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FR 1153623
Collecting and use of the cosmic rays

Having noted physically certain reactions beneficial of the cosmic rays, there was the idea to employ them to cancel or neutralize the effects of certain products toxic (sulphur and others) employed to treat certain beverages (Vins prin cipalement) and certain food products, milk, cheeses, etc

It was noted a reduction in the acidity on the treated products. Moreover the rot of some fruits (apples, grapes, inter alia) was stopped or delayed in its progression. Fruits were preserved in the middle of corrupted fruits. Milk could be preserved pendent many days in its normal state. Tests can be carried out on meat.

These experiments prove that the cosmic radiations as those of radioactive cobalt détrui feels certain bacteria generating the corruption of the food products dietary; but they have the advantage not to be harmful and to be of an easy employment. The collecting of these rays is single, II acts of reversed cones; the pyramidal form gives good results, but these cones can be more or less widened. More the cone is large more) has collecting is substantial, therefore the stronger intensity. One is still obliged to proceed by gropings because of possible danger.

These rays can be transported and distributed, by means of insulated metallic wire or not as for the electricity. It is envisaged the central ones of collected tion which could be built with somewhat the fresh one, and the forces thus collected following the requirements could be distributed.

The pickup apparatus can be made more or less powerful, neutral with the requirement.

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