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Device for accruing cosmobiological energy. 


Abstract -- A hollow body (10) in the form of a regular pyramid with a square base has an outer attachment (18) along its one bottom edge (14), on which attachment a magnetic compass (20) is secured, a marking (24; 25), provided on the attachment (18), lying with the compass axis in a plane which is parallel to one pair of bottom edges (14) and at right angles to the other pair of bottom edges. The hollow body (10) can be moved quickly and accurately into a position in which two parallel bottom edges (14; 16) are aligned in the earth's North-South direction. In this position, the hollow pyramid is able to accrue cosmobiological energy and to supply it to objects situated therein.

The invention relates to a mechanism for collecting energy, existing from an hollow body in form of a down open, regular pyramid with square plan view.

Known that hollow bodies are in form regular pyramids then, if they are accurate with two their bottom edges in north south direction of the earth aligned in the layer, kosmobiologische energy is to be collected and these on subject matters inner#halb the hollow body to transmitted. Such subject matters load themselves with the stored energy and are in the layer to deliver it at organisms (indirect method). As such subject matters only for example infrage cups with drinking water, juices, teas, further foods, in addition, at the body come to supporting decoration, rings, bracelets, chains and such. Also for the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of plants the mechanism with success becomes used.

It is proven that tap water, which in a vessel in this particular hollow body for a certain time stored was with success for casting purposes for cut flowers, garden flowers and - as well as seeds and setting plants used plant became, whereby these plants very vigorous prospered and such, which were affected of pests, recovered again. For the humans those work the bottom pyramidal hollow body stored subject matters depending upon the intended purpose activating or also reassuring. Sleeplessness with persons could become detectable in many cases eliminated, if these persons before the sleeping going drank a glass water, which to about 12 hours the bottom pyramidal hollow body confessed.

The pyramidal hollow bodies is suitable also for the direct energy transfer on humans, animals and plants. The best efficiency becomes achieved, if these organisms are for a while in the hollow body. Experiences with seeds and setting plants have shown that these, if them some days before sowing and/or. before setting the bottom hollow body stored, latter in the soil more vigorous prospered as comparable seeds and plants, which became treated in conventional manner.

For the function to sammen kosmobiologische energy is however essential it that the pyramidal hollow bodies the Erdachse accurate aligned established becomes.

In addition one can avail oneself of a conventional compass. Compasses with a rectangle housing, whose north south mark parallel or rectangular runs to one of the edges of housing, could become at the bottom edge of the pyramidal hollow body applied, in order to turn the unit existing from hollow body and compass into the north south direction of the earth or rectangular. The handling is however unpractical, because two possibilities of error can occur next to each other and noted to become to have, once the exact north south alignment of the compass and on the other hand the gap-free plant of the Kompassgehäuses at the hollow body soil edge. With larger hollow bodies with corresponding weight of required one both hands for the setting-up of the hollow body this must become first into a coarse estimated position brought, which will then align etc., so that one must near-grope stepwise to the correct position, by application of the compass checked, according to which again both hands are necessary, around the hollow body again by estimate better an handling, which is extremely pedantic, time-consuming and frequent still another inaccurate result brings. Normal, simple magnetic compasses already are due to their functional construction of circular shape. With these compasses exact aligning of the pyramidal hollow body is possible not at all.

Object of the invention is it to create a mechanism that initially mentioned type with which the pyramidal hollow bodies fast and accurate into the proper position brought can become, which is indispensable for its function.

This object becomes according to invention dissolved by the fact that is fixed connected with a hollow body wall a magnetic compass with vertical Rome passport axle and that in the surround of the compass at the hollow body or an approach of the hollow body or at the compass at least a mark provided is, whose stands the compass axle contained vertical plane to a pair bottom edges of the hollow body rectangular.

With comparatively small hollow bodies Rome passport is subsequent horizontal-lax at an outside, to a lower wall edge, with larger preferably commits themselves cash hollow bodies, in particular tents is it preferably at inward horizontal-lax mounted pointing from at least a bottom edge of the hollow body.

With the invention achieved becomes that the position of the Kom; passport concerning the pyramidal hollow body once and for all, so that the hollow body and the compass form a contiguous unit, an uniform turning is fixed around the pyramid axle also the allowed if the hollow body has a relevant weight and the use of both hands requires. It would be more conceivable to plan in one pyramid-flat a recess and to use the compass in such a way into this recess that the extension would be the pyramid-flat the compass halved, however the energy collecting function of the pyramidal hollow body at least weakened. The incorporation of a ball compass into a hollow body wall brings however the desired handling advantages, so that this embodiment belongs to the invention.

However the embodiment, is provided with which at the pyramidal hollow body an approach or a tab, is preferred on which the compass attached is. With this embodiment becomes it is enough that the pyramid-flat are no-break.

This is in particular important for the bottom edges of the pyramid-flat. The whole pyramid does not remain as such unchanged obtained and preferably the approach or lobe subsequent at the bottom edge of a pyramid-flat interrupts the pyramid edge.

The invention possible it to position the subject matters or organisms mentioned on an appropriate horizontal-flat and to invert and these subsequent its bottom edges parallel with two in north south direction with a brief adjusting movement exact and correct adjust then the pyramidal hollow body over it.

A development of the invention consists of the fact that the mark or marks on the tab mounted, in particular printed is. It is sufficient according to experience that the pyramidal hollow bodies of cardboard consists. From such cardboard material can the hollow body cut punched and in known manner composite to become. The cut contains the mounting strap for the compass, which is connected over a bottom edge with a pyramid wall, whereby this bottom edge forms a bending line. The tab puts then to automatic into the base plane of the pyramid. Substantial one is that with the attachment of the compass to the fact it is paid attention that the mark and the compass axle form a plane, which forms with one of the adjacent hollow body bottom edges a right angle or for parallel in addition is appropriate.

An other embodiment consists of it that the tab is thick walled formed, for example of wood exists and that the compass is in, a depth the same compass-high an exhibiting recess of the tab used. The compass surface lies thereby with the surface of the tab flush and the mark still simpler e.g. leaves itself. arrange in form of a notch for instance in same height as the compass needle.

Alternative one consists an embodiment of the invention of the fact that the transparent compass covers one exhibits radial longitudinal mark to the Kom passport axle. In accordance with this embodiment needs at the hollow body and/or. at the hollow body beginning or - to become latch no more mark provided, and it even still becomes at reading precision gained, because the compass needle must become only brought with the radial marking line covering. It is indispensable also here that with the assembly of the compass the positional accuracy of the mark concerning the pyramid soil edges one respects. In addition, the mark can be at another location of the compass mounted, and here a modification consists of the fact that the mark at the edge of the Kom of passport housing is provided.

Finally still another development of the invention consists of the fact that in the hollow body disposed with this unzusammenhängender bottom is in form of a Pyramidenstumpfes, whose base surface is the same geometric base surface of the hollow body, whose outside pyramid-flat parallel and dense adjacent lie to the inner surfaces of the hollow body walls and for whose height within the range of 10% to 30% the hollow body-high is appropriate. This bottom can be from full material or in form of an hollow pot formed and it is only substantial ones that the upper top surface of the bottom the light interiorhigh of the pyramidal hollow body reduced, without changing its geometric, regular pyramid form. This bottom has the advantage that smaller subject matters, which are to be loaded according to invention with kosmobiologischer energy in the optimum effective range positioned is appropriate to become to be able, for these in the indicated high range, which can be limited with particularly small subject matters as between 20% to 33% of the entire pyramid-high still narrower.

To the achievement of optimum energy collecting results the ratio of height of the hollow body to the length of a bottom edge lies within the range of 0,7 to 0.9 and amounts to before zugsweise about 0,8.

The hollow body is outer preferably colored held, all four pyramid-flat have the same color.

The color red proved to the achievement of an exciting effect. The color blue collects against it calming energy.

The hollow body exists erfindungsgemäss'aus a thin walled material. Except cardboard the hollow body can consist coppers in accordance with an embodiment of the invention of wood, plastic or also non--iron sheet, in particular.

On the basis the drawing, which represents an embodiment, the invention is more near described.

It shows: Fig. 1 a perspective view of the novel direction energy kosmobiologischer for collecting,

Fig. 2 an enlarged perspective view one

Detail of the fig 1 and Fig; 3 a middle vertical sectional view by those

Mechanism in accordance with fig 1.

The general hollow bodies referred with 10 is thin walled and consists of a carton blank. The hollow body exhibits four triangular side faces, which are equal-leg and which form a down open, regular pyramid with square plan view in the assembled state. In an embodiment behave the height of the pyramid 187 mm, the soil edge length 236 mm and the side edge length 250 mm resultant from it. For the function it does not depend however on the absolute sketch mass. Important one is rather that the ratio from height to soil edge length of the pyramid amounts to about 0.8. In the embodiment this ratio is 0,79. The pyramid 10 is open with the four pyramid walls 12 circumferential perfect closed and only on the base side.

On a bottom edge 16 the pyramid-flat 12 hangs a tab 18. The bottom edge 14 forms a folding line between the pyramid-flat 12 and the tab 18. If the pyramid is 10 provided on a planar support, then the tab 18 horizontal lies on this support. The tab 18 is likewise triangular. The basis-prolonged of the triangle is the same basis-prolonged of a three-lateral pyramid-flat. Those the base of the triangular tab 18 opposite corner is preferably rounded. The tab 18 is thus in the longitudinal center broadest. In this range a simple magnetic compass is e.g. 20 attached, on the tab 18. a magnetic needle 22 exhibits, in addition, can every other magnetic display element to have. The compass 20 has a circular cylindrical housing and its bottom surface is on the tab 18 inseparably glued. Immediate adjacent to the compass 20 a mark is 24 mounted, printed in the embodiment and now is important on the tab 18 that the relative position of the compass is a 20 24 so selected to the mark that those the compass axle 26 (Fig. 2) contained and plane accurate parallel to the bottom edge 14 of the adjacent pyramid wall 12, current by the mark 24, runs. In the embodiment a second mark is 24 in this before defined plane on the tab 18 disposed. The two marks 24, 24 can form also a continuous line, those the präzisie assembly of the compass 20 facilitated, because the compass center must lie on this line 24.

The handling that managing described mechanism 10 is simple. The pyramidal bodies 10 over the subject matters which can be loaded it is inverted which stand on a planar support and depending upon size of the hollow body 10 with or with both hands around the geometric vertical pyramid axle so rotated that the magnetic needle 22 with that or the marks 24 comes to covering. The bottom edge 14 points then to north south direction.

In place of the mark 24 the adjacent scope of the compass 20 also a mark can be 25 on the tab 18 disposed, which likewise lies in the Kom passport axle 26 a contained vertical plane, which lies however not like the marks 24 to the bottom edge 14 parallel, but rectangular in addition. If the mark 25 becomes aligning the hollow body 10 used, then this so rotated becomes that the magnetic needle aligns 22 with the mark 25. In this case the located bottom edges 16 rectangular to the bottom edge 14 show in north south direction.

In fig 2 a modification is to that extent shown, when the compass 20 exhibits a housing ring 28, on that one of the two marks 24, 25 mounted is. With this formation the tab 18 or a corresponding approach of the hollow body 10 does not need to exhibit marks.

The handling is the same as with the embodiment in accordance with fig 1.

In place of the mark 25 on the edge of the ring 28 an alternative is in as much shown in fig 2 as the lid 30 of the compass 20 exhibits a mark 25 ', which is as the compass axle 26 crossing radial line formed and on the lid 30 printed or can be engraved. It understands itself that one of the marks for the handling is sufficient in each case.

While manufactured with the embodiment in accordance with fig 1 of the pyramidal hollow bodies 10 with tab 18 from cardboard is, fig 3 shows a corresponding pyramidal hollow body 10, which is manufactured from wood and which exhibits a comparatively thick walled approach 19 in the bottom portion of a hollow body wall 12. The bottom of the approach 19 is appropriate thereby in the geometric base surface of the hollow body 10.In for this approach 19 is a recess 32, is 20 so fitted into which the Kmpass that it is appropriate for top with the approach 19 flush. To the adjacent pyramid wall a groove 25 incorporated in the surface of the approach 19 follows 12 the recess 32, which lies again in that the compass axle 26 contained vertical plane, which to the adjacent bottom edge rectangular and to the subsequent bottom edges rectangular to it parallel lies.

In the pyramidal hollow body 10 is a bottom 34, which is not connected with the hollow body 10, which has however a pyramidenstumpfförmige shape, whose parameter corresponds to those of the hollow body 10, so that the base surface of the bottom 34 is the same inner base surface of the hollow body 10 and the trapezoidal side faces 36 affect the inner surfaces of the hollow body side panels 12 at least almost full-laminar. The bottom 34 has a top surface 38 parallel to the base surface, which has a distance from the base surface within the range of 10% to 30% of the middle hollow body-high. In the embodiment the level of the top surface 38 on 21% of the pyramid-high lies. The bottom has the purpose to bring smaller subject matters which can be loaded with energy into the optimum effective range of the pyramidal hollow body. This lies within the range of 10% to approximately 30% pyramid-high. Although the bottom is 34 shown as full material bodies, it understands itself that he can likewise consist of a down open hollow body.

Complementary one to the kosmobiologischen effects initially specified is mentioned that proven measures became raw and also refined meat over a longer period the bottom pyramid placed. The meat shown no decay or rot characteristics separate only an easier shrinkage. In the same way experiments with fresh milk were undertaken. Fresh milk, which stood longer time the bottom pyramid, shown no trace of acidifying.

With a large accessible hollow body, in particular in form of a tent, the compass is in a soil-lax in the tent-inner in particular at a gusset in a hollow body corner mounted.