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Such probes with body electrode are known and come before all things for therapeutic purposes to the use. A known therapy procedure plans it to strengthen the bio alternating field in one, detected of the body of an patient with an acceptance probe, the probe downstream metre to diagnose and provide feeding back with the calculated complement either over the same acceptance probe or over an other particular

To impress embossing probe the body of the patient again.

The known probes of the type initially specified are plate shaped, similar formed as electrocardiogram probes and with that

Disadvantage of a relative poor efficiency f r the detection and impressing of bio alternating fields afflicted. Practical complete inappropriate is these disk probes to the coupling at limb, particularly at fingers of the patient. In view of this state of the art the innovation the object is the basis to create a probe initially specified the universal is more insertable and practicing ore RA gung and detection of bio alternating fields with sufficient good efficiency an ensured.

This object becomes 1 dissolved in conformity with the features of the characterizing part of the claim.

The core of the innovation consists thus in the provision of a coiled and at least essentially cantilevered body electrode, which proved in the practical experiment as extremely favourable to the therapy, there it allowed to seize those relative weak bio alternating fields with good efficiency and/or. to transmitted.

From the principle of a coiled body electrode probes in the most diverse forms can be derived, so that an universal use of the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe is ensured.

In accordance with a first advantageous embodiment the body electrode is coiled as planar spiral. This electrode shape is suitable before all things for therapeutic purposes at the torso of the patient.

To the coupling of the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe is the body electrode favourable-proves as into the space screwing

Spiral coiled, whereby this three-dimensional spiral is at least so far cantilevered or form-stable that successive spiral turns in the sense of a shortcircuit do not arrive themselves with one another affecting in contact. The three-dimensional spiralwind as such is adaptable in his shape on various manner to the respective therapy purpose. Sports club is it favourable-proves provided, spiralwinds cylindrical tapered to train. An other favourable design of the Spiralwickels plans a conical winding process. Other favourable variations of the filament winding concern different slopes of the Spiralwickels.

Are from large therapeutic importance the direction-controlled detection and transmission of bio alternating fields.

This problem is elegantly more releasable with the help of the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe by the fact that spiralwind different rotary, i.e. preferably anti-clockwise rotating or clockwise rotatingly formed is. Beyond that it can spiralwinds for the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe with one another by the fact combine will that these coils are into one another of the plug-in type against each other insulated disposed. The combination of two against-intimate rotary spiral windings is particularly favourable.

To the coupling of measuring conduits a SteckanschluB, for example for banana plugs of the measuring conduit, is formed at the inner spiral end spiralwinds. With a favourable embodiment one plug-in connection case is to the spiral end soldered and essentially axial to spiralwinds aligned. With an other variant it is provided to attach the plug-in connection radial outward offset C at the spiral end. An integral proves straight weak bio alternating fields relative with view on those

Embodiment of the plug-in connection at the spiral end as particularly favourable. Thus a transition resistance between plug-in connection and spiral end becomes avoided, which can affect the sensitive alternating fields adverse.

For a lossless alternating field version and alternating field transmission is it from critical importance, spiralwinds of a sufficient good conductive material to make.

Particularly appropriate proved to brass, copper and steel. Likewise in the best way appropriate are spiralwind from noble metals.

Prefered ones are however from economic reasons spiralwind from brass, copper and steel, which gilded or silvered are.

Favourable way are let us spiralwind from a flat band material or from wire with round cross section coiled.

The innovation is to become now on the basis the drawing more near explained; in this shows:

Fig. 1 a body electrode of the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe formed as planar spiral;

Fig. 2 one as if conical-spiralwind formed Body electrode of the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe;

Fig. 3 and

Fig. 4 two various embodiments of one as cylindrical tapered iralwickel laid out body electrode of the innovation-in accordance with-eaten probe.

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