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EP 0287687
Apparatus to the treatment of organisms and plants by pyramid energy

The invention refers to an apparatus to the treatment of organisms and plants by pyramid energy, with which on the tip of a pyramid from the top over the pyramid seizing vibration absorbers fitted is, which has a power consumption electrode at each edge of the pyramid and each flat center line in each case, of which from altogether two electrical lines to two Chakra electrodes leads. Such an apparatus is subject matter of the DE-OS 35 30 841.

The fact that in pyramids any energies work, which mummify for example animals and plants were in Egypt the designers of the pyramids already known. Also newer experiments, over which in the television reported became, show that on the inside from the Cheops pyramid full-scale copied pyramids foods hold themselves prolonged fresh as bottom otherwise same conditions outside of the pyramid.

The DE-OS initially specified 35 30 841 shows, how the so called pyramid energy of electrical conductors received and to two Chakra electrodes can become passed. If one brings radioactive loaded waters between the two Chakra electrodes to an apparatus in accordance with the DE-OS mentioned 35 30 841 and measures the radioactive impulses by means of a Geiger counter, then it can be stated that the pulse number drops within twenty minutes of 670 impulses per minute to 560 impulses per minute, while it remains with a same water sample outside of the apparatus constant.

The before-known Chakra Elektrodenanlage becomes already used in the larger circumference the treatment of humans. Since the effect of the apparatus depends on the energy present at the Chakra electrodes, it is desirable, if can become a received of the pyramid as large an amount of power as possible in order to have been able to make either relative high amounts of power available or however over with as small a pyramid as possible still sufficient amounts of power to the order.

The invention is the basis the object to arrange an apparatus that in such a manner initially mentioned type that into its electrical lines as large a pyramid energy quantity as possible can arrive.

This object becomes according to invention dissolved by the fact that both high-guided to the Chakra electrodes leading electrical lines of the basis of the pyramid are along two edges of the pyramid to the vibration absorber.

Surprisingly shown has itself that pyramids at their edges radiate an high energy outward, which can become received of the lines along-led on them. Experiments with radioactive loaded water shown opposite the known apparatus a significant more rapid decay of the radioactivity.

An other improvement of the power consumption can be reached, if in accordance with an advantageous embodiment of the invention of each line leading to the Chakra electrodes individual directions lead to each power consumption electrode and individual directions of the line are to Chakra electrode in the reversed direction of rotation to the power consumption electrodes a guided like individual directions of the other line.

To the treatment of organisms it is particularly favourable whole, if individual directions to the line, which leads to the Chakra electrode which can be arranged below the organism which can be treated or the plant, by which power consumption electrodes in the clockwise direction around the pyramid are led around. Such a plant became likewise with radioactive loaded water tested and compared with an apparatus to the state of the art. It shown itself that the pulse number in the apparatus, according to invention measured with a Geiger counter, dropped within 20 minutes from 670 impulses to 400 impulses per minute, while it dropped with the apparatus after the DE-OS 35 30 841 in the same time only on 560 impulses per minute and did not remain with not water constant introduced in such an apparatus.

For the treatment of organisms and plants it is favourable, if individual directions are connected to the Chakra electrode which can be arranged above the organism which can be treated or the plant in the smaller radial spacing to the pyramid, as individual directions leading to the other Chakra electrode. The positive effect of such an apparatus can be proven to significant with flowers. These prosper between the ChakraElektroden significant faster and better than outside.

The maximization of the energy density the pyramid with an edge in north south direction must become aligned. That is particularly light possible, if the pyramid on an edition is disposed, which on a mobile backing plate disposed pivotable around a vertical axis is, which carries a stand at the same time to the support of the Chakra electrodes.

Since pyramids radiate energy also with their base surface downward, it is favourable for use also this energy, if the edition forms the upper limitation of a box, which parallel exhibits a mirror directed to the pyramid to the plane of the base surface of the pyramid in the pitch to this pyramid. Such a mirror the reflected outgoing energy back into the pyramid, whereby itself the energy portion of again increased delivered into the lines. The further prevented mirror that influenced in a multi-storey building below the pyramid located persons become in undesirable manner of the pyramid energy.

Particularly effective is the mirror, if he has a pitch, which corresponds to the height of the pyramid at least from the base surface of the pyramid.

The handling of an apparatus after the invention is particularly simple, if the stand consists of square tube and for putting in mounting plates for the upper and lower Chakra electrode in several, rectangular to each other standing positions formed is. With such a stand particularly light ensure leaves itself that the electrodes in each use position with one another aligning.

For the therapeutic effect favorable is it, if the line from above, leading to the upper Chakra electrode, is anti-clockwise rotating seen high-guided at the Stativsäule to the upper Chakra electrode.

From same reasons another development of the invention is favourable, guided in accordance with which the line from above, leading to the lower Chakra electrode, is clockwise rotating seen to the lower Chakra electrode.

For the therapeutic treatment of humans it is favorable, if each Chakra electrode consists to each other of altogether ten parallel disposed single electrodes, which as in the figs 5 and 6 with Roman digits characterized with the power consumption electrodes are in accordance with fig 3 connected.

The invention permits many embodiments. To the other clarity of their basic principle two of it in the drawing shown are and become subsequent described. This shows in

Fig. 1 a side view of an apparatus according to invention,

Fig. 2 a plan view on the apparatus after fig 1,

Fig. 3 one opposite fig 2 enlarged plan view on the pyramid with their electrical connections,

Fig. 4 a side view of a changed embodiment.

Fig. 5 a top view on the upper Chakra electrode 8

Fig. 6 a view from in front toward the arrow D in fig 1 the Chakra electrode 9b.

In fig 1 the illustrated apparatus has a backing plate 1, which 3 carriage formed exhibiting as running wheels 2, is. On this backing plate 1 is 5 disposed around a vertical axis 4 a pivotable edition, on which a pyramid 6 stands. By these swivel barkeit the edition 5 is it light possible to align the pyramid 6 in such a way the fact that their base surface with an edge in north south direction runs which for the recovery of large an pyramid energy as possible is favourable.

Before the edition 5 a stand formed from square tube is 7 disposed on the backing plate 1, which an upper Chakra electrode 8 and a lower Chakra electrode 9 stop ore. Broken shown is an other, bottom electrode 9b, which alternative the Chakra electrode 9 used can become and rectangular the Chakra electrode 8 aligned is.

From the top a vibration absorber is 10 fitted on the pyramid 6, which on its outer surface altogether eight power consumption electrodes 11 and coaxial exhibits to the pyramid point on its upper end face an other power consumption electrode 12. Each power consumption electrode 11, 12 has one behind the other two terminals, from which in each case is closer the intended terminal with the lower Chakra electrode 9 electrically connected, remote other to the pyramid 6gelegene terminal with the upper Chakra electrode 8 and that, of the pyramid.

The type of the electrical wiring results most clearly from the figs 2 and 3. Fig 2 shows that a line 13 of the vibration absorber 10 is anti-clockwise rotating 8 high-guided seen from above along an edge of the pyramid 6 downward guided and then at the stand 7 to the upper Chakra electrode. Corresponding one is another line 14 of the vibration absorber 10 along another edge of the pyramid 6 downward guided and runs without the other line 13 to cross from above seen clockwise rotatingly to the lower Chakra electrode. Tabs 17, 18 on the edition 5 hold the Lei do towards 13, 14 on the respective pyramid edge.

In fig 3 it is to be seen that 14 guided of, the outside terminals of the radial outward directed power consumption electrodes 11 there characterized with II to IX an individual direction from above is seen in the clockwise direction around the pyramid 6 around to the line in each case. Important one for the invention is that the power consumption electrodes are not immediate connected with one another, but individual directions always of each power consumption electrode without branch to another electrode to the line 14 guided are.

The line 13, which leads to the upper Chakra electrode 8, shown in the figs 1 and 2, is the corresponding line 14 with the power consumption electrodes connected, whereby the direction of rotation of individual directions however reversed, thus against the clockwise direction, runs, which was clarified in fig 2 and 3 by rectangular small boxes with registered, Roman digits and in fig 3 additional by arrows.

With the embodiment in accordance with the fig 4 the pyramid 6 stands on around the axis 4 pivotable 1 box 15 disposed on the backing plate. In the box 15 parallel and congruently to the basis of the pyramid 6 upward more directed, planner mirror 16 disposed, are whose pitch of the basis of the pyramid 6 corresponds at least to the height of the pyramid 6.

The fig 5 shows, how ten single electrodes of the Chakra electrode 8 with the corresponding power consumption electrodes connected, characterized characterized with Roman digits I to X, in fig 3 with Roman digits are. The lower Chakra electrode 9 is like that connected with the power consumption electrodes that its Einzelelek connected with a power consumption electrode troden in each case with that single electrode aligning, which is connected with the same power consumption electrode.

The fig 6 shows, how the single electrodes of the horizontal aligned Chakra electrode are to be connected 9b with the power consumption electrodes.

Listing of the used numerals

1 backing plate
2 running wheel
3 running wheel
4 axis
5 edition
6 pyramid
7 stand
8 upper Chakra electrode
9 lower Chakra electrode
10 vibration absorbers
11 power consumption electrode
12 power consumption electrode
13 line
14 line
15 box
16 mirrors
17 tab
18 tab