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Serves technical arrangements the instant invention for the construction of arrangements and technical apparatuses among other things for the degradation of cancer cells and/or. also to the Früherkennung0 as before-known becomes the patent of years 1958 “over beam a reinforcement by a medium, which to the source of jet ge does not hear”, the Czech patent of 30 94 of 1958 over” pyramids bodies to the prevention of the Korresion of razor blades “and the E'o.lgepatente mentioned.

Furthermore the patent application P 14 92 359. 2 with the Zusatzanmeldung of 1968 of woman Agnes Hanschmann, in which the direction of the measures the degradation of cancer cells mentioned became, so that it concerns only some improvements of the state of the art here.

In the drawing and the description methods become the fabrication of molecule condensers, inductors the generation of strong high frequency and same directed magnetic fields, of gas chains and/or. Fuel elements, from circuits to the gain of of oscillations within pyramid areas, and of suggestion systems for LASERS - apparatuses the side 7 follows, with the description and drawing lo changes over a capacitor existing from soot in a Isoliermassç, after type of a thundercloud innumerable particles and/or. To induce a condensed metal gas represents molecules to 20 z.Bo also füssiges lead in an heated isolating mass, by the emulsion with high temperature and Ultraschwingungen generated and one cools off, 30 represents mercuries in a viscous plastic in an emulsion.

a capacitor with insulating layers and/or, represents 40 to a Dialek Akum from the emulsions mentioned, #. a known fuel Slement with H2 and 0i with a caustic potash solution electrolyte, a natural gas and CO2 with caustic potash solution and formic acid salts places, or CO with CO2 and a ant or a Phposphorsäure - electrolyte with Hohlelektorden, with ever a release liner at each ceramic electrode area, - line 3 and 4 gestrichen8 becomes. and in the flowing electrolyte, cet after P 24 48 812o8, a magnet field formed, which the migration that, po, sitiven and nega in the respective Wanderungarichtung leads tiven ions and thus resisted the inner lowers, 90 places the wall of the ceramic Hlektroienfläche with the required in each case Nathalysatoren such as nickel, palladium, lead dust, mercury et. with ever an insulated Trannachicht bzw0 porous carbon film, line 4 painted o 100 convenient ones the electrode cell with the two partition walls in a pressing becomes from ceramic or porous ltunststoff, whose Poreh is mutual connected, manufactured. - Line 4 and 5 are painted. Thus i'unkeninduktor with an interrupter - Wagner hammer, pain ELT circuit breaker, electronic interrupters or arc circuit breakers -, whose primary winding becomes formed as a secondary-like coil in many turn situations, as capacitor olekül a formation specified above represents to one or a Blektroiy; ; clay/tone densator used becomes. and the Sekundärgpule as taped cylinder-like sheet metal coil or only in few turns from particularly thick wire manufactured, to the generation of high frequency and ampérstarken rectified currents for magnetic fields in ring, spiral or other Spulenvdiento a 6o represents a known rectifying circuit besteehend from two against-directed connected power cuts each zObO to transistors at a toroidal coil around the swinging condenser TLA dung in each oscillation direction in the Selbstindkktions toroidal coil for hlr the generation from hochflequenten and same directed magnetic fields to to use.

62 an electronic circuitry represents, in order from the ouple oscillations of the elemental crystals in pyramids, which produce a reduction of the surface tension and ZO Bo the mummifying from tides up-swung, over at the elemental crystals of disposed Piezo crystals bew, to piezoelectric ceramic material stretches ungsänderungen to produce, their intensities is sufficient the grid of a Oscillationsröhre and/or. to steer an amplifier tube and induce over an amplifying circuit in a toroidal coil change or same directed magnetic fields or within the plates of an adjustable capacitor electrical field oscillations, by within the elemental crystals z oBo quartz Ultraschwinger from quartz over the amplifying circuit frequency-same and amplified mechanical ouple oscillations in the rock of the pyramid respectable. produce in their spaces, which are on GDRable and more controllable.

llo, as far as these systems for operations should be more favorable, ionization Recombinations laser with a suggestion for bending places light by means of water-cooled light Glasfasrerlei do towards and an inner excitation by means of disposed ring reel and high frequency and same directed magnet fields, which become over mentioned arrangements generated above.

The proposal cancer cells through in pyramid bodies superimposed very weak high frequency ultrasonic vibrations by quartz Ultraschwinger in walls to diminish decreases/goes back to some other works: It is observed the fact that in pyramids also in water laughter mumifizmerte cats and other Kadaver were found and also became detected after the Czech patent dehydrogenating Eigenscähften furthermore has Professor. Manfred von Ardenne nachgewieseh that with approximately 42 degree Arebszellen die, however still no healthy cells.

A such fever production or diathermy is connected with risks.

In the compression and Veidünnungs spaces of ultraschwingungen significant pressures and negative pressures can develop, which produce a resultant temperature variation, and by the temp RA, which adds up in Krebszel EN, in a same sense, as Mr. Prof has, from Ardenne detected, cancer cells to affect, in addition comes still the changes in the Durchlä.ssigkeit of the Mem brane of the Vakuolen, cell cores and other cell parts cancer of a cell, which are in a double membrane cell better protected, tur#teigerungseffekte.

Quart oscillations are appropriate approximately in the Grössenordung of 30 lo# oscillations in the second and can in a very accurate Inten sität in a pyramid area overlap and for constant held become, the healthy cells do not harm themselves however cancer cells already affected.

Apart from the possibility of an early recognition, also the treatment would be more favorable as with ionizing beams or accelerated electrons, which produce ionizations in the diseased tissue.

Also the possibility could be considered whether in the cell area by oscillations damaged cancer cells in pyramid areas of the body degraded do not become and a type belbstimmunisation auslösen0 T#hni arrangements furthermore could be considered whether the cancer cells not docb a cell kind lagging behind in primeval times to represent, itself only after the breakdown of the wfolkendecken and the solar radiation and/or.

the blue radiation, as to the double membrane cell converted has other frequencies.

Many deep sea organisms ore eyes this radiation through shine yourself organs, after the theory could it with the cancer cell into a relapse into a äletere, but in the cell programmed, cell kind to act, indifferently whether here groups of viruses or body-own Proteinkörperchen cause the change of the DNS molecules.

Anyhow it would have to concern a Schockwirkung on the cell, indifferently whether indirect chemical cloths, radiations et cet, influences itself, since these cells not degraded to become, son dern survives.

From this it would be perhaps possible by a blue shock a relapse of the KrebEzellen in double membrane cells to verursadhen these direct not damaged became there, but from the switched cells developed to have itself.

Perhaps therefore fhr tumor operations could prove pulses of blue lasers in place of the used laser beams as more favorable.

In the peripheral areas of the tumor a cell conversion to perhaps cause in particular there O could be become therefore short to a generation by such photon jets was referred, those over light fiber lines like operation measurer a guided können9 and only in microseconds be worked and/or. set become.

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