Radiesthesia Patents

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DE 7143603
Shielding Equipment   

Inventor: ANGELE J

The invention relates to shielding equipment to protect humans from radiation of  electrical origin, caused from shafts by running water in the earth and variations of the earth's magnetic field,  and other effects of other origin.

The inner part of the apparatus consists of a beeswax insert fig. 1 curved downward.

By the crest 2 several spirals are against the center of the wax form guided, however with an interruption in the center No. 3. The spirals tower above the core piece 1 because of their effectiveness outward and end in the border from natural wood. From the crest 2 a spiral is 4 vertical upward into the border guided. The inventions of the spirals in the border 5 can outward by solid or replaceable antennas 6 from various materials, as metals or magnet staffs become connected.

By the arrangement of the spirals and if necessary antennas in cooperation with the beeswax, a large balancing and shield become and/or. Attenuation, in an environment, those the size of the apparatus corresponds to achieved.

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