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Device for emitting beneficial wave forms


Abstract -- The invention relates to a device allowing the emission of wave forms which are beneficial for all living things. It consists of a set of geometrical shapes whose arrangement generates a symbolic application and gives rise to the appearance of powerful emissions which are beneficial for all living beings. The device according to the invention is in particular intended for creating a beneficial vibrational field.

The invention relates to an apparatus whose forms are to 1 ' origin of its emissions, its radiation is very powerful and beneficial.

The waves of forms are recognized more and more and their effects are completely verifiable scientifically. Already, various apparatuses emitting of the waves of forms were described by specialists like i9.Chaumery, Mr. of Bélizal and M.Jean de LaFoye and the works of study are done increasingly many with this subject.

Our apparatus was tràs- studied following the science of the waves of forms as well as numerology. Thus its proportions and its forms produce a very beneficial radiation.

In its application, the shapes of the apparatus are transcribed using a metallic conductive support. The technical ones used into electronic for the manufacture of the printed circuits can be used in the performing of our apparatus. In this case the metal used is copper. But the amalgam of several metals can reinforce the effects of the apparatus. In the form of printed circuit, the apparatus is protected by a tinning which avoids the oxidation of copper.

Our apparatus can have various uses: in the field of the geobiology, our apparatus can-Stre regarded as a vibrational reequilibror. it neutralizes harmfulnesses of a habitat for example, by rebalancing.

This vibrational rebalancing improves the health and the wellbeing of the living beings.

In the field of the magnetism; the radiation of our apparatus is comparable with the magnetism. 11 water, drinks, foods placed at 70 cm of the apparatus are loaded and their biotic quality is increased. The conservation of the fresh products is improved by it. Persons, animals or plants placed close to the apparatus are revitalize. it is also possible to cause dessications of bodies dead, animals or vegetal.

The annexed drawing illustrates the invention. We have an antenna with three branches B, C, C, which are placed respectively at 600, 900, 1080 of the axis XI y'. In the extension of axis X y, we have an assembly of 4 circles E, which connect
F the triangle; These 4 circles have a longueure identical with those of the antennas, proportion 44. The triangle has its apex in contact with axis X there as with the base of the 4 circles. Its height is of 2A. Its base is of 10A with ltexterior and 7,77A to 1 ' inner. Its base is feedthrough in its center by axis X Y.

With the lower part of the triangle F, we find another assembly of circle to the number of 5, G. In these assemblies E and G, the diameter of the circles are of 1A. G is crossed in its longueure by axis X y, it connects F to H. H is a polygon with 16 with dimensions in its outer appearance. Its diameter is of 1osa. Its thickness is of 0,77A. In its inner appearance H is a circle of diameter 9,22A. H contains in its inner I and 3. I is an equilateral triangle contenut in the inner one of H. Its apex is placed on axis X Y. 3 is a circle whose center is the same one that that of H. Its periphery is in contact with the with dimensions ones of I. J contains square superimposed of a triangle K.

The triangle K with the same orientation that I and square K has diagonal in axis X Y. The equilateral triangle K is connected by its angles at the center of circle 3.

With the lower part in axis X y, we find K' which is a circle of 7A of diameter. This one contains L which is square of 4,44A of with dimensions. One of diagonal of L is in axis X Y. L contains another square M of 2,33A of with dimensions. M is placed at the center of L and two of its with dimensions are parallel with axis X Y.

The apparatus in its height made 32A. The thickness does not owe exéder 0,33A except for H.

Of metallic constitution, the apparatus in accordance with the invention is a wave transmitter of beneficial forms.