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Apparatus intended to protect the living organisms against the adverse physiological effects of the electrostatic and electromagnetic fields

Present invention relates to a method and an apparatus intended to protect the living organisms against the adverse physiological effects of the electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, as well those of natural origin as those which are created by industrial sources of any nature, this method and this apparatus being based on observations completely new being able to be connected to hypothetical theoretical considerations completely new to date.

The human beings, as well as the animals living in the modern world, evolve/move in fact in a medium very highly disturbed by the accumulating of the electromagnetic and electrostatic fields which the many sources create which surround them, and it is quite known that the physiological state of any organism is constantly assigned by these fields.

Thus, the fields electromagnetic emanating from the motor and which reigns H the inner one of an automobile to the origin of physiological and psychophysiologic faintnesses is generated by the automobile on the passengers (tiredness, migraines, nauseas, pains bodily). Beside the drugs tranquillizing, acting on the effect and not on the cause, one proposed like remedy for these disorders only the conductive material tape of the electricity, playing the role of taken earth for the vehicle.

In the same way, it is quite known that the extended observing of television screens or computers is accompanied also by the same phenomena. It is also the case of the subjects evolving/moving in the local ones equipped with installations with medical treatment, or electronic or electromechanical equipment utilizing sources inevitably creating raised fields, with the immediate vicinity of which the operators evolve/move.

The invention rests on the exposed one that certain materials, assembled or joined together following certain patterns, and having undergone certain treatments, can be regarded as poles which, joined together by two, three or more, give birth, by a phenomenon of tuning, with “waves of form”, constituting a way of directional screen playing a protective role against the aforementioned effects.

These materials must in accordance with the invention be subdivided in plusieures categories, according to their nature and of their layout.

A first assembly is that of webs or conductive material boards, juxtaposed without contact in a following same plane an open angular pattern.

These webs or boards must themselves be subdivided in two separate classes
- the first class is consisted magnetizable material webs, such as for example the family metals of the iron (Iron, Nickel, cobalt) and their oxides (ferrites) and like.

- the second class is consisted material webs nonmagnetizable but endowed with raised coefficients of conductivity, such as for example brass, copper, the silver, the gold and like.

In accordance with the invention, this first assembly joins together at least two respectively selected webs each one in one of the aforesaid classes, these webs having approximately the same dimensions and being laid out on a same plane, each one being spaced the neighbouring one of a distance of about 2 to 30% its length, so that the unit, it be-E-statement the aforementioned assembly, represents an open angular pattern, for example Z, K, NR, F, by opposition E of the closed patterns such as O, D, or crossed such as X, which are not appropriate E this effect.

A second assembly is that consisted ferrite particles distributed within a micronized powder inert, at a rate of 2 to 30 Z of ferrite and perfectly dehydrated of manner E to constitute a perfectly dry mass, agglomerated by means of an also inert binder, for example of Arabic gum or polyvinyl alcohol.

The assembly of the webs, in accordance with the invention, is placed on the bottom plane of an housing which is then filled of the inert powder and ferrite powder mixture, that one then on the spot agglomerates by means of said binding, housings being then sealed by means of a sealed cover.

In accordance with the invention, the systems consisted these housings thus packed of the assemblies of webs and the powder mixture agglomerated must, to express their properties, to undergo a treatment which one can compare to an activation and which consists in making them cross a series of magnetic fields to alternate orientation. Implementation the most single consists in using two successive magnetic fields of opposite orientation. One can however use an arbitrary number of such couples, for example to eight successive fields. For this purpose the packed housings can be placed on a conveying band moving with variable speed through fields successive created by excited electromagnets has variable intensities according to the application considered, but always smell some alternately opposite.

Rolls actual of this activation is not known, nor same explicable starting from the conventional scientific considerations; it is possible that a phenomenon of orientation of the magnetized ferrite particles intervenes. One can only note the fact that the systems thus created in accordance with the invention have properties completely surprising and whose applications are many and substantial, when at least two systems thus defined are laid out face to face.

Thus, of very many experiments showed that two produced apparatuses of this manner define a plane behind which a subject does not feel any more faintnesses caused usually by an electromagnetic field, created for example by the motor of an automobile or the radiation of the screen of a television set or a minicomputer.

It should be admitted that no rational explanation can be currently supplied for this purpose. Various theoretical assumptions can be advancing, by analogy with known phenomena.

Thus, by analogy with fields tension of fields magnetic created by bar magnet, and which is put visually in evidence only by means of iron filings, in a known experiment strong, whereas they exert their effects, on all the surrounding metal objects, one can imagine that the ferrite and brass webs create around them, in a certain provision, like “fields tension” to the waves of form, already recognized for certain inert materials, these tension fields component with those of electromagnetic fields in the neutralizing one, the “absorbent one” or deviating them.

This assumption is not absurd, because with which could be raised and according to which inert elements could develop energy only if they receive previously an at least equivalent energy but of another nature, one can answer that the elements of an electrical stack are also inert and are nevertheless spontaneously générateu of energy when such stack is inserted in a circuit.

Moreover one can admit that the treatment of the systems in accordance with the invention by the alternate magnetic fields owes accompa- gner of the transmission of a certain energy with the system.

According to another assumption, one can also imagine that this fields of “tension fields” constitutes a like system has an optical system focalisator, i.e. with the outlet of which electromagnetic radiations, instead of radiating in all space surrounding, convergent towards a like area with hearths, outside which this radiation is not propagated any more.

Of course, the invention is not in any limited extent by these hypothetical explanations, since it is based on the surprising observation of an unknown phenomenon, and ltexploitation of this phenomenon. The number and the nature of the experiments practised to control the reality of this phenomenon and these effects make it possible to eliminate the possibility of a psychological placebo, more especially as the aforementioned experiments also related to domestic animals, which are insensitive with the psychic factors.