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Radiation emitter calculated


It is claimed that animated or inanimate bodies emit a characteristic invisible radiation, that the means used in dowsing, such as the pendulum and the baquette, well known to the waterfinders, make it possible to detect, to identify and measure.

Among these radiations, those emitted by the earth (electrical vertical radiations, magnetic horizontal radiations) are particularly substantial, and it is recognized that, especially when they are radioactive (negative or positive) making the pendulum gyrate very violently to the left right; they exert a harmful action on living organisms which results especially in faintnesses, states of tiredness, agitated sleep, and predisposition to diseases.

Moreover, they impregnate and corrompent prematurely foods stored in the gardemanger, which by their ingestion become a source of diseases.

Besides certain furniture and various objects can, being also generating of harmful radiations.

The object of the present invention is a portable or static transmitter of calculated radiations whose employment makes it possible to neutralize the harmful action of the aforesaid harmful radiations.

The radiation emitter, following the invention, is composed of a pedestal in a neutral material, such as cork, in the face of which are embedded by one of its ends, two rollings up with turns cylindrical and emerging with unequal lengths of the pedestal, namely that one of these rollings up is very clamped, it is out of steel, crossed by a brass stem fixing it at the pedestal, other rolling up is out of brass; the turns which make it up are much wider and more spaced. Its two wings thus formed, make an angle of 30 approximately.

Moreover, the pedestal out of cork and the two turns cylindrical, are rolled up at the base of a paper regenerated cellulose known under the denomination of cellophane whose bending is carried out of a determined manner to obtain the desired radiations.

In order to avoid any stain or disturbance of the apparatus by foreign bodies, the following radiation emitter the invention, is preferably protected by a film of plastic transparent, in the cylindrical shape of cap at domed bottom internally.

To protect it from. mechanical destruction, the transmitter, following the invention, is placed in a resistant plastic housing: wood or similar of which the studied waves (since any body erases) take into consideration.

In order to in better knowing the features, the transmitter apparatus, following the invention, will be described cidessous while referring to the hereinafter-annexed drawing which represents of it, as example, nonrestrictive, a prefered form of performing.

The apparatus itself, comprises a cylindrical pedestal cork D, in which are embedded by one of its ends, two cylindrical metallic rollings up, one with clamped turns fi crossed by a brass H stem which goes down again along these turns to go to fix the apparatus in the pedestal, the other emerging from the cork pedestal and forming a brass E rigid ranging obtained by only one wire, which, after to be folded at its upper end, goes down again in spirals to spaced apart, whose low end is attached in the block of cork. These two rollings up different lengths, recall the shape of a V attached on the cork pedestal, the two wings of this V are held with suitable, corresponding spacing approximately with an angle of 300.

The apparatus is protected stains by means of a cylindrical cap consisted a film of plastic transparent C.

Lastly, to protect it from mechanical deteriorations, the apparatus can be placed in a resistant housing, represented with. 1 B and provided with a cover A.

It was recognized that the apparatus described above, is a powerful transmitter of calculated waves that it is enough to lay out it at a place where the radiations of the basement are harmful so that it neutralizes cellesci at the same time as their harmful action, and reveals at this place, a favourable positive resulting radiation.

The transmitter apparatus of radiations, following the invention, can be manufactured in different dimensions, its aotion transmitting being all the more extent which its dimensions are large. I1 can be conditioned to be useful like portable apparatus or static apparatus of various forces; I1 showed its effectiveness for the neutralization of the harmful waves due to currents and subterranean water crossings, and it was noted that it equilibrium the vital exchanges of the organism, reinforces the energy and increases nervous tonicity. I. Use of the portable apparatus appeared effective in all the momentary cases of faintnesses, such as: seasickness, high blood pressure, states of tiredness, insomnia, agitated sleep, dreams, nightmares, etc.

The effectiveness of the portable apparatus is exerted only when one removes the cover of the protective housing, while the housing of the static apparatus must, on the contrary, preferably to remain closed.

A case particularly interesting of the emI law of the following radiation emitter the invention, consists in the neutralization of the harmful waves due to the existence in the basement, of faults, of currents, crossings and vortexes of water. The neu- tralisation of these harmful waves is obtained in pla šant the radiation emitter plumb with the input, in local to immunize, of the aforesaid subterranean water currents, while choosing of course, a transmitter of power and of adequate size with the obtaining of the neutralization.

The invention is not limited to the forms of execution described above, and changes can be made to  the form, with the constitution, the number and the provision of the constituent elements without leaving the frame the present patent, in so far as these enhancements are compatible with the spirit of the claims.

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