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The invention relates to the arrangement from rectal electrodes and connectors to an CHAKRA ELECTRODE for positive life-promoting energetic Pehandlungen at the 1enschen, in particular 5 - keit for the Chakra treatment, as well as the energy decrement possible with use of Pyrabiden energien for the set friction of the CHAKRA ELECTRODE over a pyramid cup electrode and/or a pyramid probe and/or over pyramid surface electrodes and/or over a pyramid right parallelepiped electrode and/or over 10 - a pyramid electrode and/or over point of pyramid electrodes.

Due to a lecture with demonstration to 17. June 1985 on the occasion of a colloquium of the MORA society in 813Starnberg is known that itself pyramid energies over 9 planar with 15 - assistance of a shielded metal cup, which becomes set on the pyramid, caught - and over insulated:: Netall cable away-passed - and among other things over a rectal electrode to the treatment of Chakren at the Ken used will can.

The energetic treatment of the body with only a Rektal 20 - electrode has the disadvantage that treatment successes at the humans obtain themselves only in a substantial longer time rest, than this with the help of several summarized rectal electrodes possible is, whereby treatments with simultaneous several separate kinds of energy are not possible.

The invention is the basis the object to manufacture an electrode with their assistance itself rapid and light energies in and/or. on the human body bringing leave and in particular for the treatment of the Chakren at the humans by pyramid, color and/or other positive lebensfreund30 - lichen energies is suitable and with their assistance targeted single and/or several planes of the diverting pyramid energy, as well as human body-own energies, color energies and other positive energies separate and in combination used to become to be able and with their assistance it possible is, Ener 35 - gien themselves at the humans again to take off, so that energy over dosages light balanced to become to be able.

This object becomes according to invention dissolved by the fact that Rekt2l electrodes - like it z.P. by the HANS'S BRÜGEMANN INSTITUTE Postfach. 1105, D-8035 Gauting based to become to be able - corresponding drawing sheet 1 embodiment A1 to A7 so disposed and zu5 - to be SAM-mix-added that they form a unit, in which each electrode of the other so insulated and connected is that you can divert the supplied energies only over its front retal lischen part, oit it is mölich, energies to; ; lenschen by plumb bob-fair guide of the CHAKRA ELECTRODE on 10 - and/or. to bring into its body and take off by parallel guide of the CHAKRA ELECTRODE to the frontal one of the planar human body energies again, so that energy overdosing again light balanced to become to be able, whereby the power connections to the CHAKRA ELECTRODE with use of the pyramid energy ent15 - speaking connection diagram sheet 2 made will should.
The advantages achievable with the invention consist in particular of it - that the energetic F'ehandlungszeiten substantial can be shortened, 20 - that several kinds of energy simultaneous over the CHAKRA ELEKTRODE for treatment purposes used to become to be able, - that with such disposed electrodes of fields - z. B. the pyramid energy over short and far distances themselves by subject matters through guided to become to be able, 25 - that itself a such use of pyramid energies over the CHAKRA ELECTRODE itself particularly to the treatment e.g. the subsequent medical indication areas is suitable:: Degenerative processes, defense-weak, 30 - allergy, asthmatic diseases, gland under and hyperactivity, as well as Drüsendysfunktionen, blood circulation disturbances, inflammations, 35 - diseases of the digesting apparatus, joint suffering, tumefaction illnesses, .ierz and cycle suffering, Fracture healing, paralyses, scars, nerve diseases, 5 - organ illnesses, rheumatoid form circle, pains, Scnwellunxen, congestions, 10 - burnings, poisonings and their sequences, wound healing… - that also without direct contact energies and fields in and/or. on the body of the patient and in and/or. on liquids 15 - and cloths brought to become to be able, itself so particularly the one for the Vitalisierung of humans and animal - e.g. over loaded drinking water, for plant growths - e.g. by pouring with water aufgeladeneit - that itself the special pyramid energy decrement and guide 20 - among other things with the CHAKRA ELECTRODE also for technical ranges such as communications technology, warming and propulsion technology… is suitable!

The impact of the represented invention becomes in the following more near described.

If those is higher the CHAKRA ELECTRODE supplied power density at their 25 - input as at their output, then it comes to the energy flow toward CHAKRA ELEKTR0DE output. The diverting energy becomes by a circling and/or. helical or helical accomplished CHAKRA ELECTRODE movement controlled.

Here e.g. becomes. pyramid energy used, then feels 30 - patient only cold - or tingling/swarming feeling, which feeling of a cold draft of air - also by clothing through - or a warm feeling, whereby it always feels the courses of motion, which the Behandler with the CHAKRA ELECTRODE accomplishes, on more details. Occurrence of warm ones is a character that the Behand35 - lung aborted will can. Pulling one or stinging pains - also in not direct treated body regions can occur briefly, which disappear however in courses of the other treatment. It comes during the treatment Head pressure or feeling of dizziness, then is this a character for energy-overfill and/or. an energy congestion, those by parallel guide of the CHAKRA ELECTRODE to the frontal-planar of the human örpers in a downward movement of cranial after caudal and 5 - a subsequent circular implemented return after cranial with few such courses of motion starting from e zones - and/or. balanced will can.

The patient feels with the treatment, with the CHAKRA ELEKTRODE anything, then is not present with safety an energy blockade with 10 - it, the z.3t'. by toxic loads that; 4eridiane, by psychological blockades etc. evoked will can. oh few repeated CXAhRA Behandlun EN can in most cases be repaired such disturbances.

To observe it is that the patient, which only nothing with the e 15 - action feels, z. B. the pyramid energy, which becomes passed over the CHAKRA ELECTRODE, so long complete with its body absorbs, until it feels a cold feeling in the treated zone. Only from this an energy withdrawal is to be felt out its bodies rear treated zone. This energy out 20 - feels cold steps, so long the patient in the treated body region likewise cold felt and feels warm, if he feels therein warm ones. With the CHAKRA ELEKTRODE accomplished movements can do of the patient over larger distances and by subject matters through perceived 25 - become! Those the CHAKRA ELECTRODE supplied pyramid energy is to their output around so intense, the per large cross-section area of the lead from the pyramid is. Blind plug - like it z.E. after drawing prevent CHAKRA ELECTRODE sheet - performed are, 30 - the drain of the energy on the put in side, so that it can flow off only over the CHAKRA ELECTRODE output.

With the use of the pyramid energy it is to be made certain that the CHAKRA ELECTRODE the corresponding connection variants after Blattl 35 - until 10 made become, since otherwise effect losses show up, itself the z0B. by Kinesiologietestungen at the humans to prove leave.

Becomes for the receptacle of the pyramid energy one for this in Claim listed electrode variants used, then is to be considered before everything for medical purposes the certain connection way after flat 1 to 10.

The pyramid delivers schiedliche energy qualities over its surfaces, edges and tip unter5 -, which is connected with its alignment of a basic edge in north south direction and which by sensitive humans perceived to become to be able. If actual this places altogether 18 energy-effect-planar - in each case 9 planes after aufen and inward - when light sources with unterschied10 - colors lichen forwards, then light shows itself that itself e.g. in the pyramid cup electrode a light mixture results in, however over the respective Lichtuellen plane - the z. B.

the pyramid surface over terminal 2 - from this light source dominant embossed becomes. Connection variants for pyramid energy at Chakra electrode sheet: 3 Chakra electrode electrode of associated first shots embodiment

Connection variants for Pyramid energy at Chakra electrode sheet: 10 Chakra electrode electrode of associated terminals embodiment