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Mechanism to Collect Telluric Energy

Inventor:  EDUARD HART

Invention is based on in the following the represented experiences, to their explanation those Fig. 1 of the drawing serves, while on embodiments of the mechanism ge measured the remaining figs the invention relate, Fig. 2 and D on the list, and Fig. 4 and 5 on the construction in addition of a due before direction; Fig. 4 is a diagram, Fig. 5 a plan view of this apparatus.

The inventor was stated that one sleeps better, if the bed is aligned from north to the south. It provided accordingly its bed, itself first in the position the D (Fig. 1) ruled, into those north-south directed Position C over. Now it became from breathing complaints befallen, and if he came into the free, then he felt a burning in the lung. The inventor, which already repeated sources with the help of that Wünschelrute, and/or. of the siderischen Pendulum, it had found, places with sem means the solid that a water vein after the line b-b that Fig. 1 ran. 1 ': r gave its beds another position, and nacb approximate ten days was it recovered. It won, also due to other cases, into which diseases with persons aufge step were, in beds to lie maintains ten, bottom which it likewise in obgenann ter manner, those had water veins found proof that its disease was to due to radiations ascending from the mentioned water vein. Now looked for it all kinds of to repair around the actions of the water radiant emittances and ge was enough thereby to the construction in Fig. 1 and 5 of represented apparatus. The same for example one stands koni schen spiral from copper wire from one downward spreads for the wire things, which runs out upward in in the right or obtuse angle starting from bent end, and in a Kör by from concrete of hollow-conical shape embedded is. If one such Ap ready over the intersection two unterirdi sheared watercourses sets up, their course one with that Wünschelrute or with that siderischen pendulums has found, so can one for example averages the pendulum from radiations in the direction of the bent wire end (“derivative wire”) feststel len. If one comes with the pendulum over the continuation of this wire end to stand, then the pendulum sits down in smells tung the wire end in movement. If one leaves the respective rich with the pendulum, then it arrives again in rest. Emp findliche persons feel this Ausstrahlun towards, if they hold their moistened hand before bent wire end. One has a feeling, as if one would have Jodtinktur at that Hand-und one would blow on it. One wants a building of Wasserader Ausstrah lungs release, then one brings, where the watercourse the bottom building arrives, an apparatus on. One must give such a direction to bent wire end that the radiations not another Ge would bind meet, since they would know otherwise damage verur things. For the success the also subsequent cases seem to speak. Fig. 2: The bottom building A the provided inventor a water vein b-b solid, which went through also bottom that beds of the house gentleman. At the locations C, more approximate 3., m deep in the earth, one apparatus each incorporated became. When the inventor the late respective gentleman searched, explained it it pleases of the latters that he is many healthier now and sleeps much better. It shown it the locations, where the apparatuses are in the bottom. That Inventor stated to it: “Now I want to show you, which smell tung you the derivative wires given hectar ben and in which direction this the Strah len throw away ". The inventor guided its pendulum over the earth around the one apparatus before the house and indicated the direction. Fig. 2 e/n. It was correct. The inventor and Hausherr went the rear house. Which it more finder indicated the direction of the radiation here likewise and could still on a removal of roughly 30 m the beam in the free air determine. Those direction indicated joined in with over, those the Hausherr, as it indicated, that Derivative wires given had. The Erfin imagines the impact of the Appa of advice similar, but reverse, as the jenige of the lightning conductor. Like the Blitzab leader Efficient from the air of the earth supplies, similar the collected Appa advice Einwir ascending from the earth kungen in itself and leads up it by the starting from wring lead to the free. That .alpparat convenient consists of strong Copper or aluminium wire, the one spiral bil December, whose turns become ever smaller, conical climb. and in a starting from to wring lead end, to which one can give any direction. The apparatus knows also the form one Mehrspitzen Blitzablei ters, its single have Catching points, and/or. Wires the edges of a pyramid along run. The gathering wires unite above in the Ablei tungsdraht. The wire thing becomes at the best, like already stated, into an hollow cone of cement incorporated. It can become also over the earth used, appropriately it will become however so deep into the earth incorporated that it can become from above by carts and such not damaged. The derivative wires several apparatuses can become connected also with one another. Over an other application becomes in the subsequent reported. The inventor a farmer left to ask to tighten on its real estate the water veins there it on tuned locations of his Stallungen with that Livestock; always misfortune had. It knew layer water veins, which another gentleman, with whom the inventor did not have consultation ge nommen, averages that Wünschelrute is correct had. The owner of real estate property faced however the matter sceptically. The inventor its indications with those tuned the used pendulum and for the astonishment of the farmer of the Rutengängers over. Three apparatuses incorporated became (Fig. 3). For some time asked which it more finder for the effect of the mechanism. One guided it into the stable and stated it: “This cow is now whole healthy. Second could rise no more, now stands it for whole good. “The stated experiences speak against the obvious assumption that it is suggestion acting, although the nature out of the bottom of the ascending Actions so far not accurate found will ... [ ?? ]