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EP 0302192

Device for the treatment of living beings and plants with pyramid energy

Abstract -- In a device for the treatment of living beings and plants with pyramidal energy, the energy is picked up on energy pick-up lines (12, 13), which are arranged electrically separate along the four edges of the pyramid (6). Since the emission of energy is particularly strong along the pyramid edges, a particularly large amount of energy can be picked up by energy pick-up lines (12, 13) of this type. Such energy pick-up lines (12, 13) are considerably cheaper to produce.

The invention refers to an apparatus to the treatment of organisms and plants by pyramid energy, is provided with which outside at the pyramid at least an energy pick-up, from which an electrical lead to an Chakra electrode leads. Such an apparatus is subject matter of the DE-OS 35 30 841.

With the known apparatus the made energy pick-up at the outer surface of a cup acting as swinging pot, which is from the top fitted on the pyramid. The fact that are present by means of the known apparatus between the Chakraelektroden energies, could become by measurement of the radioactivity of a water sample detected, as a same sample became outside of the apparatus disposed and the radioactivity over the time measured. With the sample between the Chakra electrodes shown itself contrary to the other sample within short time a rapid decay of the radioactivity. Of it the before-known apparatus is foreseen to the therapy of the humans used and has to amazing sound sequences guided.

Adverse with known apparatus is it that this is expensive relative by the put on cup, which must consist of an expensive brass alloy or other, partly still more expensive materials in the fabrication, so that she could not find the spread, which would be appropriate due to their good therapeutic effect from cost reasons yet.

The invention is the basis the object to arrange an apparatus that in such a manner initially mentioned type that the pyramid energy with if possible small effort at the pyramid tapped can become and the one if possible high efficiency exhibits.

This object becomes according to invention dissolved by the fact that the energy pick-up is to along an edge of the pyramid longitudinal and separate power consumption line provided galvanic of the pyramid.

Since the energy radiation at the pyramid edges is particularly strong, much energy can particularly become received by such power consumption lines. The power consumption lines, which cannot be by simple in the slight distance of the pyramid edges longitudinal, insulated copper wires formed, are substantial more inexpensive producible as the known cups put on acting as swinging pot on the pyramid. Therefore a pyramid energy installation is more inexpensive producible after the invention significant as the known apparatus.

A therapeutic favourably acting apparatus according to the invention is characterised by the fact that at the two ends of the power consumption line an energy pick-up provided is and the upper energy pick-up with an upper Chakra electrode and the lower energy pick-up with a lower Chakra electrode connected is.

Whole one is particularly favourably it, if along each edge of the pyramid is a power consumption line with two energy pick-ups provided and the upper energy pick-ups with four single electrodes of the upper Chakra electrode and the lower energy pick-ups with four single electrodes of the lower Chakra electrode are connected. By this design calculated can become with still better therapeu tables effects, since become radiated at the single edges different energies, which become guided without interference the single electrodes. For this in the contrast an interference of the energies received of the cup is to be expected with as swinging pot acting cup.

Since the energies become rectangular the pyramid edge radiated, it is favourable, if the energy pick-ups are in height of the pyramid point and the pyramid basis provided at the end of a rectangular bending of the power consumption line in each case.

The passed on energy receives a corresponding twist to the Chakrazentren, if the bending are clockwise rotatingly coiled after type of a Korkenziehers. To the promotion of this effect one can train the outlet lines as right-coiled conductors or lead the outlet lines as whole clockwise rotatingly wound to the Chakra electrodes.

The Engerieaufnahmeleitungen can become on very much simple manner in a fixed distance the respective pyramid edge held, if in accordance with another embodiment of the invention the power consumption lines in each case are with a portion of their two by the bending formed angle in in each case a slot of an insulator at the pyramid point and the pyramid basis held.

Here it is favourable, if the insulators planned at the base of the pyramid at each edge in each case seize that with a rectangular recess over a corner of the pyramid and in their surface the power consumption line female slot have.

The energy radiated of the pyramid point can become in a simple manner likewise caught and thus used, if in the insulator planned on the tip of the pyramid a galvanic, coaxial to the pyramid axle aligned and after type of a Korkenziehers clockwise rotatingly coiled power consumption electrode separate of the pyramid is provided.

Particularly simple is the upper insulator designed, if it is a cylinder with a coaxial bore to the receptacle of the power consumption electrode and with four radial slots for the power consumption lines and if those is the pyramid point directed front surface of the insulator the corresponding pyramid inclination as interior cone formed.

Case the energy at the tip of the pyramid with received becomes, then the effect of the pyramid energy installation is particularly large, if in accordance with another embodiment of the invention the upper Chakra electrode additional has a middle single electrode, which is connected with the power consumption electrode of the pyramid point to the four single electrodes connected with the upper energy pick-ups and the corresponding pyramid-high is enough deeper downward as the remaining single electrodes. Apart from the simpler energy pick-up the apparatus according to invention is more inexpensive producible compared with the known apparatuses also, because the upper Chakra electrode only five and the lower Chakra electrode only four single electrodes required.

For the therapeutic treatment of the humans it is favourable, if all single electrodes of the two Chakraelektroden with those energy pick-ups are connected, which with the single electrodes aligning, if one the pyramid with their tip wei send yourself downward between the Chakraelektroden thinks.

The invention permits numerous embodiments. To the other clarity of its basic principle one of it is in the drawing shown and becomes subsequent described. The drawing shows in

Fig. 1 a side view of a complete, innovation-in accordance with-eaten apparatus,

Fig. 2
a side view of the apparatus in the range of their pyramid,

Fig. 3 a plan view on the arrangement after the fig 2, however without power consumption lines,

Fig. 4 a side view of the upper Chakra electrode,

Fig. 5
an horizontal section by the upper Chakra electrode,

Fig. 6
a side view of the lower Chakraelektrode,

Fig. 7
an horizontal section by the lower Chakra electrode,

Fig. 8 a schematic representation of the wiring of the apparatus,

Fig. 9
a longitudinal section by an upper insulator of the apparatus,

Fig. 10 a plan view on the upper insulator,

Fig. 11 a plan view on a lower insulator,

Fig. 12 a vertical section by the lower insulator.

In fig 1 the illustrated apparatus has a base plate 1 with impellers 2, 3. On this base plate 1 is 5 disposed around a vertical axis 4 a rotatable edition, on which a pyramid 6 out for example coppers stands. Before the edition 5 a stand 7 on the base plate is 1 attached, which an upper Chakra electrode 8 and a lower Chakra electrode 9 stop ore. The pyramid energy becomes the two Chakra electrodes 8, 9 supplied over lines 10, 11. Important one for the invention is the type of the power consumption of the pyramid 6. This results most clearly from the figs 2 and 3.

The fig 2 shows that parallel runs in each case to the edges of the pyramid 6 a power consumption line 12, 13, which are at the pyramid point of an upper, all four power consumption lines 12, 13 common insulator 14 and at the corners of the base of the pyramid 6 in each case by a lower insulator 15, 16 held. Each power consumption line 12, 13 does not consist of one the parallel pyramid edge longitudinal, insulated wire section 17 and a rectangular bending 18, 19, those corkscrew-like, clockwise rotatingly coiled is and at its end in each case a plug-in connection 20, 21 has.

The upper insulator 14 of the pyramid 6 carries coaxial to the pyramid 6 a power consumption electrode 38, which is from a clockwise rotatingly coiled, corkscrew-like and formed in main extending direction pointing piece of wire upward, at whose end as energy pick-up likewise a plug-in connection 39 provided is.

The fig 3 shows that additional to the insulators 15, 16 is also at the two other corners of the pyramid 6 corresponding insulators 22, 23 provided. These insulators 15, 16, 22, 23 have a slot, for example a slot 24 in the insulator 15, in their top in each case into which a power consumption line, to the example the power consumption line 17, sits in each case with a portion of the angle formed by bending 18. Corresponding slots 25 - 28 is in radial alignment in the outer surface of the upper insulator 14 provided, into those the upper in each case angle of each power consumption line 12, 13 sits.

The figs 4 and 5 show the fact that the upper Chakra electrode 8 from altogether five single electrodes 29 - exists 33, whereby the middle single electrode 33 is enough more other downward around the height of the pyramid 6 as the remaining single electrodes 29, 30, 31, 32.

In the figs the lower Chakra electrode 9 shown consists 6 and 7 of four single electrodes 34 - 37, which with the single electrodes 29 - 32 aligning.

The fig 8 clarifies, as the single electrodes 29 - 37 with the energy pick-ups of the pyramid 6 connected is. The upper in each case energy pick-ups along the pyramid edges led power consumption lines 12, 13 and the energy pick-up of the power consumption electrode 38 on the tip of the pyramid 6 are with the upper Chakra electrode 8 and the remaining energy pick-ups, thus the four at the underside of the power consumption lines of 12, 13 intended energy pick-ups, are with the lower Chakra electrode 9 connected. If one imagines the pyramid 6 with the tip downward pointing between the Chakra electrodes 8, 9, then all connecting leads without itself lead to over-cross to the respective single electrodes 29 - 37.

The figs 9 and 10 clarify the design of the upper insulator 14. One recognizes that coaxial by it through a bore leads 40, who flows at the underside into an interior cone 41, which is so dimensioned that the insulator 14 good can be set on the tip of the pyramid 6. The fig 9 shows further the two slots 25, 27 and fig 10 all four radial slots 25 - 28.

The figs 11 and 12 show at the example of the lower insulator 15 that the lower insulators 15, 16, 22, 23 42 exhibit an angular recess in each case, with which it around a corner of the pyramid 6 to seize are able. Further the figs 11 and 12 show the slot 24, used into which the power consumption line becomes 12 with a corner.

Listing of the used numerals

1 base plate
2 impeller
3 impeller
4 axis
5 edition
6 pyramid
7 stand
8 Chakra electrode
9 Chakra electrode
10 line
11 line
12 power consumption line
13 power consumption line
14 insulator
15 lower insulator
16 insulator
17 wire section
18 bending
19 bending
20 plug-in connection
21 plug-in connection
22 insulator
23 insulator
24 slot
25 slot
26 slot
27 slot
28 slot
29 single electrode
30 single electrode
31 single electrode
32 single electrode
33 single electrode
34 single electrode
35 single electrode
36 single electrode
37 single electrode
38 power consumption electrode
39 plug-in connection
40 bore
41 interior cones
42 recess