surround propagating waves which are rays of light as we know it. These rays mixed photon wave will be trained in the atmosphere according to their original direction gravitonique but deflected by the mechanism of their refraction angle of arrival. But there are chances that lead to the center of gravity that is to say, the star Sun.

We have previously described the trajectory intergalactic radiation and their transformation into visible light, but this mechanism can be taken down, that is to say at the time of the expulsion of a solar photon.

This photon can obviously be the same happened to the sun, or different. But the mechanism remains the same that is to say that the photon will be expelled away from the source along with the wave disturbance, with a velocity c 'or "group velocity", smaller than that of the wave. Then, depending on the pressure existing in the transmission medium the two speeds are identical. But subsequently decreasing the pressure of the medium, it is clear that the speed of the wave itself will decrease in favor of the photon comes out of the solar atmosphere with a speed much greater than c, relativistic constant.

We can say that the energy of the photon wave will be transmitted to, and if you push the issue within its limits, can we consider as the recoil of a gun, the pressure of the solar atmosphere should increase as a result of the expulsion and the theoretical equality of momentum?

Once in the empty space, of course the speed of the photon will continue until they undergo the reverse mechanism by entering any stellar atmosphere.

And now explain how the maintenance frequencies that allow spectrographic analysis of the atomic elements of the stars?

It is well accepted that a prism diopter between the frequency just like a radio receiver, but that does not mean that photons of different frequencies were issued simultaneously by the source.

Given a set of atoms emitting photons of different frequencies, we can assume two hypotheses.

Or photons-particles, as in a prism, exiting at different speeds, or each photon is a vibrating element according to frequency and speed of each is the same.

In the latter case, it is clear that their arrival will be substantially the same time.

But in the first case if there is no synchronization on arrival it will not be possible to know the emission from very far, if different photons are synchronous or not, because all long delays could be compensated.

It would be interesting to see if in an explosion of novae light emitted is white or colors through the prism. The trend towards the red can be found an explanation.

All this is obviously interesting in theory but a problem arises.

The human eye is made to perceive the colors of the natural light that is to say, waves and photons in our particular environment is the solar stellar atmosphere. Thus it is possible to ask what would the human eye consists of only one emission photon particles without their waves, and there is a safe bet that the vision would be deeply troubled, requiring a transformer for technically to create a normal light.

This is for the vision, but another major problem arises.

All our theory is based, as foreseen by Henri Poincaré, the pressure of the space stabilizer particles, rapidly rotating elements which centrifugal effects are compensated by the pressure of the spatial energy.

The theoretical calculation showed that its value was about 1027 joules to 1034 cm3 corresponding to microbars pressure.

This pressure is real because another reasoning, the energy of the residual space at absolute 0, de Broglie Bohm and Vigier arrive at the same result.

How will contain the atoms of a solid in the interstellar cosmic void?

We have seen that the radioactivity was due precisely to the fact that complex atomic structures exploded when the planets were moving away from the Sun bathing areas decreasing energy density.

Of course it seems logical to assume that radioactivity will reach progressively complex atoms to arrive then the simplest is to say ultimately the only hydrogen but there are real gaps exist maybe not.

As a result it may happen that the elementary particles themselves are dematerialized.

As for gravitons, it is difficult to think of their dematerialization without denying their existence, they are from the vacuum, less apparent.

Structure must be original, same as photons, and this brings us very far in assumptions.

Without this structure we should conclude that it is impossible for a physical body to exist outside of a gravitational field energy, which is not true, and the experience shows. Simply, perhaps, because interstellar space contains energy cosmic pressure but low enough to maintain elements, atoms and even little developed.

However, we reason on a particle at rest, but in reality any particle outside its energy structure has a translational kinetic energy, and in particular for photons, the energy is considerable, since the latter relative vacuum in the cosmic move at speeds much greater than that of light waves in our gradient.

In this connection it is interesting to recall an experiment in an enclosure in freefall and contains ping pong balls.

It is indeed curious that all the balls originally disordered gather in the center of gravity forming a sort of sphere.

The explanation of the mechanism would suggest that speed tends to collect molecules and replace it in a space (apparently) vacuum pressure energy of cohesion.

What a body in motion? what movement? This is still not explained, and it is logical to think that in an environment energy radiation normally spherical atomic rest become ellipsoidal under the influence of the movement (Varcollier) because of cuts downstream movement upstream and depressions.

These waves emit energy offset by the middle but almost absolute vacuum in the movement can distort the waves. On the other hand, finding no support they can not leave the vibrating medium, so they return to their homes and this issue may be what creates cohesion.

We can indeed compare a vibrating body to a freight train.

When driving forward or backward, moving gradually spreads from car to car and the transmission would not theoretically end if the train had infinite length.

However, when the wave arrives at the last car, it returns the same way to the machine that gets its energy.

In conclusion, we are forced to admit this hypothesis to the reality of UFOs.

These do not come from the solar system as we have demonstrated, the conditions of human life can not exist between Venus and Mars, and Jupiter's satellites despite their numbers do not appear habitable.

The nearest star is, according to official ideas, four light years from our planet. Require a trip eight years land, which is not thinkable at the speed of light.

We must therefore recognize that only a complete change of ideas taught to explain this phenomenon, and I think this is a logical conclusion to this chapter.

Not to mention that tachyons thus find their explanation, is it unthinkable to assimilate almost absolute vacuum interstellar a fifth dimension, it is said that beyond the speed of light it would rock in this dimension mathematicians.

It is logical to conceive that in this empty space physical phenomena must change aspect, no longer bound by the speed of electromagnetic waves.


It seems obvious that gravity gives weight effects, that is to say attractive by the shielding effect as determined by traversing the material is for gravitons is for middle waves, waves of extremely high frequencies .

The experience of H2 and CO2 balloons seem explainable by a decrease or an increase in velocity and a decrease or an increase in amplitudes.

One thing is certain is that the speed of light decreases in the liquid or solid transparent, and that in these environments that combines speed algebraically with the middle one being the drive does not, however, but the total about 50% of the speed of movement of the medium.

There is an energy loss that would be transformed into heat. But unless the internal heat of a planet that is dissipated by radiation is maintained by gravitation, the mechanism seems to be different in nature due to the particular texture of the gravitational environment.

On the other hand, it appears that the magnetic field is determined by the spin polarization gravitoniques particles being oriented in disorder by the recovery of their axis of rotation and this spinique according to the intensity of the rotational speed.

If we consider a torus we have the opportunity to build either a bundle of conductors wound as a solenoid coil ordinary, that is to say, in the section plane of the torus, or as the Gramme ring around generating circles of the torus, or the next phase windings.

Under these conditions, if we pass a current in the first case, the drive sub vac will be done in the direction of the current, while the current electromagnetic waves rotate around the ring.

An essential difference will occur in the system of the two speeds, one being determined by the speed of movement of the electrons in the conductor, that is to say, very slow, the other resulting from the rotational speed of the electronic waves, electrons, all having their spin tangent to the great circle of the torus.

Certainly in a hollow torus vacuum wherein the electrons revolve in the speed of light sub vac ambient drivingly describe a trochoid. Indeed, as the gravitons are driven by the material, it can be driven by the rotating gas gravitonique complex, but this training is both material and wave (Fig. 52).

Fig. 52

The same process applied to the winding currents in the model Gram ring should give similar effects.

These effects can not be qu'archimédiens in the case of the torus alone. But it will be very different if we place the core concentrically with a tray, because the gas flow gravitonique rotating mass will cross the plate and give effect weight.

This effect will be even more important than the material of the plate is less permeable to the flow, and a tray consisting of bismuth diamagnetic while the center of the torus is either free or highly permeable consists of a kind permaloy should give effect antipondéraux in the gravitational field


The principle of parity was until 1957 one of the fundamental principles of physics, and was based on the notion that the phenomena of radioactivity occur in all directions, ie in an atom there is no preferred direction and the right and left in the wild can not be distinguished.

Conservation of parity after the physicists was defined as the absence of essential differences between an object or phenomenon and the image of the object or phenomenon reflected in a mirror.

It gives the example of the right and left glove which obviously are essentially different in the current models, but made with perfect detail can be exactly the same one being the exact duplicate of the other.

If one sees. a right glove, nothing can really know if it is a glove that was right before the eyes or left glove seen in a mirror.

We therefore concluded that nature before 1957 did not recognize his left hand with his right hand.

But the Nobel Yang and Lee have shown otherwise inexplicable behavior by analyzing the K mesons from the Berkeley Bevatron and disintegrate in a strange way sometimes into three pions and other times two.

It was at first two distinct particles called Theta Tau, but was surprising that these two particles were perfectly identical in all respects mass, electric charge, longevity.

In itself nothing to prevent that a single particle has two decay modes, but in the case of a single K meson parity was not conserved.

This was a mystery of nature that could not be explained logically in denying the sacrosanct principle of parity.

The physicists have made with the beta emissions of radioactive Cobalt 60 cores properly oriented with a strong magnetic field so that their axes and rotation are the same, and put to rest at 0 Kelvin.

Under these conditions, the nuclei of matter that normally are oriented in all directions, which did not allow to see if the beta emissions have a preferred direction, showed the opposite.

Certainly, the nuclei align within the material is a difficult technique, but we have already proposed applications, and whether the use of magnetic fields to ultraconduction 0 ° Kelvin is still developing, it is possible to create materials thanks to magnetic fields of atoms of iron or nickel, and to introduce into these fields radioactive elements which are placed in order, so in the fields, their agitation being canceled near 0 absolute.

The results of this experiment clearly demonstrated that beta emissions occurred only on one side.

It was as if nature had set the kernel Cobalt 60 a screw on the left, and the universal symmetry was broken.

As one of the foundations of mechanics is the principle of equality of action and reaction which means that no material can modify its own state of rest or motion, it becomes obvious that the same principle falls, at least apparently, as well as' one parity and one sees immediately that plateau with the radioactive atoms are all oriented in the same direction must show either a permanent or a éthérostatique lift force acceleration in any direction due to its orientation in space.

We can design a UFO as consisting of radioactive atoms and we know that all atoms have known radioactive isotopes, either natural or artificial.

The formula for making such a system would consist of a metal whose atomic spins oriented in the same direction through a magnetic field, emit beta particles by radiation, the latter being maintained by neutron bombardment from eg beryllium (Fig. 53).

Fig. 53

It is equally obvious that such a device would manifest discoid by a powerful magnetic field and emission of photons of various colors depending on their energy, that is to say, at least in part, as some UFOs appear.

More repellent effect ionization of the atmosphere, would the craft would move almost in a vacuum, in silence and without the classical aerodynamic drag.

To complete this aspect, it is necessary to recall the experience Lederman.

This experiment involves placing in the path of one mu mesons carbon block surrounded son allowing the passage of a current.

Mu mesons disintegrate into two nanoseconds releasing an electron and two neutrinos each.

When they enter the carbon they all revolve in the same direction and axes have the same orientation.

The principle of parity would disintegrating they send in the same quantity of electrons toward both ends of their axes of rotation. This is not what happened, and they éjectèrent twice more electrons in one direction than the other.

By cons, passing the current in the coil surrounding the carbon block mesons will project and will turn most of their electrons in the opposite direction.

There is therefore an entirely new element in the texture of the material, in addition to the charge, to ground, and the spin is the analogue of a screw, or a forward movement in a determined direction of the axis of rotation of the particles.

Running on the particle itself is now like a shell that goes into space and whose model is the shell that has a tip, a base and a notched belt during its passage through the soul barrel and rotated.

Who would see in these designs one of the main solutions to the problem of antigravity using atomic energy itself fueled by the energy of the space.

Of course such a system would therefore be emitting light electrons photons.


It is not without some qualms that I approach this subject and if it were eminent personalities CNRS activity that are responsible for such studies as the Engineer Officer Shoemaker and Dr. René Hardy of Science died recently, I did not venture.

Yet the literature, especially that which describes the strange phenomena of mysticism, is full of stories of people who confirmed there is no doubt honesty.

In 1962, the magazine Science et Vie serious in his # 534 devoted to these phenomena, under the signature of Michel Garnier, an important article which came from sources in part of the study of Herbert Thurston and work of the famous physicist William Crookes about demonstrations of the medium Daniel Douglas Home.

Here is how this phenomenon is described in Science & Vie

"Imagine a man standing in a room. He closes his eyes (in other cases his gaze becomes fixed). His body acquires at least generally, the stiffness of wood. His breathing is imperceptible. And suddenly, it begins to rise above the ground. Slowly the distance that separates it from its natural support increases and soon stabilized at mid-distance from the floor and ceiling.

Astounded witnesses behold the miracle without first move, then they indulge in experiments: they are around the levitating, they go hand under his feet to make sure it does not support any medium invisible, they shake a stick above his head to detect any string. In vain did the body of this man is actually floating in the air, without any touch with anything solid just like a balloon.

The phenomenon lasts several seconds or tens of seconds or even more. Afterwards, as he was riding this man a moment removed from the oldest to the most constant physical laws of gravity, descends slowly and resumed contact with the ground. At the same time the rigidity of the body disappears, breathing returns to normal, the eyes regain their mobility witnesses again before them a man like any other and often do not remember anything. "

Relatively large number of such facts were controlled mainly about the medium Home by prominent politicians and scientists and among them Pierre et Marie Curie, Henri Bergson, Lombroso, Edison and many others.

Certainly, it is an exceptional phenomenon that no technique can yet reproduce at will or to observe continuously or frequently enough.

However, there are two sets of physical and biological facts.

About the physical phenomena of mysticism we find that the physiology of those who exhibit these marvels of this constant.

We observe in them the same pathological accidents, the same psychological or psychopathological episodes.

In terms of physics there are also strange constants.

Is there indeed equality between inertial mass and gravitational mass as would relativists?

In fact the proof has never been given, and it is interesting to listen to on this point Teresa of Avila, the most famous of lévitantes:

According to his story it states that it was not only raised in the air as a force antagonistic to that of her weight, but she seemed to lose much of its mass, it felt light as a feather.

Another lévitante was seen in this state carried by the tiny air stream produced by the movement of a person nearby, proving that in the one case as in the other they lost part of their mass (apparent).

The story describes other extraordinary levitation be removed as an arrow to the roof of a church in which the assistants thought it had crashed, when he had not been any damage.

This finding translated mathematically gives the momentum 1/2 mv2 should be zero, the mass is zero, at least apparently.

Relativistic point of view, one could assume that this phenomenon is due to spatial distortion around the levitating with consequent air flow. This is clearly what takes place according to the stories, all agree on this point, but that still lie a mathematical description, not an explanation really physical.

Very often other levitation is accompanied by luminous phenomena, which involves interaction between electronic levels of atoms, thus confirming that the phenomenon occurs in subquantum levels.

Finally, the last finding, the manifestation of thermal phenomena, the levitating being frozen and the air flow around it, demonstrate energy absorption.

To think that such events would be incredible natural if they were confirmed by so eminent scientists, and how not recognize some aspects classically described UFOs.

The majority of observations residing in the absence of inertia for both the machine for the occupants, and explaining the absence of weight loss and acceleration deceleration devastating.

As for the secondary aspects, high brightness and this kind of dust extraction and vegetation that corresponds to the current controlled air lévitants in all this seems to confirm a perfect analogy operating through natural techniques SINCE they are subconscious in lévitants and generally foreign to their will.

Of course, I tried according to our current knowledge weak physical development of these techniques, but at the cost of implementing considerable energies. And to the simplicity of the phenomenon of spontaneous levitation, one wonders what is the value of our science in 1972 do not yet know drive a plug with a hammer!

It appears, about the mysterious phenomena that we know nothing of psychic forces that seem to ultimately take precedence over the physical forces most famous (at least about these events).

We live next to a parallel universe whose texture is totally different from that of our material world, this is the question that arose far theologians and philosophers, and physicists will have to ask some rationalists next day.

So mysterious phenomena remain unexplained and therefore denied by the shortsighted rationalists, to the point that it sometimes seems that our science, which they are so proud proudly, is vanity.

While the official contempt they show vis-à-vis those who believe in something other than what they reveal only their five senses, because basically they have the intuition that the world does not stop at the ultimate sensory simplification enables a being to propel and feed is the official scientific brand.

I therefore ask these supercerveaux and ask me to explain scientifically the following case, which was often controlled by a person of my family.

This is the case of Madeleine Lhome, name curious if you remember the famous Medium Home and who lived in the Seine-Maritime Ofranville.

This person endowed with a keen sense of divination by premonition was able to repel any furniture or object by the force of his mind, creating an atmosphere around her concern for her family.

Of course any idea of deception is excluded because it was even any place to exercise his gift of telekinesis.

This case is far from unique, and I'm sure it would be as reactive effect on the ground that it could show a autolévitation, experience that it is probably not come to mind.

I currently do not know where this medium, which controlled activities were around 1924.

Very clever rationalist will give me an explanation relativistic phenomenon, because neither electric fields or magnetic fields can not be invoked, and only the gravitational field seems logically be involved, at least in terms of its horizontal components.

The man of science objective is thus faced with a phenomenon inexplicable by current technical data and

is forced to consider that there are forces unknown, under the control of the human nervous system which may be able to achieve the unthinkable.

I often had the opportunity at international conferences to exchange views with the German physicist mathematician Burkhart Heim with whom we share the same views on the gravity and antigravity, and I will not betray his thoughts, since ' has been the subject of papers at our meetings, revealing its work on certain aspects of brain waves.

Heim has on me the advantage of being funded by the government, while in France I am reduced to my own possibilities, experiences, thanks to a group of encephalographs the least of which costs several million on the tuning brainwave among several human subjects grouped on this occasion.

Certainly, he discovered a synchronous alpha and beta waves and concluded that there was a group of gravitational wave low frequency of about 30 Hz.

The Americans found another group around 1800 Hz, but I assume to look for in frequencies much higher secret of gravitational waves and without confusing cause and effect, theorems and their inverses.

Unlike electromagnetic waves Radiocommunication are generally issued in phase, the gravitational waves are emitted by matter in disarray as light waves, which are only to be synchronized with the laser maser. But it is not impossible to obtain in the form of bundles ordered and cancel by emitting a beam of phase which would ipso facto a further opportunity to make a dégravitatif process.

In this vein I will not mention for the record that two other processes that I had planned to neutralize the effect of waves centripetal centrifugal waves profit, that is to say, the effects of polarization and those of 1 ' uniconductivity of material, in the same way that an alternating current is shown by the transition from a single phase in a semiconductor.

The polarization of the light consists in filtering the electromagnetic wave which appears in the laminated body through some polarizing, which let pass light or stop following their presentation angles.

How to apply this principle to counteract gravitational waves?

The response is immediate, this screen should be placed on the body dégraviter.

Under these conditions, the waves being destroyed by interference centripetal and centrifugal antigravity waves only remaining game, the body must be dégravité.

As for the semiconductor waveguide, I advance the analogy that may exist with the one-way mirrors which are opaque and transparent one side of the other.

The ice must undergo radiation pressure reflection on one side but not the other. The challenge remains to apply the method to ultra-fréqijences of gravitation.

This chapter is written in 1972. The answers to these questions will be found in many years, but it is comforting to think that nature is far from having revealed all its secrets and the future of scientific men is full of promise.


Starting from the infinitely large astronomical we see, before descending to the size scale graviton, perhaps itself complex neutrino, the values ??of the masses of atomic particles in the range of 10-24 g mass are just placed between the stellar mass of about 1028 g mass tonnes, for a planet to 1034 g mass for a star of magnitude of the Sun, and the graviton mass 10-60 10-80 g mass .

In the same vein, it is notable that the man on the physical plane is approximately located between these two extremes, and why under these conditions not extrapolate in terms of intelligence?

Every particle, every atom fit together intelligently to create a higher level of organization. They seem so endowed with certain faculties. Ultimately human nature is becoming aware of itself.

Why not use this scale to try to appreciate the power of cosmic intelligence depending on the size of the universe. This is why I called the psychic space vastness of space almost empty of matter beyond the gravitational fields.

The universal intelligence that all religions recognize more or less intuition would be the organizing factor that is to say PSYCHIC ENERGY whose appearance defies analysis materialist physicist, but which 'is nevertheless an indisputable reality.

Too many phenomena, spontaneous levitation, telepathy-read-parapsychic faculties thaumaturgic etc.. ample proof that everything does not end with the physical world and said that beyond manifest new forces which we have still few representative ideas.

While the physical world begins with the graviton or neutrino, and the question is to know the origin of this or these, particle (s).

Is it out of time as the universe or is it the realization of a "point" space rotated ultra fast? These are problems that only "mutants" would be able to solve.

But what is a mutant? At our level of mutant apes must be a creature whose report intellectual development vis-à-vis the homosapiens should be the same as that of the latter relative to the monkey. But this mutant is still a level between our understanding of the nature and the supreme intelligence is that the evolution of the mind is far from complete.

If one further considers that the number of galaxies is incalculable and in each galaxy like ours are an average of 50 million planets with civilization, therefore intelligence, this represents a considerable psychic force universal.

But as a human being is ultimately a cell comprising the great body of humanity, can we assume that the sum of all the intelligences of the universe does not determine a potential similar to the Godhead?

Mutant has a perfect design square root of minus one, or the conscious projection and effective imaginary reality, the analogy of logic, and concepts of infinity it perceptible to us as they are to arise indefinitely question - "So what? ? ? "Both the time for space.

Regarding space, currently relativists consider it closed, that is to say that the infinite, for them, is a kind of sphere on which a walker can move indefinitely without ever meeting an impassable limit .

This notion is obviously a step in the response but it does not fully satisfy.

As for time, I personally expressed by a circle representing all points in the origin of all things, its development and its termination, and so on indefinitely, while nascent, alive and disappearing while other changes ceaselessly similar occurrences indefinitely at other points of the curve.

So in eternity physical realities, it occurs in all scales of magnitude the same cycles.

Regarding the creation of our solar system it began with the concentration at a point, maybe not as a result of chance because there are laws that govern the texture of galaxies, a cloud of scattered ravitons in vastness of space.

This cloud is concentrated due to the pressure of photons from any part of the universe, and the pressure multiplied by the inverse square of the distance to the center of gravity of the system was to liquefy at this point gravitonique gas as the star Sun.

This liquefaction is permanent, replacing the plasma emitted photon energy and necessary factor of "Cooling" function of stellar liquefaction.

At this solar atmosphere, will develop the slow procession of the planets with their own life and death by dissolving radioactive in the atmosphere, the elements of this leading to new paperless graviton that returns to the Sun by its poles in a process convection (Fig. 54).

Fig. 54

The problem is whether the radiant energy photon emitted by the Sun and widespread in the cosmos is offset by that which comes from the stars.

And there is the problem of whether the Sun is eternal life or if he himself has an end, its energy is again distributed to other systems, inevitable end having had a beginning.

It appears that the latter hypothesis is more likely because the universe is constantly changing.

What is in this process and become the reason of man? This is obviously OUR problem.

The man is it a blip in the great procession of mutations or her presence is she "willed" and necessary in the chain of evolution.

It is obvious that if life is a cycle of the planets from the Sun to the final dissolution, and they spend each in turn in the biological area, that is to say where the biophysical conditions are ideal for animal life, then the process of evolution, from the creation of amino acids likely to lead to formulas of life, has already had to produce on each planet beyond Earth.

It is obvious that the current state of well-being that Venus appears that paleontology has been recognized as one of the Earth a few billion years. As for the aspect of Mars compared to the Moon to which it tends, logic dictates that it is the Earth's other billion years.

But if life is not possible at present on Venus, there is a good chance that it remains as plant remains on Mars and even the ruins of ancient civilizations are completely erased relief.

There has to consider the ruins of our civilization in a few millennia to judge what he could stay in a few billion years.

It is therefore likely that the evolved species who have preceded us on the other planets in our solar system have developed unrelated interaction between them, some disappearing while others had not yet begun their evolution.

The birth of galaxies is billions of billions of years, which does not mean much, our concept of time is completely relative to the solar year which is in perpetual change because of the remoteness of permanent Earth from the Sun.

As for the duration of a cycle of contraction expansion it would be about 100 billion years. The age of the Earth would be in the order of 5 to 10 billion years during which it would from the sun 150 million km, an average gross of 15 meters per year.

Between the state and the state Martian Venusian the normal would be 3.5 to 7 billion years is about 2 or 3 billion years of evolution between two possibilities, which seems immeasurable perspective "biological time".

The appearance of man on Earth is estimated to have a period dating from 50 million years BC, his death appears to be incompatible with the appearance, at the same time, a being evolved on Venus .

We must therefore conclude that our visitors do not come from a planet Sun, but another star system since ancient writings mention not only of their passage on Earth as well as their teaching.

It is strange to compare the religious traditions, clearly inspired by the instinct of self-preservation, but also revelations of extra-terrestrial visitors.

I'll focus on the biblical revelation.

Admittedly, the description of the birth of our solar system is fully reported.

Creating waves in the first place (ie gravitons and wave).

Wave separation of darkness (ie dark cloud condensation).

Creation of the Sun (luminaires).

Evolution of the plant, followed by animal and man.

This revelation facts thus confirm the description.

Remains the philosophical point of view and the story of the first men originally placed in a place of delight and driven by disobedience to God.

I looked extensively on the history of the apple after the creation of the woman from a rib of the first man.

It is strange indeed, in terms of biology, the chromosomal system of man has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome, while the woman has only two X chromosomes

Who does not see the appearance of the image Y of the coast and extracted from the system to give the male chromosomal our complementary female.

It may seem strange that biblical revelation is thus confirmed by the recent work of biologists, but it allows me to look more seriously other revealed truths.

Think that the effect of the prohibition of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

The snake did not he say that this act would make the man as powerful as God.

It seems clear that in fact science is being given to man for his considerable power to subjugate nature, but on the other hand this power is put to the service of good and evil.

It would be right to think that the Divine warning put man on guard against the development of science which, indeed, it creates comfort, also determines nuisance accelerating the end of the natural ecological balance.

But there is a contradiction in terms of certain realities, because we may then ask why the nature of things was as "organized" to facilitate this scientific development.

It is obvious that coal, oil and energy cosmic currently (I pass over atomic energy is just one aspect), were the elements of scientific progress of our biological evolution.

Cosmic energy will soon allow us to evolve in the universe and perhaps carry a message to our turn to civilizations that are just beginning, thanks to anti-gravity, medium energy cosmic accelerator for unlimited power for our future interstellar travel.

How to reconcile these two aspects of the philosophical problem of human destiny?

The scientist would like to find the answer to the curse that followed the disobedience

You earn your bread by the sweat of your brow is written, that is to say that you will recover the happiness with your intelligence and your work.

I think this is the way to complete this test.

Man being made to find happiness, it is disobedience which has been deprived of this happiness primitive nature. Sentenced to win thanks to his intelligence to find the golden age, it is thus philosophically to this purpose and it tends to Earth hopefully the end of this painful era in which humanity struggles .

Admittedly, our potential visitors can not help us because the curse, and also the logic requires that the redemption of man is his own decision for it to use it fully. And is not this why the aliens do not make contacts and do not give us their secrets? But do not they already done in time?

The era of Christ and his coming on earth can be considered a providential help, but we know what happened to it.

We know that currently may be less orders are given by some military SHOOT AT SIGHT on any unidentified craft and sadly this permits to appreciate the man of 1972 has not changed much in 1972 years.

Yet prospective studies, both quantitative and qualitative, as we have already mentioned, believe that the beginning of the era of antigravity can be expected for around 1985!

Hopefully by then, mankind has finally realized what her destiny.

Perpignan, 11/09/72

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Fig. 70





I. - We now know well the ideas that Dr. M. Pagès was the first to be issued. Physical space is mass and energy changes in mass per unit volume (density) are the source of Archimedean spatial effects: it says that in the presence of a gravitational field, in this field, there forces and movements. The equivalence E = mc2, experimentally verified in a straightforward manner, a broad area of ??validity. We can therefore speak of either energy field, in particular electromagnetic field, density or energy gradient, as is done in the field gravitational. This may be equivalent even identical.

Attractions and electrostatic repulsions are due then. Recent experiments would join more or less fundamental idea under another name, with very small effects.

We will try to see if we did not already reason to believe that the effect of Archimedean M. Pagès, and to consider how experimental indisputably show.

We first establish some sort of hydrodynamics of the fluid physical space then we can deduce a kind of hydrostatic all reservations made on the language used - and finally we conclude as in the archimedean gradient.

II. - First, it is essentially the physical space that we will be talking electromagnetic (*).

(*) To facilitate the reading may be, we preferred to keep the notations below instead of vector notations more concentrated.

Let G1, G2, G3 components along three axes of rectangular coordinates 0, x, y, z of the speed of an element of the medium or, if it is desired, the amount of movement of a mass-energy taken as unity, p "pressure" that the item supports from other elements, T-half momentum. Call L, M, N of the two components of the instantaneous rotation, or the curl:

Also recognize the existence of a relation f (r, p) = 0 between the density and pressure; suppose, to simplify a bit, there is a potential U of the applied force. Then ask:

Then we propose to write the hydrodynamic equations for the medium-mass energy then we'll see if it can or not make sense. They could write, if they exist, as evidenced by the treatises on mechanics, in the form:

t is, of course, the time, the function will determine j do not insist here, the form (3) is one of the forms, with (2) classical equations of hydrodynamics. However, the six relations (1) and (3) are the same as those that exist between electromagnetism magnetic vectors L, M, N, produced by the electric vector c X, Y, Z, the vector potential G1, G2, G3, and c produced by the scalar potential H.

Of course, it may, these relationships also derive the classical equations, and earlier, Maxwell. For example, by eliminating H and subtraction by derivation from the group (3) include:

And, similarly, with the wave equation in G1, G2, G3, and the so-called supplementary equation (with our notations) -

Are the equations of the other group of Maxwell equation called complementary role plays for us a kind of equation of "continuity" hydrodynamics.

(We know, by the way, that analogy was sought, including Bjerkness but he had focused its research on X, Y, Z, L, M, N, and not on the G1, G2, G3, H, also little known in his time, it is clear now that if we want an analogy, it was necessary to confront the power-speed four-vector with another four-vector, the four-vector potential vector-scalar) (1) .

(1) It may be noted also that G1 / H, G2 / M, G3 / H, have variances relativistic speeds, and satisfy formulas of composition of velocities

III. - And now think. We wondered earlier if it could or not make sense. Now we assign him one. And since there hydrodynamics and physical space electromagnetic (thanks for the word!), There is also a hydrostatic.

There is a well known fact, but very unclear: one electric charge attracts or repels a charge of the same sign or opposite sign to it. There are explanations of the square of the distance, but to my knowledge, there is no reversal of the direction of the action according to the sign of the second charge, that is a fact, you might say; indeed! And it affects more people, but it is wrong.

Now, everything is explained if we assume that the sign of this second charge is related to a change in the density ... - Say, the field around the first, more or less of the average density.

We can also give here a simple calculation based on the equation (4) so-called complementary because the divergence of the velocity vector G1, G2, G3, (the sum of the three partial derivatives) is the rate of change of the volume element w divided by the volume

1 / w. dw / dt

But we think it is not necessary to insist much more.

IV - And if so for "electromagnetic physical space," it must be understood that this is a property of physical space at all, so the gravitational space. This fully justifies my eyes Dr. M. Pagès.

But whether electrostatic obvious, the fact remains to be proven experimentally gravitational and operate. This is what it will look, the effects will be much more difficult to detect, because gravitational forces are relatively much smaller: some say they are a "residue" of the electrical forces which otherwise does not compensate entirely.



HYDROGEN 0 086 132 0 0065 1 53 5 3

LITHIUM 0 59 13 0 04 2 1 18 212 3 72

SODIUM 0 97 23 0 04 2 8 1 5 24 477 3 72

POTASSIUM 0 86 45 0 02 2 8 8 1 2 8 12 53 850 4 50

A TWO of

Beryllium 1 6 53 0 3 2 2 13 106 2 28

MAGNESIUM 1 74 13 9 0 12 2 8 2 4 22 240 3 28

CALCIUM 1 55 25 9 0 06 2 8 8 2 3 93

CAESIUM 1 90 69 8 0 025 2 8 1 8 18 8 1-1 4 10 32 150 1900 -5 48


BORE 3 45 4 2 0 6 2 3 11 70 1 94

ALUMINIUM 2 56 10 4 0 25 2 8 3 4 20 160 2 86

SILICON 2 49 12 1 0 2 2 8 4 3 18 120 2 35

SULPHUR 2 2 15 5 0 1 2 8 6 3 15 180 1 90

STRONTIUM 2 54 34 0 07 2 8 18 8 2 4 29


CARBON 3 5 3 4 / / 5 3 1 2 4 9 53

BARIUM 3 78 36 0 1 2 8 18 18 8 2 4 34


PHOSPHORUS 4 32 13 15 03 2 8 5 3 16 95?

TITANIUM 4 5 18 04 2 8 10 2 2 95

GALLIUM 4 7 11 04 2 8 18 3 2 68

VANADIUM 5 5 8 0 7 2 8 11 2 2 63
GERMANIUM 5 46 13 0 4 2 8 18 4 2 43
SELENIUM 5 6 16 0 3 2 8 18 6 2 32
SIX in September
YTTRIUM 6 25 23 0 28 2 8 18 9 2
ANTIMONY 6 68 20 0 33 2 8 18 18 5 2 87
CERIUM 8 8 20 0 4 2 8 18 18 9 2
Praseodymium 6 45 21 0 3 2 8 18 20 9 2
NEODYMIUM 6 96 20 0 3 2 8 18 20 9 2

CHROME 7 7 1 2 8 12 2 2 56

MANGANESE 7 20 7 1 03 2 8 13 2 2 60

IRON 7 79 7 1 11 2 8 14 2 2 54

ZINC 7 15 9 2 0 8 2 8 18 2 2 65

NIOBIUM 7 5 11 0 6 2 8 18 11 2 2 96

TIN 7 24 16 0 4 2 8 18 18 4 2 65

SAMARIUM 7 75 19 5 0 4 2 8 18 2 3 92

COBALT 8 8 6 7 1 6 2 8 15 2 2 51

NICKEL 8 8 6 7 1 6 2 8 16 2 2 49

COPPER 8 79 7 1 1 25 2 8 17 2 2 55

BROME 8 7 25 6 0 3 2 8 18 7 15 6 25 120?

CADMIUM 8 6 13 0 6 2 8 18 18 2 2 97

TELLURIUM 8 9 20 0 45 2 8 18 18 6 2 86

IODE 8 7 25 0 3 2 8 18 18 7?
of NINE to TEN

MOLYBDENUM 9 10 0 9 2 8 18 12 2 2 95

BISMUTH 9 8 21 0 5 2 8 18 32 18 5 3 10

ARSENIC 10 37 13 16 0 7 2 8 18 5 February 51

SILVER 10 44 10 0 04 2 8 18 17 2 2 88

PALLADIUM 11 25 8 1 4 2 8 18 16 2 2 74

THALLIUM 11 9 17 0 7 2 8 18 32 18 3?

LEAD 11 35 18 0 63 2 8 18 32 18 4 3 49

THORIUM 11 21 0 5 2 8 18 32 18 September 2

RUTHENIUM 12 26 8 4 1 3 2 18 Aug. 14 2 Feb. 69

RHODIUM 12 10 8 5 1 3 2 18 Aug. 15 2 Feb. 68


MERCURY 14 40 14 8 1 2 8 18 32 18 2 3 10

TANTALUM 16 5 10 1 65 2 8 18 32 11 2 2 88
URANIUM 18 70 12 7 1 43 2 8 18 32 22 9 2
TUNGSTEN 18 70 19 5 0 95 2 8 18 32 12 2 2 82

PLATINUM 21 50 9 6 2 2 2 8 18 32 16 2 2 76


OSMIUM 22 50 8 5 2 7 2 8 18 32 14 2 2 71

IRIDIUM 22 40 8 6 2 7 2 8 18 32 15 2 2 70
THEORETICAL 2 8 18 32 50 72 98

Excerpt from The Challenge of Antigravity :

Lacking hardware support, I could not hope for a miracle, but it says "Help yourself and heaven will help you," after filing a number of patents, it being understood and aviation buff because I redeposited a record for an automobile flying to propel themselves on the road, and off vertical in the air.

The project interested friends and aerospace engineers.

However, given the probable cost for the prototype, it was decided to make calculations for a normal passenger aircraft but with a coefficient of absolute security.

I introduced her to one of my patents achieving high lift which would be remarkable efficiency as we shall see.

The calculations have been completed, and the model produced for testing in the wind tunnel Banlève near Toulouse, the prototype was made partly for myself, partly by workers aviation specialists, especially for metallic elements.

Unfortunately, while I had hoped for a Continental engine the engineer with whom I worked, being friends with another engine manufacturer that shall remain nameless, it is the latter type of engine was chosen.

The prototype, four seat version, high wing, was ready for testing, but it should still verify the corridors of engine cooling, the fourth cylinder requiring additional ventilation.

That everyone knew was there but fate once more.

In fact, when I was formally asked to do nothing out of my presence, a pilot test Leduc Toulouse, friend of financiers of the operation, lying on the ground, was tempted to make a first careful testing. The Head of Center who agreed to do it as usual a tower ground, the two pilots taking place, start and raised slightly engine 1200 - 1500 r / min.

They were surprised at the unusual suspension on a plot of land, and looking down they realized they have loose, playful while only 30 km / h, this course through my high lift!

Amazed by such a performance, they lost all caution and push the throttles to maximum.

The plane jumped, up to a thousand meters, I think, but suddenly the engine seized as was to be expected and stops.

This mishap on a wing that has not been tested may be dramatic, but I was there and the high lift aircraft landed without any spin or crash, demonstrating itsincident safety qualities.

This incident could result in a magnificent demonstration of superiority, but fate watched and now begin a shareholder lawsuit against the manufacturer of the engine, it replicates not without reason that the fault lay with the recklessness of drivers .

In short, everything ends by laying sealed interminable trial, the aircraft is stopped and during this time the company launches its Jodel prototypes at a time when civil aviation passenger sought to equip outside foreign firms.

Once again my hopes to be able to finance my experiences and my basic electromagnetic prototypes fell into the water...

Automobile air wing and wing blown ring


The present invention aims to achieve 1 From an automobile power Vant fly 'and land according to his con producer directly on the road or she is, 2 of requiring no additional silent organ or adaptation to go from car air condition, 3 Not to exceed either the state car, or state plane, the dimensions allowed by the Mines Department for road, 4 To enable the flight and landing at very low speed and under-climb angle or cente as large as possible with a minimum bearing length or even vertically, 5 Conduct by the arrangement of the airfoil part of this surface, a lift at the fixed point may help alleviate some or all of the weight of the vehicle.

Figure 1 shows the vehicle elevation, left, and in section; Figure 2, Figure 3 plan, front view.

It is composed of a portion of the airfoil 1 forming body, and containing the occupants and the engine if it is provided in low profile mounting.

Hypersus-tempting slits are provided in this profile in order to maximize the lift to flight speeds.

Above this wing body is given the space determined 2, above which there is mounted a supporting surface in a circular, annular or 3, comprising on its central axis motor 4, if the latter is provided in direct on the axis of the propeller and a propeller 5, and rotating at the rear inside of the car annular.

Said rudder flap (the lateral recovery is mounted 6.

At 7, is a central keel with a gov vernail management 8.

The body 1 is supported by two wheels ar nine quarries and two front wheels 10.

Two or four of these wheel steering.

It includes 11, or seats for occupants.

A lever or wheel multipurpose 12, used to operate the vehicle controls a rudder 13, the crew completed development.

Operation. - On land, the vehicle is propelled by pro action propeller and goes by the combined action of its steering wheels and rudder.

To prevent flight and to reach the ground, a translational speed maximum, the elevator is deflected in-mounted position, and the propellant or the annular wing with or without a propeller, is pointed towards the ground as shown in Figure 4.

It happens in this case, resulting to the ground before the R R 2a, rear, producing a support P 1 and P2 on trains front and rear wheels and load wheels as the travel speed increases .

The result for the machine, a foundation, stability and support management even more powerful than the travel speed on land is becoming faster.

If at any time the driver wishes to get off, he just put the ring wing and the elevator in proper position, and then acting on the front wheels to give a positive impact wing body, so that the takeoff occurs instantly if traveling at that time at the rate required for the flight (Fig.

This speed is reduced to a minimum due to the annular wing blown in basic invention hereof.

6 shows, seen in section the annular wing 3 year, it is composed of a profile nor mal plane disposed longitudinally in a semicircle to the bottom upward and downward in a semicircle to the upper part, so that the upper and lower profile are Airstream external one ventral and dorsal.

When the propeller rotates at its maximum speed, it draws a number of cubic meters of air per second, and forces has to go (inside the ring formed by the wing, causing a ventral lift corresponding to volume of air displaced to the upper portion of the ring, and a dorsal bearing similar to the lower portion of the circle which is equivalent to 50% of lift of the wing surface, Figure 7.

The speed and the cube of air displaced by the propeller and can correspond to a high speed of movement thus high lift surface blown fixed point.

By providing slots in high lift the lower surface of the annular wing as shown in Figure 8, one obtains a por tance up, power nearly three quarters of the total area of the annular wing blown this year, still at a fixed.

Lift more or less strong depending on the neigh lure for a given area, and the cube of the speed of air movement pro evokes the propeller.

In flight, the normal-speed, the outer surfaces of the wing ring wear, as if it were not blown wing, and gives the maximum lift of the wing.

Wing body shall take action, flight, only secondarily.

A flight, at low speed, it allows the rest of lager penny dead weight, non sustains the ring wing.

Flight at normal speed, it acts wing classic, low yield, by its very form is offset by the high-lift slots, which makes it actually a triple square canopy average yield.

In addition, space 2, left between it and the wing-shaped ring component intrados Mour-lot, 9, and increases performance while preventing detachment of dorsal air, and the resulting loss of speed.

Its main use in flight is to provide sufficient bearing surface to allow Pap-like back ground gliding, if ar est engine only where land other than a road is needed.

Transverse stability, Figure 10, is obtained by the operation of section 6 Mourlot, acting as a vertical fin creating a torque re trainer CR stability and restoring disturbed.

It can be used alone or in combination with the rudder to correct or supplement its action in the corners, or to allow the aircraft straight, bowing to one side or the other if necessary .

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