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EP 0259769

Pyramid energy installation

The invention refers to a pyramid energy installation with an outside power consumption mechanism planned on the pyramid. Such an pyramid energy installation is in the DE-OS 35 39 610,5-33 described.

With the known pyramid energy installation the made power consumption by means of one from the top swinging pot put on on the pyramid. Electrical conductions continue to lead the energy then to Chakra electrodes. Such a swinging pot, which consists usually of brass, is costlier in its fabrication and has the functional drawback that does not become detected of it the entire swinging us spectrum from the basis to the tip of the pyramid.

The invention is the basis the object to train a pyramid energy installation that in such a manner initially mentioned type that can become detected with their power consumption mechanism the entire vibration spectrum of the pyramid.

This object becomes according to invention dissolved by the fact that the power consumption mechanism is an helical conductor led around the entire pyramid.

By this design much high degrees become pyramid energy received with very simple agents in one. That made without intermediate resonance. The energy becomes immediate fed into the conductor. Further the entire vibration spectrum from the basis to the tip of the pyramid becomes detected. Since the power consumption mechanism has an advancing and a leading away leader end, two terminals are available for the forwarding of the pyramid energy. Thus the pyramid energy installation can become particularly favourable in medicine and technique used. It is for example possible to vitalisieren with such an pyramid energy installation in the continuous-flow process for the horticulture and in the land, forest and water management water by pyramid energy. By spraying also with pyramid energy loaded water landflat in their unnatural radioactivity can become reduced. Measurements with the Geiger counter have shown that radioactive loaded water, which became the action of pyramid energy exposed exhibited afterwards significant smaller, radioactive values.

Also fuels or foods, for the example of beverages, can become in the continuous-flow process in their radioactive load reduced.

By the pyramid energy installation according to invention pyramid energy is available free of charge for medical, biological and technical purposes and in unlimited amount.

Particularly simple is the power consumption mechanism designed, if the conductor has the form of a conical spiral.

To the other simplification it contributes, if the conductor on the edges of the pyramid rests upon.

Developing a pyramid energy installation at the place of work is to be accomplished particularly rapid, if in accordance with another embodiment of the invention of the helical bent conductors by belts, ropes or similar linked so with one another and/or. connected is that its form remains existing with the lifting of the pyramid.

A likewise very simple, modified embodiment of the invention consists of the fact that the conductor runs interiorlaterally along, a cylindrical supporting ring helical coiled set over the pyramid.

The conductor is simpler to windings, if it runs outside along, a cylindrical supporting ring helical coiled transmissive set over the pyramid for the pyramid energy.

The energy radiated of the pyramid point becomes in particularly high degrees upward the received, if in accordance with a whole particularly advantageous embodiment of the invention of the conductors with its line part deriving the energy over the tip of the pyramid guided is.

In principle around the pyramid led conductors can be either an electrical cable or a tubular body. In the first case one can lead then the received energy across electrical conductions for example to Chakraelektroden. In the second case will it possible to leave by the conductor formed as tubular bodies for example liquids flow so that take up this immediate pyramid energy.

The invention permits many embodiments. Three of it are in the drawing shown and become subsequent described. This shows in

Fig. 1 a side view of a pyramid energy installation according to invention,

Fig. 2 a plan view on the plant in accordance with Fig. 1,

Fig. 3 a side view of a second embodiment of a pyramid energy installation,

Fig. 4 a plan view on the plant in accordance with Fig. 3,

Fig. 5
a cross section by an other embodiment of a pyramid energy installation,

Fig. 6 a plan view on the plant in accordance with Fig. 5,

Fig. 7 a cross section by an other embodiment of a pyramid energy installation,

Fig. 8 a plan view on the plant in accordance with Fig. 7.

The figs 1 and 2 show a pyramid 1, which with a basic edge in north south direction aligned is. Around this pyramid a conductor 2 is to a conical spiral from downside upward the opposite clockwise direction in such a manner coiled that these on its edges mount. With this conductor 2 it cannot concern around in or multi-core, shielded electric cable or however a tubular body transmissive for pyramid energy, becomes through-passed by which a liquid (for the example water, milk, juices, fuel) or a gas. The spiral formed by the conductor 2 is so among themselves linked by belts 3, ropes or similar in its turns that the leader spiral remains existing with the lifting of the pyramid 1. The conductor portion leading away from the pyramid 1 4 is over the pyramid point guided, so that he is able to take up the there radiated energy.

The energies radiated of the pyramid meet the turns of the conductor 2, which takes up them and either to the Mediums flowing through it continues to give or if a conductor an electrical cable is, into electrical conductions feed, which are connected at it.

The embodiment in accordance with the figs 3 and 4 differs from the before described by the fact that the conductor 2 rests upon not the edges of the pyramid separates slight distance of these has. A commercial holder 5 holds the conductor 2 in the illustrated position. It leads at the same time the conductor portion 4 above the pyramid point vertical upward, so that the pyramid energy diverting over the pyramid point meets this conductor portion 4. The holder 5 the permitted pyramid power consumption in a far vibration spectrum of the pyramid, even if the line end piece becomes 6 offset in movement.

In accordance with the figs a cylindrical supporting ring 7 is from the top inverted 5 and 6 over the pyramid 1. Along the inner wall of this supporting ring 7 the conductor 2 in an helix runs. Its energy exhausting conductor portion 4 runs again over the pyramid point and is by means of a front recess 8 in the top of the supporting ring 7 maintained.

With the embodiment in accordance with the figs 7 and 8 the conductor is 2 outside 7 coiled on the supporting ring. The supporting ring 7 consists here of a material transmissive for the pyramid energy. Precise one as with the preceding embodiment is the exhausting conductor portion 4 placed over the pyramid point.

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