Radiesthesia Patents

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The present invention relates to an apparatus which has the property to cure one of the two categories of existing cancers; cancer which we call: cancer In
This apparatus consists of twelve half spheres out of hardwood, of a diameter of five centimetres at least, pierced of an hole from three to four millimeters diameter. This hole is perpendicular with the base circle of the half sphere, in his center. (. 1, 1/t).

These twelve half spheres, of same dimensions, are piled up on a leather cord which pass by the hole of each half sphere. the base of each half sphere rests on the apex of that which is located at the lower part.

The apparatus thus made up emits an energetic flow which we call:

This stack being suspended at a fixed point; one lays out with a few centimetres below, the photography of cancerous to look after deposited it same on a piece of circular leather.

After a duration varying one month to three months; the cancer is destroyed and thus, the diseased one is cured.

Various apparatuses emitting of the waves of forms, were described by M.M. CHAUMERY and of 3EMZAL; Mr. ENEL; like by Mr. Jean of the FOYE (waves of life, waves of dead).