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Apparatus for the directed deflection or screening of so-called earth radiation - geopathogenic zones - and other sources of interference


Abstract -- Antennas - bar antennas, V-shaped multiple-bar antennas, spirals, in connection with tubular sleeves which serve as wave guides and are or may be equipped with a ground reflector to increase their effect, emit all around a deflecting radiation or an interference radiation in the upright position in conjunction with a directional reflector mounted at the top, charged by a geopathic wave field. This radiation is capable in its effective range of drifting or neutralising other interfering stimuli/radiation caused by further interference zones (water veins, etc.). In the case of interference radiation/deflection radiation directed downwards due to a corresponding reflector shape there is no rod deflection above the erection site. In the case of interference radiation/deflection radiation directed upwards due to a corresponding reflector shape there is no rod deflection below the erection site. The effective range is influenced by the size of the antenna, the charge thereof (interference zone crossing) and by the shape of the reflector screen.

Description title: Apparatus to the directed deflection and/or Shield of so-called Earth radiation geopathogenic zone and different disturbances like antennas and power tension masts and similar radiators.

Genus of the subject-matter of the application: The invention relates to an apparatus to Deflection and/o. Shield of so-called FRG jets - geopathogenic zones and other interference sources after the waiter understood the claim 1.

Indications to the genus: Geopathogenic zones often disturb the whole living sleep and work range.

Therefore it is most favorable for effective sleep a place screening, these by an entire screening of the living to reach range, over in particular disturbing radiations of water veins, electrical connections, iron construction constructions among other things from the beginning to elemination.

State of the art: To screening so-called. geopathogenic zones become and. A. used:
Magnets e.g. (German patent specification 905298)
Resonant circuits e.g. (German Ge custom sample, Rollennr. 68533190.5)
Radiation protection covers e.g. (German Utility Model, Rollennr. 6833195.6)
Criticism of the state of the art: Frequent offered “screening devices” pull themselves only on the sleep range (German patent specification 68333195,6).

Other apparatuses require one strah lungsfreien location and are to an accurate Word south alignment bound (German patent specification 3210737 aluminium, and associated manual).

Other apparatuses, the exclusive also Spiral forms work, radiate all laterally, which is felt occasional as unan genehm. (Lit. Hartmann, Disease as location problem, 4. Aufl., Haug publishing house. S. 182)
Object: The invention is the basis the object;

1. a central shield of the space which can be screened and/or. To reach home on the part of screening equipment, without undesirable Abstrah lungs into the “screening” around giving.

2. Regarding the Aufatellungworted independent of a attraction-free To be location.

3. Ilinsichtlich of the list unab hängig of an exact north south To be alignment.

Solution: This object becomes 1 dissolved by gekenn the drawing features of the claim.

Description of several embodiments: a) The 1. Drawing does not show a V-shaped disposed multi-blade antenna (1) out leads fÜhigem material, insulated or insulated, in upright position, off nung above, with a reflector screen (2) provided, whose radiation is directed downward. (5)
The arrangement is with one zvlindri do not schen conductive or conductive Sleeve (3) enclosed, as Auf9tel lungsstÜtze, as well as to the receptacle that Filler materials (cement, sand, art material mass, wax among other things - see upper SN Aspruch, characterizing part) serves, whereby the bottom of the sleeve can become effect the reinforcement formed as reflector.

These V-shaped disposed blade antenna, which becomes established within a spike, it? eugt a radiation, which way suitable by the screen/reflector becomes in all around reflected. This Abstrah lung an effected screening by field change. Other spikes located in the effective range lose by these Radiation their keizwirkung. are rods excursion can there nachge no longer pointed to become. (Lit. Gustav baron of
Pohl, “earth jets as disease and Cancer exciter ", 1978, S.161) b) the 2. Drawing shows a V-shaped disposed multi-blade antenna (1) out leads capable material, insulated or not ISO liert, in upright position, opening above, with a reflector screen (2) provided, whose radiation is directed upward.

In this reflector position that serves To system for screening from above to the breakdown attractions, how they nen from Fernsehanten, Hochspannungsmasten and similar high-altitude radiators occur go out.

In the effect periphery of this screening above incoming Dtörreize with the rod cannot become any longer detected from.

o) 3. Drawing shows the V-shaped disposed multi-blade antenna (1), in bedded in a metallic zylindri schen sleeve (3 '). The sleeve is open above, your bottom consists of metal the lenen reflector screen (2 '). the system sleeve (3 '), antenna (1), Reilektorschirm (2) is for his part bedded into the non conductive zylin drische plastic tube (3). As a bed-measured the before beschrie benen comes into considerations (see 1. Execution example).

The bottom end of the plastic tube (3) is sealed and formed as reflector (4). Comes as reflector Mterial from smooth and/or spie gel that surface to the application.

The radial radiation to the “Entstö rung " plastic pipe (3) becomes put on reflector screen (2) directed by on. This radiation direction serves for ntstörung from geopathischen soil attractions.

With reverse heflektorstellung (2) radiation after oblique upward - a shield of breakdown attractions becomes achieved, which from Fcrnsehantennen, high voltages and similar high-altitude radiators to proceed. Here a list is inful above the space which can be screened.

Rod excursions can - depending upon reflector position - up and/or. below the effective range at the respective Aufstel does not lungsort the Abschirmgertites any longer detected become.