Marc Parent
Air Well

Inventor Makes Water out of Air

Oct 28 - A French inventor has come up with a windmill that turns thin air into water and says his creation could offer hope to millions of people around the world who do not have enough water.

Machine for Producing Water from Wind Energy

Wind-powered thermodynamic reactor for collecting moisture from air has single refrigeration circuit to cool evaporator and condense water vapours 
Classification: - international: B01D53/26; E03B3/28; F03D9/00; B01D53/26; E03B3/00; F03D9/00; (IPC1-7): F03D9/00 - European:B01D53/26D; E03B3/28; F03D9/00; F03D9/00D
Also published as:     FR2833044  
Cited documents: GB2117656 // EP0297200 // US2761292  
Abstract -- The airborne moisture collector consists of a thermodynamic reactor (1) driven by a wind-powered motor which operates an inner cooling circuit. The same circuit cools an evaporator (3) with forced air circulation, condensing airborne water vapour entering the reactor by the suction effect of a turbine (19), with the resulting water channelled away to a storage tank (6) inside a supporting mast (23). The wind-powered motor and cooling circuit form integral parts of the thermodynamic reactor, with the cooling circuit compressor driven by the wind-powered rotor blades (18). A separate energy source continues the cooling/condensing operation when the wind-powered motor is inoperable.

Machine for producing water from wind energy