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EP 0229874
Protective device

From the environment animals, plants, crystals, in particular on food, penetrate beverages, textiles, constructions, luxury, remedy, Hygienika such as cosmetics, on apparatuses etc. on the life-qualified real units like the humans. various this-harmonic and therefore deleterious effects in the form of fields, beams and currents, in particular in material shape. Also in the real cosmic units develop for this-harmonic effects. There is the primary task to protect themselves as universal ones as possible from all outside and inner discords and to improve the qualities of the own life to improve as well as the qualities of the units which work in the environment, particular on the humans.

To the state of the art exist many particular apparatuses, which seek to only protect in possibly an area of life either or also to improve the situation. Modern way work some apparatuses with oscillation circles, capacitors and resistors, which become of own power source or excited of the parasitic oscillations and these by interference or other one to adjust to then seek. They are for screening of electrical appliances, car etc. far away legally prescribed. Other apparatuses work with the effect of forms like e.g. with the forms of the Cheopspyramide in accordance with the Czech patent No. 91 304.

So far known is the efficacy nearly all these apparatuses very limited in the quality, to that extent it also more or less far to disturb can by its own discords. And they are usually narrow specialized on a certain effect field. And their screening effect is also usually quantitative weak. The form effect of the Cheopspyramide is not of course very general, but yet sufficient universal. Them are too few effective in the good basic structure of the solar system and in the good some Urstruktur of the cosmos, which justifies all cosmic life.

It exists therefore the object developing a better effective apparatus that the universal basic harmonies of the cosmos, the particular solar system in its forms contains and therefore harmonic, universal and strong than the apparatus of the Cheopspyramide and other apparatuses works. A universal apparatus can affect without exception all real units and all their good functions harmonierend. Such an apparatus must logical-proves in accordance with its nature the dual function to have to promote on the one hand the development present harmonic and thus life-fair functions in particular in the sense of the improvement and stabilization to protect on the other hand against disturbing actions from the environment and also interior world. The protective effect develops on the one hand for direct in relation to the interfering effect by a harmonierende and thus compensatory, screening interaction as in the sense the interference deletion, on the other hand indirect by qualification such as stabilization and strengthening the harmonic functions of the too protective unit.

Such an apparatus is developed. It contains several according to invention fundamental harmonic structural elements the cosmos and particular solar system. These are already single effective. They can become still high effective combined. Since each real unit has a qualified field, since the fields penetrate each other affecting and since causal-legally its harmonic and/or this-harmonic nature works each field acting and responsive, then everything affects in the cosmos everything. That teaches the physics of the advanced cultures since more jeher.

The single structural elements are:

1. A three-dimensional form in metal or another cloth of the harmonic metrical spherical, in particular annular basic structure of the cosmos, like it in the Meditationsbild of Nikolaus of the Flüe drawn is clearer (see fig 1). The also partial three-dimensional ring shape is the analogue spherical and therein ring-like basic structure of the field of the cosmos and all real units in it. Corresponding one works it causal-legally.

2. In the harmonic arrangement of the solar system at least three, optimum sieved open or closed rings, which are preferably in the average distance of the seven basic planets of the solar system 1/4/7/10/16/52/100 in a plane disposed to each other. This fig becomes induced transforming of the urharmonischen basic field of the solar system and generated therefore this field in the protective device and around it.

Each ring can become after the example of a Trafowicklung at its location also multiple performed, preferably triple.

3. Screens of base metals, which are associated after tradition and know-how shank the seven main heavenly bodies of the solar system and which are this correct distributed on the before-designated seven rings. Those are the correct from the inside outward gold (sun), mercury (Merkur), copper (Venus), silver (moon as members of the earth), iron (Mars), tin (Jupiter) and lead (Saturn). These metals become according to experience stronger from the respective planet fields induced, which lets them work to corresponding, in particular, if they become disposed in the planetary order.

One can use various in each case alloyed metals, preferably pure metals.

The described structures can become in various form generally speaking, shortened and also only in parts applied.

A large and high effective apparatus consists housings of a gold ball in the center and six open rings in the planet-metallic, whose openings are sechsstrahlig offset, on its sechstrahlige image in pure gold printed is, whereby the distances of the rings correspond to the distances of the planet courses. The mercury is then preferably melted into a ringsförmige glass tube.

Literature for the proof of the effects:

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This apparatus can become the maintenance and improvement of the health temporary or continuous in the life field of the humans used. It can become for instance in mini form at the body worn, then particularly effective within the heart range in the middle on the chest or over the Solarplexus. It can become as own welfare equipment used and in other welfare devices the significant qualification of their effect. It can become of also additional the qualification other welfare procedures and remedy used as more bottom by close list with welfare procedures at the bed or treatment place and list or over stored remedies, foods and other qualified substances.

The apparatus can become as computer tread used with the numerous still unexplainable and very involving heavy losses computer disturbances, by becoming mounted in harmonic arrangement. It improves and for the stabilized functions of the computer and makes these able to work in a larger temperature and wet range.

It can become as protection and developing apparatus for manufacturing processes such as mature processes, for foods, canned goods, beverages, textiles, constructions, images, monuments, antiques, gemstones, metals, luxury, cosmetics, Parfüme, Hygienika used.

It knows chemical apparatuses, kitchen devices, oil burner, motors etc. into expensive apparatuses such as aircraft, machines. incorporated become. It knows physical and chemical type with all manufacturing processes to the improvement, protecting, stabilization and fuse of the production devices, which become production and the products used.

It can to the resolution of fog banks and to the Harmonierung undesirable geological process like bottom roads, constructions, landing fields etc. and other undesirable elementarischer changes used become.

It can become on a television or a television set placed or become with the fabrication in it mounted, umdie effects injurious to health its that we up to now technical as cathode rays etc. seize to reduce significant.

For example it can become a bottom apparatus the preparation of foods, beverages such as coffee, welfare and benefit dte, wine, beer provided and leads then to the significant health like also geschmacklichen qualification of the products.

It can become as universal harmony run gs and screening equipment with geopathischen, electrical, chemical and other spikes used.

It can with all disturbances in the four elements, the three Ursubstanzen, which become two Urpolaritäten and in each real unit helpfully used.

Other features and details result from the fig 1 and 2.

Fig 1 shows the Meditationsbild of Nikolaus of the Flüe. In the square 12 a double ring system 11 with the double outer ring 13 lies and inner ring 14. They are 15 connected with one another by six spokes. Square, ring system and spokes are from an electrical conductive metal, preferably from gold.

Fig 2 shows an embodiment, which consists to each other of six concentric rings 16 disposed in a plane. Ring 16a preferably contains gold or pure gold. Ring 16 b contains Quecksiber as melted in a glass tube. Ring 16 C contains coppers or only pure coppers. Ring 16 D contains silver or only pure silver. Ring 16 e contains irons or only pure irons. Ring 16 f contains tin or only pure tin. A not represented outermost ring contains lead or only pure lead.


The distances of the rings can be same. Preferably they correspond to the distances of the planet courses. Normalized ones one the average distance of the earth of the sun on ten, then amount to the radii for the Merkur (mercuries) 4, for the Venus (copper) 7, for the earth (moon/silver) 10, for Mars (iron) 16, for the Jupiter (tin) 52, for the Saturn (lead) 100 (series of Bode Titius). It is possible according to invention to omit a ring or a several. However the sequence of the materials may not become changed.

With the arrangement after fig 4 the open rings lie to each other as pitch circles in a plane concentric, so that the metals or metal alloys of the pitch circles 21 A, b, C, D and so on. the sequence as with 16 A, b, C and so on. correspond. Also here a pitch circle omitted can become or several; but the sequence of the remaining pitch circles and thus their materials may not become likewise according to invention changed according to claim 1.

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