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Device for collecting and selectively transmitting programmed radiesthetically measurable radiation, in particular, to the human body 


Abstract -- The invention relates to a device for collecting and selectively transmitting programmed radiesthetically measurable radiation, in particular, to the human body. The device comprises three or four functional elements which are connected to one another, namely a pyramid-shaped body as a radiation collector, a vessel serving as radiation transmitter and a tubular radiation injector and, if appropriate, a radiation adapter.

Subject matter of the invention is an apparatus for collecting and targeted transmitted one of particularly programmed radiästhetisch measurable radiations on the human body and consists of three and/or. four connected with one another functional elements, i.e.

a) for a RADIATION COLLECTING TANK (1), i.e. a known pyramidal body actual for it, either on the base surface stands (to the decrease of pluspoliger radiation) (Fig. 1+2) or with the help of a frame (11) with the tip disposed is downward in Fig. 3+4 (to the decrease of minuspoliger radiation), in each case a collector (2), disposed in the pyramid, which to a sleeve (3) leads, and

b) a RADIATION TRANSMITTER (5), an upward open or openable vessel from non magnetic, “neutral” material, in substances and or magnets inserted or white or colored light irradiated to become i.e. to be able and over a releasable or fixed wire connection (4) with the radiation collecting tank (1) in Fig. 1+3 connected is, and over a wire connection (4), either releasable or fixed, with the radiation injector (6) connected is more other and

c) a RADIATION INJECTOR (6), that of a single closed plastic tube with central radiation part (7), running out stored therein, to the open end in tips, consists and over a wire connection (4) with the radiation transmitter (5) in Fig. 1+3 connected is, and if necessary

d) a RADIATION ADAPTER (9), from a radiation part running out in tips, which over a releasable or fixed wire connection (4) with the radiation collecting tank (1) in Fig. 2+4 connected is, embedded into an upward open housing exists and underneath the radiation transmitter (5) the disposed is.

By putting the radiation transmitter (5 on) in Fig. 2+4 on the radiation adapter (9) in Fig. 2+4 the respective radiation (plus or minus) is flowed through direct by the container soil into the radiation transmitter (5) initiated and its volume.

The entire device according to invention consists of three and/or. four functional elements, which stand in a narrow technical-functional context; it is in Fig. 1-4 shown. The single functional elements are in Fig. 5-8 shown. Fig. 5 the radiation collecting tank (1) on the base standing places and/or. with the tip downward disposed pyramid. Fig. 6 shows the radiation transmitter (5), into which substances inserted is flowed through to become to be able and its volume by the radiation. Fig. 8 is the representation of the radiation injector (6), introduced with which the particularly programmed radiation becomes targeted on the human body directed and into the human body. Fig. 7 shows the radiation adapter (9), becomes already possible by whose use a rapid exchange from radiation transmitters occupied with particular programmes.

With that to using pyramidal bodies it according to invention acts prefered around a pyramid with square base surface, in particular after the proportions of the Cheopspyramide. Favorable dimensions for the pyramid are: Basis-prolonged 15 cms, height of 10 cms, pedestal 2 cm, which can also be void. The pyramid mass 1-4 multiplied could become with the factor. The transmitter container, into which the medicaments, arbitrary substances, magnets or other additions know set or white or colored light in-irradiated who, can arbitrary formed be. A box-like form becomes prefered. The vessel should open convenient upward or be open above. As materials conventional materials come, like z. B. Metals, glass etc. in considerations.

The radiation injector (6) should be as handy as possible. The radiation part (7) can be a pointedly running out metal bar or wire. The radiation part (7) can consist also of wire or glass fiber braids, which can be also to several bundled. The space between radiation injector and radiation part can be filled in usual way with plastic. In this case the open end of the radiation injector is to be ground. The radiation part should have 4) direct Kon DP N=4 clock< with> the wire connection (. In addition, slight wire interruptions become antenna-like bridged by the radiation. Glass fiber cable or wire braids also bundled is more usable, because splitting up of the radiation field is so particularly favourable to “wire end”.

The functional elements, i.e. the pyramidal bodies and the transmitter container, can be from each other movable or in composite a disposed. The Strahungsinjektor must be to the handling free movable. The wire connection, which can consist also of a movable glass fiber wire, between radiation transmitter container and radiation injector, is if necessary releasable disposed. The size of the radiation transmitter container is to be adapted to the space requirement for the additions respective and be arranged more replaceable therefore by varying sizes. The advantage is to be given to a sleeve, which is in the upper portion of the transmitter container mounted. Exactly the same can be proceeded with the wire connection between the pyramidal body and the radiation transmitter container. The transition from the radiation collecting tank to the radiation transmitter can be different, fixed installed, free inserted or the bottom vessel as radiation adapter the tips mounted be upward running out. Prefered one becomes the solution of a free irradiation from above with a glass fiber bundle. The solution - also in a radiation adapter running out wire end from the radiation collecting tank - is possible.

To the nature of the pyramid radiation to the pertinent literature it is referred from which known is that the microwave range for such appearances is to be made liable.

To the instant invention at the next coming state of the art to the Patent Laid open DE 33 20 518 one refers, which has an apparatus for changing from radiästhetischen fields to the subject matter. This object becomes using a pyramidal body that within this body or several elements, dissolved by the fact, z. B. an other pyramidal body or an element resonancable within the microwave range, like z. B. a spiral or a homöopathisches preparation angeordn is.

From the subject matter of the DE 33 20 518 the instant invention differs both in the object and in the found machine solution. While the apparatus of the DE 33 20 518 the purpose tracked is appropriate to change radiästhetisch measurable fields with the object to switch negative effects off for the instant invention the object to reasons to create an apparatus which collecting and the targeted transmission make possible particularly programmed radiästhetisch measurable radiations on the human Körp.

In the present context is still the book publication of Dr.Franz Morell “MORA therapy” (1987, K.F. Haug publishing house, Heidelberg) cited become. In it an apparatus and a therapy procedure are described, which on electromagnetic oscillations as effective principle are based. The MORA apparatus works after the transmitter/receiver principle and aims at it off to take up the electromagnetic oscillations (informations), derived of the patient in the apparatus by an inverse circuit 180 degree and return in such a way as oscillation at the patients.

The pathological oscillation and those of the MORA apparatus generated Gegenschwingung, derived of the patient, waive themselves mutual. With the fact effected becomes that the pathological body oscillation cleared will and an improvement of the condition of the patient becomes effected.

Even if this known apparatus and procedure of Morell are based on the one hand and the according to invention on the other hand on a same effective radiation principle, then nevertheless the respective objects and approaches whole obvious in such a manner from each other remote that of Morell the described apparatus and procedure is in no manner appropriate, lie to the apparatus according to invention, which is simpler also substantial as the Mora apparatus, to refer.

Collecting and consolidating the radiation in accordance with the present invention made in the pyramidal body with the collector (2), whereby the pyramid in north south direction or reverse - to set up is. With incorporated magnets with small magnetic field the location is independent of the North-South axis. The pyramid radiation is then passed on over a wire connection into the radiation transmitter container. LN the radiation transmitter container, which is flowed through by the pyramid radiation, become medicaments set. With the fact believed becomes that informations are carried forward over the substance and the effect of the medicine, i.e. that the radiation particularly programmed becomes.

The particularly programmed radiation is passed on over a wire connection to the radiation injector and transferred with its assistance targeted into the human body (in particular the ear canal or belly navel). Furthermore deficits can be repaired by radiations in the body thereby as the radiations targeted are transferred into the body.

It becomes believed that the informations arrive at the respective organs and at the brain and become there remaining stored. It becomes other believed that the corresponding Chinese teaching of “YIN and the YANG energy” the flux of this energy in certain trajectories runs. For this Claus's becomes C on the text book of the Chinese medicine for western physicians of. Schnorrenberger (Hippokrates - publishing house) 3. Edition 1985 side 50-62 referred.

One divides the human body into four Quadrante, whereby the Zwerchfell is the horizontal boundary. The two lower quadrants (abdomen, legs and links head half) become by the radiation of the pyramid covered, those upward the base aligned have in Fig. 3+4. The two upper quadrants (upper bodies, arms and the right body half) become by the radiation of the pyramid covered, those downward the base aligned have in Fig. 1+2. The experience shows up in the Chinese teaching confirmed that also in YIN YANG and/or. in YANG YIN is.

The surprising efficacy of the procedure with the apparatus according to invention can become in the radiation picture of the Kirlian photograph detected. The particular advantage according to invention of the method feasible with the apparatus lies in the fact that the medicaments are not substantial into the body introduced to become to have and nevertheless full effective.

As substances, which come into the radiation transmitter inserted to become to be able, the medicaments conventional in the treatment of the welfare practical man into considerations, for example with heart disturbances:

1. Angina pectoris: Curare D4
2. Myocardinsuffienz: Naja Reintoxin
3. Attraction line interference: Latromactan
4. Rechtsherzinsuffienz: Cardox
5. Linksherzinsuffienz: AB3; Convastabil
6. Lack of potassium: Potassium Phosphoricum D6
7. Container disturbances: see 1. and of Revitorgan D6; D59; D70; D71; D72
8. Lack of glucose: Crataegutt
9. Heart infections: Wiedemann Herzserum
10. Oxygen deficiency: Oxypangam
Explanation 1 pyramidal body (radiation collecting tank)
2 collector
3 sleeve
4 wire connection
5 open above or to openable vessel (radiation transmitter)
6 single open tube (radiation injector)
7 radiation part
8 radiation adapters
9 housings for radiation adapters
10 socket outlet and plug
11 frame for pyramidal body