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FR 2591494
Ambience harmoniser consisting of a cube surmounted by three hemispheres which can move around a vertical axis


Abstract -- Device for harmonising a location. The invention relates to a device for obtaining or re-establishing maximum vibrational harmony of a location. It consists of a cube 1 surmounted by three hemispheres 2 which can move around a vertical axis 3. Twenty-four "runes" 4 are pyrographed on each hemisphere. The device according to the invention is intended in particular for general harmonisation working towards maintaining plants, animals and human beings in "good health" in the place in which they live.

Cited documents: FR816132

INTRODUCTION - the idea of the focus of this Harmonisateur d' Ambiance is in relationship with the theory of the emissions which had with the forms and, with the properties of the ideograms in general -, of the signs runic in particular in this presentation.

With regard to the emissions which had with the forms us sums left the principle that: “All that exists in the universe rayon and emits vibrations”. So the emissions which had with the forms have an influence on the living cell, incoming in resonance with it -, that these forms natural or are built hand of the man.

For what has stroke with the use of the signs expressing an idea -, we consider that the older the use of the ideogram is -, the more it has acquired power.

We have for this selected model Runes ( 24 Runes being presented in three sequences of 8 Runes). However -, the support hardware of the Ambiance Harmonizer can receive the signs of all the systems ideographic of planet, including the alphabets and sign-symbols of all civilizations.

The drawing of the inscribed ideogram in a frame with the proportions of square long.

It is thus of the combination of the forms and the ideograms that taken birth the construction of Ambience Harmonizer has by applicant the fundamental bases of the old measuring in respect between them in the structures of the object considered.

Harmonisateur d' Ambiance present in original version consisted a surmounted cubet of three hemispheres with same diameter that the side of the cube. Are the three hemisphères movable around an  vertical axis. The unit is out of appropriate wood and of gasoline chosen according to the particular need. It is not excluded that I'4? arynoni#a##r can be built in all other materials.

On each demi.sphère are pyrographed the 24 Runes#) displacement thanks to the vertical axis makes it possible to put Runes, selected at the time of the specific study, in correspondence.

The unit to be operational must be directed and controlled according to technical particular that we can call “Put in vibrations

USE - One of the main functions of Ambience Harmonizer is to restore the vibrational balance when it is compromised in the places where the human being saw -, works, studies, etc

The Ambience Harmonizer finds also its application for the vegetal world and animal.

It thus will be a question, using Harmonisateur d' Ambiance to bring or bring back gradually the harmony between the place and the living structures occupant this space.

The object in oneself can quite simply be neutral or, to present disadvantages -, if a competent technician were not loaded to position it properly, like calculating the duration of the operation and the phases of re-establishment.

Many other uses are possible -, for therapeutists in general -, however -, we will not go into the detail of these multiple possibilities.

The paramount interest of this Harmonisateur d' Ambiance is to be able to intervene on three planes -, physical -, psychic and spiritual -, and this, without us to bring to disgresser on the semantic one of this terminology.

CONCLUSION - let us toquons simply in connection with Runes that initially, “Rune is an energy qualitatively and quantitatively determined.

It is represented by a conventional sign which we assimilate by spirit of simplification to an ideogram. It is characterized by a name which accurate its fundamental nature and its prototypic direction.

This prototypic direction contains all the analogue directions and synonyms which refer to the “Rune”.

In addition “- that the absolute Universe is of energetic nature -, that the harmful, i.e. opposite energies with the direction of the movement of the absolute Universe, are anéantissables, in other words, that they carry in them the germ of their own destruction and that they start the irreversible process of them -, that as the disorder increases, the connections now the relative structures break the ones after the others by releasing the energetic quanta in parallel corresponding one and, the system ending up losing more energy than it collects some, weakens by condemning the disturbances which it causes to proportionally lose of their width until total disappearance….”

It rises from what precedes, “that an harmful energy, not only autodétruit, but that it is fought and destroyed by the neighbouring healthy energies, immunized against its reachings and according to a mechanism of natural defense” (extracted Sciences Runiques - Rudolf K. Vogel - 1984).

Harmonisateur d' Ambiance is used as detonator with the process of disappearance of the perturbing energies by starting by its own force ~ the phase of destruction (of the causal energies)
-, the phase of depletion (of the disturbances by blanking of new energetic contributions)
the phase of cover (by return with normal).

Once the operation of harmonization carried out, the harmonic stabilization of the place considered appears acquired without maintaining in place Harmonisateur d' Ambiance for somewhat that there is no notorious change, neither in the adjustment of the built place -, nor in the component of its occupants.

Results obtained to date being encouraging -, the experimentation and the use of Harmonisateur d' Ambiance continue.

Of other forms with runic inscriptions are tested.

Power and span of Harmonisateur d' Ambiance are tested according to models having different characteristics of volume and weight.