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Pyramidal magnetic field device for the regulation of energy disturbances in the human body or for the continuous material recovery

Inventor:  KAUSCH OTTO

-- The device comprises, for example, a pyramid of dielectric material having the dimensions, as true to scale as possible, of the Cheops pyramid and in a size corresponding to the use to which it is put. The collector effect of the pyramid, one edge of which is to be aligned to magnetic north, bundles the positive pole energy of the magnetic earth field in the energy core of the device. As in a mirror image, "reflected" force fields with negative energy result above and below the pyramid. a) By appropriately positioning a person in, above or underneath the pyramid it is possible to supply the bundled energy resulting from the collector effect of the pyramid to the person in order to balance out energy disturbances of the body. b) If the subject-matter of the application is used for the continuous automatic material recovery a pyramid of appropriate size is to be fitted over the metal part (e.g. bearing) in such a way that the part is located within the energy core of the pyramid and the pyramid is aligned to the direction of magnetic north/south.


a) The energies acting in the human body are predominantly electrical and magnetic nature.

The ratio minus to the pluspoligen energies is in the healthy body balanced. To the elimination of disturbances in the equilibrium or of blockades one can supply missing energies to the body. During the supply of such energies there are already various methods, but should the human body if possible such energies supplied become, which correspond to the actual bio energy. Such an energy is the magnetic Erdfeld in which we lives.

The body with its high water content is an excellent antenna and takes current from the surrounding field over the skin and the Chakras life energy on from the various power systems of the earth and the sun. If this energy balance becomes foreign waves or by crossing jet strips disturbed, then the control of the body turns out in disorder over its centers (brain, glands) and it leads to diseases. The regulation should not take place then better also physical and chemical!!
A simple energetic collector for the magnetic Erdfeld is the pyramid from dielectric material. To use are also a Pyramidenstumpf, a cone or truncated cone o. A. appropriate geometric shape. The energy of the magnetic Erdfeldes of approx.

0.7 Gauss becomes by the giebelförmige position of in each case two surfaces, in magn. Nord-Süd-bzw.

East west direction aligned are, in the range of the center in the bottom of the pyramid (energy core) in quadruple starch collected. The energy is strongest in approximately 1/3 of the height of the pyramid over the center of the base surface (focal point).

The effect of this energy bundling became already in a patent No. 91,304 for the Prager radio Inge nieur Karl Drhal with a “pharaonischen Rasierappa RSR (Rasicrklingen pyramids regenerator) recognized.

With this apparatus a razor blade laid down in the energy core of a pyramid, which is northward aligned, becomes again sharp after use within 24 hours.

Within the pyramid, in the energy core, we olarität very strong Plus. Lateral ones of it are energetic zero-zones. (Comparisons fig. 1). Since after the Newton' law the universe continuous must be in an equilibrium, is the inference that each force or energy must have also a counterpart or a reaction energy field. These reaction energy fields for the energy core of a pyramid are to be proven radiästhetisch also at any time. The position of such energetic “reflected” pyramids with their entgegengesetztpoligen energy cores is in fig. 2 shown. The reflection made multiple, but decreases its starch with increased removal from the real pyramid. The focal points of the reflected pyramid are appropriate for vertical in each case over the Apex (pyramid point) in subsequent height B1 = 1/3H B2 = 5/3H B 3 = 7/3 dog so away, whereby B is the height of the focus and H the plumb bob-high of the pyramid.

By the corresponding layer of humans either in the pyramid, over it or among them, it is now possible to supply it the bundled energy resultant from the energetic collector effect of the pyramid either as pluspolige energy in the pyramid or as minusspolige energy over or the bottom pyramid in each case in the corresponding distance (S.

Fig. 3). It is natural important to have before recognized whether the disease became by a too little or a too much one at minuspoliger energy or by a too little or a too much at pluspoliger energy caused. The treatment has to take place then corresponding.

To mention it is still that the pyramid should be if possible on a scale of the Cheops pyramid. The mass of this pyramid are: Basis= 2 height; Schenkel= base 1.051 inclination angles 51 51 ' 51 " is it convenient to specify the height first.

It is maintained that colored pyramids, inside and. o.

outer, which increase energetic effect in the sense of the Color therapy. I could not prove this fact so far yet, since I however as possible regard an effect, should the possibility of a corresponding colour with component of my application be. (The wavelengths of the color should correspond to the wavelengths of the tax main centers and tax bottom centers of the human body).

b) In case of the application of the registration counter of conditions for current automatic material recovery a pyramid corresponding in the size is like that over the metallic part (z. B. To attach bearing) that this is in the energy core of the Pyradmide and the pyramid is in the north south direction aligned.

The operability and reason became already detected with the patent for the “pharaonischen shaver”.