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Bruce A. Perreault
« on: July 21, 2005, 06:42:28 PM »

Daniel Pomerlou Demonstrates Free-Energy

There is a guy from Canada who has demonstrated free-energy using only coils of wires. I have posted photos of these devices in the file section on my Free Energy Devices Yahoo Group if anyone wants to see them...

Re: Daniel Pomerlou demonstrates free-energy
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2005, 06:10:10 PM »
Hi, I have been in contact with Daniel Pomerleau twice and i have seen what he was doing (really amazing). The first time was in 1992 and during 3 hours i saw some unbeilievable things  like open up a light bulb with only "one wire" and also running a 5 electric horse power motor connected only by 2 wires that he was holding in his hand.
I had a long talk with him and he was telling me that he does not know where his power come from. He told me that he stort to do that when he was a child.
He does demonstrations once in a while in the Montreal area.

« Reply #7 on: July 27, 2005, 06:45:13 PM »
The pictures that Bruce Perrault posted about Daniel Pomerleau's devices are real. It is not a "scam" because as i said in my last post, i was there in 1992 and i was there at is last demonstration 4 weeks ago. That guy is from Montreal area and is doing this since he is a child. He told me that what he is doing come "naturally". He also showed me how to build one of his device but i can't make it work. He did build a device with only a few wires in front of many people in about 5 minutes that can run a 5 horse power motor. And also like i said in my previous post he can power a 100 watts bulb with only "1 wire" (really amazing).
This is it.   An again it is not a scam.
Regards,  Joe

« Reply #10 on: July 28, 2005, 01:14:27 PM »
Hi Stefan and all,
I will go a little further with his history. Daniel,  because of his unusual talent working with energy were asked  for a demonstration of his power by "some people of the goverment" he has been kept in captivity for (i am not sure) over 2 months. They have conducted tests on him (really scarring things i have been told) and after that nobody heard of him for a long while. That was in the years 70's or 80's . Like i said he stort to do demonstration by 1992 and at every demonstration he was protected by people he could trust. Now today, when he decided to do a demo, nobody knows a week before because even today "they are on his feet all the time and they don't want him to show his devices and especially to show people how to tap free energy.
As you all know " the black power" is still really present and they want us to use their oil instead of clean energy.
And yes he has filmed his devices in mouvement but he has not released it yet.
Stefan, about the diagrams, there are no diagrams. The only thing you can see on the plexiglass is a couple feet of wires may be 26 to 30 gauge rolled around a little clear plastic spool and a little switch and some others copper bolts to hold the spools. The plexiglass he is using for every demos are about 1 foot square The beginning of the wires are left in air and the other and are attached to the bulb or the motor or the little race car toy that he use for his demos that is about it. That guy does  i tell you again really unuseal things. I know it is hard to believe but for example when he is demontrate free energy on certains machine like bulbs, motors. ect. he always use plexiglass so you can not doubt it. And you can take the plexiglass and work with it. Last time they were electric engineers and electronic specialists at the demo and i can tell you they were pulling their hairs!!!!
Imagine open up a light bulb with only one wire! So, as he said to me if you want to built these devices you have to have "faith" and if you think to much with your head it will never work. He also said that you have to feel the energy deep inside. As soon as you know how to keep it inside then you are on the good track. One engineers try to start a motor by touching some wires on the plexiglass devices like Daniel is doing and could not do it  and Daniel said  if you could think with your heart then the motor would start.
So i don't know when the next demo will be hold. He does a few each year in the Montreal area.
Regards  Joe

« Reply #14 on: August 04, 2005, 03:06:15 PM »
Here's another post from Keelynet on Pormerleau's devices:

« Reply #18 on: August 16, 2005, 11:50:10 PM »
Hello All, This guy Daniel is for REAL. I have seen it with my own 2 eyes.
His feats were so amazing that someone asked him during question period weather or not he was an alien.
Also 1/2 the room was filled by people who worked with or had degrees in electricity so he chose the worst possible audience for trickery. Also he passed his modules around and everybody could test things with their own hands. The demonstration lasted over 4 hours and it was non stop amazement for all.
He asked people to bring in electrical appliances before the meeting. Some people brought it radios and other small appliances and he powered all of them with his module. Now before this part someone in class that was impressed went out next door and bought a brand new 120 volt electric saw. Daniel plugged it in to his module and boom rrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
At the end of the four hours the group was in a state of trance ... sort of like a religious experience and we literally broke out into the entire group singing. Daniel passed around his electric utility bill and it showed the minimum payment possible for the period. Believe it or not you are still charged monthly minimum connection fees. He used the device to power his entire apartment. During the famous winter ice storm everyone in his block apartment building was freezing and he was enjoying life as if nothing happened in his apartment. He also stated that he was working on an electric vehicle to be powered entirely by his device and he may demonstrate this at his next meeting.
Understandably Daniel is paranoic ... he was actually locked up for about 13 years in a mental institution where he was exposed to electric shock treatments and other cruel treatments to cure him of his " disease ".

« Reply #21 on: August 17, 2005, 02:29:56 AM »
Quote from: hartiberlin on August 17, 2005, 01:44:41 AM
Did the device still produce output, when you had it in your hands ?
What did it power ? a lamp ?
we could turn the small light bulbs or propellers on and off ... he also showed normal boom box radios (not crystal radios) working without batteries he demonstrated a small electric car working with no batteries that he let roll across the room

« Reply #23 on: August 17, 2005, 02:46:59 AM »
When did you see it ? During the last week ?
months ago ... I know someone with a electrical degree that saw him about 10 years ago and same amazement
Did he say, if these wires were normal copper wires ?
Did it only work, when he was present ?
NO ... if anyone took the module it would work forever to power anything
Maybe some batteries were hidden in the small motors ?
the person I went with brought a volt meter and was in front of the class taking measurements as he saw fit to try to disprove what we were all seeing
Could you connect your own loads without his load ?
as this would be the only source, where he could have hidden his batteries, righ? ? ( if it would be  scam...)
Forget scam ... I couldn't sleep well for weeks after I witnessed this ... this is how I explain it to myself
he is somehow able to see or feel electrical forces in the atmosphere and build his modules to tap into it ...  it is probably like a dog can hear sounds humans can't that sort of thing ... the speaker who would  speak for Daniel during the demonstration said that Daniel is constantly amazed that we can not duplicate what he can do without effort. The presenter mentioned that he believes that the government sets up fake institutions to help autistic or gifted people like Daniel only to make them disappear if they believe they can duplicate what Daniel can do.

« Reply #27 on: August 17, 2005, 10:58:22 AM »
Like the most famous person on earth once said " Blessed are those who believe without seeing ".
The presenter has said that if you have the plans to the device to " kick start it " you need to use your faith.
So Daniel seems to be able to feel or see the energy/electric fields and then to somehow use his will to unleash the power flow. Once it has been kick started it works forever after that. the device can power anything with 110 volts and 75 amperes  OR 220 volts and 75 amperes if I remember correctly.
In one demonstration he lit a 200 watt bulb with it and then asked if anyone was a smoker and to come up in front of the class with a cigarette ... he asked the smoker to lit up the cigarette by putting it between the end of the light bulb and his connector and it produced the fire for his cigarette.

« Reply #29 on: August 17, 2005, 11:53:15 AM »
Quote from: nikola_tesla on August 17, 2005, 10:58:22 AM
the device can power anything with 110 volts and 75 amperes OR 220 volts and 75 amperes if I remember correctly.
What kind of wires he used in his demonstrations for such powerfull energy amounts?
The small wires shown in the uploaded pictures should glow if 8 KW (110 Volt, 75 Amp) flow through them.

« Reply #30 on: August 17, 2005, 12:28:19 PM »
Hi guys, You have to understand that Daniel uses Wires for demonstrations but as he told us, he does not need any wires to conduct electricity to his devices. Simply by aiming his mind to whatever he wants to play with or to light a lamp or to run a motor he can do it. He can make a little car run just by his thought. I have seen it!  Not bad for an autistic!
Quote from: nikola_tesla on August 17, 2005, 10:58:22 AM
the device can power anything with 110 volts and 75 amperes OR 220 volts and 75 amperes if I remember correctly.
What kind of wires he used in his demonstrations for such powerfull energy amounts? The small wires shown in the uploaded pictures should glow if 8 KW (110 Volt, 75 Amp) flow through them.
excellent question the wires do NOT change and are not as thick as one would expect

true it has been said that he can mentally change the traffic light at will

« Reply #38 on: August 17, 2005, 01:03:56 PM »
Have you see the device worked while Daniel was not in the same building? Probably not.

« Reply #44 on: August 17, 2005, 02:54:22 PM »
So can he just power a 200 Watts bulb just with his loose wired coils ?
if he really could get Kilowatts out, then the possibility of fraud is not very possible...

What biggest load did you see personally ? the 200 Watts bulbs lighting up ? What biggest load in Wattage did he show in some videos ?

« Reply #45 on: August 17, 2005, 03:16:49 PM »
So can he just power a 200 Watts bulb just with his loose wired coils ?
he used one of his modules to light a single 200 Watt bulb and then someone from the audience lit his cigarette by putting it between the wire and the end of the bulb...  another minor note when he powered the bulbs using the Hydro Electric outlet it was dimmer  and more yellow that when he powered it with his module

What biggest load did you see personally ?
the electric saw was the biggest appliance he powered with one of his modules
What biggest load in Wattage did he show in some videos ?
no videos were shown ... it was all live

« Reply #47 on: August 17, 2005, 03:50:01 PM »
Hi again,
I understand people who does not believe in that kind of demonstration and i agree it is unbelievable until you have it right in front of you and also when he (Danniel) want you to be part of the experience. What he is trying to do is to transmit a little bit of himself to people who wants to learn a totally new way of manifesting the pure energy. I was there in 1992 for his demo and  i was there a few month ago and he does try to make understand how to do it. But we are somehow not ready for this and it makes him sad.
He is a hundred years ahead of our time. Just like Mr. Tesla was.  But may be in a near future we will see some of his modules coming on a market (as a toy) so the black power will not be threatened.

« Reply #53 on: August 17, 2005, 07:24:51 PM »
He did run a 3 h.p. motor and a 500 watts street lamp. He also runned an electric drill. But i do remember that when he plugged the big 500 watts  lamp to his module he could not let the lamp run to long because (may be 2 minutes) he said at that time that he could not control all the energy and his module was starting to heat.
And the module he had for that demos was made of couples little coils may be 2" high by 2" wide and the wire for the coil were around 28 or 30 gauge and may be higher.
Also he could control a toy helicopter without wire. He was using a little jar with (don't laugh to this one it is true) strawberry jam in it and a little crank on top of the lid to control the helicopter. Remember this guy is autistic and he still have a young kids heart.  Anyway this it.
Regards  Joe

« Reply #54 on: August 17, 2005, 10:52:33 PM »
interesting ... in my conference he also did not let the fairly big electric saw run for too long ... he simply let it run maybe 20-30 seconds put it off and waited for the applause to settle before continuing ...
humm this would explain why he actually used the grid socket to power the video camera ...
he filmed the whole thing for his entertainment ... he would get a laugh out of seeing everybody  freak out at his demonstrations.

« Reply #56 on: August 18, 2005, 12:15:09 AM »
Could it be, that he has hidden batteries in his 3 HP motor and in his 500 Watts lamp and the external coils are just only the shortcuts to do the contacts from the
internal batteries to the load ? So that the external coils just only connect the internal hidden batteries to the other pole of the pole ?
Then it would look like the coils would power the loads. but actually they would only conduct the current from the internal hidden batteries to the pole
of the load... Could this be or were the lamp and the 3 HP motor so small,  that bigger batteries could not have been hidden there ?
No because all the appliances were brought in by total strangers and they were all powered up.
Are these videos somewhere available to order ?
He claims he would be killed if he released any plans, photos and videos ... so not that I know of.
I find it very curious that photos are available ... I brought my digital camera and I personally asked him and he declined permission.
Stefan also it should be noted that the people present were all invited informally via friends who heard of his feats ...
he doesn't advertise anywhere except via word of mouth ... for example I would bring at least 2 - 3 friends
next time ... also after the 4 hour long demonstration we were invited to go have supper with him and ask  him any questions or just talk about anything.

Stefan Hartmann, Moderator of forum
« Reply #57 on: August 18, 2005, 12:28:30 AM »
So many appliances were brought by the visitors ? Could it be, that these were his friends and were already modified to contain batteries ?
If not, did he himself only bring in his coil-setup in a plexiglas stand, so one could not hide any batteries?
Maybe he has himself a real powerful psychokinesis, so he can direct electrical energy via his mind into these
coil spools ?

« Reply #58 on: August 18, 2005, 12:33:32 AM »
So many appliances were brought by the visitors ? Could it be, that these were his friends and were already modified to contain batteries ?
IMPOSSIBLE ... I personally knew one of them.
If not, did he himself only bring in his coil-setup in a plexiglas stand, so one could not hide any batteries?
YES ... he used to put his coils on wood many years ago and people have accused him of hiding
batteries in the wood so he changed to plexiglass
Maybe he has himself a real powerful psychokinesis, so he can direct electrical energy via his mind into these coil spools ?
YES this is a possibility ... I could go on telling you all other things he claims to be able to do
but you would NEVER believe it unless you saw what I saw.

« Reply #63 on: August 18, 2005, 01:07:25 PM »
You are right Nikolas he is mistrustfull, he trusts women more than men. At one of his demo i was with my girl friend and after we gathered and he passed almost the rest of the afternoon talking with her. He feel confident with women cause he did not have a good  experience with men since they locked him up and gave him bad treatments like electro-shocks, ect.  He said that women would learn how to work with energy faster than men because they are more sensitive.
Now,  again this guy does not cheat how can you hide a big battery under a vest to run a motor, lamp or little race car (i don't think AC battery does exist anyway). This guy is humble and he is still a kid in his heart and for him since he is young he would like to help this world. And i hope in a near future he will be able to walk into Montreal or any other places without having a gun pointing at him. Yes he has been shot at while he was in a car near Montreal but he was not hurt. Like Nikolas said: It not easy communicating with him cause he is autistic and also because he has to hide himself all the time. Dr Robert Adams from New Zealand who invented the free energy motor-generator also had his life Threatened because he wanted to helped this world.   Sad,sad,sad world...

« Reply #69 on: August 21, 2005, 10:08:55 AM »
Hi all,  I did some research on psi phenomenons. What I have found is not directly related to free energy but is so amazing that I have to post it:
After you watched these videos Daniel´s powers should not surprise you anymore !
The first one with the coin can hardly be a fake.

« Reply #70 on: August 21, 2005, 04:13:51 PM »
Hi Markus,
Thanks for you link. I looked at some videos very quickly and they look like cheap tricks to be honest with you.
Daniel is way above anything they had on video.
Daniel drew an an electric circuit in 5 seconds on a plain piece of paper using a simple pen and made it work in front of my eyes and ears.

« Reply #73 on: August 22, 2005, 06:08:07 PM »
sort of ... he demonstrated in front of the class that he could cause a radio to make distorting sounds when he rubbed the circuit drawn on a piece of paper ... he claimed that he is able to draw a cell phone  on paper and use it to make REAL calls ... sounds crazy but after seeing his demonstrations live you would  be its possible for him.

« Reply #75 on: August 22, 2005, 08:52:29 PM »
incredible stuff ... sounds crazy unless you witness such things there is no way people can believe it ... when he was making distortion sounds he was doing it 4 feet from my eyes and I was focusing on his fingers and they moved in PERFECT syncronization with the distortion made on the radio ... it was claimed that he can speak into the paper and make his voice come out of the radio speakers amongst other claims ... when asked why he didn't do it we were told that in the past he has been attacked by people who flipped out seeing such things believing he was using the devil or something to do it.

« Reply #77 on: September 28, 2005, 08:53:36 AM »
I have looked at various pictures of his wires stuff.
First question if there was a witness :
The easiest one has 1 wire connected between the batteriers to the motor, and the second wire has a spiral and is wireless : Did the motor run this way ? Or was it just to show it's not working with a battery ?
Quick guess, isn't it possible to transmitt electricity to the wires through induction ? Or through hertzian waves which transmit electricity too (like watching TV through antenna, not by cable) ?
May be the wires are tuned to receive hertzian waves and its electricity, or there is some kind of induction (maybe an inductive hoven) to transmit the electricity.
I'm not trying to debunk Daniel, but perhaps can he feel those waves and yet tune his wires accordingly.

« Reply #78 on: October 01, 2005, 03:47:25 PM »
Of course it would be possible. You could also use a Tesla-Transformer to do that.
But to get a 120V chainsaw to work as shown in one of his demonstrations you need a lot of power. The television tower next to me has an output power of 500kW! If I would tune to one of his frequencies it would only be able to power a small lightbulb or sth. like that.
And remember one of his demonstrations had an audience full of electrical engineers. They would have recognized the fraud immediately.
Hope this helps.

« Reply #85 on: February 22, 2007, 08:21:50 PM »
Hello,  I live near St-Bruno and i have seen Daniel Pomerleau twice ( by the way his name is not Pomerlou but Pomerleau)
The only thing i can say is: This guy does amazing things and for the skeptic guys well you have to be there to see what he can do with a coil of wires that power bulbs or a drill or other utilities that require higher power. This guy has not limits concerning the power he can created.

« Reply #102 on: March 15, 2007, 07:03:34 PM »
I saw Daniel Pomerleau demonstrates about 3 times now and I know personaly his "legal guardian" and family for many years... even them they still don't know how he really makes thoses.
(please forgive my english)
What to say...
1. He is a young child mind in a old body.
2. He can put is "will" or what ever you call that in object...
3. He can do every thing... but he mainly do "toys" that demonstrate free-energy.
4. Yon can't really talk to him... (mental age of a child)
5. Him self don't know "How" he do those thing.
6. His child spirit is obsessed to convince the world he's right (with free-energy)
7. I have test is devices with friends on 3 occasions (we are Mechanical and Electric Engineer and Technician) nothing mush to say... It work but we can't tell how... What we can tell :
a) Electricity seem "appear" sometime in a midle of a wire or a switch or a coil.
b) "NO" logic there (no 3d logic)
    - exemple: no battrey, no coil, one switch, one wire, one little flashlight light, on a plestiglass. (please see pictures... link at the bottom of the page).
One side of wire was welded to the switch (only one side of the switch was used) the other side of the wire was welded to "only" one side of the flashlight light.
When the switch is at "on" position the motor run... when the switch is at "off" position the motor stop. The wire was about 6" long (no plastic over) copper.
the electricity simply seem "appear" in the switch. nothing mush to say.
8. is projects are made with all kind off stuff (even noodles !) but maindly hand made coils.
9. In all is project, electricity was turn off if we take out a part of the whole. like a noodles.
10. Many Watt of power...
11. I brought my personal drill... I plug it to one of his device (PS he make all is devices on a plestiglass... no place to hide battery).. with two 100 Watts light bulb... the lights was "wery bright" and my drill to max speed (with some load)...
12. "His Electricity" is safe for human body. He put he tongue many time between the terminals... nothing happen... my drill + 200 watts light was still runing.
13. I hate this kind of presentation.
14. It simply impossible to reproduce it.
this kind of "mental power" cannot be reproduced… and I don't even know if it is possible for someone to learn it...
please look those images... (Pictures and video are usally prohibite) :
under "Daniel Pomerleau Demonstration Photos (593 KB Zip File)"
If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to contact me,
Luc Corriveau
Québec, Canada

« Reply #103 on: April 03, 2007, 02:25:51 AM »
Hello to all.
As I indicated I would be at the April 1st 2007 demonstration given by Mr. Daniel Pomerleau, and so I was. And truly, nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed during this magnificent 3 hour presentation on self running electric systems.
I went in with my DC ammeter and my trusty compass to detect the slightest magnetic field and with a rampant determination to find the source of his trickery. Someone else came in with his magnetic field meter which was a very sophisticated hand held device that gives out accurate readings. Someone else had a regular volt meter. We were about 50 people in all.
What I should have had was a whole arsenal of instruments in a sealed room with capabilities to do hyper magnetic sensing, Kirilian photography, body scan and an endless host of other devices, but for what. What can we really understand from this child minded adult of 51 years, that does not have a culpable bone in his body, that sees only the good in his fellow man, that can't even understand what a joke is or what sarcasm is, and who, since age 12 was marveled by his inborn power to control electricity and to put electrical power into unplugged, unconnected electrical objects.
There is nothing on this earth that can prepare you for such an event, as simple as it was, as non glamorous as it was, as low key on the intellectual end as it was, as crude as it was because of those around him not having the polished academic words or gestures. Beyond all this external criteria that one with ample knowledge of the world and of its workings would expect, there was such a simple, honest and direct exposure of a power in man that we all have, but have lost to our other senses and our mind. There was also the open obvious fact that his surrounding help could never accumulate individually or as a group, enough technical and instrumental expertise to cause all these phenomena to happen using trickery. This is not a David Copperfield. This is straight forward, open, no tricks, amazing and worth seeing once in your life.
Mr. Pomerleau is an example of how humans could have evolved. But the way we live and think, it would be like if all humans weighed 1000 pounds each and he would be trying to show us how to high jump. We are so far into our minds, craving the concrete, looking for the obvious, that we will never be able to use his power for human kind. But that's OK.
Now don't get me wrong. He is not God, he is not a Messiah, he is not Allah or Jesus returned. He is just an autistic 51 year old adult with 40 years experience in child mind control over electric power. If we were in 1000 BC, we would probably make a huge statute of him and call him Daniel, the God of Electricity. One of his lines was, Man has discovered his science, but has neglected his conscience.
So what did I see, I'll save this for tomorrows post since I think until now, I still have to digest what I have witnessed. Now I'll go back to my mad scientists laboratory and continue tinkering with my next invention. Something we humans can use now, while I dream of the Pomerleau world of tomorrow were all will have enough, all the time. Oh yeh.
No way. There is nothing under neath, over neath or even inside neath.

Stefan Hartmann, Moderator of forum
« Reply #104 on: April 03, 2007, 03:43:48 AM »
Hi Wattsup, many thanks for the first new report.
If he really puts his tongue between the the hot poles, then it is no DC but very high frequency AC = Radio Frequency  power .
This should be able to being detected with small neon bulbs.
Did anybody take new pictures or videos at this event ?
How does he look alike ?
What age does he seem to be, if you say, he  is still a child at 54 ? Is he like 10 years old or younger or older ?
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

« Reply #108 on: August 03, 2007, 04:22:46 PM »
Stefan asked me to make a review of my visit to Daniels' demonstration to follow-up on my first post of my visit there.
Well, you have seen all the photos of open coils, half-hazardously wound and connected with so many others, all mounted on Plexiglass to show there was  nothing else connected, showing small dc motors turning small propellers. All in all the demonstration went through a myriad of these devices, all made in the same general method, no batteries, no exterior connections, no visible or measurable source of constant energy, but regardless, these devices turned on and off seemingly at the will of Daniel.
I was called to the front of the hall several times to measure amperage. Some readings were as follows;
Module #3: 8.6 vdc 2.3 amps
Module #6: 7.7 vdc 4.2 amps
Module #7: Started with mind control. I held the circuit in my hands while he turned it on and the although the on/off switch did not move. He did it from about 3 feet away with his hand held above our heads as if he was reaching into another dimension in space to control the switch. Very weird.
Module #9: 17 vdc 14.5 amps
Also, I held a small dc motor in my hand with just a small 3 inch length of twisted wire leading from each motor terminal to nowhere. Just open circuit. He turned the motor on while it was in my hands. The motor had no obvious manipulation marks such as unbent and re bent end pins, etc. Right out of my hand.
I could go on and on since the demo lasted three hours. But in general, this is it.
He also powered a hand drill, radio and some other devices.
Module #10 was one of his larger devices in the same set-up was producing 185 volts and lit a 100 watt bulb. He also put his tongue on the leads and did not get a shock, plus he lit a cigarette with the leads sparking when held together like a spark gap. Amazing.
So that's it. I do not want to get more heavily involved in Daniels' feats of amazement since that is what they are and there is no point to pursue this since you or I will NEVER be able to take advantage of his gift.
One last thing. The whole event was video taped by a woman who was centrally installed on a higher table located in the back of the room. Her camera was pointed to Daniel filming the whole demo. I did not think to ask to view the video or inspect the video camera at the end of the demo and this, in my view, is the only piece left unturned.
The only possibility of trickery could be the video camera was not really a video camera but a static gun or beam of some type that is concentrated and always aimed at or around Daniel. Is it possible that a video camera could be faked to emit some type of beam that hits the Plexiglass and that induces an electrical current therein. This is the only question I have unanswered. Maybe a microwave gun. I am saying this because they said they always video tape the events but they offer no video for sale. So what's the point.
Anyways, I would forget this as there is no OU answer for humanity here. Only a quagmire and potential waste of time and energy although a very deep curiosity indeed. Something like seeing the Elastic Man or the Hairy Woman at any good circus.

« Reply #109 on: January 02, 2008, 07:52:56 PM »
Anyways, I would forget this as there is no OU answer for humanity here. Only a quagmire and potential waste of time and energy although a very deep curiosity indeed. Something like seeing the Elastic Man or the Hairy Woman at any good circus.
I  would love to see  Daniel  in one of his  demos.
It seems   that this  group has  written him off as a waste of time , as a   entertaining   side show .
There is no  OU here?    There is NOTHING  but  OU  there.
The  fact that you  can't reproduce  it  means nothing.
What  Daniel  shows people is  simply another way of  doing things.
I have  read posts here that  imply that   EE  education is  a kind of brainwashing . I have to agree .
Daniel is   simply a person that has not  been  brainwashed  AT ALL. At least not as far as energy  goes.
He  tried to explain how it works
Do you know  how to have faith ?
Do you know how observe  something without  using your  head?
We are taught that intelectual   thinking is the  holy  grail , the way to solve all problems .
It is not .
Tesla   could  see how  things were going to work before he  built them.
The man that Built  Coral Castle; moved those  huge stones with his mind.
Daniel  can make  things run . .
None of  us  have it all .
We all have our own limitations.
Daniels  limitations are as clear as his  powers;.
The  question is what  do we learn from him?
Personally  I  don't  see humanity  ever catching  up with  people like Tesla  , as  long  as  we stick mostly  to the EE mentality.
Newton  among  others   changed the  world   .
His  findings  have been taught  as  absolute  fact  for  many years.
The  universe that Newton  showed us  is a dead  universe.
In Newtons  universe even life itself  is   just  a sting of mindless events  unwinding.
The  universe it NOT  dead .
There is a non physical  consciousness that is the basis for ALL physical things.
This consciousness in motion  is  the basis for  what we call energy.
All  physical matter is  then  created from this energy.
Another   way to say this is  ......  there is nothing in  the universe that is not  God.
The  way  to  get closer to  understanding  how Daniel does what he does is by  accepting that  life is more than we  have been taught.
Much of what we have been taught   in effect  keeps us  focused on our  current limitations and the limitations of those   that taught  us.
People like  Daniel  could be showing us   how  we ALL could live someday .
If  Daniel  can   manipulate energy  ,  others can learn to  do it too.
Can I  manipulate energy like  Daniel ?
Like  everyone  else here I have  to many limatations   in that area .
I  do understand  what we  said about needing  faith.
I also understand   what me meant  when he said it wouldn't work if you think about it to much.
Would it  help  people  understand  what  Daniel  does by   trying to  replicate what he makes ?
No.  His  devices work because he  chooses  for them to work.
He  could just as easly  make  things run with NO  wires at all .
You  could say  that there is no  possable  OU to be found here.
You  could also say that there is NOTHING  but OU .
Tesla   saw that  we are living in an endless see of energy. He was  blacklisted   for trying to  bring that  reality to humanity .
The  groups that  blacklisted Tesla   made  a point  to influence   the academic  world. OU concepts have been  treated like a  disease  ever sense.

« Reply #111 on: January 02, 2008, 10:09:43 PM »
I understand completely what you are saying. I had one of his DC motors in my hand connected to nothing and it was turning full speed. Daniel even shut it off from a distance of about 4 feet away from me, then turned it on again.
The guy is a charm of a nice young minded man. I cannot answer as to how he does it. I only know he is not allowed to divulge how he is doing it. It could be faith.
But my aim was to witness and report an event in the manner that we at OU would expect one to do so under given circumstances. No recorder, no video, no photo. Just meters and sketch pad. The bottom line is yes it is something remarkable, but so are many other guys doing tricks. It's always remarkable until you know how it works. At OU we "try" to keep a clear head and concentrate on the value this has for humanity. Him trying to show us or explain to us how it works, if it is in the realm of the supernatural phenomena, would be like trying to show an elephant how to fly. Pointless. So the value for OU in the world as far as I can ascertain at this stage is nil, zero.
With over 5 billion people on this rock, there is bound be be many aberrations and in my view Daniel is one of the top on the list.
If you are ever in the Montreal area, find out when the next demo is by contacting Mr. Pierre Fecteau at;
From: "Pierre Fecteau" <>
I know there was one recently but I could not make it for that date. There will be others.

« Reply #116 on: January 03, 2008, 05:08:51 AM »
Quote from: not_a_mib on January 03, 2008, 03:03:18 AM
Does Daniel suffer any aftereffects from performing these demos, especially the higher-wattage ones?  This might reveal whether he generates the energy (metabolism [1]) or channels or directs energy from the surroundings. If the energy is metabolic, it might make a really good way to burn off those excess calories.  (1 kilowatt load = 0.239 large-calories per second)  This would tend to make one really tired and hungry afterwards. If the energy is obtained from the thermal, zero-point, etc energy from the immediate surroundings, slight cooling of the demo area or other effects might show up.  If the source is something non-local such as the power of Ulyaoth [2], heating of the demo area is likely.

I  can only answer this   from  my understanding  of  what is  going on.
The  short  answer is  No   he doesn't   have any  afteraffects ......   I am basing that on  the fact that he  has  been able to do it   sense he was a young child  and  still doesn't  really  understand  HOW  he does it.     It is just  something he can do .  My  closest  experiences  to what he  does  would  be what I call lightwork .     Working  directly  with  energy of the mind and higher mind.
When lightwork is done right  , there is nothing  physical about it at all . It is simply   your physical mind  interacting  with  what  is  sometimes called the aether.
1.  Star Wars freaks will claim that mitochondrial activity generates the Force as well as converting ADP to ATP.  (In best Yoda voice) "To the bulb light, you must feel the Force flowing through you!"
I  think  they used  a  similar name  in starwars .......a mitocondrial is the actual  part of the cell that   stores  energy .
The  first  3 starwars movies   were   almost like a lightwork  class .    much of what  they  said  about the force is  true for lightwork.   The last  3   had almost nothing  related to lightwork.

« Reply #117 on: January 03, 2008, 05:36:29 AM »
Quote from: wattsup on January 03, 2008, 05:04:51 AM
One of the craziest panels was the one with four switches and four loads. Each switch controls only one of the loads. But look at the circuit.

I think  you  could say that  that panel works on the  plecibo  effect .    There is no way it can  actually do anything .   but  apparently  if you truly  believe it can .......then  it does.

« Reply #118 on: January 03, 2008, 05:38:15 AM »
Its more a magic show, no OU there, he his the INput Smiley

Re: Daniel Pomerlou demonstrates free-energy
« Reply #119 on: January 03, 2008, 05:57:11 AM »
Quote from: TheOne on January 03, 2008, 05:38:15 AM
Its more a magic show, no OU there, he his the INput Smiley
I agree that  he is the input .........and  it is more like magic than science .
Does that mean that it is not OU ?
Lets see ..........he inputs  a thought .......and   what he chooses to  run  starts running .
I am not  sure  how  to measure  the  input of  his  brain cells .........but I am pretty  sure that how ever   you measure them  he  is  getting  nearly  infinite  return   on his   input. .
You have no idea how to explain it
Or  even  how to study it .
Does that mean that  it is  not  OU
Isn't  this   if I don't understand it  it isn't real attitude  something we are trying to  get past here?

« Reply #120 on: January 03, 2008, 07:37:21 AM »
G'day Wattsup,
Reminds me very much of one of George de la Warr's radionics boxes.
Hans von Lieven

« Reply #122 on: January 03, 2008, 05:39:17 PM »
I think that you could be interested to this:

« Reply #123 on: January 03, 2008, 09:19:28 PM »
Regarding the 3 pdf files in French submitted by Scorpio. My understanding of french is poor, about 60%. These files seem to show an examination of the apparatus, but I don't See the name Pomerlou  Actually mentioned. Also several of these circuits contain batteries, which is not in agreement with with witness accounts. The third file appears to reach the conclusion that the apparatus is a fraud, and contains hidden wires. Could someonewith good French confirm or deny what I have said. My knowledge of French is just what I picked up whilst working in Europe as a truck driver.

« Reply #124 on: January 03, 2008, 09:37:37 PM »
Hello, I have read these Article.
The first 2 documents, mean that 2 easiest devices were checked.
Have  no Frauds to show, but that this does not correspond to the rules of physics,
a differently institute has probably looked so FRAUDS and claims to have
found concealed connections with MAGNIFYING GLASS (drawing! No photo!)
(I belive THIS PAPER IST THE onlyiest FRAUD!!) That people must not try longer
to experimenting , with this devices)
ONLY this is not right in my opinion, because Daniel used only single pol switch
 and not like in the "proof" drawn 2 pol around switch

« Reply #128 on: January 04, 2008, 01:50:54 AM »
Hi all, I have one more old saved document about Daniel. Also in French language.
* DanielX.doc (1016 KB - downloaded 25 times.)

« Reply #129 on: January 04, 2008, 03:46:25 AM »
I read about Daniel some years ago. Did not realize he gave demonstrations. This shows me some credibility. I am showing my esoteric side but it would not be much of a supprise to me if it was his consciousness that energized his circuits. I suppose William Tiller would call it psychoenergetics:
Princeton shows how consciousness effects their EGGs in a global way:
Then you can take it a step further and take a look at the Isaac Drone information: There he gets into how they figured the alien antigravity devices worked by thought. The beings would merely focus their attention on the hieroglyphs on the machine and through some sort of exotic nanotech the machine would provide the correct response.
Although I would hate to see Daniel used as a lab rat but it would be interesting to know if he possess an advancement in his genes or perhaps he has a higher brain wave activity. Maybe a safer solution would be someone else using their own psychoenergetics to try to energise his circuits under a double blind system.
For someone to put together coils like that which respond to his thoughts perhaps it is like he is channeling with a higher entity or maybe a higher 'self' when he is building these circuits.
Anyway just some 'thoughts' as I find this stuff fascinating. I believe we may be heading down this path some day in the future. We are over due for a new paradym in my opinion. Smiley
Take care.

« Reply #134 on: January 06, 2008, 08:03:07 PM »
@hansvonliev. regarding your reference to the radionics box. As a kid I came from a poor family. I had a few books on radio from a junk shop. Buying components was beyond our means, and nobody had anything to throw away, so there was very little "Junk". I remember collecting a few bits and pieces and some wire, and connecting them in a sort of random circuit to see what would happen. Perhaps some of you did the same?  If only we had had FAITH..;topic=393.0;attach=16011;topic=393.0;attach=16012;topic=393.0;attach=16013


Femi Fischer
( 2008 )

This is a functional analysis of Daniel Pomerleau's devices. The author thinks that IF Pomerleau's devices work as stated, this could lead to new technologies. This document is public.

The author thinks that substantially all the devices of Daniel Pomerleau can be understood in a more or less simple way. I will try to give answers to various question about Pomerleau's phenomenon.

Q1) Where does the energy come from?
A1) The energy STARTS from Daniel himself. He produces biological Tesla coil effects. And, this is not the only case in the history: probably Testatika's Baumann too had some electrical powers (in a sense, EM experimentation for them could be easier).

Q2) Why the energy remains in the system after Daniel energizes it?
A2) In nature exists an energy amplification mechanism that can 'lock' the electromagnetic machine status after Pomerleau's 'kickstart' (and it is an auto-igniting positive feedback, so it could be the cause of Daniel's powers too). More informations about this topic here. Baumann's Testatika used speculatively this mechanism to 'lock' the machine once started, and he found a way to 'kickstart' the RLC net when you turn the disks.

Q3) How Daniel's devices work, then?
A3) We could see Daniel's devices as a random RLC topological net. In this random topological net, you can have energy reservoir effect and antenna effect. Where you have good antenna or cable impedance coupling you have good energy transfer to or from the system.

Q4) What about the phsychic control?
A4) I can tell you that I have a tester and I can produce several millivolts simply moving about my tester. This is due to induction effects of the body which contains water and iron and more electromagnetic significant components. The body is constantly electromagnetically coupled to these devices (think about RF TX-RX) and every slight movement or electrical condition variation can influence the devices.

Q5) How can I 'kickstart' those devices myself then?
A5) The system must be energized first to be locked after. The 'kickstart' energy can be any energy that can properly stimulate the RLC circuit, like EM kicks or voltage contact kicks on nodes.

Q6) Why doesn't Daniel suffer elecrical shock when he touches the terminals?
A6) It depends on ohm's law and on frequency. Especially, a simple thin cable works as a low-pass filter due to skin effect. Moreover, I suspect that most of the energy is produced directly INSIDE the electrical appliance, due to strong EM induction. The DC current flows when you create closed circuits with lowest resistance in an geometro-electromagnetical coupled polarized environment; AC current flows also on coupled open circuits, but with lowest resistance.

Q7) How can we have DC from AC amplification component stimulation?
A7) Look here.

Q8) How does that strange apparatus ELEMENT#5 work?
A8) It's a matter of selective antenna coupling.

Q9) What can be the applications of this technology?
A9) Medicine, transportation, space propulsion and colonization, and more. It depends on the attitude of the people who uses it.

Q10) Has any useful calculation been made?
A10) The fluid coupling magnetic amplification component efficiency calculation (see here ) has been expressed through R L C and Vmax values in a simplified RLC net, to be applied in technological systems (Testatika, TPU, MEG, etc.):

A Possible Explanation For The Operation Of Spooky Tech Devices Based As Far As Possible On Conventional Physical Theory

By Mark A. Solis

( Shreveport, Louisiana )

The various devices pictured on the preceding page at all show clear evidence of "violating" known circuit laws, such as those
available from the link to which list is representative of the considerations which must be applied
to any sort of conventional circuit analysis.

Having established by observation that the devices are functioning in what may be termed an "impossible" mode (at least at first glance), we are now faced with a dilemma: either (1) we must accept that conventional theory is somehow wrong, despite massive experience to the contrary, or (2) we must uncover an explanation that is in accord with known theory,
although exactly what theory that is initially might be quite unclear.

The only other alternative would be to accept the supernatural on its face, without further discussion.  However, (1) that would not be acceptable to many people of science, and (2) it isn't necessarily the answer (although it could be, but we should investigate the matter first).

The Available Facts

A list of the available facts is found on the following link:

From the point of view of the circuit laws as given above, the salient observations from the list of available facts are these:

(1) the devices are of haphazard construction (but all have coils);

(2) the devices have one or more significant open connections;

(3) the devices have no hidden power sources or batteries (but note that one does use 2 "D" cells, which nonetheless are basically "connected to nothing," in conventional terms)

(4) the devices are scaleable (more and bigger coils, more power);

(5) the devices present no shock hazard;

(6) the devices are "programmable" to quit working after a predetermined period of time;

(7) the devices can respond to thought command of various users (though not all users, interestingly).

The most relevant circuit laws being violated are those laws pertaining to a closed loop circuit: Ohm's Law, Joule's Law, Kirchoff's Mesh Law, etc.  According to ordinary theory, a working circuit must be a complete loop of some sort.  For steady-state or "DC" circuits, this means that there must be a complete circuit loop --- no exceptions. For "transient" or "AC" circuits, there must be a complete circuit loop through each of two or more magnetically-coupled inductors. Without a complete circuit loop, these laws presume that a circuit cannot function.

Observations (1), (2) and (3) above clearly violate these laws.

Before proceeding to the next consideration, however, we should note that Kirchoff's Nodal Law is not being violated, except in consideration of the Superposition Theorem, for which a complete circuit loop (or mesh) is again required.

Next, the thermodynamical laws are being not just "violated," but flatly thrown out the proverbial window.  Even those devices having no batteries at all nonetheless appear to be producing significant power "from out of nowhere."  Tests for microwave radiation or other "invisible" power sources were conducted, but to no avail.

Observation (3) clearly violates the thermodynamical laws.

Yet, we must realize something: proper statement of the first and second laws of thermodynamics begins with the prepositional conditional, "For a closed system, ...."  What this means for us is that we are dealing with some kind of an open system, although we still have the circuit law violations to consider.

Next, it is interesting to note that the devices are scaleable. Here, in the very midst of an apparent contravention of science, we encounter a perfectly normal expectation: namely, that bigger devices, with more and bigger coils, produce more power.  This again suggests that we are dealing with some sort of [open] system that, despite its violation of the circuit laws, might be explainable in understandable terms.

Observation (4) above states plainly that the devices are scaleable, just like any "normal" system.

The absence of a shock hazard is remarkable, but not an utterly unknown phenomenon.  Current research, notably by T. E. Bearden and others, has revealed that it is possible for electric circuits to somehow transfer energy (hence produce power) in a fashion that superficially does not appear to involve charge movement in the physical circuit as
we would normally think of it.  This phenomenon can be attributed to a break in the charge-mass coupling, and is associated with certain
modes of circuit conduction that might allow the creation of "room temperature superconductors."

Observation (5) above suggests that possibly these devices are behaving as room-temperature superconductors.

The "programmability" of the devices has not been described in any detail, so a proper analysis is unlikely.  Nonetheless, it would appear that this "programmability factor" is not readily visible in the circuits, and hence probably is some function of the inventor's own mind (see my subsequent speculations, below).

The observed fact that the devices can respond to thought command by various users again indicates that something about the human mind is important.

In summary, we have devices that (1) operate in violation of ciruit laws, (2) operate in violation of thermodynamical laws for closed systems, (3) operate in accord with Kirchoff's Nodal Law,
(4) are scaleable like normal systems, (5) behave as room-temperature superconductors, and (6) respond to mental "programming" and "thought commands."

The circuit law violations are still a problem at this point, but other factors are beginning to come into focus: for example, the violation of the thermodynamical laws indicates we are dealing with
an open system; compliance with Kirchoff's Nodal Law while violating the Mesh Law indicates non-planar circuit couplings of unknown nature; scaleability suggests a consistent operational framework of unknown nature; room-temperature superconduction indicates some sort of interesting effect on particle spins; and "thought control" of the devices indicates a form of quantum entanglement with living systems (namely, the experimenters) that recently has been given a great deal of attention in experiments involving spin couplings at a distance, replicated in laboratories around the world.

Preliminary Resolutions

With the information now in hand, we can begin to attempt to resolve the issues presented by these "Spooky Tech" devices.

First of all, the circuit law violations might be addressed by a solution to the problem of the non-planar circuit couplings with which the devices obey Kirchoff's Nodal Law but not the Mesh Law.
Presumably, these couplings likely will prove to involve energies of a non-obvious nature, and might relate to the effects on the spins of the conductors and components that result in the behavior
of the devices as room-temperature superconductors.

Secondly, the fact that we are dealing with an open (or non-thermodynamical) system  means that we must look for a power source that is "off the board," as well as non-conventional (recall that
initial searches for such power sources revealed nothing). We will consider this point further, later on in the essay.

Third, the fact that we are dealing with a non-planar circuit (in spite of the apparently planar physical construction) seems to indicate "off the board" couplings which may relate directly to the
source of power, which also is "off the board."  (This is a case of a somewhat obtuse application of the old adage, "Birds of a feather flock together."  We already know that the source of power is located somewhere off the board, so the non-planar couplings obviously might be "somewhere nearby" the source of power, so to speak.)

Fourth, scaleability in and of itself is an indication that whatever allows these devices to operate is, in some sense, a consistent system.  This is to say that whatever "it" is, it is
not chaotic.  Some sort of orderly, usable, understandable framework is suggested by the property of scaleability.  Moreover, linearity of some sort also is suggested, or at least possible.

Fifth, room-temperature superconductivity is a clear and unequivocal indication of some sort of spin alignment taking place at the atomic level (i.e., interatomic spin couplings are being
affected), or even the particle level (i.e., individual particle spins are being affected without regard to atomic structure, etc.). This opens the door to so many possibilities for everything from
gravitational and inertial phenomena (think "the Overhauser Effect," especially as used by Dr. Frederick Alzofon, et al) and hence space-time phenomena, to couplings to the quantum vacuum (think "Zero Point Energy" here), that it seems we must be on the right track, at least in the investigative sense.  (We find ourselves dealing with "possibilities", instead of impossibilities.)

Finally, the thought-control factor goes back to the idea of quantum entaglement with living systems.  One should note that in the laboratory experiments mentioned, the thoughts of the people
performing the experiments both determined the outcomes, and apparently provided the energy to produce those outcomes, whether acting as power sources, or merely as conduits for some other source of power.

We are now ready to tackle the problem of explaining the operation of these "Spooky Tech" devices --- and may we all learn something in the process.

Let The Speculation Begin

As for myself personally, it appears that the devices are not half as interesting as the inventor.  This is not to say that there is nothing about the devices that is of interest, however.  Even so, the available facts, and the subsequent observations just made, seem to me to suggest that it is the inventor who is far more interesting than anything that he has built.

Just look at what we have: (1) non-planar circuit couplings of an unknown nature; (2) an unknown source of power; (3) scaleability (and hence order); (4) room-temperature superconduction (indicating spin alignment phenomena, space-time and zero-point phenomena, etc.); and (5) quantum entaglement with living systems.  Items 2 and 5 (and hence 4) point directly to the inventor.

But what about the devices?  Well...they are clearly outputs. The thing is, it would appear that the inventor is the "input."

A Trial Explanation -- Not Set In Stone

Allow me to begin by explaining my views of certain aspects of living systems (that is, us) that I think bear on the solution to this problem of the "Spooky Tech" devices.

We have senses with which we interact with the physical world. This physical world, in turn, can be described as a sort of "mass-energy hologram."  (See a book entitled, "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot.)  Our senses provide us with a map of the universe not only as it is, but how it unfolds: our sense of "time."  This, in turn, provides us with "memory."

I would note, however, that "memory" is not something we store in our brains, or our body cells, as many think.  Rather, we are "storing" a space-time map of our sensory input, and the universe itself IS our memory, exactly as we experience it.  Simply put, using the most dense possible method of data storage, namely binary, we do not have enough atoms in our brains to remember even a few days worth of experiences.  Yet, laboratory studies confirm time and again that we remember everything we experience.

Hence, we have a quantum-level space-time linkage in our brains and bodies.  (Recent experiments have revealed that "memory phenomena" are associated with our individual organs and tissues.  Specifically, this has been observed with transplant patients studied for the express purpose of determining how "cellular-level memory" works.)

Now, the world as we experience it is this mass-energy hologram that we, through our genetically-designed construction, turn into the mental images we see, hear, smell, taste, etc.  The world is, in that sense, exactly what we believe it is---at least "in our heads."

But what if there were an "extra coupling" through our DNA, that did not rely on our thoughts driving our limbs, feet and hands to change the world around us?  What if quantum entaglement gave us the proverbial "extra channel" to affect the world we see by the power of thought alone?  (Imagine thought merely as the organizing principle, and the power source being the quantum vacuum, channeled somehow through scalar field couplings with our DNA, then coupled to the outside world through ordinary quantum entanglement.  Be sure to see the relevant links in the bibliography at the bottom of this page.)

This is what I think is happening with the inventor of these "Spooky Tech" devices.  HE envisions the devices; HE builds them; HE knows what he wants them to do; and the devices respond not by the circuit laws or thermodynamics, but by the structure of the quantum entaglement by which the inventor causes the devices to work.

This being the case, we would expect to see exactly what is being observed: an unknown power source, non-planar circuit operation in violation of the other circuit laws, compliance with Kirchoff's nodal law while violating the mesh law, and so forth.  Even thought control would be in evidence.

And so it is.

One further point: I would predict that upon the inventor's death (someday, and hopefully not soon), all of his devices will cease to function, since it appears likely that he is an integral
part of their ability to function.

May he live a long and happy life.

So---What Now?

A complete understanding of this phenomenon properly should come from a physiological study of the DNA, brain structure, and other such factors, of the inventor himself, rather than further study of his devices.  In essence, the devices are for him no more than psionic icons through which power is flowing as directed by him, whether he does so consciously or otherwise.  The devices, without their link to the inventor by conception, assembly, and the imagining by the inventor of their functioning, would simply be ordinary devices dependent on ordinary circuit laws, and hence would not work.  But, because HE imagined them, HE built them, HE touched them, and HE pictured them in his mind as working devices, THEY WORK.

A complete study of the inventor, medically speaking, would consist of nothing more than some DNA printing, standard blood tests, a few X-rays, and perhaps some PET/MRI scans conducted
while he is "inventing something."

Specially designed tests utilizing orthogonal fields and scalar potentials should give especially interesting results. In particular, since the A-field is directly relevant to the Bergman charge-ring/pinch-force structure of atomic particles (since A = curl B, where B is the magnetic field), a study of that particular field with the inventor should be especially fruitful.

The results should give some indication of useful data to find how he channels power from his mind to his devices. This discovery, however, should remind us of a certain movie named
"Forbidden Planet."  The salient quote is: "...monsters...from the id...."

Once we learn what DNA formation allows us to channel the power of space-time and the zero-point field in such a fashion, there's no turning back.

Caution is advised.

An Epilogue, Of Sorts

I am reminded of an old Star Trek episode, where a group of orphaned children took over the Enterprise.  They were led by a "Gorgon," who would appear to them whenever they chanted the
following verse:

Hail, hail,
Fire and snow,
Call the Angel,
We will go,
Far away,
For to see,
Friendly Angel
Come to me.

And the Gorgon would appear, and tell them, "As you believe, so shall you do."

This inventor's natural power is the key to exactly that.  But don't forget the lesson of Morbius....

Mark A. Solis
Sheveport, Louisiana
~5:25 PM CST
Friday, March 3, 2006


1.  The Bergman Particle Model: A charge-ring/pinch-force model of subatomic particles.

2.  The Vector A-Field Potential: A direct linkage to the Bergman form of subatomic particles and the A-derived force (F = k grad dA/dt).

3.  The Zero Point (Quantum Vacuum) Energy.

4.  The Quantum Vacuum (Zero Point) Energy.

5.  Basic Technical Information About DNA (WikiPedia).

6.  Information About Brainwaves (The Crossroads Institute).

7.  Information About Brainwaves (WikiPedia, with additional links).

8.  Quantum Entanglement (WikiPedia, with additional links).

The Curious Electrical Assemblies of Daniel X [ Pomerleau ].

In the space of one month, several readers have asked if we had more information about the curious small electrical assemblies of Daniel X.

We are sorry but we have no news since that time (October 17, 1999) where we have posted this information on our basic site ( in "systems with no moving parts" we chose 4 photos)

It is likely that the small batch of photos in which we had drawn no longer circulating on the web now, so we publish all: it is a thin material but if it can satisfy our readers ...

Since the publication of this page we have received 18 January 2005, a letter from a witness.

His story (that we can finally put online after the long interruption due to the prolonged maintenance of our host) is given later, after the photos.
One of our correspondents has been a demonstration and said there was no trick, but the results obtained with these few pieces of wire coils were very annoying for someone who has knowledge of electricity!

Presumably, according to some witnesses, it would have occurred after certain treatments (probably wrong) that special services would have been subjected to. However, all those who met him agree that he communicates very well, and even likes a joke. Daniel X is under guardianship, but the role of guardian of this young man is apparently not easy in light of the threats against him.

The photos on the Internet appear to be a good reflection of the film as evidenced by those who saw the video and also people who attended the experiences we have encountered. The electrical and electronics engineers are particularly puzzled because, equipped with its mounting Summary yarn on bottle neck and twisted pasta, Daniel X. obtain sufficient energy to power engines

He even managed to build aircraft (fifteen) giving several kilowatts and that special services would come to destroy.

It could be that these devices are based on resonance frequency, according to Tesla. By manipulating and moving components summary, Daniel X signal to observers when the current goes through.

(His son convolutions of the camera are reminiscent of Perrigo).

We just informed us that the editions Felix does not answer the questions posed. Yet it was in their offices that several of our correspondents were able to view the video (which are certainly taken the pictures above).

A witness said:

I am a big fan of the free energy and I work very hard to make your site known to everyone around me ...

About Daniel X, I know him pretty well and I watch his demonstrations frequently.

I am a mechanic by trade and I am currently in auto mechanics teacher in my area. I am very comfortable with electricity, all this to tell you that

- When you hold in your hands a little 12 volt motor and you have the chance to tear this little engine and find that this small engine is just like any other small motors 12 volt permanent magnet

- And then you go up (assemble) the engine to operate with a 12 volt battery without any problems

- And a few minutes later Daniel tells you to keep the engine in your hands with any wire connected to a battery or power source

- And then he took two little son of five centimeters (approximately) in length, one in the right hand and another in the left hand

- And he said that when you link the two together son (both son Daniel is in his hands), your little engine that is connected to any power source will start to operate with the same rotational power.

Daniel son has linked the two together and the engine that I held in my hands began to work alone and without any power.

Daniel did not need all its fixtures which have no son twisted logic to operate our aircraft.

I invited several scientists to come see his montages and also had the chance to take a small motor in their hands ...... and finally sit on their chairs and say that they have never seen it all their lives.

If Daniel did not pose a threat to his life and if he did not have this handicap of being autistic (mild) but rather for not having reached Conversation "logic", perhaps we could pass this knowledge that seems so easy to him.

Yes! it is unfair not to have the ability to transmit such knowledge as Daniel always says if you want you can do because everyone can do it like me.

Sometimes I wonder if Daniel really knows how it works .... Who knows for the moment I do that attending these demonstrations while hoping one day understand.

For the protection of Daniel, I ask you not to disclose his identity because all it does is free and also wants the world to become autonomous and no oil or electricity to pay. "

More information on May 18, 2006, according to information provided by one of our readers, Jacques B. whom we thank.

"Daniel X * is called Daniel Pomerleau and actually lived in Canada especially Quebec, and he actually has autism light.

And not that these arrangements will provide a few kilowatts are not destroyed and continues to walk across Quebec on request and no one can explain his montages are the least we can say very surprising.

Congratulations on the production of photos ** of your site, keep your treasured because they are the only available because it does not allow anyone to take.

It was ten years ago that I saw for the first time Daniel Pomerleau and I returned for the fifth time in bringing each time a PhD and every time without a shred of explanation.

I feel the bitterness that one day it will disappear, I mean die a natural death after failing to disclose his secret he will take with him a legend and will be created.

In the meantime I continue to believe that it shows us that energy availability without limit. With basic theory which I think is based on the application of the theory of Professor Valley and the interaction of electric fields on the atoms of carbon.

Good thinking. "Jacques B.

Unknown source

Wed 01 Mar 2006

(Comments in red are by “Antonio.”)

1. The device appears to be nothing more than a random, or even haphazard, assemblage of coils, with an open circuit to which a load can be connected, that nonetheless will operate.

Yes, but all of them have coils.  The one that powers his house had several. The size of his device was about 2 feet by 3 feet.

2. The inventor is an autistic savant, and claims to have no idea how the devices work.

Correct, and he was very young when it was discovered that he had this gift. As a child he was able to make toys work with no batteries … his Catholic parents tried to have him exorcized by a priest 3 times.

3. The devices will work in the absence of the inventor.

Yes. They will work until the parts wear out.  The latest demo models he claims were designed to stop working after 2 hours to discourage theft.

4. The devices have no hidden sources of power.

How else can you explain powering 3 industrial strength construction tools
like saws etc simultaneously … all tools were brought in by skeptics.

5. There is no difference of potential between the devices and the inventor's tongue.

Correct -- or anybody else … the electricity respects human beings.

6. Some of the devices respond (on-off) to the thoughts of the persons holding them.

Yes, but not everybody was able to make this work … only certain people were able to do this and I was one of them … not sure if belief plays a role here … And trust me it responded to my thoughts … only I knew WHEN I willed it to turn on or off.

7. The devices are scaleable, and at least one such device provides power to the inventor's house.

Completely scalable: more coils and more turns of wires for more powerful models.

8. At least one device could light a cigarette merely by holding the cigarette in the proximity of a light bulb powered by the device.

When put between the alligator pins the cigarette was lit with a beautiful
white light.

9. Some of the smaller devices have been stolen.

Yes, but he now “programs” them to shut off after 2 hours.

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